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  • Putting the Cart Before the Horse

    As pathological egalitarianism has become more prevalent, strong and healthy minds are now viewed as defective. Today, merely suggesting — with evidence — that certain ideas do not tally with reality “triggers” emotional outbursts and clamoring for “safe spaces.” Did your grandparents need safe spaces? I doubt the brave souls on the Mayflower would have reached the new land if they had been worried about hate speech, trigger warnings, and establishing equal rights for LGBTQ+. They did not have tremendous reserves of wealth to subsidize such folly as you do today.

    There is nothing wrong with campaigning for minority rights/privileges. But when this threatens the majority it becomes self-destruction. Are not white dispossession and the demand for nursery pens — so-called safe spaces — Lady-Liberty-sized signs that something has gone wrong with you as a people?

    The West has died of egalitarianism. It took this path in order to please everyone, since we were afraid of relying on the kings after a series of calamities (religious wars, Muslim invasions, Mongol attacks, plagues). The peasants and shopkeepers took over from the aristocrats, and they have ruined everything.

  • Houston has lost the most construction jobs in the nation this year

    The Houston area lost 24,400 construction jobs in the year ended Sept.30, a 12 percent decline. During the same period, the Dallas region added 5,100 jobs, a 3 percent increase and the greatest rise nationwide.

    This means an exodus of the illegals who take these jobs. With the rise of Trump, and the Left revealing itself as wanting an end to heritage America, many heritage Americans have opted out of the diversity economy and are isolating in their suburbs, trading services on the black market, and stockpiling ammo and food for the inevitable crash.

  • Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians

    The plan comes on the heels of the Canadian Forces spending more than $1 million to train public affairs officers on behaviour modification techniques of the same sort used by the parent firm of Cambridge Analytica, as well as a controversial and bizarre propaganda training mission in which the military forged letters from the Nova Scotia government to warn the public that wolves were wandering in the province.

    Right on time, since democracy has run itself over the cliff as usual, the military prepares to take over in order to preserve the nation. If you want to avoid dictatorship, you must first avoid democracy and other egalitarian (non-realistic) thought.

  • Coronavirus: Test and trace hampered because people don’t like answering unknown calls, NHS adviser suggests

    Only 60.3 per cent of close contacts of positive cases were reached by NHS Test and Trace in the week ending 21 October due to people not picking up their phones.

    Conversely, nearly all contacts were reached in the same week in cases managed by local health protection teams.

    It turns out all those spam calls that our regulation-happy governments seem to be unable to do nothing about in fact have a high cost, namely the lost of trust in telephones. Now compare that to the loss of trust from diversity in society at large to see a similar pattern. Egalitarianism has made us all lonely strangers living in isolation from society at large, which we (correctly) see as a threat.

  • Activists see Greek ruling against Golden Dawn as model for fighting extremism

    An Athens court convicted Golden Dawn leadership earlier this month of running a criminal organization and found other members and affiliates guilty of a number of other crimes, including attempting to murder a group of Egyptian fishermen in 2012.

    If someone is a member, and commits a crime, the group can be destroyed. This is the model that “activists” want everywhere. This means that if a Proud Boy gets drunk on the weekend and runs over a minority person by accident, the leadership goes to jail. Leftists think this is a good idea.

  • Only Robots Can Bring Factories Back to U.S., Says Bike Pioneer

    But even with all this new demand, Kamler says robots are the key to ramping up output –- because expanding manual production lines on that scale will push costs too high, and make his bikes uncompetitive. He reckons customers are willing to pay maybe 10% extra for made-in-America products, but that’s the limit.

    Regulations, taxes, unions, affirmative action, and lawsuits have raised the cost of American labor to prohibitive levels, and the great diversity surge to bring low-cost labor here has not changed that. This means that automation will be necessary, and things like diversity are going to die for being unsuccessful programs that cost a lot and delivered negative return.

  • The psychology of ‘stress baking’: Why so many are making bread in 2020

    “It took me a few years to realize that I almost was solely [baking] when I was stressed out,” said Skye McIntyre-Bolen, a 34-year-old resident of Nashua, New Hampshire. “I figured out … it was a way for me to control something when my life felt otherwise really chaotic and out of my control.”

    Late Stage Democracy reveals the paradox of control: you think equality gives you more, but then the herd wins, and you find yourself a passenger on a train going over a cliff.

  • Boris Johnson: Global overpopulation is the real issue

    As for motherhood – the fertility of the human race – we are getting to the point where you simply can’t discuss it, and we are thereby refusing to say anything sensible about the biggest single challenge facing the Earth; and no, whatever it may now be conventional to say, that single biggest challenge is not global warming. That is a secondary challenge. The primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself.

    We have too many humans, and too few good ones. This is what anti-quality programs like equality always do.

  • No Year Has Seen Legal Immigration Cut Like the 2nd Half of FY 2020

    Overall, the second half of FY 2020 saw 92 percent fewer immigrants from abroad than the first half, which was larger than any annual decline in the history of the United States.

    Libertarians are Leftists. By making the Right into “Christian libertarians,” William F. Buckley ceded the field to the Left. In reality, we have too many people here already, and libertarians are in love with economic growth but not social order, which means that they will produce a third-world anarchy in which a few super-rich rule over the great grey horde. If that reminds you of Genghis Khan, or even Chairman Mao, that is not accidental.

  • The Weird Beauty of Suburbia

    Diamond’s basic theory of suburban creativity is that dull suburbs foster a sense of alienation or anxiety or bottled-up longing that sometimes becomes art.

    Normal, boring life is the gateway to self-actualization and discovery of creativity, productivity, and knowing oneself.

    Also note this tidbit:

    Diamond locates the omphalos of suburban punk in Lodi, New Jersey, a working-class, largely Italian suburb of 25,000. In an unremarkable home there, Glenn Allen Anzalone, a.k.a. Glenn Danzig, put out the debut seven-inch of his band, the Misfits. The Misfits assembled their songs from the bric-a-brac of suburban adolescence: comic books, horror movies, William Burroughs novels. Other punk bands railed against conformity, but not so much the Misfits: “They didn’t write songs about the suburban experience; instead, they channeled it.”

  • How Are Americans Catching the Virus? Increasingly, ‘They Have No Idea’

    Gone are the days when Americans could easily understand the virus by tracking rising case numbers back to discrete sources — the crowded factory, the troubled nursing home, the rowdy bar. Now, there are so many cases, in so many places, that many people are coming to a frightening conclusion: They have no idea where the virus is spreading.

    Surprise! We have a shadow population of illegals and transients who are spreading this through our oblivious open society. No one can track them, but they walk among us, and with them comes the virus, most likely spread through fecal matter.

  • A divided America will struggle to heal after Trump era

    In interviews with 10 voters – five Trump supporters and five backing Democratic candidate Joe Biden – few could see the wrecked personal relationships caused by Trump’s tenure fully healing, and most believed them destroyed forever.

    You are either in favor of continuing the decline, or against it, and this polarizes people. Many of us want a functional nation, and then to work back to functional Western Civilization so it can rise again from the ruins of democracy, equality, diversity, and subsidies/socialism.

  • What Was a Clinton White House Lawyer Doing at Epstein’s Arraignment?

    Two people who separately attended the hearing said Ruemmler—who served as White House counsel during the Clinton and Obama administrations—had a “professional relationship” with Epstein and was seated behind his defense team.

    At the time, Ruemmler was a partner at Latham & Watkins and global co-chair of the law firm’s white-collar defense and investigations practice.

    “Epstein knew her,” one source with knowledge told The Daily Beast of her appearance in court in July 2019. “He had a professional relationship with her. I think he may have reached out to her to be involved in the case.”

    More likely, a cozy inner circle of insiders in Washington and San Francisco makes most of the decisions for America based on what is convenient for it, and Epstein getting arrested created a real risk of not just its secrets spilling, but its close connections being revealed.

  • Vatican moves to clarify pope’s comments on civil union laws

    The note said that in the first quote, the pope was referring to the right of homosexuals to be accepted by their own families as children and siblings.

    Some saw the comments as homosexuals having a right to form families.

    The note said the documentary cut comments where the pope expressed opposition to opposed homosexual marriage and made clear he was referring to civil union laws, which some countries have enacted to regulate benefits such as health care.

    Propaganda relies on the first headline, since the follow-up requires more thought and is not as punchy.

  • Tens of thousands take part in anti-France rally in Bangladesh

    Demonstrations have been held in many Muslim majority countries after Macron defended France’s freedom of speech laws, in the wake of the killing of a teacher who had shown caricatures of the Muslim prophet to his class.

    Again we learn that cultures are incompatible. No one made the third world be poor; they did it to themselves. Their ways are not consistent with what we do in the first world, although much of our recent political changes are equally inconsistent.

  • What is this life after life?

    And we realize that it’s not so much “out there” that the fulfillment comes but rather “in here” — something mysterious within me: This what life in the Spirit is.
    It’s the only real life that is. It’s our life of creativity and imagination. Our life of thought and understanding.

    People are turning from the external toward the internal and, through it, the world beyond humanity.

  • Terror in France reignites a national debate on the right to offend

    Macron may have won comfortably, but over 10 million French voters went with Le Pen, an anti-immigration candidate who claimed that France was “being attacked by radical Islam.” The rising popularity of Le Pen’s party pushed concerns about Islam into the mainstream, with French politicians introducing controversial laws in 2010 which prohibited Muslim women from wearing niqabs and burqas in certain settings.

    People are tired of anti-diversity and anti-poverty (pro-socialism) programs ruining their ability to have a normal life. Modernity promised that we could all do our thing without being roped into religious wars, and instead it has delivered a tyranny of the peasants and shopkeepers, with correspondingly bad choices like diversity made as a result.

  • India’s coronavirus infection tally was on track to overtake the United States. Then the numbers suddenly dropped

    Dr Tandan said while the number of patients has dropped, the symptoms they were experiencing had worsened.

    This includes the increased prevalence of lung fibrosis, which causes the lung tissue to harden and scar.

    What one might expect from herd resistance if not herd immunity: only the already-vulnerable are suffering, while everyone else gets it and moves on. Perhaps the people getting second cases in the West are merely highly susceptible.

  • Vietnam majority roots for Trump’s hard line on China

    “If Biden wins,” Vinh went on, “it would be a disaster for us because the tradition of democratic presidents since the Vietnam War always showed an indulgence to China, especially under the Clinton and Obama administrations,” Vinh said.

    Vietnam finally learns the lessons of a war fifty years ago.

  • Turkish-Russian Rivalry Enters Deadly New Phase

    Moscow’s recent attempt to stir the pot may galvanize Turkish resolve against perceived threats to its southern border, which has previously been besieged by wartime refugees. If the past is indicative of future trends, Ankara may replicate Operation Spring Shield and flood Northern Syria with more soldiers, munitions, and heavy weaponry aimed at the Syria Arab Republic (SAR). Sustained attacks against its ailing client state will force Moscow to double down in the Levant, where its military assets have been deployed for over five years.

    Feels a lot like the run-up to WW1: jockeying for power on the periphery of Europe creates instability and entangling alliances require action. Trump picked a good time to cut Europe free to defend itself.

  • Europe’s COVID-19 curbs prompt pushback amid bleak countdown to Christmas

    Instead of a lockdown, Farage proposed targeting those most at risk and said people should not be criminalised for trying to live normal lives such as meeting family for Christmas.

    Time to overthrow the bureaucrats ruling over you. Oh wait, you got them by overthrowing the only stable power structure you had. Farage is correct: track and isolate those who have the disease, instead of trying to quarantine the entire population.

  • QAnon received earlier boost from Russian accounts on Twitter, archives show

    From November 2017 on, QAnon was the single most frequent hashtag tweeted by accounts that Twitter has since identified as Russian-backed, a Reuters analysis of the archive shows, with the term used some 17,000 times.

    Leftists do not understand the difference between “member of” and “whole of.” To them, if QAnon supports Trump, all Trump support is QAnon; if some Russians supported QAnon, then QAnon is a Russian operation. Reality is more complex than what the peasants and shopkeepers understand, which is a type of bigotry, essentially blaming whole things for the worst example that can be found of them. This is a panicked and withdrawing mentality, reacting in fear to symbols and superstitions, not peering into the nuance, depth, and duration of reality.

  • Singapore embarks on a million-tree planting spree to protect its future

    Sungei Buloh is part of a wider project that aims to plant 1 million trees over the next 10 years as the government tries to improve habitat quality for the city-state’s wildlife while improving living conditions for its human residents.

    Trees make Planet Earth habitable. Only by increasing the ratio of trees to humans can we survive, and by setting aside land for nature, can we avoid ecocide.

  • UK and Japan sign free trade agreement

    The agreement also includes a strong commitment from Japan to support UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the world’s biggest free trade areas, covering 13% of the global economy and more than £110 billion of trade in 2019.    This will help strengthen trade ties between the UK and 11 Pacific countries and set new standards for global trade.

    And the European Union is toast. More opportunities await outside of that little collective.

  • Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery

    Hundreds of the duplicating crustaceans, which can dig down to up to a metre and are always female, pose a deadly threat to local biodiversity after colonising a historic Antwerp graveyard.

    Marbled crayfish, which travel across land and water at night and eat whatever they can, do not occur in nature and are banned by the European Union.

    They are similar to the slough crayfish found in Florida but are parthenogenetic, which means they reproduce with themselves and all their children are genetically identical females.

    Invasive species always consume everything and then leave a wasteland. In this case, these feminist crayfish seem destined to crowd out local wildlife, destroying diversity and leaving uniformity, just like the invading grey race of generic humanity.

  • First Black American cardinal is outspoken civil rights advocate

    Leading Catholic organizations cheered the choice and noted Pope Francis was sending a clear message “in the midst of our nation’s reckoning in systemic racism, as millions assert that Black Lives Matter,” said Johnny Zokovitch, executive director of Pax Christi USA, a national Catholic peace and justice organization based in Washington, D.C.

    Foreign people act for the interests of only their own groups alone, not yours. Diversity makes even nice groups into enemies.

  • Black contractor braves threats in removing Richmond statues

    Devon Henry faced death threats, questions about the prices he charged, allegations of cronyism over past political donations to the city’s mayor and an inquiry by a special prosecutor. But he has no regrets.

    “I feel a great deal of conviction in what we did and how it was done,” Henry, 43, told The Associated Press in the only interview he has given.

    Removing your history does not bother him; he intends to replace it with something that benefits his people.

  • The Psychic Toll of Severing the Hunter-Prey Relationship

    Halfon and Burkai explore how hunting societies often had a fundamentally different worldview regarding human-animal interactions than what is commonly found in agricultural societies and modern industrial nations. Animal prey and their spirits represented something close to equal partners in the struggle for survival, rather than being part of the kind of dominant-subservient relationship more likely to be associated with animal domestication. The relationship between hunter and prey can represent a reciprocal bond, infused with psychological meaning and spiritual weight.

    Maybe getting our meat on plastic trays has made us disconnect from nature entirely.

  • Covid Puts a Spotlight on the Food Industry’s Role in Obesity

    As the pandemic throws a spotlight on the importance of a healthy diet, governments beyond the U.K. may choose to impose more anti-obesity measures, further shifting the way makers of sodas, ­breakfast cereals, chocolate bars, and ready-to-eat meals do business.

    Just because something is profitable does not mean that it is good. Shopkeepers overthew the aristocrats, who kept such things in check.

  • Violent crime a frightening SA reality

    The survey shows that men account for the highest number of violent crimes – murder or crimes causing serious injury – involving weapons. Men account for 63.8% of all serious assault cases, followed by women (31.6%) and children (4.6%).

    The data that shows violent crimes against men and women are often not reported to the police.
    Although the figures show that contact crimes (also known as a crime against the person) have decreased from 1 720 a day in 1994/95 to 1 691 in 2018/19, levels of violent crime remain high for all South Africans.

    Some of the many high costs of diversity reveal themselves. What do you want for your future, 1920s relatively crime-free America, or South Africa after apartheid?


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