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  • China has destroyed large areas of one of Tibet’s biggest Buddhist sites, satellite images reveal

    Control is addictive. If you understand cause and effect, you change cause to shape the world toward what you intend; this does not allow you to get exactly what you want, have it apply uniformly to all cases, or happen immediately. Control represents the human ego raging out of control, demanding to regulate effect instead of cause, which then forces others to censor, destroy, and filter out any effects which do not match the desired outcome. Control is like going to an apple orchard and saying that all apples should be a certain shade of red, and throwing out the rest; sanity means finding the plants that produce apples like that, mostly, and planting those in an orchard so that you get roughly what you want. Since control is based on method/effect, it causes people to externalize their inner selves and become a hollow shell, at which point they need more control in order to feel powerful… stable… healthy… or even just alive. China knows that it is failing, and it intends to exert more and more control in order to whip its population into shape as mass mobilized ideological clones before it fails, so that it can retain power even as ruins. To that end, all religion and values outside of the Chinese Communism must be eliminated. Before we get all morally huffy about China, however, consider that our Leftists are doing the same thing here. Maybe we need an orchard where no one planted Leftists.

  • Liberals reveal they will regulate social media content if re-elected

    The Left designated anything that was not Leftist enough as hate speech, which gives them an excuse to filter it, in turn meaning that they can create an echo chamber by ensuring that anyone who does not bleat Leftism 24-7 will be excluded. This is the Chinese method, or rather the Mongol method, of control, and it always ends badly because it creates societies that are blind to reality who then chase symbolic goals into the abyss.

  • Chile protests: state of emergency declared in Santiago as violence escalates

    While the world has been distracted, Communist agitators disguise themselves and seize on an excuse to burn, riot, and loot, knowing that the panic of the middle class voters will eventually give them power. They want to seize Chile and turn it into the same type of broken mixed-race socialist state as much of the rest of Latin America, where it has thrived by not doing that. Or rather, the good people have thrived. The type of genetic refuse that usually become Communists have not thrived because they never thrive; whether by mutation, child abuse, stupidity, prole origins, or simply moral weakness, they are useless people. You can either throw out the Communists or throw out the whole country, but you cannot keep both.

  • Ex-Navy officer turned inventor signs a multi-million deal to produce his electric car battery that will take drivers 1,500 miles without needing to charge

    In the 1950s through 1970s, people predicted that fuel cell technology would take off, and it seems that with this aluminum catalyst developed by the fellow running this company, we may have our first real contender for usable fuel cells. It is probably too expensive for conventional use right now, but the real question is what other technologies we can produce from this by combining it with other methods.

  • In Switzerland, Hints That the Far Right Has Run Out of Steam

    The New York Times will always state whatever it can to make the Right seem to be bad, stupid, losing, and so on, but the point is that the Right-wing parties that are using the old methods are slowing down. You cannot be American-style Republicans (libertarians+defense) or Nazi-style insurgents (anti-immigration + social programs) anymore; you need to be like Trump and Farage, focusing on what works which means getting outside all of the Leftist mental ghetto. You do not want socialist-style programs, nor do you want anything like “racism”; you want to point out that immigration, entitlements, globalism, feminism, and other Leftist Utopian notions simply do not work, and point your society toward future gains instead of defending a distant past. Buckley and Hitler are the twin evils of the Right, and they must be equally banished.

  • Against the tide, cocoa growers plan to suspend ethical programs

    Neurotic Westerners descend with the usual Fair Trade nonsense, but Ivory Coast farmers take a hard look at that and say, “How about higher prices instead?” With higher prices, they can pay higher wages, and avoid almost all of the ethical abuses indirectly. This tackles cause and not effect, where the Western habit (derived from the Mongol ideal) of having bureaucracy write rules and punish infringers attacks effect and is inefficient. It would keep the Ivory Coast in poverty, since they do not have the bloat that the West has installed in itself. We can learn from this here: reward productivity, and you take away the reasons that most people cut corners in the first place; drop excess bureaucracy, neurotic ideology, and other mental afflictions of the undisciplined human mind, and you gain efficiency and perspective which also drive out corner-cutting. It helps if you fire all the MBAs first.

  • Did a large meteorite hit the earth 12,800 years ago?

    The moon is pocked with craters from stuff hitting it. The Earth has an atmosphere, so in theory most of those burn up before hitting us, but not all. Perhaps every ten to twenty thousand years a meteor hits and kills off all but the hardiest life. If humanity went from eight billion people to eight thousand, we might stand a chance of avoiding ecocide, but also would lose out on further evolution (something the mediocre and neurotic like Leftists fear). Perhaps we should simply get our act together and have fully-functional off-world colonies before the next asteroid performs a Bas Rutten leg sweep on all of our hopes and dreams.

  • What a Warrior’s Lost Toolkit Says About the Oldest Known Battle in Europe

    Europe was politically organized, and fighting for order, long before our current historical consciousness. Rome and Athens were just the peaks of its abilities, probably owing to their penchant for organization, which the northern Europeans avoided because of its tendency to crash and burn, as it did in Greece and Rome. Northern Europe retained more of the Yamnaya nomadic tendency, which was to make all things prove themselves before being implemented, where organized civilization approves of everything and then negative filters what “causes problems” or offends the group. The positive Darwinism of Northern Europe works better over the long term, but does not allow the rapid growth that drove Greece and Rome.

  • How evolution builds genes from scratch

    This study presents the start of a debate that will end at something like Lamarckianism. Organisms somehow produce new genes that do not quite seem to be random mutations, and may be manufactured from existing templates in junk DNA, like as if the body had a “creativity procedure.” Nature functions like Northern European civilization: it demands that things prove themselves before being implemented, and ignores complaints and concerns if the method works, preferring to like conservatives adopt it and then gradually improve it.

  • The planet needs China to curb its appetite for meat

    Despite all the whining about high Western consumption, we are smaller than other groups, who even at half of our consumption will savage planetary resources. As usual, humanity gets this mostly wrong, in that we do just fine if we eat mostly meat and vegetables with some minimally-processed grains, but we become bloated on a diet of processed corn, potatoes, finely-ground wheat, sugars, and junk oils used to fry it all up. On the plus side, the Chinese seem to adapt to eating just about anything, so this means that when the food wars come, they will be primed for cannibalism and surrounded by tasty enemies.

  • Trump: China would be No. 1 economy if ‘Crooked’ Hillary won

    He decides on a polite way of telling us that China bought the DNC years ago.

  • WeWork value plunges to $8 billion

    Big Tech employs a scam not entirely different from how Western governments sell debt to borrow money, except that in the case of the Silicon Valley scam, they are selling companies as investments based on the hysterical buying of clueless investors. The IPO determines the survival of the company because it shows how appealing it is to buyers, which matters more than whether it generates actual income. With most of the dot-com wunderkind in trouble or clear decline, we are seeing the end result of the Clinton economy and the fading of the “service economy” wealth boom. When this smites pavement, the world economy will tremble, and the weak men in it — China, EU — are going to experience brutality. Whichever nations, looking like the UK and US at this point, manage to become autonomous and self-reliant before then will rule the world for the next several centuries.

  • Doubting death: how our brains shield us from mortal truth

    No one wants to think about death. It defines life, since it is a boundary of life as we know it. If we simply vanish, after all that we attempted to do in life, it seems pointless to live; if we go on to some static state like the kindergarten version of Heaven taught us by well-intentioned nitwits, it seems like eternal boredom is our fate; if, as the ancients implied, we go on to new adventures, life seems wholly good and beautiful, and in fact, for life to be considered good at all requires something like that. I believe that life is wholly good and beautiful, but that most people are disorganized mental jumbles which end in nonexistence because they never really lived in the first place, did they?

  • Report: Migrant arrivals in Europe surge in 2019

    Like China, Western Leftists are hurrying to seize total control — through the anti-majority votes of minorities, as they do in the US with the Hart-Celler nu-American voters — before their gleeful plans collapse as a consequence of being completely unrealistic and pursuing symbolic ideas (equality, altruism, compassion, tolerance) over realistic ones (Darwinism, morality, health, function). Leftist NGOs, probably funded by China and other foreign enemies, are giving these people money and boats to go across to Europe, knowing that appearance-fearful democracy will not do the right thing and slam the door shut 100% so that migrants stop coming. Liberal democracy will go down with the liberals, it seems.

  • San Francisco is losing residents because it’s too expensive for nearly everyone

    Leftist systems centralize social order through mass mobilization. Those who do what the Party wants win big, and everyone else gets reduced to permanent proletariat status. San Francisco provides a nexus for those who go through school, memorize the gunk, recite it, believe the dogma, and adopt “skills” like coding badly in obscure languages and their endless libraries. Ever notice that these people are incompetent? Most apps now barely function and are not general-purpose tools, which are hard to code, but finicky specialized narrow-channel utilities. We have created a giant clique of conformists who appear “non-conformist” with their 1780s-era Leftism, but basically are just obedient little tools who are incompetent at our expense. California will show us how Leftism ends: a few super-rich who know almost nothing outside of their narrow fields, and many others living clueless, empty lives in the sprawling wastelands around the radiant city.

  • Transgender lobby forces sanitary towel-maker Always to ditch Venus logo from its products

    We were speaking of symbolic victories instead of realistic plans, yes? Men cannot menstruate; men surgically altered to appear as women also do not menstruate. However, in the name of making everyone feel accepted despite being unrealistic, we must insist that menstruation products do not feature a symbol for female, since a tenth of a percent of the population has mutilated itself and wants to force us to accept it as what it wants to be, not what it is in nature. Hubris has reached its high-water mark with this arrogant, sad, and defensively defiant rejection of obvious reality.

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