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  • The New York Times faces questions over Kavanaugh story

    The paradox of Crowdism arises from the fact that it is mass conformity driven by social pressures, namely the ability to get ahead by confirming the bias of the crowd; this only becomes intelligible when one realizes that crowds are formed of individualists who want a game-playing maximum effective position in which they can demand that they have access to everything that others do, conceal this intent by extending it to all others, and suppress criticism by appearing altruistic. Leftists, without coordination, focus in on whatever advances equality. If your reporters and editors are Leftist, your newspaper will become Leftist propaganda, because to the Leftist, equality is the singular form of moral good, and everything else should be used as a means to that end. Except when they get caught coordinating, Leftists engage in a tacit agreement to always advance Leftism at the expense of everything else. For this reason, we have to consider The New York Times (and perhaps New York itself) as simply a Leftist mouthpiece. To them, advancing dubious accusations against a conservative is fair play because it might allow more power to Leftism, thus more achievement of equality. Conservatives should not be outraged about this because outrage implies that this is anomalous behavior, when in fact it is Typical Leftist Behavior (TLB). With each incident of this nature, more people are defecting from the Leftist narrative, although demographic replacement may obliterate those numbers in the polls.

  • ‘Birth tourism’ rising fast in Canada; up 13 per cent in one year

    The rest of the world, lagging decades behind America in the rush to diversity, is slowly figuring out that “American problems” come with it.

  • Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix

    Arizona Supreme Court rules that if your business includes advocacy of your clients, equal rights laws impose compelled speech, or forcing you to express something that you disagree with:

    The City concedes that “[a]ll the custom wedding invitations Brush & Nib creates include language that is celebratory of the wedding.” Specifically, Plaintiffs create and write celebratory statements in every custom invitation, including such statements as “[the couple or their parents] request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of their marriage,” “request the honor of your presence,” “invite you to the celebration of their marriage,” or “invite you to share in the joy of their marriage.”

    For now, this decision remains narrow, but it kicks open the door to the question of whether taking on certain clients with known behaviors that go against what you would openly endorse constitutes compelled speech. If we get really good, we will look back at the Fourteenth Amendment and realize that it has been misinterpreted to apply to private transactions. At that point, any compelled infringement on natural rights — association, choice, speech, property — may be on the chopping block, and diversity will begin to die a natural death.

  • Labour to ‘consider legalising all drugs’ including cocaine and heroin

    Two models of civilization diverge. Either everyone is equal and must be compelled to do the right thing, or civilization needs to reward the good and punish the bad. If the former, drugs must remain illegal and society must fund the treatment of those who wander down that dark path; if the latter, drugs can be legal, but society cannot be on the hook for the healthcare or welfare of those who use drugs. In addition, if the UK legalizes all drugs, its socialized medicine system will collapse overnight.

  • ‘People Actively Hate Us’: Inside the Border Patrol’s Morale Crisis

    When the Leftist mob whips itself into a frenzy and the media obediently applies the usual dogwhistles, then ordinary citizens become vandals of the system of law and order upon which they depend. As usual, the mob knows nothing, and when it gets together, it finds the lowest common denominator and devolves into simian behavior.

  • Google’s Digital Book Burn: Alternative Medicine Content Now Vanishingly Rare, Despite 1 Billion Health Searches a Day

    Maybe alternative medicine is quackery; that is a debate for elsewhere. However, the ability of a private company to control information makes that company act like a government, and this government is demonstrating a proclivity for censorship that will not end with homeopathic medicine. We should treat media as a public space and recognize that these companies have obligations beyond what a fruit-seller or bookstore have.

  • Association Between Forced Sexual Initiation and Health Outcomes Among US Women

    After sexual liberation, one in sixteen women reports that her first sexual experience was forced sexual initiation. This shows why traditional society emphasized strict gender roles and public sexual behavior, since that minimizes this sort of thing and allows those who engage in it to be identified as antisocial and shunned.

  • Vegetarian diets not always the most climate-friendly, researchers say

    This article back-handedly confirms what we have suspected, which is that high-performing populations eat more protein-dense food such as meats, and points out that going all-vegetarian will not save us from a huge total environmental impact brought on by the high numbers of human beings. It turns out that bringing Western innovations to the third world simply caused a population bloom, and this will bring about the environmental apocalypse that we have been fearing for generations.

  • ‘He’s a barbarian’: Māori tribe bans replica of Captain Cook’s ship from port

    The great white social status signaling crusade continues. Instead of admitting that Captain Cook arrived and imposed order on a chaotic cluster of Polynesian immigrants, people feel a need to worship the Other and in doing so, demand that all people obey a universal standard which fits no group. A sane approach to indigenous people would have been to either leave them alone or relocate them to be with their co-ethnics in their original homelands, but instead we get the egalitarian doctrine of one-size-fits-all government and social order, which obviously is not working, since the enmity and friction continues.

  • US arrests Chinese government employee for alleged fraudulent visa “conspiracy”

    It turns out that the Chinese government wants to relocate as many of its people as possible to the USA, partially for espionage and partially in order to achieve demographic supremacy. With ethnic Chinese voting for the Left, the USA comes closer to its fall every day.

  • China’s slowdown deepens; industrial output growth falls to 17-1/2 year low

    Trump is winning his trade war, but the bigger story is softening domestic demand. Consumerism forms a bubble in which a population that lacks modern conveniences — cars, climate control, laundry, ovens, computers, smartphones, running water, electricity — upgrades to have these things, which then eliminates the vast demand for them because people have them and see no need to buy more until it is time to replace their gadgets. They will upgrade gadgets as long as those are achieving greater efficiency, but every technology matures. What use is the smartphone model from this year versus that of last year? Have washing machines experienced any great improvements since the 1980s? Since nothing is changing, the margin on these devices thins, and the big profits go away. The USA experienced this in the late 1980s and has adjusted to its fallen wealth, substituting nonsense activities like the “service industry” and government-sponsored underclass spending, but China now gets to feel the fall. With it, globalism dies, because the great consumer gold rush is over and outsourcing labor to the third world will not bring back the huge profit margins that can support bloated businesses and oblivious, dependent consumers.

  • Big global climate protests on Friday get union support

    Unions always support Leftist causes, and the Left took over environmentalism as a way to argue for wealth redistribution, so unions come out for the environmental cause. Unions, Leftism, democracy, and socialism share a central idea, which is that everyone should be rewarded the same so that everyone can participate in the power structure of society. That allows us to pretend that we are operating as normal without aristocrats or a caste system, both of which keep the ravening mob at check by limiting its economic and political power.

  • SNL Fires Shane Gillis After Racist, Homophobic Comments Resurface

    If the Left possesses a single consistent symbol, the guillotine serves as an appropriate choice. Leftist power relies on killing off people in order to make an ideological point; Rightists prefer to reward the good and let the bad die off, but that offends the Left, which offers “equality” as a means of erasing good and bad so that everyone can have social power. It is what you would expect a troupe of monkeys to demand: most of them, lacking the abilities of the natural leaders, want to overthrow those natural leaders so that each monkey can feel important. This individualism destroys civilizations, no matter how wealthy and powerful they are. SNL executing Shane Gillis serves as a reminder to all of us to step into line and bleat-repeat the zombie ideology, although it seems that this has less power these days as people increasingly see even the moderate Left as the nu-Soviets.

  • Ban on eating dogs blocked by Justice Ministry for fear of offending people in the Far East

    Egalitarianism, a variety of utilitarianism, demands that there be one standard for everyone. This clashes with the fact that people naturally vary in behavior, both by group and as individuals, which means that only the most mediocre minimums can be imposed as standards. This means that one standard gradually accumulates footnotes, exceptions, and addenda until the point where it means nothing. Every culture becomes the same, every person becomes the same. That way, no individual is at risk of someone else knowing better — a standard of human experience, but apparently nearly universally feared — or having more power, prestige, and wealth. But also: at that point, human activity ceases, because it has become utterly pointless. The Soviets died of entropy too and we must — we must! — follow them so that we, too, are “good” for being “equal.”

  • Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color

    This only offends WW2-era conservative thinkers. Of course every ethnic group needs its own parallel societies! They need their own institutions, leaders, and standards as well. They need their own personnel, and their own cultural life, and to be self-sufficient so that they have autonomy so that they have self-determination of their future. The intelligent way to do this is to allow each ethnic-religious group to have its own nation; the idiotic way is to put them all in one country, which will quickly become a series of isolated “Chinatowns” with no one having anything in common outside of them.

  • Italy arrests ‘torturers’ after migrants denounce Libya camp horrors

    If only there were a way to stop the horrors of what migrants suffer… oh, wait: we could simply reject absolutely everyone, since when that becomes known as consistent and invariant (a 100% rule) no one will bother to come anymore. Nationalism works, globalism kills.

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