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  • Boris Johnson tells parliament: You can tie my hands, but I will not delay Brexit

    We have now learned how to defeat the system which seemed unbeatable. You have to find your objective and charge toward it, realizing that the system is so encrusted in laws and procedure that they will come up with a dozen plausible-seeming objections. You have to steamroller over them, achieve the change, and then point out that your bigger mandate was the need to do what was right for the nation instead of what was right for the Leftist Establishment.

  • U.S. credits Mexico, Central America for sharp drop in border arrests

    He built a wall and Mexico is paying for it. Apparently, collaboration by Central American countries has caused a 60% drop in border crossers making it to the United States. However, the total is still high because more are coming; at what point does the Leftist media admit responsibility for fanning the flames and encouraging them to come here? Every Leftist judge who approves a sanctuary city or slaps down an immigration restriction is saying, “Come on, come here, ignore those fusty old Republicans.” A country so divided cannot stand, and I want to live on whatever half throws out diversity, immigration, and equality.

  • Plant-based diets ‘linked to higher stroke risk’

    Not surprisingly, species that evolved as omnivores had a need to do so. Plant-based eating costs less energy so, if a species could get by with it, they did. However, being a carnivore or partial carnivore means that you use more efficient sources of protein, and therefore could support a larger brain and greater range. Leftists are afraid to confront overpopulation, because it will require that we accept that not everyone is equal because we are going to start losing some or telling them not to breed, and that will invalidate the concept of equality. Leftists are ruled by symbol, not reality.

  • Phosphate fertiliser ‘crisis’ threatens world food supply

    Many things now indicate that the twentieth century was a “bubble.” Our technology came together with our newfound wealth from cannibalizing the past to make a period of time when humans thought they could do anything, mainly because it would take decades before the consequences arrived. They have arrived at the same time that our bubble, like an algal bloom, has consumed everything around it and left only wreckage. It turns out that democracy, consumerism, and equality simply allow for bad behavior to rise, which produces an initial burst of activity as we adapt, and then over time kills everything good. Amusingly, this is the same pattern that the Jacobins and Soviets followed.

  • Just 5% of Europeans trust Trump, damning poll finds

    Europe hates America for being strong, and Europeans always hate strong American presidents just as they always coo and swoon over weaklings like Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. The bigger problem emerges with the realization that Europeans want to remain neutral between America and Russia. This shows first that people have no idea that the real question is China and that Russia is allied with them. If you are worried about Russia, in other words, you should pay attention instead to the Asian hand manipulating the Asiatics. Then ask yourself whether foreign groups (Chinese, Jews, Muslims) are actually evil, or simply had weak social order and so got thoroughly taken over by the crowd, which is the lowest-common-denominator base of any population. If we set up a functional social order instead of what we have now, keep these people at bay, and push back, this forces them to become the invaders if they want to come here, knowing that that means that we are going to slaughter tens of millions of them and have fun doing it. Europe needs to stop being cute and start being real.

  • Farmers keep burning Amazon rainforest, and Bolsonaro can’t stop them

    The world press has been using the Amazon rainforest fires as a way to attack Bolsonaro, but the fact is that they have nothing to do with his policies nor are under his control. Impoverished farmers want to eat, too, and they follow the third-world model of slash and burn agriculture. They also tend to torch fields in order to clear and partially fertilize them. Other than sending out the military to shoot them, there is little that anyone can do. This shows us the same type of careerism that is eating the West but in a simpler form. When social order breaks down, and there is strong culture to guide people, they do what is most immediately advantageous to them and disregard long-term consequences.

  • A ‘curvier’ high school swimmer won — only to be disqualified because of a ‘suit wedgie’

    Caucasian-friendly swimsuits do not work with greater minority posterior. It turns out that because of biological differences, one-size-fits-all does not work, unless you insist that all minorities be in white shapes like Halle Berry, Vonetta McGee, and Naomi Campbell. We either admit that we need separate societies, or we create layers of complexity within our own to address the needs of each group. Our society has chosen the disgusting idea of enforcing white standards on everyone as a means of maintaining political and economic power, while ignoring their need for their own parallel societies where aesthetics, body forms, behaviors, and ideals can fit their needs.

  • Protest at Chick-fil-A opening in Canada over LGBTQ issues

    In the simple lexicon of the Leftist, opposition to same-sex marriage is “hate.” In other words, you either accept that the individual should replace social, natural, logical, and divine order, or you are evil and should be destroyed. We are going to need to physically remove these people. This is also happening in the USA.

  • Association between major depressive disorder and multiple disease outcomes

    It turns out that if you have the genes for depression, you have a higher probability of physical diseases as well. Nietzsche first pointed out the association between chronic ill health and negative, fatalistic, and resentful outlooks.

  • ‘Whites created this mess’ – Julius Malema on anger at foreign nationals

    He is not wrong. Diversity is the sort of clever-but-unrealistic mental acrobatics that only neurotic white proles could dream up. The question remains whether South Africa will have the guts to admit the total failure of diversity and as a result, petition the international courts for the ability to ethnically relocate whites to elsewhere. I doubt many of them really want to stay, since they are now permanently outvoted and living in the chaos of third-world-style societies.

  • Rise up, rebel, revolt: how the English language betrays class and power

    If you break the medieval classes down to the essence of their being you come to worker class, power class and reflective class – those who work, those who fight and those who pray. Those who fall within the last category, the clerics, frame and deploy the abstract concepts, narratives and rules that purport to offer people meaning, consolation, and a sense of a greater order of things. In this sense, the division of society into workers, clerks and the powerful runs as deep in the 21st century as it did in the 14th.

    No one dares talk about IQ. Intelligent people — not the “geniuses” we have who float around in the low-120s but have mastered some point of science, technology, or finance — tend to be more moral, healthier, more noble, and more likely to think of the long term. We are ruled by peasants now, and consequently, everything they do is selfish/individualistic and short term. We will not experience sanity again until we restore the caste system and give the purchasing power to those who fight and pray, ignoring those who work for their own good since their decisions produce miserable results for them as well as everyone else.

  • One America News sues Rachel Maddow for $10 million

    Making the media accountable requires that when they report something wrong, even if as interpretation of or coloring of facts, they are called to task. A courtroom seems a good place. If the conservative swing continues, we can make defamation into simply telling a lie about a person that you know is not true. You do not have to know that it is a lie, or a deliberate untruth, only that it is not true. If that happens, then you can be sued. This will make people careful to stick to the facts and throw the editorials back on the editorial page, where they can discuss policy instead of people.

  • EU accused of adopting ‘fascist rhetoric’ with new Commissioner For Protecting Our European Way of Life to oversee immigration policy

    It almost seems as if the political establishment is adapting by trying to create neutered versions of populism within itself. The only way to protect the “European Way of Life” is to ensure that each country in Europe has only Europeans of its specific ethnic group in it. Germany for Germans. This always works; diversity shatters unity, lowers social trust, abolishes customs, and forces constant conflict by special interest groups upon a society. If you want a future, end diversity.

  • Johnson considering building bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland

    Linking ethnically-related populations together makes sense. The Scots-Irish of Northern Ireland have more in common with the Scots than the Irish. Build a wall around Northern Ireland, and keep the ethnic conflict which has been simmering there to a minimum; deport all ethnic Irish to the south and save it.

  • Louisiana State University investigating alleged racial slurs used at football game

    White Americans are not warming to their replacement by Asians, either. The fact is that unique places should stay unique, and when we violate this rule, we not only destroy what is excellent about those places but lay the seeds for future conflict.

  • Marijuana use by US college students up, highest in 35 years

    People used to see smoking weed as risky. Now they see it as normal. Therefore, rates are climbing, as they have been since the first “medical marijuana” was quasi-legalized. In the background, all of us are wondering how happy people can be if they need drugs, alcohol, and constant television just to get through the day.

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