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Periscope (November 25, 2018)

  • Paris protest: ‘People are in the red. They can’t afford to eat’

    As Leftism spirals down into ruin, we will see more of this: in order to keep the free stuff state going, people and companies need to be taxed and regulated, which introduces greater cost at every level. If your food, for example, goes through several economic processes to get to you, at each one of those, a cost is imposed. This means that people earn less and pay more. All Leftist societies follow this path because egalitarianism commands wealth transfer, or taking from those with more than a minimum and giving to those below a minimum. It removes the ability to focus on purposeful activity and make choices while draining wealth through a “death of a thousand cuts.”

  • Swiss reject proposal to put domestic law above international rules

    The Right wanted to establish sovereignty first, but that was too scary for the voters, who have the herd mentality that if you do what everyone else is doing you face the least risk.

  • Harvard student makes history as 1st DACA recipient to be awarded Rhodes Scholarship

    Korean gent, who is entirely like the vast majority of DACA recipients, wins a Rhode Scholarship, which seems to be a politically-correct exercise because “half of the winners are immigrants themselves or first-generation Americans” according to the organizer. The Left will use this to argue that all DACA kids are high-IQ future academics, when the reality is that very few of them are.

  • Taiwanese reject legalizing same-sex unions in referendum

    Gay marriage is popular only among those who are already Leftist. It advances the idea of equality by removing social standards. When you ask people on a realistic basis about what should be done, they quickly find out that gay marriage is useless; it is just a media trend created so that Leftists can become more powerful.

  • Dark Horse Brewing Co. fires dishwasher over ‘intolerant’ post

    Lots of social status signaling over being obedient to Regime dogma. One wonders: if it is really so evident that the Regime is correct, why do we need constant reminders that our lives will be destroyed if we transgress? Outing the employee in a news article is tantamount to destroying his future through Google.

  • Iran’s leader calls on Muslims to unite against US, refers to Israel as ‘cancerous tumor’

    Sounds bad, but it is what they have been doing for the last fifty years. This seems to be offered by way of contrast to the situation in Saudi Arabia which has promoted coexistence for several decades. If we break out the numbers, I bet we find that radical Islamism becomes popular whenever economic times are hard, mainly because it unifies the population and bleeds off some extra young men.

  • EU leaders agree UK’s Brexit deal at Brussels summit

    This is exciting, but it depends on what is in the “deal.” In theory, the UK could simply leave and then renegotiate contracts with other nations… but since those are in the EU, they are forced to follow EU law. It’s like a union: the power of collective punishment and shutting down business allows it to engage in endless graft.

  • Right-wing trolls report online sex workers to tax authorities in #ThotAudit

    Morons are making millions selling soft sex on the internet. If we have to pay, they have to pay, and this eliminates one benefit of “that hoe over there” (T.H.O.T.) behavior.

  • School district says free-speech protects those in photo of apparent Nazi salute

    This is why the Left wants free speech gone: it includes the ability to dissent from the Leftist Regime, and it might induce others to follow, especially if it is hilarious like bombing a yearbook photo.

  • How classical architecture became a weapon for the far right

    That dastardly far-Right, always pointing out that Rome 2.0 is in freefall and we are living as mediocrities not champions.

  • Why the announcement of a looming white minority makes demographers nervous (non-paywall)

    Study finds that “white Americans who were randomly assigned to read about the racial shift were more likely to report negative feelings toward racial minorities than those who were not. They were also more likely to support restrictive immigration policies and to say that whites would likely lose status and face discrimination in the future.” Obviously, this is correct. Even the sleeping voter awakens sometimes.

  • Meghan’s community kitchen housed in mosque ‘linked to 19 jihadists’

    To successfully social status signal, you have to be against everything that is in power and in favor of the idea that everyone is good, and you do this through egalitarianism, namely punishing the successful in order to subsidize the unsuccessful. One way to do that is to give positive attention to people that you know are murderers, simply because it makes you look more fearless and revolutionary. In the meantime, the mulatto Markle sees her role as tearing down white Englishness so that people like her can be fully accepted.

  • Trump accuses Mexico, Central America of trying to ‘dump’ their unwanted in U.S.

    He’s not wrong. They are overpopulated, especially with sub-95 IQ indios.

  • Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: Why I Voted For Brexit

    He points out that Brexit came about because many nations find that “their needs — their democractic needs — are not being addressed by Brussels” and that the exit will “enable us to be more flexible” through trading with the whole world instead of focusing on Europe. More for the “all metal bands are unknowingly crypto conservatives” theory.

  • Minnesota Needs To Get a Handle on Rising Property Taxes (non-paywall)

    One of the “shadow stories” rising in American news is how taxes were covertly raised by bankrupt localities, cities, and states. Why are they bankrupt? A big part of it is education, another huge chunk goes to pensions, and a lot gets frittered away by many duplicative layers of government. The citizens pay through a yearly property tax that effectively punishes people for owning valuable homes, leading to a future of cheaper, smaller homes.

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