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  • MSF ran ‘white saviour’ TV ad despite staff warnings over racism

    “It hit me personally. I was the brown kid in my grade 3 class. When I arrived in Canada from Tanzania in the 80s, the vision of Africa was kids with flies in their faces and distended stomachs. All stuff that made it harder for a person of colour. We were doing to the next generation of Canadians what had been done to me.”

    Never interrupt your enemy in the course of making a mistake. The Left sees the third world as “pets” that it can use, like “the poor,” to justify any expansion of its power and theft (i.e. wealth redistribution taxation). At some point, however, the pets begin asserting an agenda of their own. If the White Savior complex dies, then so will White Leftism, since these people are just doing it to have some sense of meaning in their lives. As one notorious lunatic openly states:

    Speaking to USA Today, the Grace and Frankie star admits she “spent a year depressed about climate change and feeling I wasn’t doing enough” before she finally decided to step out and make a change.

    “Once I went to D.C. and began that action, my despondency disappeared,” the star insists.

    These people have no inner motivation; they lack some goal for their own lives that could force them to organize their minds. Disorganized, they instead flit around looking for something external which will substitute for their lack of inner impetus and order. They find Leftism because it benefits them by increasing their wealth, power, and status without having to actually achieve anything; it is wholly symbolic, and so if you use the right symbols, you get ahead. That attracts people who like manipulating others for a living, like teachers, actors, salesmen, priests, psychologists, and other neurotics.

    However, the root cause comes from democracy itself, which by emphasizing equality, eliminates the need for people to achieve anything in order to feel important, leaving them with an empty and non-credible sense of importance granted to them by the external System:

    Yes, I said, he lives from day to day indulging the appetite of the hour; and sometimes he is lapped in drink and strains of the flute; then he becomes a water-drinker, and tries to get thin; then he takes a turn at gymnastics; sometimes idling and neglecting everything, then once more living the life of a philosopher; often he-is busy with politics, and starts to his feet and says and does whatever comes into his head; and, if he is emulous of any one who is a warrior, off he is in that direction, or of men of business, once more in that. His life has neither law nor order; and this distracted existence he terms joy and bliss and freedom; and so he goes on.

    From The Republic, of course.

  • Opinion: Let Afghanistan be a lesson to US, NATO

    Over the years, President Donald Trump has promised to end the US’s “endless wars.” The longest and most expensive of these, in Afghanistan, will enter its 20th year in October. It has cost taxpayers over $2 trillion; it has cost more than 2,200 US soldiers their lives.

    As always, the Left misdirects from the real issues. We spend almost $2 trillion a year on entitlements alone, not to mention affirmative action, and we lose at least 2,200 citizens from racial violence disguised as crime.

  • Investigation into US professor sparks debate over Chinese word

    Footage of his lecture, which has now gone viral, shows Prof Patton saying: “In China, the common pause word is ‘that, that, that’. So in China, it might be na-ge, na-ge, na-ge.”

    Diversity creates this problem. A mono-ethnic (homogeneous) society has no such problems.

  • Nebraska Supreme Court: no medical marijuana on ballot, yes to expanded gambling on ballot

    In Thursday’s opinions, the Nebraska Supreme Court said the medical marijuana initiative “violates the single subject rule,” by not having a “unifying purpose” according to the state constitution.

    “We would hold that the Constitutional Initiative violate the single subject rule and would find the Secretary of State has shown cause why the Constitutional Initiative should not be placed on the November 2020 ballot,” the court wrote in its opinion.

    Medical marijuana serves as a backdoor to legalized marijuana. We have seen this pattern enough to realize its consistency. No one likes the War On Some Drugs, but consider that the alternative may be worse. In the meantime, all of the competent stoners have gotten homes and are growing weed out behind the garage for their own use, staying away from the parasitic stoner “community.”

  • Texas schools seeing steep declines in number of students getting free meals

    Nearly 3.65 million Texas students were eligible for free or reduced-price school meals last year, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

    Pflugerville Independent School District, just outside of Austin, is serving nearly 10,000 students a week, compared with 125,000 at the same time last year. In Premont ISD, a rural district in south Texas, roughly 50 of the 200 students doing remote learning are getting their grab-and-go meals. Houston ISD used to serve 250,000 meals a day. Now the number hovers around 30,000.

    Austin ISD projects a $3 million deficit in its nutrition department for the upcoming school year. Premont ISD spent an additional $112,000 for food service expenses related to the pandemic in the past academic school year.

    Almost half of all families face food insecurity during the ongoing pandemic, with Black and Latino families the most affected, according to a report from No Kid Hungry, a campaign addressing childhood hunger from the nonprofit Share Our Strength.

    Another diversity program, disguised as “education.” Houston ISD has 208,000 students of whom only 9% are white with a budget of $2 billion. If it served 250k meals per day, that means that over half of its students eat two “free” meals a day there.

  • Researchers say physicians need to understand accurate nicotine risks better to assist patients addicted to the most harmful tobacco products

    Although nicotine’s primary risk is addiction or dependence on tobacco products, researchers found that 83 percent of doctors strongly believed that nicotine directly contributed to heart disease. In comparison, 81 percent thought it contributed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Pulmonologists, who focus on the respiratory system, were less likely than other specialties to misperceive nicotine as a direct contributor to COPD. Family doctors were more likely than oncologists to misunderstand nicotine as a cancer-causing substance.

    We have people following trends to be popular and get promoted, not people who understand at any depth what they are doing. Welcome to “meritocracy.” It turns out that equality of opportunity and equality of outcome are the same.

  • China’s crackdown on Hong Kong is purging teachers

    “They are turning education into a tool for controlling thought in Hong Kong,” said Ip Kin-yuen, a pro-democracy lawmaker representing the education sector who is vice president of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union. “There are a lot of cases of teachers being wronged, facing exaggerated accusations. I would describe it as political persecution.”

    As usual, China lags behind. We purged all non-Leftists from our educational system fifty years ago.

  • Trump administration accused of siphoning money away from 9/11 fund

    Long Island Republican congressman Peter King took up the case and received a partial explanation — that another agency in the city was in an unrelated feud with the federal government over Medicare bills.

    The headlines scream: “Trump stealing money” by implication. The reality is federal bureaucracy, but that has not stopped the Left from trotting this one out as pre-election scare propaganda. We should ask ourselves about the Left: does anyone want to be ruled by people who behave like this?

  • Latest Windows update leads to ‘blue screen of death’ on these laptops

    A faulty Windows patch that was issued last month has been causing not only the blue screen of death but a host of other issues for certain Lenovo devices. This Windows patch was issued as part of the August 2020 cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 2004, which included over 100 security patches, along with updated security features for the operating system.

    H-1B labor, including the CEO, tends to do a cursory job that bloats code and creates inconsistencies. Then they ship an update to fix that. Then another, to fix the previous fix. Soon they have job security because nothing works and they will always be fixing it.

  • Shetland votes to explore ways to become independent from Scotland

    In a debate lasting more than an hour, members argued decision-making has become increasingly centralised and public funding for the islands has been cut under the SNP government at Holyrood.

    Nation-states work by incorporating as many people as they can into a tax base so they can fund entitlements and buy the prole vote. The smaller you are, the less of a problem this. Look for more defections from high-tax governments by smaller regions; conversely, look for low-tax governments to gain ground. If you produce a libertarian society with social conservative values that avoids civil rights law, you will take over this world.

  • Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers Suggests the Civil War Has Already Begun

    “Am I the only one, or do you feel eerily that we’re living in Kansas, 1859, and that tensions are boiling over, but only years later will people say, ‘Yes, the Civil War began there and then?’” Ayers posted on Facebook. He posted the same statement on his website,

    When a Leftist talks, stop and consider that you are listening to a salesperson. He is telling you what he wants you to believe so that he gets some benefit. The Left wants to provoke the Right into fighting back so that the Left can revert to its favorite pose, that of being the innocent victim. They will do anything they can to disrupt the election, since the Right is winning both the culture war and at the ballot box, mainly because the Left has held sway for decades and failed to fix any problems. Everything that Clinton promised was a lie, including better “race relations,” and everything Obama promised was also deceptive. We need to troop our little butts down to the voting booth and get ‘er done. Then Trump can continuing dismantling the Leftist political infrastructure, replacing it with the functional, which is what he has done better than anyone in history so far.

  • The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network

    In his paper, Vanchurin argues that artificial neural networks can “exhibit approximate behaviors” of both universal theories. Since quantum mechanics “is a remarkably successful paradigm for modeling physical phenomena on a wide range of scales,” he writes, “it is widely believed that on the most fundamental level the entire universe is governed by the rules of quantum mechanics and even gravity should somehow emerge from it.”

    “We are not just saying that the artificial neural networks can be useful for analyzing physical systems or for discovering physical laws, we are saying that this is how the world around us actually works,” reads the paper’s discussion.

    Germanic Idealism, hermeticism, New Thought, Hinduism, and Eckhartian Christianity hold forth the same idea: that the world operates like an Idea, or thought, and therefore, what we know as reality is the result of thought-patterns in the world, some of which we can program with our minds. Neural networks mimic thought:

    A neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavors to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. In this sense, neural networks refer to systems of neurons, either organic or artificial in nature. Neural networks can adapt to changing input; so the network generates the best possible result without needing to redesign the output criteria.

    Thought itself was shaped by evolution as the most effective means of understanding the world. The way we think — at least when honest, realistic, and competent — shows us the core of the universe.

  • Planned 9/11 military flyover prompts outrage; Mayor Bill de Blasio calls it ‘inappropriate’

    Rep. Max Rose (D-Staten Island/Brooklyn) slammed the idea Thursday afternoon.

    “Are you out of your mind? Cancel this immediately,” Rose wrote on Twitter.

    Leftists hate strength because it is the opposite of equality. They show their true colors here. They are basically pacifists because they are afraid of others attacking them, which shows that they have mental health problems, since a sane person wants to be left alone while doing good but to be kept from doing bad. Leftists want the freedom, liberty, and equality to do bad.

  • FBI warns of increasing extremist threats to the 2020 elections

    Domestic violent extremists “across the ideological spectrum likely will continue to plot against government and election-related targets to express their diverse grievances involving government policies and actions,” the FBI says in a recent election-focused bulletin sent to law enforcement across the country.

    As predicted, diversity has produced a permanently divided and radicalized country. Good work, Leftists! This was your policy after all, so you inherit the blame.

  • Donald Trump compares himself to Winston Churchill as he cites British wartime spirit as reason he downplayed coronavirus

    “As the British government advised the British people in the face of World War II, Keep Calm and Carry On. That’s what I did,” Mr Trump told the rally.

    “They wanted me to come out and scream, ‘people are dying, we’re dying.’ No, no. We did it just the right way. We have to be calm. We don’t want to be crazed lunatics.”

    Bravery is basically unknown in diverse America, mainly because there is little worth fighting or dying for. Free speech is censored because big companies own the digital public spaces, you get fired for saying something not politically correct, random minorities and women assault you on the street and you go to jail if you fight back, and you basically live to earn tax money to keep the underclass paid off so they do not riot or revolt. What kind of existence is this? It has no point, and never changes, just circling around again and again, doing the same failing things and getting the same failure outcomes, but refusing to budge from its policy of pacifism and conformity.

    Trump advocates instead that we live for something, if only conquest of challenges that we have been ignoring. We must fight to live, and that means that we must fight for something, instead of simply trying to preserve a sterile, static, and mediocre status quo.

  • N.S. woman left trembling with fear after spotting racist sign in woods

    “When you place that on your cabin deep in the woods, what I’m seeing is: ‘N-word beware you are not welcome here, we will kill you.’ That is the clear message that I got. ‘You are not safe out in these woods, here’s why, here’s the noose, we will hang all of you,'” said Angela Bowden of Bedford.

    Woman goes somewhere she is not wanted, sees something not directed at her, and has a tantrum because “shaking in fear” makes her a victim, which in an egalitarian society increases her power and makes it easier for her to get government money for the ensuing mental or physical health crisis that she will surely claim she experiences. Diversity is over. It is time to simply formalize this.

  • Taking Hard Line, Greece Turns Back Migrants by Abandoning Them at Sea

    Illegal under international law, the expulsions are the most direct and sustained attempt by a European country to block maritime migration using its own forces since the height of the migration crisis in 2015, when Greece was the main thoroughfare for migrants and refugees seeking to enter Europe.

    If you give out free stuff, the parasites appear. They will always have good sad stories to make you take them in, but they are there for the free stuff. If you do not show them that zero of them will get in, they will keep coming; it is easier to think about the possibility of a big score than the harder work of actually fixing their homelands. The only solution is to turn away everyone, legal or illegal, and to stop giving out free stuff, especially to anyone who manages to set a toe on your lands. Our democratic legal systems are insane and the handouts criminal.

  • UK signs first major post-Brexit trade deal with Japan

    Ms Truss said the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement means 99% of exports to Japan will be tariff-free.

    The EU claimed that the UK would never recover economic health if it left the EU. It turns out that they were bluffing, and the UK is going to do a lot better, since while current trade with Japan is not high, it will be after this treaty.

  • Children Whose Parents Are Divorced Have Lower Levels of Love Hormones

    Oxytocin is a hormone secreted from the pituitary gland’s posterior lobe. It is often released by the brain during social bonding experiences – delivering a child, sexual activities, or even hugging. This behavior leads to informal nicknames to the hormone, such as the “love hormone.”

    The study suggests that compared to children whose parents remained married, those who saw their parents split have lower levels of the love hormone. This condition might be related to these individual’s difficulties in forming attachments and lasting relationships in their adulthood.

    When the people who made you reject that union, you find yourself questioning your existence, in addition to viewing marriage as temporary. That tells you not to fall in love, but only to fall in lust, because the marriage will not last long anyway. This will produce even more zombie-like unnatural people, which is what Leftism does best.

  • 4 Houston police officers involved in fatal shooting are fired

    Before the final burst of gunfire, Chavez is seen in video crawling and pulling at wires attached to a police Taser. “Don’t do it,” an officer is heard saying. The gunfire erupted as he cradled the Taser in his hand.

    Acevedo said that even after repeated verbal warnings, the deployment of multiple soft impact rounds and the two Tasers, Chavez was still “armed with a metal object and began moving quickly toward” the officer who fired the first two shots.

    Acevedo said toxicology tests revealed Chavez had methamphetamine, amphetamine and ethanol in his system when he died.

    Edited body camera footage showed the officers initially repeatedly pleaded with the man to surrender.

    “Hey, bud, we’re here to help you, man,” one officer is heard saying.

    We cannot run a society based on protecting the stupid, insane, and reckless from themselves. However, look for Houston to become a lot like Mexico:

    Three of the officers are Latino and the fourth is married to a Latina.

    What a glorious future our Democrats have constructed for us!

  • Reflections on 9-11

    In the decade or so before 9-11, there was a delusion that “America had won history.” This was mainly because the Soviet Union had just done a bit of naval gazing and had unexpectedly blown its brain out; while the rest of the World was mired still in a post-WWII nadir. Also China hadn’t made its big moves yet.

    9-11 demonstrated what it took to get America back in the military saddle—mass death on its streets. A strong Empire, by contrast, would have a strong enough ideology that it could justify whatever wars were necessary without its skyscrapers tumbling down.

    Diverse societies have no unity.

  • LA County schools won’t reopen until ‘after the election,” health director says

    “We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving to either tier 2 or to reopening K-12 schools at least until after the election, in early November,” Ferrer said in a conference call with school administrators and medical staff, a recording of which was played on KFI’s “John and Ken Show.”

    Her comments led the California radio show hosts, who obtained the recording, to speculate about why she chose to use the General Election instead of some other day like Halloween, as a target date, and whether the county health department and schools were trying to manipulate public opinion in favor of the Democrats.

    Leftists work together like a slime mold. This panicdemic is all about the election; if they care about lives lost, they would concern themselves with the constant race warfare disguised as crime on the streets of America.

  • Graham hints at release of more bombshell information related to Russia probe: ‘Stay tuned’

    According to the documents, at least several dozen phones were wiped of information because of forgotten passcodes, irreparable screen damage, loss of the device, intentional deletion or other reasons. The data removal took place before the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) could review the devices.

    Just like Hillary’s hammer smashed hard drives.

  • The Corps can’t complete its missions without women, minorities, top Marine says

    Some people “think that diversity women, minorities, add,” Berger said during the closing remarks of Thursday’s online session of the Women in Defense Virtual Leadership Symposium. “We can actually not do our mission in the Department of Defense in the Marine Corps, without the dedication of women.”

    It mission must be enforcing liberal democracy worldwide, since fighting a war has nothing to do with gender quotas.

  • Citations for 9 people who demonstrated near McCloskey home

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey were both charged in July with unlawful use of a weapon in a polarizing case that landed them a spot at the Republican National Convention last month. Police spokeswoman Evita Caldwell on Friday confirmed that nine protesters have been issued summonses but said the St. Louis City Counselor’s office is still deciding whether to issue charges on the citations.

    Rules are for thee, but not for me, say the Leftists.


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