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  • Mack workers go on strike, begin picketing Sunday morning

    Trump brings manufacturing back to America and its prole parasites immediately begin trying to steal from the rest of us. They are already overpaid for what they do, and the only people who want this union action are the workers who cannot stand out for their performance normally. In the name of losers, we will sabotage our own manufacturing, unless Trump also finds a way to remove the laws that protect unions (including the creation of the administrative agency the National Labor Relations Board). As we speak, another union strike is damaging the auto industry. As it turns out, when people feel a lack of obligation to join a union, they tend to stay out of the union and focus on job performance instead, the one thing that unions were created to obliterate. We can make America autonomous, but not with all of these greedy prole parasites among us.

  • Caravan of 2,000 migrants detained in southern Mexico

    Any time you see one of these large migrations, it is most likely an engineered media event, meaning that some NGOs rounded up people, gave them money and plane tickets, and then sent them toward the border en masse for hope of making a political point. This may be in response to Trump accelerating deportations of illegal aliens. The Left wants to resolve this issue with America abolishing itself so that the international Left can take over, and those of us who are resisting are really getting on their last nerves.

  • Rent-a-troll: Researchers pit disinformation farmers against each other

    Early on the first internet boom, people were bragging about how they were going to make websites with games and prizes and all sorts of cute functions; I told them that websites functioned more like contact points, allowing people to find out your house, location, phone number, address, and of course to verify that they have the right business or person by that name. This received much grumbling. A few years later the same people were jazzed about internet reviews and social media focus, at which point I opined that it was all fake, either engineered by the businesses themselves or manipulated by third party firms. No one wanted to hear that, either. Now we are seeing how just about everything on the internet is fake and gamed by businesses, governments, NGOs, and trolls. At least the trolls have an excuse, since they were doing it for the lulz. Everyone else is just another shill trying to make a buck and corrupting the utility of the internet in the process.

  • Goodbye Columbus: More states jettison day paying homage to the explorer

    Token minorities feel bad about the fact that their civilization was busy fighting itself when the European explorers came up and made a much better civilization, such to the point that the only reason minorities are able to sit around gabbing about how terrible Western Civilization has to be is that Western Civilization educated them, fed them, treated their wounds, gave them a better quality of life than ever before, fought wars to liberate them, and finally, encouraged them to take pride in themselves. However, Western Civilization also assumed that everyone else on Earth was like Western Europeans, only with different complexions, and that arrogant pretense neglects the need of each ethnic group to have control over its future, which it cannot in a diverse society. For that reason, we are seeing open ethnic warfare over Columbus, and it has nothing to do with historical fact, which is that the Amerinds were so much more brutal than the colonists that no one blinked, as late as the 1990s, over their defeat and partial extermination. That fact offends minorities, dipsomaniac box wine single liberal women, neurotics, and other useful idiots so much that they are aiding their Leftist masters in removing Columbus from the historical record. Soon history will read simply that non-whites had the purest and best society, then whites came in and took over, and stole everything; if that reads to you like the usual anti-Semitic drivel that floats around the net, it is because scapegoating always follows the same pattern. Non-white people need to stop scapegoating, go back to their ethnic homelands, and fix things there instead of telling white people what to do, but we are not yet to the point where people are voicing this. Consequently Columbus is losing his holiday and having his statues vandalizes while various neurotic busybodies blame Columbus for Amerind lack of achievement and rename parks so that they feel better. Diversity is so over.

  • More Companies Turning To The 4-Day Work Week To Entice New Employees, Report Finds

    No one will admit it in politics, but people want more time off and more money to take home instead of more public services, which most working people do not use at all. Four days a week working longer hours proves to be better than having to come in another day, especially a Friday, since nothing of substance gets done then anyway. This joins other forms of backlash against overworked Americans who are so afraid of losing their jobs that they voluntarily show up to work extra hours, even though the work that they are doing in most cases has no practical value. The emptiness of jobs shows us a spate of young people quitting work to live instead, at the same time that many others are leaving because our society is rife with mental health issues.

  • Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action

    Whatever fascinates the crowd is wrong. We talk about climate change so that we can avoid talking about overpopulation, use of too much land, the destructive effects of mass immigration, and how urbanization is distorting every local climate on Earth. Climate change is the false issue; too much humanity is the real one, but that makes people afraid, so we have to talk about a symbolic fantasy instead.

  • Marijuana Madness Turns Into a Cannabis Crash

    Most humans remain stuck in the metaphors, narratives, and imagery of the past generation. For example, in the 1980s, gangsters as portrayed on television were still Sicilians, even though that model had been replaced long ago. Industry is still looking for the next generation of hippies, but their thinking relies on the idea that we have one big audience out there instead of many niches. As a result, the payoffs that they were imagining have not come true. As it turns out, black market weed — which requires no insurance, regulations, brick and mortar stores, or advertising — still beats legal weed on price.

  • A majority of European women suffer sexism at work – survey

    It is almost like there was a reason that we kept women in the home and men in the workplace.

  • Social Media, Dreaming, and Personality: An Online Study.

    Social media dreams were quite rare (two percent of all remembered dreams), but their frequency correlated with neuroticism and extraversion-in addition to the amount of time using social media in waking-supporting the hypothesis that social media have a stronger effect on those person’s inner life due to the higher importance attached to this channel of communication.

    Neurosis and relying on others for a sense of purpose correlates highly with social media. This might explain its destructive nature: it is a soul/mind replacement.

  • Chinese official defends Xinjiang detention camps for Muslims at UBC Vancouver campus talk

    While the West pursues more illusions and pleasant thoughts, the rest of the world sees the crisis that diversity has become, and is avoiding it. This makes them more competitive than us and will exert market forces upon us to drop the 20-30% added inefficiency and cost to everything through the affirmative action, racial resentment, lawsuits, and diversity education that blights our workplace. Heck, just give each ethnic group its own workplaces. If they want autonomy, they need to be able to support it, instead of relying on the majority to hire them and fund them (and they should want autonomy; the only other option is conquest).

  • Chinese anger over Hong Kong ensnared 3 big US businesses this week — and critics say they bent to Beijing

    Globalism slowly dies as companies realize that being dependent on other nations means that you have to endorse their political activities despite those clashing with the values of other customer groups you might have. In other words, the same problem that blights diversity affects globalism; different groups have different ways, and trying to make them all equal just erases those differences, to the loss of all. In the meantime, despite all the ranting about “assimilation,” it turns out that Chinese immigrants still support China. Diversity means that everyone has dual loyalties.

  • These Counties Backed Every President Since Reagan

    How to understand democracy: “The 19 counties largely have lower-than-average education levels and median incomes.”

  • Billions face food, water shortages over next 30 years as nature fails

    The more people we add, and the more resources we use, the less land we leave behind for nature to replenish these things. We may die of nitrogen pollution that does not affect us directly but leaves us short of water and food supplies just as our population peaks, which guarantees war and then disease, followed by the collapse of economies and then more war and disease.

  • Use of 3D printed guns in German synagogue shooting must act as warning to security services, experts say

    This one makes people twitchy. Despite all of our gun laws, 3D printing has come a long way, and now can make metal parts quickly and cheaply. This means that governments will not be able to suppress dissent by cracking down on guns.

  • ISPs react cautiously to extremism internet filter

    Our governments are so unstable that they are considering placing word filters on social media so that people cannot communicate “extremist” ideas. People like to talk about the political horseshoe, but what about how democracy boomerangs from peace, freedom, love, tolerance, liberty, and justice to arresting people for thought crime? And yet, it always happens this way; democracy killed Socrates and Jesus, after all.

  • Former cop who killed black woman in her home charged with murder

    The bodycam video included blurred still frames showing a gun inside the home. It’s unclear if the firearm was found near Jefferson and police have not said that the officer who shot her thought she was holding a gun.

    Merritt blasted the police department for releasing the image, which he said was legally owned by Jefferson, who had a concealed carry permit. He said the firearm is unrelated to Jefferson’s death and accused the department of attempting to blame the victim by circulating the image.

    Speaking Monday, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price called the firearm “irrelevant.”

    Who knows what happened in this shooting, but we know what happens afterwards. The officer gets crucified. In reality, whether the person shot had a gun has a lot to do with why the officer fired. As more of this happens, expect officers to simply enforce a lot less of the law. If they show up and there is a gun, they will back off; citizens will pay the price. However, that is better than getting fired and charged with murder. As usual in these cases, the facts have only begun to come out. In fact, it looks like she pulled a gun on him before he fired.

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