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  • Greece struggles to cope as migrant arrivals soar

    In any human situation, there will be a small group succeeding, a large group in various degrees of making it by, and some who are not doing well at all. If you pay attention to biological logic, you reward the successful group in order to get more of them; if you look at economic or political logic, you aim for the middle group; if you heed social logic, you focus on those who are not succeeding at all because that way, you can demonstrate how unafraid of your own status being in doubt you are. The problem arises that the middle group does not know what it wants, since it knows enough to master method but not direction; further, the successful group remains unconcerned and oblivious to anything but using its success as a means to raise civilization as a whole further, since the successful group understands how to succeed and that this involves the individual doing something that is actually necessary for others to live well. The unsuccessful group of course remains clueless; if they knew anything even minimal about success, they would be in the middle group. Add the middle group which seeks a sense of purpose but expects it to be offered by those who find direction to the unsuccessful group which does not understand how to contribute and therefore only takes, like a parasite, and you form an electorate which demands its behavior be legalized, legitimized, normed, and accepted. This creates a symbolic line of tolerance whereby those who are without a method of success must be considered as important as those who possess such a thing, and that line of symbolic tolerance requires that the civilization admit all of the unsuccessful around the world, a group which dwarfs it. This will lead to suicide, but in the meantime, lots of people will get to show off how successful they are by weeping over the invaders and pretending to be unthreatened by obvious threats while gesturing symbolically at non-threats. This is what happens when you overthrow the twin benevolent tyrants of healthy civilization growth, strong cultural norms and realist aristocrats.

  • Trump suggested shooting migrants and creating border moat with alligators and snakes, report claims

    It proves impossible not to envision Steve Bannon reeling around the Oval Office with a bong in his hand, saying things like, “No, wait! We can troll them even further. Let’s send out a memo asking for a moat. Add piranhas, or alligators, maybe sharks. That oughta freak them out good, and while they’re screaming and wailing over that, we can get some stuff done in the shadows. Gosh, democracy is hilarious. It’s like holding a fishing line with some cash on the end over a troupe of squalling monkeys and then yanking it back at the last minute, every time, but they never learn! Oh well, as my grandma used to say, ‘Idjits gotta idjit,’ but that was about Irish politics, omigod I’m Irish, total buzzkill, please Donald hold me.”

  • Joe, Hunter Biden seen golfing with Ukraine gas company exec back in 2014, photo shows

    The Leftist cries out as he strikes you. All passive-aggressive people do, mainly because their goal is to provoke you into reacting to them so that you cease to notice their own corrupt acts, and because they have their own guilt on their minds, they always accuse you of whatever they are doing. Some part of me suspects that Trump knows of Biden’s guilt and used this whole impeachment thing simply to troll America into finally confronting it, while winding up the entire Leftist propaganda machine and keeping it busy with impeachment so that it cannot focus on the 2020 election. Now he simply needs to engineer an end to the impeachment drama right before the election itself, which means he probably has other information in hiding. Leftists are clever, but blind to time, which is why they are unable to think strategically like a general, chess player, or philosopher, and they are easily maneuvered into self-defeating like the angry clueless proles they are.

  • ‘COUP’: Trump blasts Democrats’ impeachment efforts in tweet

    Everyone knows he is correct. The Left has wanted to overturn the 2016 election for some time now because to them, it was their crowning victory. They bring back the symbol of the 1990s, when the hippie generation finally seized power, and use it to wholesale import even more third world voters, guaranteeing that Leftist symbols will forever triumph. After all, that worked so well in Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, Baltimore, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Detroit.

  • Amber Guyger convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing of innocent man

    Let us look at demographic data for Dallas, Texas:

    There is no way that she should escape conviction; she, either through incompetence or negligence, entered the wrong apartment. At that point, the occupant rose up and tried to approach her, so she shot him. The whole thing is pants-on-head retarded from that point onward. While a conviction of involuntary manslaughter, death by negligence, or voluntary manslaughter (i.e. she intended to kill a person, just the wrong one) might make sense, a murder conviction shows political pandering to the surrounding population. All of the people praising this decision are idiots, but so are the people thinking that Guyger should walk. This was not murder, or a deliberate killing of a specific person, nor was her response incorrect to his sudden approach, but you do not get to kill someone in his own home and walk away a free woman.

  • This robot can make 300 pizzas in an hour

    We finally have our solution to the problems of the Peasant Revolts, French Revolution, and Leftist tax-and-spend class warfare. We can now simply replace proles in their food service, janitorial, construction, agricultural, clerkship, sales, and transport jobs.

  • Universal Basic Income Favored in Canada, U.K. but Not in U.S.

    The more socialism you have, the more you want, because socialism feels better for awhile but never fixes the problem. This tells you that when you dip a toe in egalitarianism, all roads lead eventually to Full Communism. Better to avoid that path entirely and never support any policy that takes from one group and gives to anyone but all citizens. Even better, have a flat tax, paid at the polls, and allow votes by business owners only. Defend against the herd and the lowest common denominator of human thinking, which is always a combination of scapegoating and parasitism.

  • Johnson: No-deal only alternative to Brexit plan

    Since voters are lazy, UK politicians combined two issues, namely how to exit the EU and how to replace all the laws that were created in the intervening years under EU authority. If they had any brains, they would declare the EU treaties invalid at a future date, and then set up a six-month period to rewrite existing laws. Instead, they want to keep it open-ended, which means that they will fight this one out for years and then

  • Why Has Finland’s Fertility Rate Collapsed – And Are There Lessons For Us?

    It turns out that a generous welfare state requires everyone to work all the time, and feminism means that all homes are dual-earners, which leaves little time for childbirth and rearing. Modernity has failed. It literally kills off the people silly enough to adopt it. By modernism, I mean the society after individualism, where we come up with ideas like utilitarianism and universalism in order to try to make a civilization out of mob rule. From those come the notion of egalitarianism, which is basically a form of pluralism where we all agree to disagree and have nothing in common except that disagreement. From that comes the different heads of the beast: feminism (sexual egalitarianism), LGBT+ (sexual preference egalitarianism), socialism (class warfare / economic egalitarianism), diversity (ethnic egalitarianism), and of course meritocracy (obedience egalitarianism). These are toxic notions and they cause everyone to die off because they make an existential hell out of a formerly thriving society, namely a place that works so hard to include everyone that it reduces everything to a bureaucratic process. No wonder people stop breeding. Who would want their children to be sentenced to this kind of Communist Disneyland?

  • David Mackereth: Christian doctor loses trans beliefs case

    “Human dignity” is a reason to force everyone to accept transsexualism — by nature, the weird and artificial type of abomination we see portrayed in religious books since the dawn of time — as normal, natural, and positive. Might as well just put a Baphomet on the decision.

  • Over 600,000 native trees to be planted on unused bogland

    If a peat bog was naturally a peat bog, making it into a forest is nonsensical. They are merely doing this because they do not want to give up “quality” land that could be turned into more suburbs, cities, and discount stores.

  • Virginia police officer suspended after turning in suspected undocumented immigrant over to ICE

    The Fairfax County Police Department enacted a 2007 policy that prohibits officers from confirming a person’s immigration status and detaining them solely based on civil violations of immigration law.

    The Civil War 2.0 is warming up as various parts of government refuse to enforce the rules set by the other. This means that disunity has won over unity and the nation will self-destruct. Leftists never see that one coming.

  • 79 arrested in human-trafficking, prostitution sting in Kingwood area

    It turns out that unchecked immigration means that people smuggle in women to sell. We could have predicted this; once you create an economy outside the law, or a society outside of the dominant culture, the rules do not apply and so people do what is convenient. That includes the usual venal human stuff.

  • ‘I was petrified’: Patient diagnosed with psychotic disorder triggered by Brexit

    A Crowd is both singular and plural. When it wants something, it is many members; when things go wrong as they usually do with crowds, it becomes singular, or something to be blamed so individuals do not have to be accountable, responsible, and most of all, ranked according to how well they understand the world and can succeed in it. Those who make bad decisions generally get downranked, but in a Crowd, everyone can pretend that they had nothing to do with it, so “everyone” is “happy.” The devil’s bargain here is that you then owe your allegiance to the Crowd like a cult, gang, or corporate hire. This means that you re-arrange your brain to look for external meaning in the herd. That causes a type of paranoia, and a tendency toward emotional projection onto symbols because that makes the individual and the group together feel a sense of balance. In a Crowd, the greatest fear is that the Crowd will dissolve, and that happens if anyone stops believing. Therefore, the first job is enforcing obedience and control upon the herd.

  • Ex-officer accused of racist social media posts finds a new job

    To the raving herd, it always seems like a good thing to destroy those who transgress symbolic lines. In reality, they are ruining lives, and the fact that they do not care shows that the herd is immoral and destructive. Luckily, some are fighting back, simply because they are tired of the tyranny of the mob.

  • UK expresses ‘regret’ over Māori killings after Cook’s arrival in New Zealand

    When the British explorer arrived on the east side of the Turanganui River, near present-day Gisborne, the first encounter between his men and the Māori inhabitants was disastrous, according to an official New Zealand history site, with a leader from the Ngāti Oneone group immediately shot and killed. It seemed likely the local people were undertaking a ceremonial challenge, which the Europeans misunderstood, the site said.

    At least eight other Māori are believed to have been killed. The British high commission said in its statement that Cook had written of his regret over the deaths in his diary.

    In Crowd-logic, you always blame whoever has the most money and power. That way, you can take something. This creates an unstable, emotional, and vengeful culture that no one really wants to live in, but for most, it is more important to “get what is owed to us” than to live in a functional society, which alone tells you all you need to know about their judgment.

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