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  • Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry

    The Left has decided to take the gamble despite Trump having done nothing illegal or wrong. This sets up the conditions that will lead to civil war. Donald Trump dared to resist the Establishment, and so they are going after him so that their parasitism will not be interrupted again.

  • 11-year-old girl charged with a hate crime after police say she beat up a 10-year-old

    White people who fight back, if they use racial terms, are charged with hate crimes; minorities who commit crimes against whites get charged with regular crimes, if they are pursued at all. This is how we keep the appearance of diversity being minimally functional.

  • 500 Scientists Sign Brief Suggesting Climate Change Models Are Insufficient

    As others have pointed out, these models over-simplify reality so that they generate the results that our leaders want to see. This group simply wants more accurate models before we start jumping to conclusions. Obviously they are the second coming of Hitler, Satan, and Ned Ludd wrapped into one.

  • Ban sales of pointed kitchen knives as there is no reason for them in modern world, says Church of England

    People have so thoroughly confused what is real with what is popular, trendy, and flatters the pretense of the herd that we are talking about literal insanity. If you have a knife crime wave, ask why people are committing so many crimes. Sounds like a broken society.

  • Trump accused of using antisemitic trope during UN speech

    While it has been suggested the term ‘globalist’ is not necessarily antisemitic when juxtaposed with ‘nationalist’ – or ‘patriot’ – many on social media interpreted the president’s deployment as offensive.

    There is some truth to this, but an incorrect conclusion. Jews were identified with internationalists, or those of no fixed national allegiance, because during the diaspora Jews did not have Israel, their ethnic homeland. Globalism is one form of internationalism, sort of like diversity. However, Jews are one group of several that are internationalists, so this does not map exactly, and the Left is using this to attack it in defense of internationalism, effectively proving Trump’s point and simultaneously showing that more people than Jews are internationalists. The big globalists these days are China, the EU, and Leftists worldwide, who have been agitating for secular humanist world federalism for the last century or more.

  • US man drowns while proposing underwater in Tanzania

    Glub-glub! Race-mixer gets a Darwin Award. Either that, or it was murder. Either way, one finds that apathy is a good friend when encountering tales of the stupid self-destructing.

  • Google prepares for landmark ‘right to be forgotten’ decision

    How about a rule that we own any information that we generate, whether ideas or measurements of us and our activities like public filming, our DNA, social media posts, and yes, index items in search engines? People need to be protected from society, voracious commerce, doxing Antifa, and other crazy threats. The only way to beat anonymity is voluntary associations because those emphasize positive connections instead of trying to defend against the unknown.

  • Labour commits to 32-hour working week within a decade

    As much as Leftism is insane, they come up with some good ideas. How about a 24-hour week, since we will spend two hours a day commuting and preparing to go? How about acknowledging that while it is nice to have an hour lunch, no one would be at work unless the bayonet of having to pay just to live was prodding their spines? How about we stop worrying about the poor and start reducing the work time, commuting time, and red tape time that ordinary productive people spend? We could be living in paradise, but we make it into an infernal torture-bore every time, just because someone somewhere sometime might be suffering if we do not all slave away for an increasingly elaborate, parasitic System.

  • Bob Iger on why Disney walked away from Twitter: ‘The nastiness is extraordinary’

    If anonymity is bad on social media, what do we think it is doing in our cities?

  • Journey of a Tainted Vape Cartridge: From China’s Labs to Your Lungs

    The vape cartridges that are sending people to the hospital are knockoff THC carts made in China. As usual, we find China behind any shoddy goods crisis in the USA.

  • Pakistan trained al-Qaeda, says Imran Khan

    After years of ignoring the real forces attempting to oppose us, during the Trump years we are seeing a naming of real threats.

  • Lubbock commissioners refuse to attend meeting, to prevent tax rate vote

    Texas had no income tax. Local governments used that as an excuse to crank up property taxes in order to build more schools for illegal aliens and spend more on local diversity programs. Now slowly the voters are awakening from their usual stupor and wondering how we got here. Diversity does not work.

  • Major questions left unanswered as GM’s United Automobile Workers strike in Detroit

    “How many jobs will exist because of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, automation? Those are issues of real concern for the far out future,” said Michelle Krebs, an executive analyst at Cox Automotive.

    Coddled, spoiled, and overpaid American workers confront their obsolescence. This is payback for those strikes in the 1980s. Industry will replace you with a vending machine if it can, and it should, too, because that way it will not get sabotaged by strikes from those who cannot accept that the market does not value them as highly as they think it should.

  • 53 people illegally in US found in tractor-trailer in Texas

    We can end this suffering. If America takes in zero immigrants, then no one will come to take a chance that they might get through. Instead, we float the idea of amnesty, so they all try to get across the border in order to be grandfathered.

  • South Korea’s young men are fighting against feminism

    “Feminism is no longer about gender equality. It is gender discrimination and its manner is violent and hateful,” he said to applause from his audience of about 40, mostly young, men.

    Normal people think equality means everyone gets the same. Equality actually means give more to those with less. That happens by category, so if you are in a group of the powerful — men, whites, the rich, Christians, people above 120 IQ points, heterosexuals — you will be penalized to provide for the other. That becomes doubly a problem when you realize that this other group grows in number while your group shrinks, meaning that this is a dead-end path for you.

  • Labour members call to ‘redistribute’ private schools’ assets

    Everywhere government goes, it finds things to take so that it can redistribute them to The Poor™ because no one wants to criticize the charitable motive. This means that government can keep stealing, growing, and bloating as a parasite on the once-thriving civilization. Parasites kill off most of us in nature, and they kill off our best societies.

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