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  • Poor toilet hygiene behind E. coli superbug spread

    Back in the early 2000s, we were spreading the Third World USA trope (verbal meme) as a way of describing what happened after Bill Clinton took over. Standards relaxed; interpretations relaxed. Everyone got liberalized. This meant that “anything goes” replaced “do it right the first time” as our national implicit motto, and pretty soon we started seeing this manifest in people doing stuff ineptly and lazily because they were pursuing self-expression instead of attending to the basics of food service, office behavior, and so on. This made us as individualistic as the third world, especially Asia, where people focus on their own needs at that very moment and are oblivious to everything else. It is “me first” as an existential philosophy, and means that people just do not notice many of the things that you have to become aware of in order to have a functional first world society. On top of that — what we might call the “hippie dividend” because the 1960s youth implemented it as old guys in the 1990s — America and Europe accelerated the importation of people from the third world, who are genetically wired to behave in third world ways because anyone who did not died out long ago. This means that you should expect E. Coli everywhere now, just as it is in the third world.

  • From Chile to Lebanon, Protests Flare Over Wallet Issues

    History will record that the consumer protests began in the same place where the Revolution did, France. The “yellow vests” pointed out that despite working all the time, they could afford comfortable lives but not independent ones. That is, the social safety net designed to avoid catastrophic crises had become so expensive that prices have gone up and wages have gone down, which means that your average person cannot keep up. What has done this? First, we sent all of our manufacturing wealth to Asia because we could not discipline our own unions. Next, we brought in lots of welfare dependents from the third world. Finally, our permissive society produced a bumper crop of our own broken dependents. This means that we have steadily been raising taxes to pay for a huge group of people who do nothing, while eating away at corporate profits through government, which results in lower salaries for most people. This means that we have introduced several market distortions — government, liberalization, diversity — that separate us from reality, and this means that our markets are performing according to what those distortions require, not what reality requires. The inarticulate mob, unclear on why it is broke, rages for more government, when in fact that is the exact opposite of what is needed and shows us why democracy is going down in flames across the world. Democracy has spent itself into oblivion, and that impact has finally reached the lowest levels of society, and democracy has no solutions except more of the same illness.

  • Farmers revolt across Germany over climate regulations

    Speaking of government costs, we can all see that “climate change” presents a giant fascination for the average stocky, flat-handed, and wide-eyed modern citizen. How does government intend to solve that? They want to increase taxes on pollution! This causes the proles to clap their little flat hands and nod their round heads, because the dragon has been slain. Unfortunately, they do not realize that these high taxes are going to destroy farmers who depend on lots of heavy machinery to harvest food. That in turn will mean that Western nations will import all of their food on giant refrigerated ships that burn more heavy fuel oil in an hour than a driver would go through the equivalent of in a year. Democracy has no solutions except to take more money, and what they spend it on makes all the problems worse, but the voters keep nodding their round heads and clapping their flat hands, so there is no solution except regime change.

  • Police to ‘predict’ hate crimes through Twitter for the first time

    Police are using machine learning — a type of intense statistical pattern matching — to predict which accounts posting off-narrative information are likely to cause “hate crimes” in their local areas. This counterpart to American “red flag” laws shows us the way democracy intends to limit noticing of its collapse as it fades away, namely to avoid arresting people for off-narrative speech, but to use that off-narrative speech as an excuse to arrest them for something else. For example, if we produce a study that says that people who oppose diversity are 67% more likely to have building code violations on their properties, anything someone posts to the internet, says to another person, or writes on one of their devices would be grounds to send over an investigator to look until they find a violation. Even more hilariously, we now have several centuries of chaotic, random, illogical, and vague law so that for any person, we can find at least one law they are violating, and jail them for that. Once they are in The System, they will never get out… this gives democracy a way to remove not only its critics but those who are not enthusiastic enough in support of democracy. All societies die by tyranny, but what creates the tyranny is class warfare, which happens when the underclasses revolt and demand democracy so that they can replace the naturally talented with whatever the herd wants.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond pulls black jack-o’-lanterns following blackface comparisons: report

    Apparently, black plastic jack-o’-lanterns are blackface now. As has been said before around here, under diversity every ethnic group is at war with every other for control of the diverse society, and they use passive-aggressive means at first like being offended. They will move on to more active means later. Perhaps the best solution would be for Bed Bath & Beyond to have different locations based on the racial characteristic of the neighborhood, and stop caring if white people (or other non-Black groups) display blackface.

  • A small group of prolific users account for a majority of political tweets sent by U.S. adults

    This is consistent with all other research, showing that a small group of impoverished by highly-active people represent most of the activity on the internet, and they lean Left as most impoverished people tend to do. The internet is fake, top to bottom, and those of us who keep trying to insert real content into this realm are probably simply doomed.

  • Ex-Scorpions Drummer James Kottak: Amount of Interracial Couples in Commercials ‘Is Not Reality’

    “You know I am sick of every other commercial having interracial couples…this is not reality. It is Hollywood shoving it down our throat. I don’t have one friend or friends who live in this category…just saying,” Kottak said in a tweet, followed by a bunch of animal and American flag emojis.

    Hollywood shows us a small minority of people, generally wealthy and homosexual or foreign, controlling the viewpoints of many. Democracy has no problem with this, since like the internet, democracy was designed so that it could be gamed by the wealthy and powerful, who took over from those who had the natural genius to lead well. This is why democracy has fallen in the twenty-first century: it simply cannot govern, and everything that it does actually achieve is toxic.

  • Long-term negative rates have ‘adverse consequences’ we don’t fully understand, says Jamie Dimon

    Negative interest rates — consumers paying to hold government debt — show massive distrust by investors of the value of our currency. This means that they are willing to hold anything which retains value independent of the currency, and since governments depend on bond debt to continue operating, these seem more stable. We are looking at a loss of faith in the system across the world here, and it should terrify people but since 99% of the voters could not even understand this first three paragraphs of this article, it will be ignored while we chase after symbolic victories like transsexual education in schools, gay marriage, legal weed, Black Lives Matter, abortion funding, and impeachment.

  • A quarter of Germans have anti-Semitic thoughts, new survey finds

    People are excruciating idiots. We need them to have anti-diversity thoughts, not be irate at the many heads of the Hydra. Go for the neck. The neck is equality, upon which diversity depends. If we negate the symbolic value of equality in the West, all of this nonsense unravels, and we can quietly fix it without having to have Teutonic Tantrums that end with gas, flames, and bones.

  • Major League Baseball umpire probed over impeachment ‘civil war threat’

    Umpire says that if Trump is impeached, there will be civil war, and he intends to buy an AR-15 to deal with the upcoming chaos. Nothing he said there is that controversial, but in reality, if Trump is impeached, we get a show trial in which the Left tries to distort facts, but so far, none of their distortions have been convincing except to their own supporters. This means that the US will continue its division; all of its enemies want it to fall apart. Its friends realize that it can exist as a conservative ethnic Western European society, but not a diverse one.

  • Ugandan police detain 16 men over suspected homosexuality

    What did they do, round up everyone with a Reddit account, an iPhone, and a lisp? This is silly policy. Homosexuality occurs naturally, and if you crack down on it, homosexuals simply live as heterosexuals and this produces many secondary problems. The best thing to do is neither tolerance nor tolerance, but tolerance within intolerant limits, meaning that gays get districts in port cities to have their oyster bars and we leave them alone, so long as they keep their homosexuality quiet. The real reason for this law is that the rest of the world is looking at the dying West, with its embrace of transsexualism, homosexuality, legal drugs, divorce, promiscuity, atheism, and diversity, and saying, “Whatever he’s having, I don’t want one.” Once you step outside the Western media and social bubble, it becomes clear that the things we are told to be proud of are in fact symptoms of decline. As usual, human rationalization inverts reality: instead of doing what is right, we accept what is, and rationalize/justify (excuse, legitimize, validate) it as good, since this allows us as individualists to continue “me firsting” without taking on the burden of making a functional civilization. This means that we celebrate weakness as strength and denounce strength as weakness.

  • Report: George Soros Gave $300k to Italian Radicals in 2017 to Promote Immigration

    Imagine a con man running a scam, maybe the shell game. He wants you to look at his right hand while his left hand does something interesting to your disadvantage. Soros is the right hand; the left hand are the many other NGOs funneling money to radicals by hiring them and funding their “research.”

  • UK has become socially liberal on drugs, abortion and LGBT+ rights over past 30 years, study shows

    We are living out the consequences of the 1990s media blitz, itself an extension of the 1960s media blitz and that an extension of the 1930s drive toward Communism in the West, which wants to as is usual in inverted societies legitimize bad as good so that we can all be equal. That in turn leaves us with nothing except ideology and jobs, which makes us obedient, which allows the mercantile class to take over from those who naturally have talent for leadership and long-term vision. To the rest of the world, our liberalism shows not a brave new iconoclastic way of life, but signs that we have given up on what made us great, which was having realistic but idealistic standards of quality (instead of approving of everyone, which is quantity-based) that caused us to rise above the rest. We either reverse this trend or die out.

  • To retire at 65, millennials will need to save nearly half of their paycheck

    Ha! No one is going to be retiring at 65. You need to keep working to pay those taxes and the high costs created by those taxes because millions of useless people and foreigners depend on you. Congratulations, The Will Of The People, you voted for this. Quit pretending you did not. You have had fifty years to revoke the disastrous laws made in the 1960s, and eighty years to vote out the insanity adopted in the 1930s. You have had a century to discipline your courts. What did you do? You focused on symbolic issues instead, because that way you can get nice warm fuzzy feelings of unity, even though these things led to the exact opposite. The voters are incompetent and need to be deposed.

  • Rep Jim Banks Letter to Reddit

    Representative writes to social media site to point out that their censorship goes against everything we try to do in both open societies and sane, normal human interaction. Their response, typical of the low self-esteem males who populate technology and are the children of neurotic but controlling parents, will be to sneer at him for not being a non-binary femdom Communist.

  • ‘Chaos Map’ shows violent deaths will ‘soar’ in 10 years due to food and water shortages

    When the food wars come, you better be ready. What is the clamshell, or opposite boundary, to the “yellow vest” protests? There are too many people, not enough food, and everything is expensive because we are carrying the burden of the many underclasses and foreign interests that we fear will invade, revolt, or riot if not bought off properly. Strong leadership recognizes this and suppresses these groups so that society does not abolish itself; weak leadership — like cough democracy cough — bows to them and in doing so, burdens itself with a massive parasite in government, entitlements, and social equality that then destroys it. Fight back!

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