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  • Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds

    What killed the impeachment? It was a witch-hunt, a thesis in search of data instead of data in search for a thesis; it followed the emoluments drama, RussiaGate, questions about sanity, and other distractions. But really, it died hard when it became clear that Trump had in fact smoked out some corruption.

  • Corporate Executives Try to Assess Potential Impact of Tax Change Proposals

    Worldwide, liberal democracy is broke. It pretended it was not, but it was relying on the huge wealth bloom from the baby boom, consumerism, and Big Tech. Now all three of those are winding down, and so governments are scrambling to introduce new taxes, even while knowing that this will create a Soviet-style economy where money moves in a circular motion but does not generate new wealth, so eventually the system grinds to a halt not unlike heat-death.

  • Donald Trump Jr makes ‘ignorant’ joke about people with HIV

    Trump Jr points out the obvious: no one wants AIDS, just like no parent wants a transsexual or homosexual child (or, for that matter, racially- or ethnically-mixed grandchildren). Somehow, this offends the egalitarians, whose real goal is for society to legitimize all of their bad decisions without downranking them for moral and mental incompetence. Equality is a cover story for bad behavior and nothing more.

  • Labour has let poison of antisemitism take root, says chief rabbi

    Jews, despite having invented symbolic religion, do not understand ideology. Ideology means “this idea above all else” and effectively means “this idea replacing all else.” In that mindset, everything is a means to that end, so Leftists are going to use Jews and then lose them as soon as they have a replacement. With the rise of diversity, Jews and Blacks are no longer the token diversity used to argue for civil rights, a.k.a. state-enforced egalitarianism. We have transsexuals, Hispanics, Muslims, Orientals, and even retards now. All of them need rights, and more rights than Jews, who are doing just fine with a high average IQ and above-average wealth. When the Left sees that, they consider Jews just another elite, because Leftism is based in class war in order to achieve equality by removing those who know better and will observe the doings of the proles with disgust.

  • Jared Kushner’s new assignment: Overseeing the construction of Trump’s border wall

    Trump carefully sets up people to test them. With Kushner, he has an ethnic minority supervising the building of a wall. Kushner is also an insider who spans many social groups. He will either achieve this wall, force the opposition to reveal their actual reasons for opposing it, or fail and give Trump license to use more extreme methods. This is a cagey political move on Trump’s part.

  • Silicon Valley Adjusts to New Reality as $100 Billion Evaporates

    As pointed out here for some time now, Dot-Com Bust 3.0 is well underway. These services are built on falsely inflated usage statistics, advertising to a small group of under-$40k/yr households, and a perception of novelty kept afloat by the media. Their vanishing is going to produce a huge void in our economy, and Trump is racing to get ahead of that by making us self-sufficient, stimulating the economy with the transition to local production. For all dot-com statistics, divide by a thousand; after all, MySpace was valued at $12 billion but liquidated at $35 million.

  • Bill Cosby Speaks from Prison

    Bill Cosby got railroaded. American justice is going to have to adapt to the reality that a dozen people may speak a lie simply to get a group profit. We need evidence for trials. He was railroaded because he spoke conservative truths to the Black community and offended the Leftists, who were afraid that their pets might escape the plantation.

  • Newborn baby offered for sale in a Miami Craigslist ad. The state is investigating

    Third world ethics come to the USA. Ethics reflect inner orientation, which in turn reflects genetics. No matter how much you “assimilate” them, third world people do third world things, and it is bigoted of us to demand they follow our rules, but fair of us to apply benevolent xenophobia and the Iron Rule (“all things — people, groups, ideas, systems — act only in their own self-interest alone”) and send these people Back Home.

  • Birmingham anti-LGBT school protests: judge makes ban permanent

    Diversity means totalitarianism. Different groups have different needs and directions, and these clash, to which the system responds by enforcing a false universal average of behavior. This requires the suppressing of speech and protest as is happening in the UK as mostly Muslim parents complain about mandatory LGBT+ lessons in public schools.

  • Going to Court Without a Lawyer Is New Normal for U.S. Litigants

    The Left and bureaucrats both love legal solutions. In our bloated system, this means it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just to fight off attempts to take your stuff. The lawyers defend this, of course, since they want the money, but it means that everyday people suffer while lawyers get paid well to do mind-numbingly boring tasks. None of this ends well. We need legal justice reform, starting with trials limited to two weeks thirty days after the case is filed.

  • German minister and US envoy clash over Huawei’s possible participation in Germany’s 5G network

    Europe is going to have to choose: USA or Russia-China. Will it side with the Asiatic third world, or the rest of the first world? So far, Europe wants to play it safe and side with Russia-China because Chinese buyers are the ones paying high prices for European luxury goods, and Europe produces very little else of value. Europe went socialist in the 1800s; not surprisingly, results are bad, but it took centuries to see this.

  • Lawsuit: Police fined man for tree removal, then alerted ICE

    Our legal system is so mentally deranged that it wants to make it a liability to notify ICE that someone breaking the law is also an illegal alien. This case will be crucial. If law enforcement can legally notify ICE, they are going to do so, since their job is to remove threats to society and people who already broke one law are much more likely to break others. If they cannot, then American law enforcement becomes forced to administer Leftist immigration policy, and makes itself a target as a result.

  • ‘Thanksgiving Four’ say Google is punishing them

    It turns out that Google, who quietly deleted their “don’t be evil” corporate motto some years ago, has secrets to hide and is finding out that its new “woke” workforce are studied grifters. Maybe it will do what it should have done years ago and reduce itself to a tenth of its size, since its technologies are basically mature and most of its research leads nowhere except to another failed social network.

  • Chinese spies spook democracies from Europe to Australia

    If this is not a new Cold War, it sure behaves like one. The Chinese have infiltrated every major industry and each government, using their money and their presence among our diversity to do it. This will help formalize the death of diversity, since just as with 9/11, we have found out that we have enemies walking among us, and this time we cannot rely on the Patriot Act to catch the bad guys so that we can keep believing that diversity will work someday.

  • New home sales slipped 0.7% in October but remain solid

    In the meantime, the dying West is financing itself by selling itself. However, as the Chinese economy breaks down because the USA cut off the free flow of money, this investment is falling. Now we will have to find some other way to live besides hiring Mexicans to build low-quality homes to sell at high prices because of their zip code which makes them “good investments” to house flippers and foreigners.

  • Victoria’s Secret 2019 fashion show officially cancelled

    Back when we had one ethnic group and therefore one big audience, it was easy to sell products. You marketed toward those tastes and behaviors. Now that there is no single group, the different special interest groups in diversity are rushing toward niche products. This crushes companies that make their money by selling broadly, such as Victoria’s Secret which has addressed allegations of racism, sizeism, and discrimination against transsexuals by broadly embracing those groups, marking itself as a niche and driving away the mainstream middle class. Consumerism died through diversity. We will have to find a new way, or soon we will not have many of the products that made ordinary life comfortable for the average citizen.

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