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  • Census: Number of ‘majority Hispanic’ US counties doubles

    Third world people are the ones who eat the seed corn. Genetically, this is hardwired into them, because anyone who refused to go along with this got killed off or exiled long ago, although occasional exceptions pop up and are sacrificed so that the group can feel better about its collective bad decisions. When you bring them here, they will vote for the free stuff until the money runs out, then they will go right back to doing what they have always done, which is subsistence living. Nature detected a threat in humanity and so decided to destroy us the usual way, namely by causing population convergence and standardization so that we would lose our exceptional abilities and go back to being just another monkey in the jungle. If the US and EU do not stop the minority invasion, they will be vassal states within a few years.

  • Teen charged with hate crime for posting ‘Slave for sale’ ad on Craigslist with photo of African American classmate

    Somehow, posting a picture and a word is a “hate crime” now. Tell me again how that America has “free speech.” Once you wrote civil rights law, you let censorship and oppression in through the back door. Then again, democracies always go this way. As ethnic tensions rise, only whites get punished, which is laying the groundwork for violence by all these people whose lives have been ruined by our pretense.

  • Using ‘OK, Boomer’ at work could get you fired

    Speaking of civil rights law, saying “OK, Boomer” to someone over age forty might violate one of those civil rights laws and lead to your dismissal or, worse, hate crime charges. You must accept everyone as inherently good and never demand that there be hierarchy or standards, so that our democracy can attain Total Equality in our lifetimes.

  • Clint Eastwood seeks to restore Atlanta bomb hero’s legacy

    Richard Jewell spotted a bomb and led people away. Since the authorities had no idea who did it, they indirectly fingered Jewell, who was later cleared but in the meantime, had his life totaled by the accusation. Clint Eastwood has made a movie about the danger of unproven accusations being taken as fact at a crucial time, since with political correctness and #MeToo and Christine Blasey Ford, we see many cases where the political Establishment wants us to crucify people based on accusations alone. There is some mild controversy over a journalist portrayed as trading sex for leaks, but dead journalist Katy Scruggs fits that profile:

    She was blonde and wore mini skirts and gaudy stockings. She smoked. She drank. She cursed. She flaunted her sexuality. She dated Lewis Grizzard. She dated an editor who allegedly beat her with a telephone. She dated cops, including one who was accused of stealing money from the pockets of the dead. “Kathy was a bigger-than-life figure,” Coram says. “She was over the top in many ways.”

    She was found dead in her Cherokee County home, wearing an Atlanta Motor Speedway T-shirt and panties, on Sept. 2, 2001, just 24 days shy of her 43rd birthday. The cause of death was acute morphine toxicity, according to the GBI medical examiner, who was unable to determine whether the overdose was intentional or accidental. The examiner also said severe coronary artery atherosclerosis might have contributed to the death. Cherokee Coroner Earl Darby said Scruggs appeared to have died peacefully in her sleep.

    These are the people telling us what to think.

  • Reddit warns Trump supporters against ‘systematic harassment’ of potential whistleblower

    Arch-beta cuck herd stronghold Reddit wants to preserve selective enforcement, which means that Leftists can break the rules but conservatives have them enforced to every possible extreme. In reality, it is not harassment to mention someone online; it is harassment to interfere in their daily life. No one can simply produce a simple rule which forbids doxing and the subsequent witch-hunt, mainly because Leftists have done this for decades with impunity and therefore, it is settled law that such activities are legal. Perhaps Trump is onto something with his idea of reducing defamation law from having to prove knowing deception with malice to having to prove deception which could have easily been investigated.

  • FBI arrest 2 police officers, 911 caller linked to deadly Harding Street drug raid

    Along similar lines, accountability is coming to 911 calls. Hispanic Patricia Garcia allegedly called 911 and claimed that she could see her in the house of these white-ish suspects three items: machine guns, people smoking crack, and her own daughter. Since none of those were true, and she kicked off a deadly raid in which people die, she and the minority officers involved are all going to jail. Is whitey perhaps again seizing the reins of his legal system to cut down on diversity crime?

  • Eden Prairie woman accused of faking crimes to obtain visas

    We see why letting in refugees is a bad idea: they fake victimhood. They take advantage of our simplistic and unrealistic sympathy, then get themselves over here permanently. Either that, or they claim victimhood in order to take salaries while working among our enemies. Maybe instead of trying to figure out who deserves the free stuff, we just stop giving out free stuff entirely, since it is a slippery slope that leads to corruption across the board.

  • Myles Garrett Reports That Mason Rudolph Called Him a Racial Slur Prior to Bashing Him in the Head

    The new get-out-of-jail-free card reveals itself. If you can claim that someone else said something “racist,” you are justified in assaulting or killing that person because your feelings were hurt (and “racism” reminds you that history is unequal). Across sports, racial conflict is heating up because of the insane double standards of the Left.

  • AMC to fire 3 workers for alleged racial profiling of black women at ‘Harriet’ screening

    Women sneak into movie, get called out on sitting in the wrong seats, then scream racism. Massive payouts and apologies follow. This is just getting silly. Why not all-black staff at movie theaters for black people? It is segregation, sure, but all parties will benefit.

  • Americans Are Moving at the Lowest Rate on Record

    It turns out that those high property taxes — mostly to pay for schools for illegal aliens and the diversity — have a huge consequence, which is that no one can afford to move. Your “second mortgage” involves paying the state a few percent of your purchase price every year, which makes sense until you realize that in thirty to forty years, you will have bought your house twice. And for what? Oh, for “education.” You mean the mediocre schools which are mostly attended by minorities and illegal aliens, since any white parent with their act together has their kids homeschooled or in private schools by now. End the shakedown.

  • End of UK: Varadkar told to hold referendum on Irish unification ‘within 5 years’

    The UK is showing us that diversity, even “white” diversity, cannot hold. Think about it critically: if racial diversity is ludicrous, why should ethnic diversity get a pass? These programs make the same error, which is assuming that people are “equal” or “identical” enough that with the right propaganda they can be made to behave the same way, and that this is more important than protecting heritage populations for the next thousand years. At the end of the day, the Irish will break away and the English, who will need to protect their flank, will eventually invade and repatriate the Irish to someplace nice like Spain or North Africa. Diversity will stand in history along with the witch hunts, dancing sickness, St. Elmo’s fire, Satanic Panic, and Cabbage Patch Kids as an example of mass human psychosis.

  • Housebuilding data shows dearth of homes for affordable renting

    If you keep importing immigrants and paying people outrageous salaries because costs have gone up, soon the incentive to build low-cost housing goes away. Why build for paupers when you can build for millionaires? Immigration will keep filling your society up with disposable people, and that will drive ordinary people out of their homes and into massive debt to afford luxury housing away from the growing ghettos, so the housing developers win out and the politicians can laugh it off because the voters never, ever figure this one out. Too many steps for their little round heads.

  • Nazi memorabilia sold at controversial auction in Germany

    At some point, the West is going to have to confront the past instead of having panic tantrums every time it comes up. Hitler did some bad things, and some good things. We need to learn from what he did that turned out well and what did not, and apply this in our current thinking. Clearly Hitler was right about diversity and democracy being failures, and we cannot let fear of Hitler cause us to ignore that wisdom.

  • Greener, longer life: More trees reduce premature deaths in cities

    Closer to sanity but not there. People who live longer lives choose greener cities, and the sad, sick, and doomed rush to the industrial cities and die young there after having lived empty lives. We need to be saying that greener cities make happier people, and that we need to set aside at least half of the land on Earth for nature alone, and stay in our portion. We are misusing what was gifted to us.

  • Georgia at ‘turning point’? Debate signals Democratic hopes

    After just telling us how the Great Replacement is simply a “conspiracy theory,” jubilant and smug Leftists cheer on the minority-majority domination of a once-prosperous area. Diversity government always steals from whoever founded the society, gives it to the new residents, then when the money gives out, goes straight into third world mode, just like those “separate but equal” facilities fifty years ago. Diversity is a path to suicide for all groups involved.

  • Downward mobility ‘becoming a reality for much of British youth’

    Eating the seed corn again. Children are doing less well than their parents because their parents siphoned off a ton of money through entitlements and easy jobs, and now that this money is gone, we see the modern dystopia in its true form. Entitlements and taxes raise costs and lower wages, but the politicians and voters join hands in only one solution, which is to raise taxes and then give out more free money. It works for awhile, then backfires, like all truly bad ideas. Like a fish hook, it is a trap: you see a tasty free thing, and only after you have bit down and felt it jerk into your jaw do you realize that it was, in the immortal words of Admiral Akbar, a trap.

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