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Periscope (November 7, 2018)

  • Forget the blue wave and behold the purple puddle

    A divided America enters permanent gridlock. Election 2018 taught us one thing: the two sides have nothing in common, and cannot govern the same society. America will be breaking up and losing its superpower status. Hope those welfare state and entitlement benefits were worth it, voters. Our decision to adopt diversity, and through it third world style strongman/redistributionist governments, destroyed us. #RIPUSA

  • Foxconn Considers Bringing Chinese Workers to Wisconsin as U.S. Labor Market Tightens

    America treated its prosperity as a blank check, forgetting that it was a goose that laid golden eggs and could be killed. We piled regulations on top of businesses, gave legal protection to unions, and raised costs across the board for workers as well as employers with our tax-and-spend agenda. Now we wonder why our labor is so hard to hire: it is too expensive, without delivering the benefits of that cost. In other words, our Leftist programs have made us non-competitive. The markets correct that with globalism.

  • Democrats carve through GOP suburbs to take House

    The suburban GOP voters are too bourgeois to take action against the people destroying them. Afraid of controversy and addicted to their television screens, they want to keep on the path we were on because they are smart enough to make good money, but not wise enough to see the long-term future. In addition, too few of them came out, since they were busy with either defeatism or whining about how this was not exactly what they wanted, expecting some shopkeeper to come out and offer them a free meal.

  • America’s urban-rural divide deepens

    The brilliance of the Left was extending its dependency arm into the middle class. Now enough people rely on government and the easy money offered by inviting the world and then taxing them to be supporting the Left, even though they know it is morally wrong and bad. Rural people, who live and die on a daily basis by their adherence to realism and a strong direction toward the good, are able to see how bad that future is, and also can escape dependency on it.

  • Private schools have been told to share teachers with local state schools

    More Leftist wealth transfer. “Oh, you guys are doing good over there? Well, we insist that you share with everyone, so that those who are not doing the right thing do not have to face their responsibility to start doing the right thing.”

  • Constitutional Amendment 4 passes, restoring voting rights to former felons

    Up to 1.5 million felons — there is no “former” about it — now have voting rights in Florida, and they all vote Leftist. In the name of pity, the voters on the Right disenfranchised themselves.

  • German police raid BlackRock offices

    Most Americans have not noticed, but the EU is unraveling with a series of high-profile corruption scandals. Instead of the vision it pitched its voters of a modern and infallible government, it has delivered third world levels of graft.

  • Guess who’s championing Homer? Radical online conservatives.

    Conservatives, awakening from their long stupor, are encouraging people to discover the roots of Western Civilization: its Greek, Roman, and Nordic cultural writings such as The Odyssey, The Nibelungenlied, and The Republic. We know that our spirit in the West is rotten, so we must resurrect ourselves from within, and then with that awakened mindset turn toward questions of politics and economics.

  • Lawmakers Propose Social Media Hate Speech Checks Before Gun Purchases

    The Right seeks to reward good people and punish bad; the Left seeks to force everyone to conform, assuming that this means everyone is “good.” Their new method of control will be to look at your past writings and opinions for any sign of “dangerous” ideas, and use that to deny you things. Today they are trying for guns; tomorrow, it will be jobs; after that, it will be the ability to avoid a diagnosis of mental health problems.

  • Misunderstanding Merkel’s Legacy

    Angela Merkel sold herself as a “centrist,” but it turns out that she paid more attention to the Communism she was indoctrinated with in East Germany back in the Cold War days. She also follows the Clinton-Obama pattern: whenever the herd is upset about something, do something that will be popular, even if it leads to ruin in the future.

  • Facebook Admits It Was Used to Incite Violence in Myanmar

    The persecution of should be dead after this, because the world is coming to see that social media is too huge to police and that it will be used for all sorts of purposes, including political ones, some of which involve violence. Free speech saves us from having to try to censor and catch everything; the “social media as publishers” standard created by Obama-era legislation forces us into ever-narrowing circles of what is acceptable, which snags people with opinions but fails to catch the true bad guys, who look for it and simply work around it with steganography or other methods.

  • Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change

    Following the Left-inspired gender-bending trend, the Boy Scouts decided to admit girls. This essentially abolishes the need for the Girl Scouts, so they are suing, which might actually allow them to survive.

  • United Nations removes submissions from int’l civil groups at China’s human rights review

    The UN decides not to include information from Hong Kong groups that might offend China, since apparently China has now bought or blackmailed every politician in the West.

  • Man accused of making explosives threat in Oklahoma City

    Iranian immigrant was apparently inspired by McVeigh, but had bad OpSec on his email chain. Like most of these lone wolf people, he is suicidal to a degree.

  • Mom asks little boy to leave public park because she wants girls-only playtime

    Equality means that whoever is the bigger victim gets everything and you get sent away because you are not enough of a victim. The accompanying photo shows exactly how most sane people feel about Leftism.

  • New Details: Child Porn Arrest of Former AR Political Party Spokesman

    “I’ve heard of White privilege but never Perv privilege,” said this former Democrat Party spokesperson, shortly before being arrested for distributing child pornography involving men and young boys.

  • “It’s okay to be white” flyers posted at Idaho university

    Watching the Leftist Establishment try to wrap their head around this form of passive protest against the civil rights demographic replacement agenda has become more than entertaining, but fascinating. They know they cannot punish these without looking like Communist totalitarianism, so instead they make increasingly dreary statements about how tragic it is that some people think this way. Conformity is encouraged, and dissent is punished, whenever the Crowd gets the upper hand.

  • Strange snafu misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom

    While America fights itself over diversity and socialism, China has quietly subverted every one of its institutions. This is what happens when you give proles the power through the vote. The lower is always more numerous than the higher, so any system that counts popularity rewards the bad and punishes the good. Our enemies are not so drugged on self-congratulatory altruism, and so they simply act in self-interest, which is to say that they want to conquer us and take our place at the top of the food chain.

  • British Watchdog Finds Cambridge Analytica and Brexit Financier Misused Private Data

    Leftists operate by finding something that everyone knows is bad and somehow tying it to their opposition. This “feels” fake, in that the links are shaky, and seems to be the latest Leftist attempt to derail Brexit.

  • New York Port Authority attack: Bomber found guilty

    Another lone wolf attack by a suicidal middle eastern dude in the USA. We are surviving only because of their incompetence; unlike the last gent, who emailed his sister in plaintext about his plan to murder hundreds, this guy made a barely functional pipe bomb and as a result, injured mostly himself.

  • ‘Breathing is killing me’: Locals protests outside Delhi’s Environment Ministry office against increasing pollution

    “Climate change” is a smokescreen designed to hide the third world generating most of the pollution and waste out there, and also the grim fact that the third world is the part of humanity breeding way beyond replacement rate, therefore there are going to be many more of them in the future generating even more pollution. These states are too corrupt to have environmental laws or even accountability.

  • Judge denies Abigail Hernandez request to remain in the U.S.

    Mexican illegal alien, brought to the US by her illegal alien parents, threatened to shoot up a high school and consequently is getting deported. Apparently, this triggers the Left.

  • Baltimore County Council passes resolution urging teen curfew at White Marsh Mall

    Diversity keeps killing people at a local mall, so the good suburbanites draft a resolution strongly encouraging that someone else do something else on their own dime.

  • San Francisco Approves Business Tax to Fund Homeless Services

    When anyone has something, the Left shows up to take it from them and give to those with nothing, even though the latter group have nothing because they are less capable. This steadily pumps wealth from where it can reward a society to where it gets wasted, even if Silicon Valley are not the best people in the world, and we all suffer as a result. All egalitarian systems work this way, such as democracy (take votes from the successful and give to the herd), feminism (take from males, give to females), socialism (take from producers, give to everyone), and legal equality (take from victims, give to criminals).

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