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Periscope (November 23, 2018)

  • Trump keeps up Roberts dispute: 9th Circuit ‘a complete & total disaster’

    Trump mentions the obvious: people act according to who they are and what benefits their group. This can be race, religion, ethnicity, class, or even political alignment. It is ridiculous to think otherwise, but the Leftist media wishes to conceal this fact so that people can keep relying on “muh Constitution” to somehow even out the differences in motivation between people. It cannot; each group acts only in its own self-interest alone.

  • Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories

    “Conspiracy theory” forms a nice broad category for any notion of history that does not support the official narrative. That includes really loony stuff like the Flat Earth movement, and also inconvenient facts such as that our leaders want to replace us with compliant third world people who will always vote Leftist and against the majority. Slowly humans are coming to understand that powerful people always want centralized control and they are happy to cast aside market and democratic mechanisms in order to have it: “The New Deal was a central planning program that privileged large corporations and unions at the expense of market competition — an arrangement that was fundamentally antithetical to Hazlitt’s beliefs.”

  • UN condemns Italy’s ‘unashamed racism and xenophobia’ in human rights statement

    This “but the migrants will suffer” rhetoric extends from egalitarianism itself: all people must be equal so that none suffer for their poor choices. The UN, like other egalitarian organizations, arises from a desire to achieve worldwide consensus, which makes people feel safe in their individualism because when the crowd is united, no one can criticize individuals for their poor decisions unless those involve attacking the crowd, which is easy to avoid attacking. Selfishness in groups forms collectives, and the UN — like unions, gangs, cults, mobs, and syndicates — exists to defend the selfishness of individuals through herd behavior and retaliation against those who object to the soft parasitism of including everyone instead of allowing the excellent to rise.

  • Tolkien, Lewis, and the Lessons of World War I

    The war to “make the world safe for democracy” broke the spirit of Europeans because it showed us that we had lost our way and had no idea how to get back to sanity. Tolkien and Lewis wrote books about the need to reject modern methods and instead focus on the battle for the soul against the dominance of methods, culminating in the restoration of hierarchy through the return of kings to the throne. Modernity, based in egalitarianism, denies the soul because all people must be equal, and if we are battling to deny hubris and become morally alert to our own place in a hierarchy, equality is destroyed. To escape modernity, we must escape the notion of equality and the “systems” it brings about, and instead of focusing on methods, look toward results and the inner motivations that create them.

  • Steve Bannon: I want to drive a stake through the Brussels vampire

    People are discovering that Leftism and the bureaucratic administrative-managerial governments that it requires are nothing but parasitism. We do not need governments, but the production of quality individuals who are focused on great achievement, and to get to that point, we have to push aside bureaucracy and its equality agenda.

  • Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists

    And the Left blinks. The civil rights and diversity agenda has powered the Left since WW2 because it offers them a moral absolute that they can use to shut down anything the Right does. If the Right proposes an idea, the Left finds one minority person who is badly affected, and uses that to claim that the idea “promotes inequality” and therefore not only is bad, but illegal and contrary to our founding myths in the Declaration of Independence and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. With the rise of populism, the Right has pushed back against diversity and civil rights, intuiting correctly that this is “demographic replacement” not pluralism, coexistence, tolerance, and whatever else has been used to market these ideas. Clinton, responding both to the unpopularity of diversity and minorities not voting for white Leftists like herself, calls for us to put the brakes on diversity through immigration… for now. Her ideal would be just enough minority and mixed-race voters to swing elections to the Left, but not to steal them for minority candidates.

  • Amazon workers strike in Germany, Spain on Black Friday

    Unions are parasites. They operate by extortion and, not surprisingly, ruin whole industries. It takes a few decades for this to manifest, so the workers and voters are slow in connecting all that free stuff with the union for the factories moving away almost a generation later. If workers cannot increase their own value by productivity, then their strikes and threats merely pass on costs to the rest of society, not to mention the fact that they achieve “collective reward” such that the incompetents get higher salaries along with the good. Not surprisingly, unions cluster with Left-wing politics, especially the socialists from whom they derive their ideas. Black Friday, on the other hand, may be a surprisingly useful way to sell a lot of product with minimal waste instead of having people driving around constantly looking for “good deals.”

  • Kyrie Irving Says He ‘Meant No Disrespect’ With Thanksgiving Comment

    In public, the diversity says the right things and makes the correct noises. In private, they admit their actual agenda: they hate your holidays, values, laws, traditions, and ideals. As soon as they are a majority, they will destroy and replace them.

  • ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Viewers Upset by “Racist” Scene

    Cries of “racism” prove to be simply opportunism: it enables minority groups to raise their own power level while decreasing that of the majority. This mirrors the nature of the perception of “racism” itself, which is that if some groups are not thriving, it must be the fault of those who are thriving, even if the non-thriving groups are using terrible methods and refuse to emulate the methods of the thriving groups.

  • Trump’s new plan would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as cases are processed

    Raise costs, reduce rewards. Migrants no longer can simply show up and then make their welfare our problem. If these migrants hope to use a spectacle to force us to accept them, Trump will simply close the border until the problem goes away. Either way, the easy days of immigration to America are over.

  • Shocking moment a [Jewish] passenger called for all Jews to ‘raise their hands’ as he went on an ‘anti-Semitic tirade’ during flight from DC to Atlanta for Thanksgiving

    Without diversity, none of these problems — or the fears of minority groups — exist. In other news, another Jewish American has been arrested for a campaign of bomb threats against Jewish institutions. Fear of attacks by the majority and self-hatred as a result of minority status both accelerate these pathologies.

  • China’s Orwellian Social Credit Score Isn’t Real

    Despite our media foaming over this one, it is similar to what companies and governments already do: track your past behavior and make a risk assessment based upon this. Their system follows the design of ours, which is probably why people find it so alien, having accepted ours in bits and pieces over the years, but when they see it implemented as a whole, balk. In a diverse society, however, no cultural standard exists and so behavior varies widely, which means that for any individual or business, filtering out the bad people takes top priority.

  • Israel admits it sank Lebanese refugee boat in 1982 war error, killing 25

    As it gets ready for the transition to full nationalism, Israel is “cleaning up” the historical record by admitting to screwups which were frequent during the early days. Most importantly, this type of confusion explains how incidents like the U.S.S. Liberty attack occurred, namely the usual disorganization, confusion, and ambition that hamper military forces worldwide. One of the big problems with launching a new state like Israel is that one relies on fanatics at first to make everything happen, and that in the early days, one must then work with what one has instead of being fully professional. Now that Israel has had several generations of native-born, its identity takes a more solid form, and it relies more on professional soldiers, and so such events are rarer.

  • New fortified security measures at Berlin Christmas market

    Diversity is our strength… if by “strength” you mean that every public area must now be fortified and patrolled by military police in order to prevent ethnic crime, race riots, “hate crimes,” and terrorism.

  • Haiti rocked by angry protests after officials accused of stealing nearly $2 billion in foreign aid

    Haiti celebrates its 125th year of independence from France as protests rock the nation upon the revelation that, yet again, the perpetually corrupt inhabitants of government stole everything and left the people in their normal state of third world poverty.

  • Can ‘voluntary colonialism’ stop migration from Africa to Europe?

    The human problem: a few do well, and everyone else does poorly. What to do? We can either reward those who do well, and encourage the others to emulate them, or try to spread the wealth so that everyone does adequately. The former develops our abilities and wisdom, while the latter provides greater social stability. One form of redistribution is immigration, or people moving from less successful places to successful places, instead of changing their homelands to be like the successful places. This will in time result in a world of unsuccessful places. To counter this, some in Europe have proposed corporate colonialism where European companies will long-term lease huge tracts in Africa, make them prosperous, and by doing so, dissuade the immigration that is now swamping Europe. This, too, will fail, first because it is drastically not politically correct, and second because demand in the third world is infinite. Europe will have to take a hard line or it will drown.

  • Olivia Hooker, one of the last survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, dies at 103

    America possesses a long history of many exciting race riots. Almost all of them occurred after a touchstone event unrelated to the underlying tensions created by diversity, namely who controls which territory and how values and social behavior are defined. If we want another few centuries of race riots, we can continue with diversity.

  • Stacey Abrams’s contemptible non-concession.

    Voters were not purged, but the minority candidate claims that they were. This use of guilt is intended to force the majority to, because it is crippled by egalitarian philosophies, apologize and give the minority candidate what it wants. If that succeeds, the minority candidates of the future will use it to win every election. There is no escape from this cycle.

  • Economic and Social Costs of Legalized Marijuana

    It turns out that, despite hippies promising us great tax revenues, marijuana legalization actually costs about $4.50 for each dollar of revenue that it brings in. Our ancestors made weed illegal for several reasons, none of which were related to race. First and foremost, criminals love weed because its longer duration of psychological effects does not impede those who do not have to face the public at jobs. Second, weed changes thinking in ways that alcohol does not, and over time leads to licentious behavior arising from an ethic of convenience. Finally, psychoactive drugs in incompetent hands lead to a substitute for religious experience and the pursuit of meaning. The stereotype of the stoner — lazy, unmotivated, disorganized, wasteful, and unclean — exists for a reason. The Left wants legal weed because disorganized people lean toward adoration of paternalistic government. They sell legal weed to classical liberals and other easily-deceived bourgeois consumers by promising that it will bring in new tax revenue for schools and other programs that voters adore because voting for those makes them feel like they are altruistic egalitarians finding meaning through helping others. In reality, that tax revenue is swallowed up by the higher costs of dealing with stoners.

  • Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag

    Constant distraction by screens provides a substitute for life, much like drugs or Leftist ideology. The internet reveals humanity as a whole, instead of separating out people by socio-economic class and values system. This means that internet use will be devastating to children, but as usual, our proles want their entertainment and our elites are content to sacrifice them.

  • Surprising elephant-sized mammal cousin lived alongside dinosaurs

    Every few years, we have to entirely re-write the history of evolution because of a new discovery. One wonders what awaits in the human sphere, especially if we lift the politically-correct prohibition of certain difficult and challenging ideas.

  • Reddit’s co-founder says putting work above all else could be ‘toxic’

    As it turns out, work-as-a-lifestyle really ruins people and makes them into exhausted blockheads who lack the creativity to notice when what they are doing does not produce the results they claim to desire.

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