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  • Huge global carbon tax hike needed in next 10 years to head off climate disaster, says IMF

    One would be forgiven for assuming that global warming is nothing but a shakedown. In response to what is in theory the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, they are talking about raising taxes instead of taking action? Late Stage Democracy is the least effective and most comical government ever. If you want to address this problem in actuality, set aside land for nature and cut through the vast amounts of red tape that keep properties unused. Arrest the people who make the inner cities unlivable. Stop immigration, deport illegals, and send home everyone who came here in the last fifty years. Ban engines over a certain size for personal use. Then we can talk about what we are doing about climate disaster; right now, we are just talking about more of how to steal and distribute the wealth while we wait for the crisis to hit.

  • How Extinction Rebellion climate change zealots – including a baronet’s Cambridge-educated granddaughter – are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem to our streets

    Everywhere we look, Leftist NGOs are astroturfing us. It seems to be all about the money in the end. This fits the usual pattern for the Left, which is to get money from neurotics and use it to whip up a herd of insane, addicted, dysfunctional, and criminal people to go wreck things until the rest of us give them what they want. In the future, our solution will be to bundle them all up with their benefactors and ship the lot to Venezuela.

  • Who says you can’t eat red meat? Food advice questioned anew

    For the last eighty years or so, we have allowed “scientists” — humans paid to do research because they have advanced degrees — to tell us what to think, act, and do. They have acted as humans usually do, which is to attempt to control us by telling us what is right and what is bad. Now we find out again that they have oversimplified the question, drawn overbroad conclusions, and then hyped those into tabloid headlines. The bigger story here is that people are losing their blind faith in “science,” which replaced religion and dogma as the latest cult-like Utopian obsession. Perhaps we need to simply lose our perceived need for these obsessions and focus on stability, reality, and health?

  • Christchurch attack: New Zealand tries new tactic to disrupt online extremism

    New Zealand’s Trudeau/Obama style candidate Jacinda Ardern, combining the nerdy self-righteousness with a hippie gushing altruism and the Responsible™ stiff neck of a Soviet commissar, decides that white nationalism — that is what they mean by “online extremism,” not radical Islam or Antifa — should be treated just like child porn, with investigators sent in to find the people distributing it and arrest them. In doing so, Ms. Ardern seems to have unintentionally confirmed that she heads a Leftist regime and wants to suppress dissent. Somehow, it never occurs to these “intelligent” people how transparent they are.

  • Make Dishwashers That Clean Again

    People finally admit that Bill Clinton’s EnergyStar program, by changing the goal of industry from “make working gadgets” to “make gadgets that fit our definition of ‘energy-efficient,'” redirected industry toward cutting corners in order to compete. Artifical goals always do this, since you have to satisfy the law and not the reality, and consumers have hated these things for decades because they generally do not work very well. When you think about it, very few engineers like wasting energy, and they designed those old-school appliances as they were for a reason. Almost no one realizes that the main energy loss for appliances comes in their manufacture, transport, sale, and installation, so the most energy-efficient gadget is the one that lasts longest, in the same way that if you drove a V-8 car for forty years it would be more efficient than buying a Prius every two decades. As with most things, if we get government out of the way, filter out the bad people, and then have an actual goal like becoming sane (humans are nuts, generally) and going to the stars, everything which be much better than under the bureaucracy and lawyers, who specialize in writing tens of thousands of pages of rules without a single thought to their application.

  • Pointing a finger gun lands 12-year-old Johnson County student in handcuffs

    You can see the breakdown in social trust and social order brought on by liberalism. Pointing a finger gun at someone, unless you are a known criminal intending it as a gesture of actual violence, is not a felony, nor is it a threat. We have become a parody of ourselves by trying to save everyone from everything, not realizing that most people create their own problems.

  • Microplastics: Seeking the ‘plastic score’ of the food on our plates

    In the 1500s, we thought that “freedom” for the human individual was a good idea, because that way everyone could go do anything they wanted and be fulfilled and self-expressed. It turns out that what they want to do is buy cheap plastic junk and then throw it immediately into our oceans, at which point it poisons us, sort of like the car exhaust, vandalism, entitled behavior, and toxic office politics poison us. Maybe we needed some kind of social, moral, and divine order to keep us from behaving like deranged monkeys who found a heap of cocaine and a credit card.

  • Late poll: Law and Justice wins parliamentary election with 43.6 percent of votes

    Conservatives win in Poland. After trying to evade strong German-style government for decades, Poland found itself under the crushing thumb of Communism, and has been trying to bounce back ever since. This further anchors the European pushback against the divisive false unity of the Left and aims instead to restore social order in places that have pursued Asiatic-style individualism for too long.

  • Private property, not productivity, precipitated Neolithic agricultural revolution

    Previously, “scientists” (people with degrees, which means obedient and not that creatively intelligent people) believed that the switch to agriculture that produced permanent civilization, instead of nomadic hunter-gatherer groups, brought about the adoption of private property. A new theory suggests that the opposite is true: the hunter-gatherer bands broke up, whether from lack of internal unity or lack of places to roam, and then people staked their claims, and because of that adopted agriculture, which was until modern machinery less efficient than hunting and gathering. This tells us that society was in trouble at the time the hunter-gatherers settled down, and that there was a reason they chose to stay nomadic, probably that delicious intersection of Darwinism and morality where in order to reward the good you must remove the bad, generally by sneaking off in the night and leaving them behind. In my estimate, modern humans have been intelligent (and Nordid) for a lot longer than “scientists” think, and simply left few traces as they wandered a triangle from Northern Europe to the Middle East to East Asia, leaving behind their schizoids, retards, criminals, neurotics, and liars each time they hoofed it to a new camping area. If they did this for a half-million years, burning their dead or burying them in mounds which were later plundered, we would never know of their existence from the archaeological record.

  • EU breaks promise of safe passage for 50,000 refugees

    Even the Leftists are realizing that immigration and diversity have failed, and they have used the classic gambit of saying nice things to make headlines and then sabotaging those programs to keep them from going too far. Under democracy, no one can be honest. Just say NO to diversity entirely, since no matter how nice and smart the Other groups are, bringing them here will cause conflict that will end in at least one genocide.

  • Thousands celebrate Italian Heritage Parade in San Francisco

    Watch assimilation fail in real time. People need identity. If you have more than one identity in society, they will all turn on the majority, including “ethnic diversity” within the European family such as Southern/Irish and Eastern Europeans. In the meantime, Italy is short of Italians and has been replacing its own people with immigrants because of its Italian shortage. It sounds like boats would be a good solution here.

  • ‘Achievable’: Porter insists religious discrimination bill can become law

    Politicians are trying to create laws that will protect the ability of religious people to avoid being lumped into supporting behavior they find abhorrent like LGBT+ and abortion. A better idea might be abolishing civil/human rights entirely and going back to natural rights, which allow freedom of association, at which point people have to be useful to others again in order to survive. That threatens democracy, but allows civilization to survive.

  • Vietnam pulls Abominable film over South China Sea map

    Vietnam is figuring out that Uncle Ho backed the wrong horse. Americans are waking up to discover that our large companies like Dreamworks are now manipulated by China, since their ownership and markets have a huge amount of Chinese influence. This is why the latest film from Dreamworks uses a Chinese government map to portray the South China Sea, angering Vietnam who realizes that its 1700 years of warfare against the lighter-skinned Chinese is not over. Chinese investment in Hollywood has increased to the point that the Chinese have a plurality there, since Hollywood is divided between Jews, homosexuals, Armenians, and several other special interest groups. We also know they bought into the DNC. At what point do we admit that we are experiencing a “silk glove” occupation by China?

  • The world economy’s strange new rules

    Economists wake up to the fact that globalism is over and the old rules no longer apply. There will be a transition before the new economy is able to get its sea legs, and then we will find that many of the cute ways that clever monkeys made a lot of money for doing nothing of value will not apply.

  • The World Loses $400 Billion of Food Before It Reaches Stores

    When you ship food around the globe and sell it through stores which emphasize having variety of selection, inefficiencies happen. Luckily, we now have the farm-to-market model, where you can get all essential foods with minimal waste. On the flipside, entirely eliminating waste is an unrealistic goal; even in nature, much is wasted, but there it simply goes back to compost. Maybe that model can work for us as well. Eat what your ancestors eat, and source it locally, and you have the best of all worlds.

  • Unveiling UK government plan, Queen Elizabeth says priority is to exit EU on October 31

    Johnson realizes that he achieves Brexit or joins Theresa May in the loser file. He is pushing it through, recognizing that UK law stopped in time when it joined the EU, and many things will have to be re-negotiated or addressed by lawmakers. This is still better than joining a wannabe socialist superpower which aims to control every aspect of daily life so that it can shape people into ideal Leftists.

  • Suburbanites in Louisiana Vote to Create a New City of Their Own

    Across America, the functional white suburbs are seceding from the dysfunctional diverse areas. Let them pay for their own schools and services. If they cannot afford them, we need to ask why.

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