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  • US jobless rate fell to 50-year low of 3.5%

    No one really understands the Trump economy. Here is my formulation: long-term consumer confidence. People like having a masculine, aggressive, and realistic leader in charge, especially one from America’s historical founding group, the ethnic Western Europeans. Scots-German WASP Donald Trump shows us that he is looking toward the long term view, and this makes consumers more confident, because they sense that we deviate from what is healthy in the long-term under the Left, who tend to borrow from tomorrow to pay for today. Trump is the correction to Leftist insanity under Obama, Clinton, Bush II, and Carter. This means that despite lots of economic problems afoot, people believe these are temporary as we get off the track to Soviet-land and back toward a functional economy. This explains why the Left has been raving about emoluments, election interference, incompetence, Stormy Daniels, and now impeachment. They want to sabotage consumer confidence, cause the economy to crash, and use that as a pretext to seize power. Leftists are crafty in method but oblivious to reality.

  • Outrage as Melbourne cop shop raises Chinese Communist flag

    “The flag-raising ceremony honours the local police station’s strong relationship with the local Chinese community, retailers and local business stakeholders,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said in a statement.

    Diversity kills. When foreigners move in, own properties and businesses, and start voting, your own democratic institutions will turn on you and work in their favor. We see the same thing in minority-majority American cities like Newark, Houston, Detroit, Baltimore, and San Antonio. Diversity means conquest. Conquest means genocide. Your only chance of survival is to say NO to diversity.

  • New research supports hypothesis that asteroid contributed to mass extinction

    An asteroid showed up once in the past that caused mass extinction. Expect that event to happen again. This is the real event horizon for humanity. Can we survive the inevitable attempts of our world to exterminate us? It only makes sense that nature hits the reset button (paging Dr. Falken) every now and again to ensure that no undeserving species manage to survive. Those which have created strong niches survive; those who do not fade away.

  • More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction

    Big point is:

    There has been a 13% decline in the average abundance of species studied.

    The study said the area of crops treated with pesticides increased by 53% between 1990 and 2010.

    Malthus was right. Our “food miracle” is not going to last. Soon the resource wars begin. Either that, or ecocide, after which the resource wars will be even more vicious and hopeless. We talk about the West dying a lot, but what about humanity dying? Without a non-Leftist power in the West, we have been heading toward extinction for many generations. It turns out that our zeal for globalism has also caused massive destruction of natural species, as if humanity was determined to make no one regret its passing.

  • Investors to Ask Companies to Be CO2 Neutral by 2050

    CO2 neutrality serves to obscure reality. Since it is based on mathematics of equivalence, it does not take into account ecosystems. This means that if you have enough credits, like clean energy or conserved land, you can deduct your debits and come out neutral, then pass the cost on to the consumers. That drives up wages, which drives up taxes, and the whole sick system continues. In reality, our problems can all be solved by setting aside half of the land for nature. Leave it untouched, meaning keep people out of it, and remove subsidies for pointless growth like entitlements, globalism, international shipping, welfare, social security, medicaid, and other ways that we invest in ourselves in order to raise the symbolic value of things — the number of dollars goes up! fascinates the proles — and therefore, increase the amount we can tax and strengthen our governments that way. The State is a parasite, and it intends to destroy nature and then rule over the ruins. We are going to have to starve the State, which means that we are going to have to roll back all these egalitarian programs.

  • Lord Alf Dubs calls for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be sacked over George Soros comment

    Those are the same arguments that were used against me and other Jewish people coming here 80 years ago.

    They are also arguments that get leveled against any international forces. It is not “anti-Semitism” to criticize George Soros, and no intelligent Jew is going to defend him at this point, or defend diversity, because as predicted diversity has backfired on diaspora Jews as a source of protection for them and other international groups. We cannot make diversity work. WW2 was an announcement that Jews were not safe during the diaspora, so we need a strong state of Israel to which all Jews must return. Only then are we safe from genocide, either by or against international groups (“diversity”).

  • The awkward questions about slavery from tourists in US South

    There are no awkward questions. Leftists abolished manorial feudalism, so Europeans bought African slaves on the international slave market. This was a terrible idea, because it was diversity, but it was also necessitated by the peasant revolts that caused the abolishment of manorial feudalism, thanks to the neurotic middle classes — by definition, the sophomoric, when it comes to leadership — helping them out with the formation of Enlightenment™ thought and the consequent proto-Leftist individualism that dismantled our intricate traditional orders. White people carry an evil with them and it is solipsism, but it comes from the bottom and not the top. Prole-rule caused slavery. White people ended it, only to find out that since we were still ruled by proles, everything is still bad. The only solution is to end prole-rule, end diversity, and fight back against the solipsism of those who are clever but not yet fully intelligent, namely the majority of white people.

  • Twitter nixes Trump Nickelback meme after dubious takedown request

    It turns out that Trump has a fair use defense in appropriating small sound clips, but the way the Left acts, he pirated the whole album. Yet more of their double standard.

  • Hepatitis A Outbreaks Flare Up Across U.S.

    Hepatitis A is normally spread through fecal contamination, specifically people failing to wash hands after using the bathroom and then going to prepare food or clean the containers that will be used to house it. This disease is common across the third world and was mostly in decline in the US until we opened our borders. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, I guess.

  • The effect of pollution on crime: Evidence from data on particulate matter and ozone

    Air pollution will turn out to be the single largest shadow issue of the twenty-first century, meaning that it will emerge from the shadows as people realize that we have been in denial for so long. Democracy does well with symbolic issues that are easily grasped by a crowd, which always favors the lowest common denominator, so unless it is “free money” or a giant rubbery monster attacking the city, democracy will ignore it. This means that everything that we were told was safe, fine, and normal is in fact a huge threat, and all of the stuff that we were told were threats were not likely to actually end us. Our society ignored air pollution for years, and now we are seeing that it lowers intelligence, causes insanity, and may increase crime. Of course, this could be more sloppy statistical work where scientists notice that in a ghetto full of violent 90 IQ impoverished people, the air is also bad. This type of effect-to-cause reading always creates great headlines but utter babble when analyzed.

  • Hong Kong protests: Rich chase golden visas as unrest simmers

    Business makes proles wealthy. There is a small subset of the prole caste, the Vasiya or shopkeepers, who excel at finding ways to wring more money out of a consumer audience. They specialize in cutting corners, manufacturing novelty, hopping on trends, pandering to fears and doubt, and generally sliding in the back door of human mental weakness and making a profit off of it. These people have no allegiance to anything but themselves, and they are naturally international, meaning that since they do not care about culture and heritage, they will be happy anywhere that they can get 24-hour armed security and a Keurig. Naturally, when the going gets tough, they just hop on a plane to go to the next nation in which they will make a profit, a variant of wumping.

  • Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are ‘not cinema’

    He likens them to theme parks, but more likely, they are just advertising for the gift shop. Disney figured this one out in the 1980s: after every ride, the consumer/voters must exit through the gift shop; they simply closed off every other exit except the emergency ones. This means that when the moron voters haul their moron children off to a moron plastic vacation, the little ones get hit hard with heavy emotion, visual imagery, and charisma and then trotted straight through the products area, where they wail until they get little stuffed Disney characters. Hollywood took a look at that and thought, “What if we could save money by not running a theme park?” Now the moron consumers go off to the theater, pay for it, and then go home where they can buy their gift shop junk on the internet. These movies are nothing more than a moron fascinator announcing that Hollywood no longer has any meaningful ideas.

  • Public ‘would pull down Irish border’ – Ahern

    Now we see what is holding up Brexit. The Irish, in coordination with the EU and the “swamp” of the UK government, want to avoid having a border between Ireland and Britain. The reason for this is that the Irish are making their money by going to the place where labor is more valuable and then sending their money home, just like Mexicans do in America. Perhaps no one wants to hear the real solution, which is to send the Irish back to North Africa, but it would set the UK free from this ongoing disaster. For how many centuries has UK policy been twisted by the problems of the poor, pitied Irish?

  • Dengue cases are surging around the world. Some blame a changing climate.

    They want to blame global warming, and they do it in the headline knowing that 99% of the audience does not read past the headline or at least, does not comprehend much past it. However:

    The mosquito that spreads dengue — Aedes aegypti — thrives in warm temperatures and urban environments. The ideal temperature range for the mosquito to transmit the virus is between about 70 and 93 degrees, researchers say. Meanwhile, its larvae can breed in the amount of standing water held by a bottle cap.

    But dengue outbreaks can also occur during droughts, when people are forced to store water, she said.

    Lowe added that the spread of dengue is also driven by the unplanned growth of cities, whose dense populations provide ample opportunities for contact between humans and mosquitoes and offer plenty of containers where larvae can grow.

    Seventy to ninety-three degrees describes much of the world. The missing factor here was urbanization, which creates dense clusters of water — usually kept sloppily by lazy human morons — for the mosquito to breed. It breeds after it bites, so it needs a whole bunch of humans right next to lots of tiny water sources as are provided by human habitations, yards, and most of all, trash heaps. They blame global warming, but the real culprit here is the city. If dengue beats antibiotics some day, the problem will take care of itself.

  • 17% of young homebuyers regret their purchase, Zillow survey shows

    It was brought to my attention recently that most homebuyers pay their property taxes through their mortgages and do not understand the difference between paying off the principal, spending on interest, the property taxes they are charged. Not surprisingly, they find that their “mortgages” are too expensive, being as utterly oblivious to the hidden government costs there as they were to the costs of home ownership in the first place. Why are these property taxes rising? Legally, American public schools must educate illegal immigrants, so you have lots of people living in low-cost housing, paying no income or property tax (you cannot college from tenements), taking up $10-20k per student in our fancy clean public schools. We have to be utter morons to permit this. Well, you take a look at the voters. They are bloated, selfish, greedy, narcissistic, pointless, neurotic, depressed, and witless wrecks of human beings at this point. Thanks democracy!

  • Ukraine to Review Criminal Case of Firm Linked to Biden’s Son

    The utter madman wins again. He dangled the red cape of impeachment in front of the Left. Having no ideas of their own, they lunged for it, and then found that behind it was the spear of making Biden the central issue in the 2020 election. They will now rally behind him and defend him, forgetting that this will cause a split on the Left between the Hart-Celler voters (minorities) and the Useful Idiots (goodwhite suburbanite and urbanite neurotics). The latter want Biden or Warren, the former want someone brown, female, and preferably Full Communist to vote for, since they think in the short term only and so they want whatever will take more money from the oblivious, idiotic whites and give it to the browns, tans, and yellows. This is why every minority group — Hispanics, Africans, Orientals, Jews, Irish, Italians, Poles, Russians, Arabs — votes for the Left and never the Right. Civil War 2.0 cannot come fast enough, but it is coming.

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