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  • China’s economic growth slows to 27-year low

    Globalism has ended. Apparently, like most Leftist programs, it relied on the economic stimulus caused by moving money from wealthier areas to poorer ones, since this enables people to “generate economic activity” through scams and lowest common denominator products which are the biggest contributors to landfill. The West benefits by taxing this increased economic activity and working around its utterly dysfunctional labor market, since unions and the administrative state have basically become as parasitic as the Soviets in that area. However, it also weakens us by making the US into the marketing department for Chinese manufacturing, and everyone knows that the marketing department can be easily replaced.

  • 2 anti-Korean rallies 1st to run afoul of Tokyo hate speech rule

    “Hate speech” rules, by their very existence, show us two things: (1) diversity has failed and (2) liberal democracy has failed. When you need lots of rules to force something on people, it is artificial and probably unrealistic-illogical as opposed to theoretical-illogical; that is, it might be good “in theory” which relies on the Leftist/egalitarian assumption that we are equal i.e. identical blank slates, but it does not work in reality, which shows us that reality is more complex than our theoretical models, and therefore, that our theoretical models do not work for predicting/interpreting reality. In turn, egalitarianism is the founding assumption and core of the philosophy behind liberal democracy, and liberal democracies have spent themselves into such a hole with popular but illogical entitlements that they need immigration, which means that diversity and liberal democracy are dead men walking who will fall together. We have become comical here in the West, talking about our freedom while working ten hour days just to afford hovels outside the ghetto and going to jail for opinions on Facebook or Twitter. This is not a functional civilization; it is a system of government holding on to power long after it has failed. Two centuries and change after it began, the democracy age is over.

  • Trump on course to win in 2020, according to polling models that have only been wrong once

    Half of America has caught on to the fact that impeachment is the drug and not the medicine. We want the show to go, Trump to continue in power, and his massive crackdown on illegal immigration, legal immigration, identity politics, diversity, bureaucracy, Chinese corruption, and Leftists to continue, because in our gut we know that all of those things are parasites which have destroyed our nation and not paths that we should ever consider. As said before, Trump is the first step on a long and winding staircase; the Right failed after Reagan by nominating the “safe” candidate instead of the wildcard, but we need wildcards who have not thrived in the system to keep dismantling this system and its fond egalitarian notions like socialist entitlements, globohomo, feminism, and diversity. We need to keep electing Viking warlords instead of studious, glasses-wearing desk jockey bureaucrats like the Bushes.

  • “We’re Totally Left-Leaning But Do Not Want to Admit It”

    The big question is, why not admit it? The media operates behind the aegis of objectivity but we have known for a long time that such things are impossible. Everyone has some bias, even if not political, and it manifests in what details we highlight and what we include in the story; the bias is the filter of what we notice and mention, not whether we insert some line about orange-man-bad or dey-turk-er-jerbs.

  • Nashville’s Million-Dollar Homes Are Shrinking Fastest in U.S.

    At that price, buyers nationwide can expect to get 2,192 square feet, 14% less space than in 2014 but enough for a single-family home with four bedrooms and two and a half baths, a Zillow analysis showed. But $1 million buys only a 1,150-square-foot condo in San Francisco. In New York, you’d get 1,725 square feet — expansive by Manhattan standards.

    This shows us the problem of centralization: there are fewer places where people can earn a good living anymore because we have concentrated wealth in the cities, which shows us that people are making their wealth in shuffling paper, rebranding products, service economy jive, or extraneous tasks required by government or marketing. In a healthy country, you have a population evenly spread out across the land where in every area, some are wealthy (your top 1%), some are comfortable (9%) and the rest are “making it by and making do” without extra money (90%) for the simple reason that is impolite to mention that they are not that bright and if given any extra money, they will waste it on chrome rims, giant pick-up trucks, lottery tickets, velvet Elvis Cadillacs, cocaine, and other silly prole fascinations. Healthy societies suppress their proles, but they also push back against urban elites because these represent a centralization and thus concentration of the economy which is a sign of it slowly imploding. We did better under a quasi-agricultural, homestead-based, small-city driven model.

  • As cities surge, some seek a new aim – peace and quiet

    Put on your nihilist hat for a moment. What is the most sensible model for human habitation? Most people cannot stop themselves and head straight toward economies of scale above all else: throw everyone into a big city with an equal apartment and force them into jobs so that they contribute, then tax them to pay for a structure to clean up and protect, and generate lots of money by bringing in as many people as possible. The megapolis represents the furthest extension of normal human thought. It seems logical in the same way grids, deconstruction, pre-flight checklists, interchangeable parts, assembly-line methods, and high alcohol and tobacco taxes seem logical. On the first level, that of appearance, they make sense; when you factor in time, association of detail into structure, durability, resiliency, and most of all, quality, the idiocy of this approach becomes apparent. Cities, like equality, are the “we all go down together” model; they are the Crowd seeking to find its own model: everyone participates equally in the same methods and therefore no one rises above the herd too much, so we can stay united without having to share a goal, because a goal would require each individual to self-actualize, get over himself, and start paying attention to reality. However, nothing proves scarier than a stampeding herd in panic, and this shows the problem of cities, which is that by distributing the burden among many, the pain of the burden is reduced, which encourages society to tolerate many thousands of small burdens at once, at which point it dies from the death of a thousand cuts. Noise comes from a few dozen of those burdens — cars, trucks, trash collection, sirens, wailing homeless people, airplanes, gunfire, Kitty Genovese screaming and gurgling, and so on — but because there are many, no one can focus on fixing even one, in the same way that when people form a herd, there is no accountability because it is the herd acting, not the bulk greed, fear, lust, vengefulness, gluttony, arrogance/pretense, and stupidity of the many assembled individualists forming the swarm. Maybe instead of attacking noise, we can look at the bigger problem: cities, at least big cities, are not a good solution to the question of human habitation.

  • About that photo: Trump, Pelosi clash amid impeachment

    This woman is clearly crazy. Mixed-whites tend to be. Is it time to talk about repatriating Italian-Americans yet? She has an audience of crazy; we will get nowhere if we do not repatriate them somewhere as well. Dipsomaniac box wine single women, iPhone-swiping soy-gulping pegboys, burned out Boomers reliving the 1960s, abused Generation X greyed kids who just want an easy answer so they can get back to therapy, homosexuals, and endless minority groups who hate the majority and each other all support Pelosi, just like they supported Hillary Clinton, simply because they want to smash down social order so that they can take over (and then fight each other). Pelosi knows that she, who is one-quarter third world in heritage like Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg, will soon be replaced by people who are half third world in heritage (GPB, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortez, Tulsi Gabbard; compare to half-white Barack Obama) and then they in turn will be replaced by full third-world heritage people (Michelle Obama, Julian Castro). She is making a dual gambit as a result: she wants to get rid of Biden, unify the base in opposing Trump, and seize power before the Hart-Celler wave slams shut any chance that she has in the future because she is, ironically, too high of a percentage of white.

  • China asked NBA to fire Houston’s Morey, commissioner says: We said ‘no chance’

    This shows us the high-water mark of two things. First, globalism made all corporations international, and they have been trying to stay “objective” and work with individual national governments, but this will bring them into conflict, so the internationalist/globalist move is going to fade and be replaced by many national corporations in which international conglomerates own stock; second, industry has been searching for “the new hippies” for a long time, and settled on the Leftist wing of their audience, but this group are essentially an anarchist-unionist-socialist hybrid who want market socialism, guaranteed jobs, and as little oversight as possible so they can pursue their deviant and self-destructive hobbies (seemingly: tattooing, hair dyeing, casual sex, and selling junk on eBay). The new hippies and the international market are incompatible, but the international market is also incompatible with itself, sort of like how diversity is. The public Right finds itself bloviating on about how China controls our corporations, as if they were trying to hide how every other significant market also has a huge influence, and the Left finds itself being forced to defend free speech, which is going to backfire because the Hong Kong movement is an anomaly: a contra-nationalist, but effectively nationalist, movement that wants Hong Kong to have a separate identity from that of China, which remains under control of the Communist-Capitalist hybrid known as the PRC. In the meantime, the voters awake with a snort and a burp and wonder how this all happened, because they were promised free healthcare and cheap computers and gave no further thought to what “globalism” meant or would mean when applied in reality.

  • Planetary ‘autopsies’ indicate worlds like Earth common in the cosmos

    As I wrote twenty years ago, nature creates a thousand seeds so that one hundred will germinate and one plant will survive. Habitable planets follow the same model; there are likely millions of Earths out there, and most of them end up burned out husks, either because they failed to develop stable life or because they developed stable life and it self-destructed. One species will rise to rule the rest. Humans are trying to decide, right now, whether that will be Earth. My estimate is that panspermia is real, and that life either arises under similar conditions and therefore takes similar forms, including the mathematics of DNA, or that all of us are the products of some civilization seeding nearby stars before it imploded, probably by class warfare, since that seems to be the method that nature uses to destroy civilizations that not stable enough.

  • China’s Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond the Great Firewall

    A short list of how China has distorted the internet with its censorship, malware, DDoS attacks, and interventions. It turns out that the internet, a parallel metaphor to internationalism and diversity, has failed for the same reason that those have: the bigger the committee, the more special interests you have, and therefore the less it focuses on the forward future and more time it spends on infighting. Systems like liberal democracy, which are based on legitimizing infighting through pluralism and adversarial systems, are also on the chopping block. The West is going to have to go back to the drawing board to find a better system than these Enlightenment™-era, Mongol-influenced bureaucratic ideas.

  • Mexican security forces free El Chapo’s son to protect lives – minister

    Mexico captures son of notorious (and brilliant) druglord El Chapo but has to release him because the cartels simply intensified violence until the government was unstable. If this bothers you, encourage your friends to grow their own weed and stop wolfing down the cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and avocados that fund the cartels. In other news, as the libertarians predicted, free markets have trumped the rule of law, which means that in first world countries, we are hiding behind ideology to conceal how much of our policy is market-driven, which is not a bad thing except that it considers only markets, and not other needs of civilization such as culture, genetics, morality, and sanity.

  • Big changes to grueling Special Forces course draw scrutiny

    In the name of diversity, the Special Forces are dumbing down their requirements so that they can get more female, minority, and homosexual faces out there for the publicity photos. This will lead to more hilarity, since the first time that this happened, elements within the elite warrior units of America began creating even more elite units to do the hard work, knowing that the regular units were already too politicized to be effective.

  • 64% of People Trust a Robot More Than Their Manager

    Most people would like to replace Lundberg with an AI if they could. This draws attention to the fact that, since the rise of affirmative action and diversity, companies have been choosing leaders for who is least offensive instead of who is most effective, preferring — as they do with jobs, in general — to have five people doing the work of one so long as those five people are interchangeable cogs in the machine. This means that many managers are terrible, and that most managers are selected by grades in school, social connections, and political conformity to the ideology of the regime (equality, diversity, market socialism) instead of for their ability to shape people into a fighting force to actually get something done. Why did corporate bloat increase in the 1980s? Probably the policies of the 1960s, which kicked in about then: diversity, women in the workforce, regulations, and increased legal liability.

  • Fat accumulates inside lungs of overweight people, study finds

    Like pollution, fat will be one of the defining issues of the twenty-first century. There will be resource wars, the replacement of liberal democracy, failures for globalism and diversity, air pollution making everyone stupid and violent, ecocide, and also, our modern food giving us cancer and making us obese and dumb. There will also be fallout from the idiocy of the twentieth century, like lots of people wandering around with dementia because they took anti-depressants, and lots of autistic kids born because their working mothers were stressed.

  • Zero-tolerance policies aimed at stopping bullying not working, say experts

    Zero-tolerance methods are like the transition from libertarian egalitarianism to socialism to communism: if the method does not work, make the method more extreme; this way, you do not have to backtrack and possibly lose power by admitting that your method is fantasy and conjecture, but instead get to sound like you are in control and doing the right thing by affirming the method upon which everyone relies. Bullying happens because kids are miserable on two levels: the stronger ones are tormented by their parents, who tend to be healthier and smarter and have more responsibility for the janitorial bureaucracy offered by liberal democracy, and therefore want to beat up the weak; there are more weak kids because of inter-ethnic mixing, including white trace admixture, working mothers, bad general health, and later birth times. As a result, you have a whole lot of wimpy maladjusted kids getting pounded into the pavement by a horde of infuriated, frustrated, and nihilistic children of successful parents. You only fix this by separating the weak kids out to special schools, and this is best done by simply abolishing public education.

  • High school teacher tells class a Confederate flag means “you intend to marry your sister”

    For years, the Left has tried to avoid “showing us their buttocks,” as the old proverb goes, by revealing how much nastiness motivates them. Political correctness and pro-diversity sentiments are simply a way of “keeping up with the Joneses” and finding some reason to be above someone else; in an egalitarian time, it is obvious bad form to make fun of someone for being poor and living in a trailer park, but if you can conceal that criticism of poverty behind “oh he’s a racist!” then you can bring in all the other tropes and make fun of that guy for being racist, poor, inbred, toothless, drunk, ignorant, stupid, and filthy. This makes all the city people feel better about themselves, and allows our culture war to continue without paradox, since it is no longer making fun of lower classes but those with the wrong opinions.

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