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  • Woman found dead in Sacramento dumpster fire identified with DNA nearly 2 decades later

    Parabon provided police with a composite image of what the victim may have looked like at 25 years old using individual predictions of ancestry, eye and skin color, freckling and face shape based on the evidence collected in 2001.

    We live in such a Leftist propaganda blitz that most people do not know that genes code for all of the groups of traits we identify with races and ethnic groups. It surprises your average modern citizen that certain DNA areas code to specific traits, and that these can be observed, allowing scientists to construct a facial composite from DNA alone. This badly-burned carcass was originally misidentified as white, but DNA decoding visualized an African-American female with facial features matching the person to whom it was ultimately matched.

    This technique was first pioneered by Tony Frudakis, whose DNAPrint technology identifies ancestry, facial features, and skin and eye color and provoked fears of “racial profiling” after its first use in identifying the Baton Rouge serial rapist as 85% Black and not white.

  • Bloomberg: U.S. needs more immigrants

    Leftists support demand-side economics because they want to generate temporary economic value in order to redistribute it, which effectively lowers the value of the currency while raising prices and keeping the middle class suppressed so that Leftists can rule. Ironically, the same device that the middle classes used against the kings has been repurposed to defeat the middle classes, allowing the alliance of shopkeepers and proles to rule (incompetently). Trump, being more intelligent than Bloomberg, saw the utility in raising the value of America through stability; Bloomberg, who thinks in the short-term only, wants to trade on the existing value of America by importing more cheap labor so that government can appropriate in taxes the money previously paid in higher salaries. Leftists are driven by appearance and not long-term value, which is why they undertake these obvious schemes. The voters, who are accustomed at this point to being bribed, like to hear about how more immigrants means more money, but of late, this scheme has not been working so well. Bloomberg will move on to another scam like free healthcare, free college, or free housing.

  • Tunceli Municipality gives female employees menstrual leave

    Other than the insanity of women in the workforce in general, this seems like a sane idea.

  • European Parliament declares ‘climate emergency’ ahead of UN summit

    Governments are simply using this as an excuse for their continued power. They do not want unlimited power, only permanent employment for themselves and their retinue of bureaucrats, lawyers, consultants, and experts. To an outside observer, it would seem as if humanity had grown a tumor formed of these people. Government constantly needs a revolution to drive it after the initial revolution. For a long time it was civil rights, but that has faded, so now we have climate change. This will be used to force on us whatever is convenient for the tumor, namely a need for constantly-increasing taxes.

  • Vietnam jails three more activists in crackdown on Facebook posts

    What happens when people have “freedom”? They quickly want freedom from freedom… since any ideas which clash with their narrative as a group, which explains how what they are doing is better than all other options, create instability and divide the group. Unity has become the precious commodity that determines the success and failure of groups. This means that “freedom” in the sense of atomized individuals with opinions has died, and “freedom” meaning the ability of a group to set its own standards and impose those on others has risen. This is a natural consequence of diversity, which sets special interest groups — race, religion, single-issue voters, politics, class — at odds with all other special interest groups. The censorship has gone international because the internet is international, so Singapore can demand that Facebook censor a post made in Australia if Facebook wants to continue to be able to do business in Singapore. This kills the idea of a worldwide network. Having experienced global interaction, most people now want to flee from it as quickly as possible, back into their local worlds that make sense.

  • An estimated 1 in 4 children and young people have problematic smartphone usage

    We want to blame smartphones, but these are simply life substitutes. Why do people not want to go out into civilization? Maybe we have made it hateful and irritating. Perhaps diversity is permanently alienating. Some might say we have become so focused on “managing” others and forcing them to do the right thing as needed by the System and its Narrative that people have forgotten how to simply live. When facing an impossible disaster out there, it makes more sense to get on a digital gadget and filter out all the scary parts of the world, which seems to be why social media is popular. Why confront the mess, when you can simply select the parts that you want, and pretend that those are the whole?

  • Hungarian police find 2 tunnels used by migrants on border

    Immigration could be viewed as a business. People in the third world invest a few thousand on the chance to get to a place where, by law, they are then entitled to lots of free stuff and nice brain-dead white people finding them jobs, homes, and social interaction. Smugglers profit off of these people by finding ways to get them across the borders. Everyone makes money, and generation tomorrow has to pay for it, which has caused that group to realize that it will never have normal lives, which is why they are living in vans and selling junk on eBay in order to avoid trying to live a 1960s normal life which is not accessible to them.

  • Germany condemns Malaysian student who gave Nazi salute at graduation

    The Western world somewhat awakens from its stupor to find that not everyone on Earth agrees with its relatively narrow interpretation of history. How can we all get along? Only through strong separation, it turns out, and this requires us to abandon the idea of a universal morality and reason. That in turn debunks the idea of democracy. As time reveals these weaknesses in our theories, all of the theories begin to die.

  • India’s economic growth rate has halved in just three years

    The Obama years may have shown us “peak globalism.” Like most modern booms, it consisted of the discovery of an under-exploited resource; not burdened with first world society, third world labor was cheap. However, over time, the usual problems emerged. Unions appeared, then regulations, and finally high taxes. At that point, third world labor became less appealing. In fact, the only thing that kept it going was the aggregate of high taxes, unions, and regulations in the West. Consequently, the new gold rush consists of finding ways to make production work in the first world, and to localize it to minimize environmental impact, which requires getting rid of defective programs like the administrative state, entitlements, and diversity. China and India began their slowdown almost a decade ago, a short twenty years after the boom began in Chinese labor during the Clinton years (after, coincidentally perhaps, the Chinese funded Bill Clinton in his election bid).

  • It’s getting more expensive to eat, and economists are worried

    Blooming populations mean higher food costs, exacerbated by systemic crises, which threaten the food supply as small farmers are replaced by large conglomerates which are more interested in making cheap bulk food than traditional nourishing food. We have seen this before, but it is a new issue for the third world.

  • Government workers more likely to support socialism, repealing Second Amendment: Poll

    Not surprisingly, the bureaucrat class want more government and fewer ways to defend yourself against it. For them, life is careerism: society has wealth, and they want some of it, so they invent roles for themselves. They succeed best at this when they come up with a new revolution, like “civil rights” or “climate change,” which entitles them to take anything they want in order to solve a new false crisis.

  • Vancouver hikes empty homes tax by 25 per cent

    Somehow, government addresses problems only by passing more taxes and redistributing more wealth. We are supposed to cheer at the taking of money from rich investors to give to “affordable housing programs,” but no one mentions that two-thirds or more of that money goes to pay salaries and very little trickles down to the supposed recipients. In the meantime, the ranks of the bureaucrats swell, which means that next year a new source of money will be found. When the wealthy move on because higher costs have made the investment less desirable, that bill falls on the middle class voters, who find themselves in a perpetual state of asking, “But they said it was all free?” to an audience of no one.

  • French farmers clog highways to protest at “agri-bashing”

    All across Europe, farmers have become an endangered species. Not just in France, but Ireland and Germany. In its drive toward modernity, Europe has raised the cost of production, and this squeezes out the little guy who is then replaced by factory farms. However, those will occur in low-tax areas, not the high-tax misery zones of industrialized, liberal democratic Western Europe. Consequently, these farmers are doomed to be replaced by Argentinian, Malawian, Spanish, and Vietnamese farming conglomerates. Can we yet admit that the entitlements state is a death spiral, taxing until it raises costs and then having nothing to replace that productivity, just as happened in the Soviet Union?

  • Lawsuit against prominent white supremacists heads to trial

    The Left uses this strategy to great success. It finds a bunch of victims, hides their ill deeds, and then sues anyone who resisted. Clueless juries, awash with righteous indignation, hand down huge awards. This destroys the opposition. The Right might take a clue and do the same to Yvette Falarca and Eric Clanton, who were obviously acting in coordinated manner to hit seven people in the head with bike locks.

  • Woman jailed over extremist magazines on phone

    Our societies have become so unstable that we are busting people for having jihad propaganda or The Great Replacement on their cell phones. This means that the existing power system has made itself fragile and will soon be departing. It places all of its hopes in a single gambit, which is to frighten us into running back toward it, and for that reason, it encourages extremism so that it can justify greater censorship and control. This follows the playbook of the dying Roman Empire as well.

  • WA Indigenous group’s $290 billion compensation claim could become one of world’s biggest payouts

    Everywhere diversity exists, the shakedown continues. One wonders what happens when the money runs out. Then will we finally be free of guilt, or simply forced into formal slavery for the “misdeeds” of the past in response to the ravaging aggression of primitive societies? Most likely, the guilt never ends. The purported “victims” will simply consume the alleged “aggressors,” and then society will return to subsistence living in stupidity and ignorance, which serves nature well, since human technology and science have destroyed pretty much everything but endless human urban expansion.

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