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  • Ministers under fire after announcing ‘mega jail’ to be built in Yorkshire despite thousands of objections

    The Left tells us that what is needed are not more jails, but fewer prisoners; that translates to “relax standards” as the Left always does. In reality, diversity plus social breakdown has produced more people committing criminal acts. If the UK had its head on straight, it would start deporting these people to areas where stateless people congregate. If you exile your criminals, you get fewer over time; if you “rehabilitate” them or fail to punish them, you get many more.

  • Horrific moment a gang targeting drunk people for their cellphones viciously beats, stomps on and strips a man

    Speaking of diversity, more crime-slash-racial-violence from the USA. We are accustomed to it now, which is why everyone hides out in their gated communities and security-enhanced condominiums or apartments, ordering stuff from Amazon, taking Uber door-to-door, watching Hulu on big-screen televisions, and basically avoiding the world except as necessary to go to work. Diversity crushes civilization and replaces it with a wasteland which we navigate in order to receive money, but no one can live a contented life that way, so we are dying out. Diversity kills.

  • Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria

    America has a new superpower doctrine: join us in doing what works, in your own separate nations, and we will ensure that you benefit from our success. Russia wants the old Genghis Khan model, which is that everyone must exist under the shadow of its empire. Under the American model, the US will send weapons to Israel and let them handle the threats near them; Russia finds this objectionable and wants to assert dominance over Syria, since Russia as the primary Eurasian power is always unstable because it fears attacks from both Europe and Asia and therefore, finding a “buffer zone” of control outside its borders has been its national paranoia for many centuries. America on the other hand benefits from having local control by the saner people worldwide, and so wants Israel to exercise control over the middle east region. In time, other Islamic nations may also join that list of responsible parties. The nationalist ideal is that each nation manages itself, and the role of the superpower is to keep a list of what policies work and support whoever enables those, regardless of who they are.

  • The Daily Telegraph – Westminster voting intention – September 2019

    54% of adults in Great Britain who were surveyed want the original Brexit vote to stand, including many who dislike the outcome. The answer here is that if a legitimate vote is undone by political chicanery, the situation will call for Boogaloo post-haste.

  • South Africa sexual violence protesters target stock exchange

    Diversity makes instability. That in turn brings out the criminal in everyone. While the different ethnic groups are fighting for control and survival, society falls apart. South Africa offers a warning for everyone.

  • Auckland adman hires professional clown for redundancy meeting

    Jobs are stoop. We all know this, but few are willing to outright mock the process so well.

    The Herald understands that the clown blew up balloons and folded them into a series of animals throughout the meeting.

    It’s further understood that the clown mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was handed over to the staffer.

    We live in clown world, or the inverted world, because by insisting on equality, we reduced everyone to the same level of insignificance, and now people are doing nothing but inventing ways to be “relevant” that pass on externalized costs to an increasingly chaotic, disoriented society.

  • Populist surge spells trouble ahead for Norway’s government

    Leftism has failed. As the “yellow vests” showed us, tax-and-spend class warfare for wealth transfer to fund all those nice entitlements results in high prices, low wages, and a dysfunctional society. Diversity was the stop-gap to pay all those taxes despite the native populations dying out from existential misery. That, too, has failed. What next? A smart person would abolish government and all of its Free Stuff Army programs. Populism is the first step toward that destination.

  • YouTube star PewDiePie cancels a $50,000 donation to an anti-hate charity

    The ADL peaked some time ago. Then, greed took over: like the SPLC, the ADL makes its money from finding “hate” under every rock so that it has an excuse to take in more donations in order to “fight hate.” PewDiePie played this brilliantly by doing the official Correct™ thing but then rolling it back when his userbase objected, effectively pointing out that the ADL is a useless charity who makes its money from shakedowns. The JDL always made more sense, if you want a charity that defends Jewish people; trying to “fight” anti-Semitism always involves censorship, which just makes anti-Semitism grow, mainly because people are in denial that anti-Semitism and racism are side effects of diversity. End the diaspora, problem solved.

  • China’s internet regulator orders online AI algorithms to promote ‘mainstream values’

    Asians lack the pretense of the West that people are anything more than self-interested meat sacks. The West only has this pretense because we are egalitarian; otherwise, we could stick with the benevolent realistic elitist standard which says that most people are simply greedy self-interested manipulative meat sacks, but that some rise above, and we need those some to rule over everyone else because mob rule, especially prole mob rule, destroys civilizations.

  • Apparent KKK recruitment flyers were found at a high school in Texas. Officials are investigating

    Our society has become so fragile that printing out a Klan recruitment meme and sticking it on a wall makes national news. It makes a mockery of the idea of a morally alert electorate, instead showing a panicked herd in denial which fears people noticing that the emperor has no new clothes after all. Our pretense is our weakness, and by now, it is clear to most of us that diversity has failed.

  • Suicides rise to 16-year high across UK

    Why are people binge-drinking the UK, abusing opioids in the US, and failing to reproduce at replacement rates across the West? It’s the misery, silly. People are existentially miserable because their lives consist of a treadmill of make-work jobs and red tape designed to keep the socialist-style entitlements system going. We are self-destructing the same way that the Soviet Union did. We have to get rid of equality, democracy, socialism, and diversity and instead choose what works: strong unity based in commonality of culture and heritage, a society where the productive rise and the useless fall, widely-shared customs and behavioral norms, a sense of aesthetics, and a “story” of our civilization that shows us rising from something good to something better. Until we have those, people are going to keep self-destructing, starting with our most sensitive and intelligent.

  • Maryland highway agency removes ‘Negro Mountain’ road signs

    We have reached peak pretense. This is just silly, since names have meaning.

    Historian Lynn Bowman told the newspaper the origin of the mountain’s name is unknown, but some accounts refer to it being named after a black man who died in a battle with Native Americans.

    This is like the tomb of the unknown soldier. Unknown Negro fought Indians; the white people around, not knowing his name, identified a mountain after him. That is love, not hatred.

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