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  • Australians cautioned after gay tourists convicted in Malaysia

    Not everyone wants to follow the West in its drive toward individualism. In particular, in places without the wealth to make expensive mistakes, strong social and religious conservatism has come back as a means of holding the place together while allowing it to grow. Later, when it has become successful, it can allow commerce, socializing, and then ideology to take it over because at that point, making other people like a citizen will be important so that he can sell them stuff. However, without that wealth cushion, society does not have the luxury of indulging in expensive advertising programs of egalitarian ideological origins.

  • Troy cancels Christmas parade after ‘love everybody’ float gets heated response

    Pushback intensifies the more the civil rights agenda advances everywhere. A Christmas parade float, featuring a homosexual pride flag as part but not all of its Bible-based message of acceptance, provoked enough ire that the entire parade was canceled. No, we cannot all “just get along.” We want different things, and we have good reasons for choosing not to accept the official orthodoxy on civil rights, sexual liberation, and big government.

  • UK inequality ‘among worst of developed countries’

    It turns out that when you decide to fight inequality by installing social entitlements programs, you raise the cost of everything and impoverish everyone except those with credentialed jobs in the cities (and a lucky few business owners). This means that your social spending now provides no advantages because the market sees it as the new zero, and therefore all gains from free stuff are eaten up by high costs and the poor remain poor while the successful get wealthier. The poor need cheaper living, not higher handouts.

  • Huge disruption in Berlin as thousands of farmers in tractors shut down streets

    Insane European governments raised costs to farmers through regulations, bureaucracy, taxes, and and now, restrictions on fertilizers and weed-killers. That causes these farmers to be unable to compete with foreign imports, which rapidly take over. If European farms are to survive, they need protection against cheap imports, but politicians love cheap imports because those allow for taxes to be raised to eat up the money saved by buying cheaper food. Europe finds itself at a decision point: in order to survive, it is going to have to abandon its entitlements system, which also subsidizes the lives of many useless people and attracts illegal immigration.

  • Influential neo-Nazi eats at soup kitchens, lives in government housing

    A profile on James Mason, who like most of us has made great sacrifices to be able to speak plainly about realistic topics instead of repeating the ideology of the herd in a slightly adulterated form like the other 99.9% of our modern writers. In the 1990s, this article would have been 90% invective, but today it is not. Things are changing, and faster and more subtly than most people realize.

  • Merkel vows to hit 2% NATO spending target ‘by early 2030s’

    NATO hovers on the brink of death only because Europe refuses to fund it adequately, since doing so would obstruct the cherished social entitlements programs (“cradle-to-grave benefits”) which are already nearly out of money as the Baby Boomers retire. When Trump demands that NATO pay its fair share, he is removing funding from the prime influence on Leftism in America, which is people emulating the residents of socialist hugboxes that have not fought a war in fifty years. With adequate military spending, away go the socialized medicine programs, welfare systems, government pensions, free public education, and other generous benefits paid to Europeans. With those gone, Leftism has less of a hold, and immigrants will find Europe less attractive.

  • Working-age Americans dying at higher rates, especially in economically hard-hit states

    Democracy kills people. Its expensive social programs drive up the cost of everything so that only those who work in the city shuffling paper have decent lives, and everyone else just tries to get by with less. This creates not just unhealthy lifestyles, but a certain type of despair. Living just to get on the treadmill just to live makes people miserable and hopeless. Sitting in offices all the time makes them bloated, which is why they have dieases like fatty liver which kill them off randomly and young.

  • Nigeria bill aims at punishing hate speech with death

    Objections to diversity threaten to upend our current political order, so politicians are focusing on ways to censor, deflect, and obscure any opinion other than that diversity is our strength. Nigeria takes this to its logical conclusion, which is the elimination of dissidents so that the remaining citizens will enthusiastically endorse diversity.

  • China now has more diplomatic posts than any other country

    History repeats itself. Asia wants, yet again, to invade the West. To this end it has created a new world order based on former colonial states forming an alliance and squeezing the first world out of power. The only victory comes in withdrawing from their order because it, like Genghis Khan’s empire, is an unstable house of cards. However, they have successfully subverted the West following the victory they had in the Clinton years. They convinced him, mostly by donating to his campaigns, to shift trade to China, knowing that cheap products would create an economic boom that transferred Americans into desk jobs and reduced our ability to manufacture, grow, or fix anything. This and the internet gave Clinton a booming economy, even if we paid for it a decade later, and China is hoping to replicate that model elsewhere. It allows them to have indirect power, weakens the host nation, and funnels money to China.

  • Georgia Clark, teacher who asked Trump to deport ‘illegal’ students, wins job back

    Suddenly people have rediscovered the First Amendment, mainly because they can no longer bully people into quitting when something un-PC is noticed to have been said. Rebuked, the bullies have to back down, but they will retaliate in the future by inventing some unrelated reason to remove this teacher and anyone who thinks like her. When honesty and fairness are replaced by ideology, abusing the system to remove dissidents seems like the right thing to do.

  • Corbyn reveals secret documents that ‘confirm Tory plot to sell off NHS in US trade talks with Trump’

    The US seeks to tear down regulatory barriers in the UK as part of a trade deal. That in turn would cause partial privatization of services like the medical sector, which is already having so many problems that the UK government wishes to find a delicate way to end it.

  • New revelations put Trump on shakier ground

    The talking heads send a new program for the NPCs to download with the agenda of removing the president.

    Election recount
    Porn star payoff
    Mental health
    Quid pro Quo

    UPDATE PROGRAM: Impoundment Control Act.

    They will now repeat this ad infinitum, but they are caught in a few logical traps:

    1. Trump has an obligation to make sure he does not disburse any aid to corrupt states. The procedure there is to withhold the aid and then get an opinion from Congress, but first he can bring up the conditions under which he will not do this by temporarily withholding the aid. This is part of his job and duty to the American people.
    2. Burisma is now getting investigated. This serves the goal of cleaning up the states to whom we are giving money. In addition, the revelations of how Burisma operated will now in theory come out, which means that Trump successfully cleaned up corruption with a simple negotiation.
    3. Hunter Biden was not on the board of Burisma in the time frame that was being investigated, so there was never an improper use of political influence by the Americans.

    As the Left adjusts to those, they are going to move on to a new excuse for removing Trump. They did the same thing with Reagan, but back then were not focused on impeachment so much as creating a large base of people who opposed him. When some clever Leftist invents a new reason, the talking heads will sent it out, the NPCs will update their code, and the process will repeat.

  • Relocated BLM staff face salary cuts

    Our government pays its bureaucrats an extra 30% if they live in Washington, D.C. Under the Trump administration, many of these offices are moving to other parts of the country, and that extra pay is going away. One wonders how many people will stay in the employ of government for lower wages and less dramatic locales.

  • A Russian troll farm may not have been very good at its job

    The Russian propagandists who sent out fake information on social media did not manage to convince much of anyone. Another false narrative bites the dust. Election interference proves to be powerful only to the degree that it succeeds, and most likely, these Russian bots were talking to other bots or people who had already made up their minds and were simply circulating material that they and their friends lists already agreed with. In the meantime, Leftist systematic abuse of absentee ballots seem not to appear in the media very often.

  • Pakistan summons Norway’s ambassador over burning of Quran

    Muslims worldwide cheer for a Pakistani youth who attacked a Norwegian man who was burning a copy of the Quran. Those dreams of assimilation have died in the face of the necessary tribalism of humanity. If you do not have a tribe, you are a nobody, and diversity makes this process even more furious.

  • Students say it’s NOT okay to celebrate Thanksgiving

    Students, heavily steeped in Leftism, believe that most American holidays are rooted in “oppression,” forgetting how much oppression was overcome in order to achieve these holidays. It seems like letting the 1968 radicals reshape our educational system was a dire mistake because the kids coming out of it sound more like the Politburo than free thinking inquiring minds. As always, Leftism is a virus, and it grows wherever it can find miserable and under-confident people to dominate.

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