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  • What Bad News? Investors Keep Stocks Rising

    It turns out that in humanityland, the experts, pundits, and professionals are often wrong because they are expert in manipulating the system as it was in the past, but have no connection to the underlying theory of how it actually works, only a knowledge of the patterns that they recognize. This parallels the problem of students after education, who know what was in the textbook but cannot function in unrecognized circumstances. At the root of economics is psychology, and at the root of psychology is a drive toward adaptation and mastery, which means that people act in their interests as they can perceive them. They have greater faith in a stable, consistent order that may be outside the bounds of what has worked in the near-past (last century) than they do in an inconsistent order which requires constant monitoring to apply value. Trumpism offers strong leadership and a clear goal, so the market is willing to overlook hiccups and glitches and keep heading toward its own goal, which is capturing the rise in value bestowed by stability and consistency. In the meantime, those who pursue inconsistent systems find themselves getting slaughtered, like Saudi Arabia going broke paying for entitlements. This sets up a model for the twenty-first century: strong, consistent power based on productivity and increasing value through stability works; inconsistent power based on manipulating currency value and demand-based valuation, which makes it inconsistent and thus unstable, rockets you back into twentieth-century badness.

  • Photographer who links US civil rights movement to Berlin Wall

    In an inverted time, you can find the truth everywhere, but stated in an exact opposite to the actuality, along the lines of the “the Leftist cries out as he strikes you.” The pain is there; the question remains who is suffering. In this story, the BBC misses the irony that both the civil rights movement in the US and the Berlin Wall addressed a single question, which is the unity of an ethnic population. In a sane world, all Germans are united, and all Americans — ethnic Western Europeans, pioneer division West — are united, which requires sending away all other ethnic groups like Russians, African-Americans, and in fact anyone else who is not of the ethnic founding majority in both areas. However, the BBC wants to use these tragedies to argue for open borders everywhere and “human rights” that trump culture, heritage, history, purpose, values, and hierarchy.

  • Jerusalem to host largest-ever event on anti-Semitism; Putin, Macron to attend

    This event will be a giant waste of time. Anti-Semitism appears only where diversity exists. With Jews safely in Israel, which is thriving because it has focused on productivity instead of currency manipulation, there will be no anti-Semitism. If the diaspora continues, expect continued anti-Semitism. Jews have been supporting Leftism for a century because they fear the anti-Semitism of nationalists and monarchists, but in fact, the actual cause of anti-Semitism is that no two groups can occupy the same space.

  • Man wearing Islamic dress tells British Asian Tory campaigner to ‘go back to a white f***ing country’ and calls him ‘sick in the head’ for voting Conservative as he campaigns in east London

    Diversity cannot work; different groups have different goals. The ethnic British want their Britain, and the immigrants want a country build for them, ruled by them, administered by them, and heading toward their own ethnic success, which requires them to displace the ethnic British former majority. Diversity has died because it is death itself.

  • Mayor in Germany’s east steps down after far-right threats

    Politician flutters her hen wings and wails about a threat to democracy, not realizing that she is seeing democracy in action. When a politician does something insane, you must remove them, by any means necessary. That is what having power in the hands of the people means. Elections are designed to slow this down, but the Left end-ran around those by having public protests. Now the counter-reaction begins. If protests and drama — basically extortion using the threat of total disruption of social order and day-to-day business — work and are legitimate, so is bullying the people placed into office by those methods until they leave office. In the meantime, cue outrage… well, there’s a lot less of that these days. It seems that people believe that the Left must encounter the old saying, “turnabout is fair play.”

  • Lawsuit could purge 234,000 names from Wisconsin voter rolls

    Leftists like to keep multiple name/address pairs for voters on the rolls so that Leftists can inflate the vote with absentee ballots. Somehow, means to counteract this provoke their ire, since it makes voting more difficult, in theory. This misses the point that the vote needs to be legitimate, and makes us wonder why the Left wants it to be illegitimate. Oh wait! They have been shoehorning candidates into office using absentee ballots for decades.

  • Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere reaches record high, researchers say

    Replace this headline with “urbanization and concrete surface deployment reach record high” and you will see where our ecocide is heading. Humans will take up all the land, and nature will die off, at which point everyone will clap and proclaim a victory for democracy over the forces of Natural Selection. The temperature will keep fluctuating no matter what they do, mainly because it has been made unstable by the large reflective slabs of concrete we have created in our cities, and then Nature will throw up her hands, summon a flu pandemic, and shuttle us into an ice age so that we finally reduce to an appropriate number of humans (a few million good ones would do).

  • Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee unveils plan to save the internet

    The Contract for the Web introduces the notion that everyone should have internet access, content should not go away, and privacy should be protected. This is a good first step; the next step will be to abolish hate crime laws and recognize that monopolies are inherently threatening. Ironically, he seems to be following the general ideas laid out in our article on the web as public private spaces, namely that we cannot treat network citizenship as ownership, but shared ownership, and this requires open communications, or those which if put into the right form (not spam or angry incoherent insults) are acceptable no matter what their content. We want a web where we can say that diversity does not work, Apple products turn you gay, and organized religion is a con job in addition to posting cat and meal pictures.

  • General election 2019: Labour vows to cap rent rises for private tenants

    Leftists keep pushing old, dead ideas. Rent control failed because it is unrealistic. It denies the rise in market value that is the cause of rising rents, which itself is an effect of that cause alone, and by making properties unprofitable, turns landlords into slumlords. If rent becomes too expensive, convert some of those diversity centers and diversity museums into 100-story high-rises and sell cheap condominiums in those. You could also limit overpopulation and cut entitlements, causing people to become more useful instead of slobbish bodies that need storage in tenements between riots.

  • Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm

    Arrest-by-algorithm gets a bad rap, but if we ran a computer search in the West that identified people who did negative things (porn, drugs, lawyers) and also contributed little of a positive even if unpaid nature, we could thin out the degenerates and leave a group of mostly good people. Criminals could no longer hide in the social chaos, and the type of behavior which adapts to sane reality could shine. I detail this in the second book, written in 2016 and being edited for publication (slowly) now.

  • Evo Morales: ‘civil conflict’ risk if I stand in next elections

    Indigenous candidate took over and ran his government for his people, namely as a jobs program for the indigenous that denied the need of Bolivia to have a functional government, much like minority mayors in minority-majority cities in the USA. Diversity always does this, and it ensures that constant chaos and corruption become the norm. The only solution is to do what Bolivia did, which is to eject the diversity from power and eventually, eject them entirely.

  • Hong Kong District Council election: Pro-democracy candidate complains problematic ballots were accepted as valid

    Everywhere we look, election fraud is being discovered not just as an ongoing event, but possibly as the norm, leading us to wonder if democracy was ever legitimate and of course, whether it is a good idea at all. Answer from history: no, democracy is a path to suicide. Avoid!

  • Armenians were ‘nomads’ and ‘immigrants’ before statehood in 1991: Erdogan

    The point of this statement is to deny that diversity belongs within his civilization; if the offending group were “nomads” and “immigrants,” they have no permanent claim, and need to be relocated. Worldwide, the backlash against diversity rises as nations seek stability instead of universalist ideological symbolic perfection in the Utopian model.

  • German Holocaust victims’ group loses charity status

    It turns out that Holocaust victims groups had tied to organized Left-wing politics, which made them an attempt to sneak past laws regulating political organizations. In an even larger sense, it made them frauds, and is causing others to see the Holocaust™ narrative as being more wartime propaganda than absolute truth. Insisting on diversity simply guarantees future holocausts; ending diversity now will allow us to avoid them.

  • Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government

    To no one’s surprise except that of the majority of voters, China has deeply infiltrated Western organizations and has been influencing elections for a long time. This somehow shocks people, who have been so lost in the cloud of wanting ideological perfection that they ignored the historically-proven facts of interaction between groups, starting with the Iron Rule: all things — people, groups, systems, ideas — act in their own self-interest alone. You cannot trust China to respect our moronic elections any more than you can trust the local dope peddler to avoid raising his prices when the market supports it. We made ourselves weak, and those who did not share our sickness took advantage of this. That fact surprises only those who still have the virus of the democratic ideal — individualism, collectivism, utilitarianism, pluralism — embedded in their brains. Everyone else is nodding and chuckling, saying, “I told you so, but you wouldn’t listen.”

  • Texas teacher faces backlash for telling student to ‘speak English’

    In the old days, to be “racist” you had to join the Klan or the Nazi party. Now, you simply have to ask that we all speak the same language instead of becoming Mexico, especially since worldwide Mexico is a punchline for its high corruption, violence, diarrhea, siestas, and other artifacts of dysfunction. By demanding they speak Spanish, these teachers and students are affirming that these people will always be Mexicans, no matter where they are, and they want to retain their identity, which means that they will clash with both the majority and other minority groups. The only sane solution is to disregard birthright citizenship as the misreading of law that it is, and deport everyone of Hispanic heritage back to Mexico.

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