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  • In Houston, a Rash of Storms Tests the Limits of Coping With Climate Change

    The New York Times continues lying. Here it tells falsehoods to obscure a few things, but the first is that urbanization is not our problem. Houston is a test case for what happens when you make a city that extends fifty miles in every direction; it is LA-style sprawl without the mountains that make some properties more desirable there. Most of this is concrete. Despite collecting hundreds of millions of dollars for drainage improvement, the city has implemented no new solutions and has failed to dredge the bayous and sandbars so that water can flow freely in times of flood. Although some have pointed out that reckless growth caused the flooding during Hurricane Harvey, property developers and oil companies control the city through its minority-majority city council and mayor. Maybe instead of worrying about “climate change,” as The New York Times wants us to, we should look at the crises of urbanization, overpopulation, and consumerism, all of which result from our adoption of the modern (liberal democratic) state. We are doing crazy stuff, and it is causing problems with our environment, so we have gone hard into denial and found the wrong things to blame so that we do not have to stop doing the crazy stuff, but unless we repeal the laws that enable the crazy stuff, we will self-destruct. Someone give democracy a slow clap, probably while wearing a gas mask and floaties.

  • Facebook can be forced to remove illegal content worldwide, EU’s top court decides

    The EU is trying to make its hate crime laws apply worldwide, at least on the internet. If you post something that The Leftists In Charge find offensive, Facebook has to yank it worldwide. Too late Facebook realizes that becoming known for censorship means that no one cares about this ruling since we already expect that Facebook will unfairly and destructively censor anything we post. However, this means that soon all online services will be censored by the Left, which will hire the most tone-deaf, pearl-clutching, and censorious neurotics that it can find to discover the offensive root of everything. On the plus side, this means that the internet is going back underground and that no one but the people posting cat and meal pictures will use social media.

  • Dow drops after disappointing services economy reading, bringing 3-day decline to 1,100 points

    The markets stay high because of consumer confidence, but those involved in the markets are freaking out. We are in a race between the Democrats, who want to crash the economy so that they can induce the moron voters to oust Trump, and Trump, who knows that he can choke out China and the EU and make America autonomous, at which point it will need to discard entitlements, immigration, and union laws in order to become functional again. He wants early 1960s level of function using early 1980s methods, and since no one can think of a better approach, he is winning the day despite all these attempts to sabotage him. Behind the headlines, the markets are probably most nervous about what is happening in Hong Kong. A seize of the city by China will result in loss of much value to the markets, but if Hong Kong remains independent, that crisis may provoke the China market crash early before the West is ready to become autonomous.

  • Ex-Ukraine prosecutor said he was told to back off probe of Biden-linked firm, files show

    If Trump wanted to prove that American government became corrupt under the Left, having a trumped-up impeachment charge brought against him to defend a bribe-taking presidential candidate should do it.

  • A North Carolina man just won a US$750,000 lawsuit after suing his wife’s lover

    Man sues interloper in a marriage for causing the loss of affection of his wife, and the courts laugh as they slam down the gauntlet. In the meantime, many of us in other states would like laws like these, simply because that way fewer men will be willing to be Jody (Joe D. Guy who’s having sex with your wife) out of fear that they, too, will be paying monthly sums for the rest of their human existence.

  • President Trump signs bill providing $1.8 billion in funding for autism programs

    Perhaps research will finally discover that the ’tism is caused by higher levels of stress hormones in working mothers. When nature perceives a bad situation, it creates robotic destructo-children to eradicate it. These tend to be more honest and perceptive than “neurotypicals,” who have their heads so stuffed with socializing and shopping and other Gidget nonsense that they are essentially soulless monkeys.

  • Massive settlement with victims of Las Vegas massacre set to be announced: Sources

    Oh look, a slightly different kind of shakedown. Activist judges have determined that the minimum wage workers at hotels should know what a mass shooter looks like, as opposed to all the other people doing weird and potentially illegal stuff in hotels. Consequently, a big payout happens, and hotel rooms go up another hundred bucks a night because it takes a long time to earn nearly a billion dollars (after taxes). Hope you sucker consumer idiots enjoy getting tooled by this one, because the people that you apparently voted for have made it a reality.

  • Flight shaming hits air travel as ‘Greta effect’ takes off

    In the 1980s, air travel was for the upper half of middle class and happened infrequently. Then came the Clinton years, and suddenly everyone was flying, from the sandal-wearing illegal alien all the way through the drunk single mom from the apartment building a few blocks away. As the internet age dawned, people began flying all the time, mostly to exotic vacation destinations that suddenly everyone could afford or at least cram onto their credit cards. Finally, decades later, people are noticing that air travel by jet plane is a good way to make lots of pollution. If we can now do the same thing to good now international shipping, McMansions, urbanization, and entitlements programs, that would really make a dent in the human ecopocalypse.

  • Peter Dutton suggests cancelling welfare of climate protesters

    He makes a good point. If you are on welfare, you should not be an “activist”; you should be trying to get off welfare. None of these people are writing the next The Republic or inventing anything new. They are simply attention whores, climate flavor.

  • ‘Go back to where you came from’: Christians in India living in fear, says bishop

    Diversity does not work anywhere. The happiest societies tend to have a single ethnic group, single religion, and single culture to go along with it, because this reduces class tensions and provides a healthy framework for the individual. Christians in India do not mean to be a force for division, but they are, and so Indian Right-wing groups are pressuring Indian Christians to go back to Israel where their religion came from. India has two native religions, Hinduism and Buddhism (basically New Testament Hinduism), and it does not need foreign influence. Ironically, the Hindus originally saw Christianity as another form of Hinduism and accepted it, but they were thinking purely theologically and philosophically, not in terms of sociology and culture. Once you look at it through that filter, the only sensible policy is to exclude all foreign religions. The right way to deal with foreign religion is to have some of your people study it, and then at the end of their lives make detailed observations of it in terms of your own religious terminology, which then allows other clerics to cite that information and incorporate the relevant parts into their own writings.

  • Morrissey’s Portland Show Interrupted By Protests Over Far-Right Ideology, Seattle Show Cancelled

    The tolerant Left fears any deviation from your scheduled programming, and they realize that Right-wing ideas are infectious, mainly because once you leave the Leftist cognitive ghetto, you never want to return.

  • Can Germany’s social market economy system cope with another 70 years?

    Here is what was created:

    Basically he wanted a minimally regulated free market economy without day-to-day government interference where supply and demand determined prices, wages and what was produced. He called for private property rights, tough antitrust laws and codetermination, a system that puts worker representatives on company boards in the hope of reaching a consensus on wages, benefits and working conditions.

    Here is how socialism is consuming it:

    Jörg Rocholl from ESMT notes that the principles of the social market economy are slowly being softened. He criticizes the government for increasingly intervening in pricing and market mechanisms. A perfect example of this is the current discussion around putting a temporary hold on housing rent hikes in Germany. Not only that, but authorities want to set price limits in the future to cushion rising rents.

    Once you enter the entitlements death spiral, you cannot leave, and you just keep going ’round and ’round again until you run out of money and crash.

  • Teenage girls on the pill at greater risk of depression, study finds

    When you mess with hormones, expect bad results. However, in the era of individualism, people only care about their personal convenience between the present moment (“live in the now“) and the next paycheck.

  • Texas woman says potential employer shamed her over bikini photo

    Austin thot Emily Clow[n] follows employer on Instagram, forgetting all those bikini pictures, and becomes outraged when company points out that only clueless people have no barrier between work and private life. Somehow, this has become a feminist issue, but people are not buying it, since a guy in a g-string would probably elicit the same or worse.

  • University officials held ‘personally liable’ for discrimination against Christian student group

    Christian group demands its leaders be, you know, actual Christians. University freaks out and gets handed its severed buttocks in court. Freedom of association turns out to be an issue that will not go away, and it is going to end our civil rights regime in this country. You can have natural rights, which include freedom of association and are designed as limits on government, or civil/human rights, which are government created and intrude into private affairs, but not both. Conservatives and everyone else who is not a foaming-at-the-mouth-and-probably-elsewhere Leftist want natural rights because we like the order of nature where the good rise and the bad fall; Leftists want collective reward, or the bad rewarded alongside the good in order to preserve the principle of individualism.

  • Ex-Dallas officer who killed neighbor found guilty of murder

    Incompetent police officer goes into the wrong apartment, sees black guy on couch rising up, and shoots him in self-defense. The law got this one wrong, mainly because the question was not her intent to kill the person she saw, but her negligence in getting into the position where she mistook an innocent man for an intruder. However, the minority jury threw a bone to Black Lives Matter, and most of us are not really feeling like intruding on a case of blatant incompetence, especially for a confused white woman who should never have been a police officer — but they had to make those quotas! — and was texting to her Hispanic boyfriend when she went to the wrong door, found it open, drew her weapon and went inside instead of calling for backup or checking to see, since as the defense pointed out people frequently confused floors and units in that building, if she was in the right place. Incompetent couch black guy clearly had no clue as most of us, if a uniformed cop bursts in the door and says “Freeze melonfarmer!!!” tend to simply freeze. Incompetent met incompetent, tragedy resulted. Affirmative action style programs beget this kind of expensive, destructive incompetence.

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