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Outliers (#69)

  • How being a white person became a crime

    Whereas black studies celebrates black writers and black history, and gay studies brings out gay figures from history and pushes them to the fore, “whiteness studies” is “committed to disrupting racism by problematizing whiteness,” according to Syracuse University professor Barbara Applebaum, who wrote Oxford’s definition. This is to be done “as a corrective.”

    It is not personal. Egalitarianism requires making people equal by taking from the people above average and giving to those below average. It is a form of pacifism, designed to reduce conflict by reducing differences in wealth, power, and social status. It comes from the bourgeois idea of the shopkeepers and merchants (Vaisya caste, or high-end proles) that the primary goal of society is to facilitate business, and to do that, it should make everyone happy instead of aiming for good results for civilization as an organic whole. When you let the shopkeepers, advertisers, merchants, marketers, salesmen, and bureaucrats take over, your society is done. Egalitarianism in a diverse society means that whatever group founded the society and is therefore the most successful group must be destroyed so that others feel good about not being of that group. White genocide and the Great Replacement are not only real, but a variant of the normal outcome of equality and democracy.

  • Global Economy Unsettling, Shifting Slowly

    And the global economy is beginning to shift slowly away from an overdependence on an unpredictable China. The trade war between the US and China continues to heat up in the midst of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and the drop in industrial activity and exports in China. The long-term but accelerating movement of manufacturers and supply chains away from China to other nations suggests more enduring changes.

    Globalism seemed to work from the 1990s through the 2008 recession. Then people realized that we were not getting out of that recession because of high taxes and dependence on an international economy which has steadily moved production out of our nations and left behind stultifying make-work office McJobs. Now the world is decoupling from globalism, which will in turn shatter the entitlements state that depends on high taxes to sustain itself, since we will no longer be able to keep the circular Ponzi scheme going by selling our currency as opposed to our productivity.

  • There’s Nothing Natural About Socialism

    The 20th century was the century of spending. All developed countries exhibited a steady growth of social spending from virtually zero at the end of the 19th century up to a maximum of almost 32% GDP, as was the case in France.

    Nonetheless, the notion of wealth redistribution is the central tenet of democratic socialism, so these socialists become more concerned about the centrally-planned redistribution of wealth rather than the production of wealth.

    We are going to have to escape from the horror of the entitlements state. Based in tax-and-spend wealth transfer, entitlements spending — public education, healthcare, social security — requires that money be taken from the productive and given to the less-productive. This results in a society consuming itself.

  • Jeremy Naydler on the impending 5G

    The introduction of 5G will require hundreds of thousands of new mini mobile phone masts… in urban centres throughout the UK, and literally millions of new masts in cities throughout the rest of the world, all emitting radiation at frequencies and at power levels far higher than those to which we are presently subjected.

    Industry needs to invent “new, improved” stuff to keep selling at high margins. Right now, most people are content with $50 cellphones and $50 monthly plans. Industry wants that to go up and the politicians agree, because they need more of this fake economic activity to tax to pay for entitlements. We might consider reservations about 5G because it is both unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

  • Against the Dead Consensus

    Yet more than two years later, we speak with one voice: There is no returning to the pre-Trump conservative consensus that collapsed in 2016. Any attempt to revive the failed conservative consensus that preceded Trump would be misguided and harmful to the right.

    The Right just came out of its fusionist stupor. In the 1960s, fake WASP William F. Buckley decided to kick out the John Birch Society and make conservatism socially acceptable to the new elite of off-whites (Southern Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Jews, Catholics) who were taking over in the voting booths. Now the white has recovered some sense of sanity, namely the idea that we can only have unity through strong group identity. We are going to begin peeling the onion now, first removing racial diversity and then ethnic diversity, finally exiling the Left and other neurotics, so that we can get back to the core that made America and made the only working version of America: ethnic Western Europeans.

  • Southern History Series: Transplants

    Mississippi is a Red State even though it has proportionately more blacks. The cause of this is the sheer number of transplants born in the Northeast and West Coast who now live in places like Charlottesville. It has had a greater impact on Virginia than millions of Hispanics on Florida.

    The migration of coastal liberals to the South has changed its population, and hence its behaviors and votes. In the original conception of America, states could have refused migration from other areas in order to preserve their local character. However, Leftism wants to destroy all existing order and replace it with Leftism, so that had to go.

  • A Feminist Capitalist Professor Under Fire

    She calls it “victim feminism” and complains that “everything we’d won in the 1990s has been totally swept away. Now we have this endless privileging of victimhood, with a pathological vulnerability seen as the default human mode.” Everyone is made to cater to it—“in the workplace, in universities, in the demand for safe spaces.”

    She should have paid attention to the ancient Athenian experience. Equality always starts as demands for inclusion, then becomes victimhood, and finally total intolerance. Like all unstable philosophies, it burns through its outer layer of advertising and justification — altruism, compassion, equanimity, justice — and gets to an empty core, at which point the usual Seven Sins style of human compulsions take over, namely a desire for power and theft.

  • The Word “Communitarian” Had A Previous (Leftist) Life

    The word “communitarian” had a previous life, late in the last century, tagging a slightly refurbished variety of good old anti-capitalist leftism.

    Conservatives conserve civilizations and individuals. We do not attempt to create collectives, or groups where everyone is supported merely for being human. We recognize that natural selection is necessary for a healthy civilization, and if you let the useless fade away and reward the good, everyone works less and life is better. Despite the search for the Great Third Way, all attempts have failed because all incorporate Leftism. While mainstream public conservatives seem to be corrupted by the system that they serve, conservatism itself represents the range in which we will find all functional solutions. Leftism is simply another popular human mass delusion.

  • In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.

    In a capitalist society that goes low, wages are depressed as businesses compete over the price, not the quality, of goods; so-called unskilled workers are typically incentivized through punishments, not promotions; inequality reigns and poverty spreads.

    That is not an effect of capitalism, but of consumerism, which happens when entitlements programs dump money on the underclasses to “prime the pump” so that the economy kicks up so that we can take in more money in taxes, claim a larger economy, and market our currency to the world as a result.

  • Week In Doom — Compelled Speech Edition

    The bad side is that since Diversity is driven by the false hope of Equality, mandating professional associations and companies to take continuous active steps toward Diversity, and therefore toward Equality, we are all doomed. Equality is death, just as entropy is death. If everything were equal, truly equal, then nothing would happen.

    Equality flatters the individual by making them think that they no longer face the risk of screwing up. Society must accept them, no matter how much they demonstrate incompetence or dishonesty. Neurotics and low-testosterone people like this idea because it is a variant of pacifism, or eliminating conflict. That — like its ugly brother, compromise — simply means that you give up on finding the right answer and settle for mediocrities that avoid ruffling feathers. Equality is suicide.

  • Uncertainty On China Tariffs Is An Even Bigger Problem Than The Tariffs Themselves

    Moving production quickly—as one of the president’s “orders” demanded—is equally unrealistic. “We cannot shift our production on a dime,” said Kaminstein. “There are no factories that make our products in the U.S., and we don’t own any factories. There’s nowhere else to go for a company like us.”

    Always listen to evil, delusional, and neurotic people because they tell you what they fear. Unions drove away American manufacturing in the 1980s, causing unions to go into decline; now, we want that manufacturing back, because an apex predator takes raw materials from elsewhere and makes them into expensive finished products. However, cheap labor elsewhere makes people here richer as individuals. As always, careerism is the enemy of civilization.

  • Myopic Enlightenment

    Those who cling to religion are simple minded, needing rules and reminders to help them avoid folly of all sorts.

    Those who are too clever for religion are even worse. They don’t have help avoiding folly and fail to consider how their court it and repeatedly pull disaster onto themselves. They then deny the obvious and fail to upright their collapse.

    “Good enough” is the enemy of perfect, and clever is the enemy of intelligence. We have too many proles who are smart enough to be clever, but not smart enough to think through the consequences of their choices and actions. Sure, religion and culture are imperfect, but in a world where all decisions are trade-offs, they are significantly better than all other options.

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