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  • Christmas meal treats ‘under threat’

    Its chief executive, Nick Allen, told the BBC that wrapping cocktail sausages in bacon was done by hand.

    He said the job was “fiddly and hard to mechanise”.

    The people who survived the Blitz, the Norman invasions, rationing, the Cold War, and the perfidious French will do something that workers apparently do not think they can do: bacon-wrap their own sausages.

  • Over 40 skulls found at altar in den of Mexico cartel suspects

    Everybody wants their own skullthrone. In this case, it turns out that people who like drugs also like Santeria-style religions. That old, boring monocultural America starts to look better every day, except that of course I could not have my skullthrone and ear necklace. Then again, if the Resource Wars go about as I expect them to, you will soon be able to purchase such things at Ikea.

  • US business hiring falls to a 7-year low

    It is hard to tell from scant data, but what I have seen is that people were stuck in lower-end jobs during the Obama years and worked to death by their bosses who realized that the employees had no other options. Consequently, everyone went to work and just hung around for ten hours a day hoping that no one would notice that nothing that they were doing was important. As soon as Trump restored confidence in American industry with strong leadership and a clear plan toward “more business” not “more ideology,” everyone traded up in jobs and houses to live more prosperous lives. Now business faces a problem: all of the competent people are hired, affirmative action takes a huge chunk of profits, and any growth that these companies will do probably involves setting up shop here instead of in China. However, we still have unions here, so they are going to automate everything if possible. Why trust workers who simply stab you in the back for a few dollars more? Robots recognize the value of their labor and constrain costs appropriately.

  • Far-right AfD surge to second place in German state election, beating Merkel’s party

    As people abandon democracy, we are getting closer to rejection of all of the core ideas of liberal democracy, like equality, diversity, and pluralism. In my view, the future belongs more to parties that acknowledge an intermediate state, such as what Trump and Farage are doing, and less to those who admire the Leftist government with Rightist intentions that Hitler created. We need stronger, better leaders and this requires disenfranchising the voters, but we do not need ideological government; we need realists in power who are going to make society functional and reverse policies like diversity, not launch us toward some extreme. It is going to take generations for us to recover from the utter disaster of Enlightenment™ thinking in the West.

  • Jewish groups voice fear over German far-right surge

    I say this as someone who admires many Jews, Judaism, Jewish scholarship, and Jewish contributions to the West: it is time to move. Our future requires abolishing diversity, and that means that anyone obstructing that future becomes a target, even if they do not intend ill (and I do not believe the Jews intend harm to us). Diversity splits up nations and mires them in internal conflict; we need to be able to achieve unity again, and that means that all groups other than the founding ethnic group need to go. Germany for Germans, Israel for Jews. This even applies to Jews in America, who are going to be under increasing assault from both Left and Right as diversity continues its path of destruction. End diversity, stay friends; keep diversity, and at least one genocide becomes inevitable.

  • So much for a cashless society: Currency is popular again, especially the $100 bill

    When you tax everyone to death, a huge black market appears. Around here, people routinely pay half as much for services from trusted people because both parties would prefer to pay in cash and keep it off the record. You can buy technology from the big stores, or get it from someone who will sell it to you at an open bazaar and save you the sales tax. Even more, barter has become huge. You can trade computer services for just about anything.

  • Sign targeting ‘masculine black men’ generates controversy on community college campus

    Leftists fear power. To have equality, everyone must be equally weak, neurotic, narcissistic, directionless, and wracked by bad life decisions. For that purpose, things like feminism and sexual liberation are deployed in order to neuter men, since no masculine man wants domineering mentally addled sluts; hardcore men want hardcore women, who tend to be both chaste and mentally clear. The bigger point is that no group will escape Leftism without everything good in it being destroyed.

  • Boycott Puma protests to take place after brand sponsors Israel

    Corporations are quickly realizing that they cannot win. If they do not support the Israeli Football League, they are anti-Semitic; if they do support it, they are bigoted racists who hate Palestinians and want to gas six gorillion of them. The only solution is to have strong national populations with national — although not nationalized, or absorbed by the state — corporations to provide for that population. Internationalism has died for the same reason diversity has died, which is that each group needs to advance its own interests, and this means excluding others.

  • 7 in 10 millennials say they would vote for a socialist: poll

    Even though millennials think they are embracing “new” ideas, they are really the products of recycled 1930s ideas taught by the 1960s generations which assumed power in the 1990s and kicked everyone but fellow traveler radical Leftists out of academia and public education. The millennials grew up saturated in propaganda and have not yet shrugged it off, unlike Generation X which introduced libertarian apathy as its weapon against the Leftist hive takeover.

  • EU agrees to Brexit extension to 31 January

    Another three months of economic uncertainty, made doubly brutal by crushing the holiday shopping season, will drive people to vote against this, which is the ultimate endgame of the Left. They want to force the UK to stay in the EU. Luckily, their five years of dirty tricks and manipulation has alienated enough people to tip the balance. If the UK leaves, it can remain the UK; if it stays, it becomes Poland annex West.

  • Vladimir Bukovsky: Soviet-era dissident dies in UK

    Bukovsky helped smuggle to the West the psychiatric hospital records of six well-known dissidents – exposing a Soviet practice of declaring dissidents mentally ill in order to detain and discredit them, rather than have them labelled as political prisoners.

    The Left has always specialized in calling those who reject it insane or criminal and punishing them as if they had actually done something wrong. Political correctness and “red flag” laws are just the latest attempt along these lines.

  • Poll finds over 80% in Japan back female emperor

    Not surprisingly, several centuries of class warfare against aristocrats has resulted in a dearth of aristocrats, leading the herd to wonder if it can simply bring women into the fore. The real solution, as noted dimly in the article, is to elevate lesser lines of aristocrats and rebuild.

  • Alberto Fernandez wins Argentine presidential election

    The Left knows that any entitlements programs mean a conveyor belt toward Socialism because when you cut back through the policy known as “austerity,” people suffer because they are still feeling the bite of high taxes but also do not get the free stuff that they were promised. The only solution seems to be to cut the entitlements entirely and then demand a price drop from industry, which otherwise will simply pocket the difference.

  • China industrial profits in biggest fall in four years as US tariffs bite

    The decoupling from China will make the US and UK self-sufficient again, although the EU is in trouble because they sell most of their stuff to the US and China. China, in the meantime, will see its own deranged imperial ambitions reduced because it no longer has a flow of free money from the West, which was sabotaged by Leftist unions and now outsources most of its manufacturing to Leftist China. It is almost as if the Leftists coordinate their plans on the international stage… or maybe they do, since China has funded the Clintons for a long time.

  • Slavery reparations could carry a $17 trillion price tag

    We could double the debt in one instant. More likely, the reparations needed would be contingent upon repatriation, and involve the amount of money required for African-Americans to get started in Africa, and would include private money such as their assets here being transferred there. In 2017, the US Census estimated that we have 47,411,470 African-Americans; giving each one $50k would be $2.4 trillion, which represents about what we spend on entitlements every eighteen months.

  • Migrants bucking the stereotype and ditching the major parties in favour of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

    Even the diversity is tired of Leftist policies. People want an escape from the Leftist system which offers no solutions other than more of itself, but we can all see prices rising and wages stagnating at the same time social order is collapsing. Eventually, more will realize that the only way out is to escape liberal democracy — which inherently pushes Left — entirely.

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