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  • Reuters asks judge to release secret Propecia documents

    The modern time comes to a close in a flurry of debunked lies:

    The investigation found that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed or seriously injured over the past couple of decades by allegedly defective products — drugs, cars, medical devices and other products — while evidence that could have alerted consumers and regulators to potential danger remained under seal.

    Since the Clinton years, apparently, industry has been handily lying to us while relying on our trust in “regulation” to keep selling its products. Is it time to admit that democracy has failed yet?

  • Microplastics stunt growth of worms, study finds

    Plastics appear to never fully decay, or at least not within any time soon. They simply break into smaller and smaller pieces, and these kill you off sort of the same way that carbon monoxide does, namely that the body confuses them with something it needs and takes them in instead. Since they do not break down, they then occupy the spaces required for things you actually need, and failing to get those, you die. Even more, who wants to be part of the species that, upon discovering technology, immediately spammed it all over the world and covered everything in tiny bits of plastic? The problem is not technology; it is humans. We have no control over our own societies and so people chase pleasures and flee fears but lack actual purpose, which causes them to stuff that void with lots of plastic gadgets that just end up as landfill. Our Keynesian “dump money on the underclass so they buy iPhones and MD 20/20” consumerist-socialist policies made this even worse. No wonder humans hate themselves.

  • Top Afghan leader: ‘Without Pakistan support, Taliban would fade away in six months…’

    Communism and Islam spread the same way: once they get a toehold somewhere, they begin supporting nearby revolutions. India is getting ready to go to war with Pakistan because it has been doing the same thing to terrorist groups active in India. In the next century, instead of going to war against the proxies (North Korea, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan) we will go to war against the funders, starting first by provoking them into conflict with sanctions, propaganda, and replacing any products they make with better versions of our own. This creates a cornered animal that has no choice but to go to war unprepared, fail, and be conquered. Whoever conquers Pakistan should immediately repatriate the entire population to the middle east.

  • Facebook knows when app-users have had sex

    Few want to mention it, but the internet advertising model does not work like newspapers, magazines, or television. When news and information was scarce, people channeled through relatively few sources and therefore, the advertisements there were worth some real money. Now, people can choose infinite sites, and so each ad is cheap, which means that advertisers want more than just ads. They want to get user profiles and to be able to cook up something like mailing lists, because direct sales always work better than general sales (and word-of-mouth works best of all). Consequently, they are willing to get creepy, but will remind you that it is perfectly legal and done for purposes of commerce, even as they pull on the latex elbow gloves.

  • Just two Diet Cokes a day ‘increases your risk of deadly heart attack or stroke by 50%’

    For years the media railed against meat, butter, and even some vegetables while ignoring sugar because the lobbyists paid them. Once that illusion died, people began to look more deeply into our everyday practices, and realized that we are consuming things which are slowly killing us under the illusion that they are not only safe, but better than having a steak or drinking a beer. In the meantime, if you eat and drink what your ancestors did, you will have the best possible results; if you trust modern consumer society, you will die early and no one will be accountable. As consumerism ends, more of these phantom products will not only become less appealing, but drop out of the market now that they have been revealed for what they are. Sort of like what is about to happen to Propecia and a few dozen other destructive “safe” drugs.

  • Pennsylvania fire company is closed for failing to address volunteer’s Proud Boys ties

    The Proud Boys are comedic libertarians who accept people of all races and religions. However, they have been made demonized by the Leftist media. In Pennsylvania, Leftists tell a volunteer fire department that it must fire its member who is part of the Proud Boys, and the fire department sensibly declines, saying that what its members do in their off-hours is none of its concern. Angry Leftists take revenge and close it, which means that someone else must be hired to do the job, and they will probably not use volunteers. This means that the taxpayers take another big hit in order to remain politically correct.

  • Germany: Over 600 attacks on refugees in first half of 2019

    Diversity has failed. Not surprisingly, people want to drive the diversity out of their countries because it is trying to kill them. Instead of mobbing their politicians, however, they are focusing on low-grade attacks right now, but the real change happens when politicians are afraid of either being voted out or facing revolution, at which point they can change the laws so that they can deport anyone who is not of the founding ethnic group of the nation. Only that represents a solution to diversity; everything else will be expensive and ineffective.

  • First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed

    What would you do with an infinite lifespan? More going to work, buying stuff, and paying taxes? Would you wander more through cities covered in advertising and vandalism, spend time in watercooler conversation and keeping up with the Joneses, or might you ascend a mountain and live off wild mushrooms while thinking your own thoughts? The possibly of longer life should be a wake-up call to humans: we are wasting what we have, but we cannot visualize it unless we thought of it as having no end, at which point we would realize how fundamentally empty our activities have made us.

  • Hurricane stalling along the North American coast and implications for rainfall

    Hurricanes are moving more slowly because of jet stream disruption. This is driven by rising urbanization, including the production of sprawl or megalopolises/megacities, which stretch for many miles and reflect heat into the atmosphere. This in turn forces jet streams away from the sprawl, which means that the normal source of energy to keep storms moving has gone away, which causes storms that stop and squat while dumping rain instead of racing up the coasts.

  • New York police say there’s been a surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes

    The more diversity we get, the less social trust we have and correspondingly, the more we have these hate incidents. Has anyone stopped to think that we are going down a wrong path? Well, you see, it is a popular path, so no one wants to be the first to speak out against it. Then again, what most humans say they think they want is usually not what produces the best results for them, and often is what destroys them. This is part of the human condition, and it is why democracy is passing into history along with diversity.

  • Lottery-winning couple in Michigan charged in string of robberies

    Two folk wisdom sayings: “poor people have poor ways” and “money reveals you.” If you give money to a prole, he will waste it. A Kshatriya will use it to make more money, and a Brahmin will invest it in the long-term health of the civilization. With Kshatriya, you get a thriving economy; with Brahmins, you get great wisdom, art, learning, and de facto nature preserves with the manorial feudalist estates.

  • YouTube Removes 17,000 Channels for Hate Speech

    Google shows us the new approach that Big Tech is taking, which is not to look for what is hateful or not, but simply to remove whole topic areas. This both officially announces that mainstream social media is a hugbox, and also encourages people who want something less controlled than the “big three” television channels back in the 1980s to go to alternative social media and content hosting. In the end, this will make the Left more insular and less aware of what is going on around them, sort of like anaesthetic for someone about to be executed.

  • More than 13,000 people in the UK have been born out of ‘extreme inbreeding’

    Inbreeding is our strength. Anyone really think that this is ethnic Britons who are driving this increase?

  • Man who ran conversion therapy to give people ‘freedom from homosexuality’ comes out as gay

    Conversion therapy seems silly. Some people are born gay; some are molested and recreate that experience; some choose to be gay just to get off the breeder treadmill. In any case, gay people have always been around, and there will always be homosexuals, perhaps because nature uses homosexuality to eliminate reproduction of unstable combinations. The best we can do is to orient society toward chaste heterosexual nuclear families, while leaving homosexuals alone but insisting that they keep their sexuality mostly secret in exchange for not drowning them in swamps. We do not want promiscuity or non-standard sexual activity to be public at all, whether homosexuality or swinging, BDSM, chemsex, and other oddities. We want to point our people toward the normal relationship between sex and family, but recognize that this will not work for everyone, so the majority will tolerate them in exchange for them keeping their sexual activity away from the majority.

  • Overseas Investors Unload U.S. Real Estate

    In his drive to decouple America from the global economy, Trump has driven away foreign property investors. This will mean affordable housing for many more people. Although the press is wringing its hands over this, in the long term, it means that America can achieve housing for its current population, which will reduce the power of the property developers who drive the gentrification cycle so that they can keep building suburbs and raking in that nice easy cash made on the backs of illegal alien laborers.

  • Malayalis in Germany protest after Hindu groups object to serving of beef at Indian food fest

    Diversity fails because each group is forced by diversity to intensify its identity politics, not relax them. Here we see different Indian groups in Germany (!!!) fighting over what should be served at a food festival. Imagine this multiplied by thousands and you have the future of diversity in the West. We have to dodge this bullet while we can.

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