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  • Outrage after AfD scorn mixed-race girl playing ‘Christ Child’

    They are not wrong. Germans need to be ruled by the images of ethnic Germans, not foreigners. No matter how much time someone foreign in blood spends in Germany, they will never be a German. This is why back in the 1990s I opted, unlike many I know, to avoid moving back to any of the European nations that I could by blood call home. I am a Texan. I can LARP as a German, but it would be destructive to Germany, so if I care about Germany, I would not do that. It is even less possible for those of really foreign blood that is not even partially from Germany. The idea of the Enlightenment and Revolutions was class warfare, or “your genetics do not matter, you can be whoever you want to be.” But, really, your genetics are the first step in figuring out who you are, and once you are in the right place, you can find your level and niche. This means that German nativity plays need ethnic German actors.

  • Bodycam footage shows shocking moment a cop shoots dead a woman armed with scissors after she charged at him

    I support murder charges against this officer. He does not deserve that, but these incidents are now simply a racial headcount, so I want my tribe to get the same privilege as others, which is for his career to be destroyed and the local police department to pay out ten million dollars and impoverish all of the citizens on the hook for funding it through property taxes. Apparently, this is how we do things in America; if the races were reversed, we would have Black Lives Matter in the streets and fires in the trashcans. If that is our new definition of justice… I want it for my people, too.

  • India’s capital New Delhi restricts cars as resident choke on toxic smog

    This is your future. Smog never goes away; it simply becomes diluted. Back when we had a billion people, that was no problem, since there was much more fresh air than pollution. Now that green space has been crushed by the cities, we have no safety net to absorb our exhaust, and so it is choking us. Since we have no mechanism to restrict our population growth, this same problem will soon afflict humans everywhere. To make it better, we should avoid concentrating exhaust in cities and focus on limiting the amount of land we use so that our population limits itself. If we do not, nature will limit our population with fatal cancers.

  • The ‘mother of all bubbles’ could blow up the economy if profits don’t improve, warns Blackstone strategist

    The Left always desires to repeat the FDR playbook, which is similar to the Napoleon playbook. This means that they want the economy to crash, people to be dependent on government, government to spread more cash on the desperate population, and then, mass mobilization and centralization so that it can use the population as a human wave to conquer all other groups on Earth. They do it again and again. At this point, the biggest threat to our economy is the threatened impeachment of Trump, who has noted that if the Left succeeds, they will create a global recession. That does not bother them; like all merchants of death, they thrive when misery rules.

  • Trump impeachment: Nearly half of voters in favour of president’s removal from office, polls show

    The same was true during the Reagan years. Journalists called up their favorite five thousand day drinkers and asked them if they would prefer to remove the president or fight an apocalyptic world war. Most of them said yes, get rid of Reagan. The journalists ran back to their terminals and whack-whack-whack typed out screeds about how horrible Reagan was. Forty years later, we find out that he saved our bacon and all of these journalists and polls were wrong. These Leftists are merely outraged because their power is slipping, but Trump is the scapegoat; the Left and liberal democracy were in decline before he was even a candidate, and in fact were in decline back in the 1990s, but as with most things, gained the most power right before the fall. Think of the blazing setting sun before twilight and you have a good image of the Left at this time.

  • Utah elementary student wears Nazi costume in Halloween parade. The principal and teacher are now suspended.

    Wait, we cannot have ethnic costumes anymore, or excessively gendered ones, so who is left to poke fun at? It pretty much has to be the Nazis. While it was a tone deaf decision to allow the costume, it was not exactly illogical, nor was it a “hate crime” as the usual vengeful neurotics are screeching.

  • Pregnant Florida woman uses AR-15 to fend off burglars attacking her family

    This is why Americans love guns. A large country with abundant borders, no strong national ethnoculture, and an anarchic social order needs to have people who can defend themselves. Even more, we view it as a substitute for natural selection, in that the bad guys who break into houses eventually encounter an equal and opposite reaction that leaves them dead in a ditch covered with their own blood and emesis. Our strong religious tradition also sees this as a form of justice. At this point, white people need to make sure that every last one of us is armed to the teeth, driving away our own criminals and the continuing race war crime rising around us.

  • Sweden bomb attacks reach unprecedented level as gangs feud

    Cute, mentally controlling, deliberately innocuous, and arrogantly “woke” Nordic janteloven culture is — like all neuroses of intelligent people — so smugly annoying that people want to blow it up. For that reason, the diversity gang wars raging across Sweden tend to use bombs instead of guns and knives (although they use those too). Now suddenly this neutered, atomized, domesticated, infantilized, and credulous but well-meaning population finds itself in the midst of third world chaos. Not surprisingly, people are turning belatedly to the ascendant Swedish far-Right to fix these problems. Doing that will require extreme solutions, like deporting anyone who is not 100% ethnic Swedish, but that will do it. Are the voters steadfast enough to avoid getting whiny and having a tantrum when the necessary is done? The voters are too dense to realize that this is why you get guys like Hitler. The only people who can fix the problem are the ones willing to go full Stalin and have the secret police remove and murder the outsiders because this can happen covertly, where if it is done overtly, the usual neurotic self-conscious image manipulation of white people will come into play. A saner choice is to simply resolve to solve it and then allow the far-Right to ship all Other to their home continents, or five miles offshore in dinghies as necessary.

  • Anti-Semitic propaganda distributed on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall

    A group of men dressed as Hasidic Jews handed out white nationalist propaganda. This tells us that the Regime has become so ludicrous and lacks credibility so much that ordinary people have accepted white nationalism in their midst, and in fact are giving it nods of grudging approval, much like we do anytime someone whose ideas were totally demonized turns out to be mostly right. We cannot have it both ways: either all of those Germans went insane when they voted for Hitler, and therefore are not culpable, or they were not insane and simply chose the wrong method to implement a sensible program (nationalism). The same is happening now. Our goal on the Right needs to be to shape this movement away from hating minorities and toward wanting to exclude everyone but ourselves, for the simple reason of self-preservation and control of our own future. The enemies are diversity, liberal democracy, equality, socialism, and their ilk, not the symptoms of that decline. The goal, however, is more complex, and involves finding something worth living for and believing in, which includes not just civilization but our own selves and whatever gods we can find credible.

  • Permitless gun carry in Oklahoma takes effect

    As America balkanizes, people want the ability to carry guns in order to defend themselves. A well-armed society is a polite society, after all. The world is watching as democracy craters in the West, and humanity will soon have genetic memory of the horrors that democracy and diversity perpetrated. We can avoid much of that horror by simply ending our policies of democracy, equality, and diversity, but maybe we need to learn a lesson good and hard. It takes a tragedy for humans to learn anything.

  • China is reportedly sending men to sleep in the same beds as Uighur Muslim women while their husbands are in prison camps

    China still believes in assimilation and denies trace admixture. Even if you send Han Chinese to the beds of Uighur women to ensure that half-Chinese babies are born, the awareness of being different will remain with them, and the problems of diversity will persist. China has only one salvation here, just like the Nazis had one that they denied, and it is relocation. Uighurs belong in the middle east where the race-blind religion of Islam will accept them gladly.

  • Browns condemn Jermaine Whitehead Twitter rant containing death threat, racist language

    Again, normally I support free speech, but since it too has become an ethnic headcount, it is time for this guy to lose his job, family, fortune, and future. That is what democracy does to white people for un-PC statements, so it is time to spread the misery — sorry, I mean “responsibility” — to everyone else. Fire him or you’re Hitler and we’ll come for your job next.

  • White Supremacists Caught at Emmett Till Memorial Making Propaganda Film

    The League of the South visited the Emmett Till memorial and upset the normies. Emmett Till serves as an icon of civil rights, since he was a fourteen-year-old kid beaten to death for whistling at a white woman and possibly more stuff that he or others of his tribe had done preceding that. No one really knows. While killing teenagers seems foolish, so is making heroes of dubious people simply to advance the agenda of diversity. Here’s the tourist postcard:

  • California fires: Trump threatens to pull federal aid

    Do it. California brags about its wealth, then overbuilds and creates a situation ripe for disaster. Let them inherit the “responsibility” for their actions, and if it means that half of the state burns, then they will know where not to rebuild those homes. Maybe everyone can live a “green” lifestyle in hastily-constructed boxy apartment blocks like in the Soviet Union. Either way, California should not get away with being publicly neo-Communist and privately wanting the rest of us to subsidize them for their mistakes.

  • Romanians protest illegal logging, forest worker murders

    We are out of easy scores. We inherited a world full of great old-growth wood, but now we have cut most of that down, and people are looking for money by pirating historic forests which have great importance to the national spirit. The money is too good, since good conformist tools with solid jobs all of the world want their hardwood floors and solid wood beds. That means that humanity, like a plague of locusts, will consume any forest upon which it alights that is not violently and heavily defended by fully-armed men with death in their eyes.

  • UAW union president takes leave of absence as corruption probe expands

    Unions provide non-stop criminality, but we are in such a Left-leaning time that workers are sacred cows, and we do not dare insult the self-proclaimed (but well-paid!) “protectors” of the workers. They rob us blind, give money to the Left, and drive industry away from our shores. We can end this by ending the legal protection that unions enjoy. That way, striking workers are brought back into line with the market. If it is cheaper to train new labor to replace them, they will lose their jobs, and the entire nation will benefit from having manufacturing stay here instead of going to China, India, or wherever.

  • ‘Gay conversion therapy’ ban drafted in law in Germany

    Gay conversion therapy may be the stupidest idea ever created. If nature decides that something should not breed, then the last thing we want to do is force it into a normal heterosexual lifestyle and pass on those genes. Even more, we need to stop viewing people as ends-to-the-means of whatever our agenda is, even if well-intended. If someone is homosexual, that is a trait of their character, and we can do things like force them to keep that behavior quiet, but trying to change who they are is an abomination and cruelty.

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