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  • Israel quietly lets in thousands of Gaza workers, in bid to ease tensions

    Now that Arabs control its elections, Israel is following the path that America pursued, which is Neville Chamberlain style appeasement. This will not work; it shows weakness, and those who are given an inch will take a mile, and then repeat.

  • Brute sucker-punches elderly woman in Brooklyn, breaks her jaw

    Another knockout game? No mention of theft, so it looks like it.

  • University apologizes for touting diverse student body with video of all-white students

    Apparently they were not talking about diversity of thought, personality, background, knowledge, wisdom, character, or belief system, but a racial quotas system.

  • The number of international migrants reaches 272 million, continuing an upward trend in all world regions

    The standard distribution effects every inequality of humanity. A top ten percent or so do really well, a bottom ten percent or so do horribly, and everyone else is somewhere in the middle to varying degrees. This means that most nations are not going to be wealthy, and some will be really bad off. The problem here is that some of the ones that are badly off have huge populations and for those, it is easier to flee to the moronic West where the moron voters have moronically decided to give away free stuff to anyone who can prove that they are within the borders of those lands and breathing. This creates a crisis. How to stop the crisis: reject 100% of asylum, refugee, immigration, migration, illegal alien, and transfer requests. Send a strong signal — like Trump’s border wall! — that no one will get in. That way, no one will try. We have enough people in the West already, and in fact have too many, so we benefit from cutting off the flow, as does the planet, which needs fewer “escape valves” and more people simply fixing their own countries.

  • U.S. judge rejects claim Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants

    U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs in Boston concluded that Harvard’s program survived strict legal scrutiny, and advanced the Ivy League school’s interest in having a diverse student body.

    It is legal to discriminate against high-performing groups in order to have racial quotas that look good. Some of this is defense of the Civil Rights Agenda, which wants to have government regulate every private transaction so that equality is socially engineered, and some of it is simply defense against Asianification as happened to the University of California during the 1970s-1990s when suddenly it seemed as if every student was Asian, and few of them ended up being as productive in adult life as their grades, SATs, and admissions essays suggested. Watch this further accelerate balkanization as Asian-friendly universities become nearly completely Asian, and other ethnic groups acquire their own universities as well. Notably, few are discussing the success of historically black colleges and universities which thrived up until affirmative action took many of their most promising candidates elsewhere.

  • Plácido Domingo resigns from LA Opera

    Trial by media claims another victim. If you can find twenty people to claim that someone molested them, you can destroy his career. Organized crime will surely get into this one; pay us a million or lose everything, as the line tends to go. In the meantime, no one is verifying that these events happened, explaining why someone did not go immediately to the police like victims of legitimate crimes, or whether or not these people are simply drunken life failures like Christine Blasey Ford.

  • Greece’s Moria refugees decry conditions, ‘death better than this’

    Politicians are learning how to work around the predictable public outrage by the assembled neurotics, dipsomaniacs, schizoids, and depression quest cases: instead of banning a program, simply sabotage it by cutting its budget, tying it up in red tape, and otherwise ruining it as a functional entity. It will still cost a ton of money, but anyone competent will flee, leaving behind the inept and criminal, at which point the program will become only slightly better than death and those who are using it will go back to their native lands.

  • US to impose tariffs on EU aircraft and agricultural products

    Do you know how hard it is to get American pipe tobacco in Europe? For years, the EU has imposed de facto tariffs by demanding special packaging, regulations, paperwork, customs duties, and so on be applied to foreign products. Not surprisingly, this means few foreign products show up, so the clever EU bureaucrats can sell their luxury brands abroad while discouraging imports. Trump tires of this, as he tires of China’s clever-but-not-intelligent games, and so now the sword falls. The end result is that Europe will find itself accepting American products or having its economy devastated, and the grim fact is that America improves its position if its goods take the place in its market of European and Chinese ones.

  • Trump admin to broadly expand DNA collection of migrants in custody

    Part of the problem that America faces is its refusal to treat illegal immigrants as what they are, namely criminals, or those who have broken our laws and blatantly disregarded our needs. The Trump administration aims to change this by treating them like any other criminal and providing DNA matches so that we can actually track these people, since migrants use false papers all the time. One wonders where these theoretically destitute people get the money for false papers and coyotes to take them across the border, but that will probably be revealed only in time.

  • Demands grow for Canada to decriminalize sex work after the election

    Leftists: capitalism treats us all as hunks of meat sold by the pound!

    Also Leftists: let me sell my body by the pound or you are a sexist!

  • Warren Backs AOC’s Illegal Immigrant Welfare Plan

    Vote for Princess Boxwineajawea. Get heap big wampum for nothing do. Who needs anything resembling charisma or personality when you can just shamelessly buy all the votes?

    Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) policy proposal that includes taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.
    Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, dubbed “A Just Society,” calls for nationwide rent control and bans the federal government from denying welfare benefits based on an individual’s immigration status and previous criminal convictions. Warren became the first Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the plan, calling it “just the type of bold, comprehensive thinking we’ll need” to make “big, structural change.”

  • Smart Cities Are Creating a Mass Surveillance Nightmare

    Diverse societies are low trust. The bureaucracy steps in to babysit. In NYC, Stalker-Claus is coming to town. They plan to stick a chip in your municipal ID that will allow them, and anyone else with a good hack, to track your whereabouts.

    The fuss is about a tiny RFID chip that the mayor wants to embed into each and every municipal ID card for New York residents as part of the “IDNYC” program. The latest proposal might seem modest, but the reality is that it potentially puts hundreds of thousands of us at greater risk of identity theft, stalking, and (for undocumented New Yorkers) deportation. And sadly it’s part of the global trend towards so-called “smart cities”—a series of high-tech undertakings that claim to improve municipal efficiency at the modest price of stripping us of our privacy and autonomy.

    Escape From New York was a movie, not a policy recommendation.

  • Letter From Australian Official Emerges That Casts Doubt On Report From New York Times

    All the news that fits the agenda. !JOURNALISM! is just like !SCIENCE! Bought and paid for all the way down.

    A letter emerged late on Monday from the Australian government that directly disputed the accuracy of a New York Times report that claimed that President Donald Trump “pushed” Australia to help Attorney General William Barr investigate the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in an attempt to “discredit” the investigation in what The Times claimed was an example of Trump “using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests.”

    The New York Times is like Tiger Beat for the lefty poli-sci class. There is no effort to even remotely get the truth correct anymore.

  • Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes biology is the next frontier in computing

    With every other technology in Amerika hitting a wall of mediocrity, why not try Bio-Tech.

    Brain inserts and carbon-absorbing bacteria aren’t just the fantasies of Silicon Valley’s richest executives, they’re also a part of a larger hope to advance artificial intelligence and computing efforts. “Biology will undoubtedly fuel computing” in coming years, former Google CEO and current technical advisor Eric Schmidt said at a conference called SynBioBeta in San Francisco Monday. “Taking biology, which I’d always viewed as squishy and analog, and turning it into something that can be digitally manipulated, is an enormous accelerator.”

    Why go to Mexico and import Gammas when you can breed them off an assembly line? Good question. If HBD can be overdsetermined via technological intervention, Google and the rest will never be able to resist the temptation to play God. It’s a Brave New World. As a how-to-manual, not as a dystopic warning.

  • Harvard dean: ‘We need to be vigilant in ensuring no one is prevented from speaking’

    Amerika has hit an intellectual and technological wall. Sometimes you break out of a hitting slump by listening to somebody else’s approach at the plate. Sometimes when you aren’t generating ideas, you need to put the ego away and listen to somebody who has a few new and original thoughts.

    These calls, made by University President Larry Bacow, College Dean Rakesh Khurana, and Kennedy School Dean Douglas Elmendorf as part of opening letters and addresses, were reported in a Harvard Magazine feature titled “Reasoned Debate, Free Speech, and Service.” “Allowing someone to speak does not mean we condone what they are saying” Highlights included Khurana’s call to “be vigilant in ensuring no one is prevented from speaking or expressing any idea” and Bacow’s admonition that “when we stifle disagreement in our community by ignoring and ostracizing dissenters, we lose our ability to make meaningful change.”

    I remember Colin Powell talking about this back in the day. When he was a LT Colonel he had gotten the type of performance appraisal that could have potentially retired him at a rank far lower than what he would ultimately obtain. He recounts surviving this professional setback by assumming that every insulting and unfair thing that was written in the appraisal was an accurate portrayal of what he was doing in uniform. That allowed him to behave differently and therefore address any of the critiques that were based on legitimate performance shortcomings.

    This particular article makes me feel we have some hope left in Amerika. If Harvard is willing to ask if they are really as smart as they like to portray themsleves, then perhaps they can actually learn a thing or two. That would be a novel achievement for the typical “elite” Amerikan university. Kudos to Harvard for at least some legitimate introspection.

  • Fourth Employee Sues NYC Education Department For Anti-White Racism ’

    So which is !RACISM!: problem or weapon? Is it a problem that must be purged or is it a fake weapon used to destroy the honor of a defenseless victim? If it is a legitimate problem, then it should not matter who runs things. It should always be considered contemptible and fought. If it is a weapon, then only those seeking to destroy others will find an accusation of !RACISM! useful. Therefore, there will be a strong political undercurrent to make sure only certain groups are allowed to accuse others of !RACISM!.

    According to the lawsuit, Chislett was trained that in order to accomplish equity, “White colleagues must take a step back and yield to colleagues of color,” and “recognize that values of White culture are supremacist.” During a subsequent “training” titled “Beyond Diversity,” Chislett alleges she was told that “there is White toxicity in the air and we all breathe it in.” What this lawsuit and its predecessor make clear is that there is a pervasive culture of anti-white racism within the Department of Education. And not only does Chancellor Carranza have no interest in fixing it, he is actively encouraging it. White employees who object to this radical approach to race relations and equality are told to sit down and shut up and are even demoted without reasonable cause.

    So is Chancellor Cardanza banished to the wastes with wailing and gnashing of teeth? Or is it !RACIST! for anyone to assume he had less than the purest motives for his hating on Becky? I think we know who runs the plantation here. !RACISM! is a weapon instead of a problem. Shut yo white-assed mouth, Honkey!

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