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Blaming The Wrong Things (Again)

People like to pose about not caring about blame. Why bother figuring out who was guilty? Let us count the ways:

  1. He’ll do it again. Unpunished, unaware, and unbothered, he will keep doing whatever dumb or criminal stuff caused the problem in the first place.
  2. Others will imitate him. If I see people toss trash out of their windows with impunity, I will be more likely to save time and money by doing the same.
  3. No one learns anything. The bad method becomes accepted and so, why bother looking for the right method?
  4. Bad people walk among you. Whoever was such a jerk as to be incompetent or deceptive in the first place now has a secured position in your society, and will invite in others like himself.
  5. Disspirited normls. If people are getting away with doing bad things, and no one cares, then everyone else stops caring too.

You need to track things back to their source to find and diagnose the problem. Saying “I don’t care about blame” is another form of altruism, preaching acceptance instead of clarity.

So, where do we blame wrong things?

  • Technology. People want to blame infernal combustion engines, social media, penicillin, factory farming, and soap for our problems, when really our problems are organizational. The partial truths are that technology insulates us from the bad consequences of our acts, and enables many who should have died to survive, perpetuating the terminally ill civilization.
  • Capitalism. This sort of strong stance sounds cool to the kids at the bar, but in reality, capitalism is just economics and all other “economic” systems are in fact political and strengthen central control. Capitalism works; maybe someday we will have it, since we have not for over a century.
  • Education. The theory seems to be that if you take an absolute stark raving mad moron, yell the right propaganda at him and test him until he memorizes a lot of it, he suddenly becomes a genius. Yes, education is an idiot fascinator, no matter how ironic that is.
  • The rich. How dare anyone succeed! They must be in charge of this mess, despite it being a democracy where our votes outweigh theirs by a factor of ten million. Truly, proles are retarded to pass along this trope, but it is always very popular!
  • The Jew/Negro. Yes, diversity is an insane policy; no one can doubt that! However, the symptoms of diversity did not cause diversity, but the other way around… people committed to the Big Lie of equality always choose diversity as a means of “demonstrating” how well their ideas work. That is your problem, not the foreign groups (Negroes) and mixed-race groups (Jews) who show up to take advantage of your dying, oblivious, moronic, and dysfunctional prole-run society.

People not only blame the wrong things, but they assume that others are doing the same, as in the case of these Kraftwerk lyrics:

There’s an undertone of ambivalence to their oft-celebrated songs about technology. The altered lyrics to “Computer World” which they started using in the 90s bring this ambivalence to the forefront, resonating all the more in the post-Snowden era:

Interpol and Deutsche Bank
FBI and Scotland Yard
Control the data, memory

There’s a double-edged sword cutting through their technological songs. “Computerlove” wistfully calls to mind the potential of connection from the information age, and the loneliness of staring into our screens.

Technology? KGB, CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and Deutsche Bank are organizations, not technologies. They are blaming the human impulse to control history and edit out the scary parts, as is done in political correctness and cult indoctrinations.

As usual, our problem consists of not the methods used to achieve ill goals, but the goals themselves. Unstable people seek to control others in order to hide what the unstable people are lying about. This explains everything from bullying through tyranny.

Yet we are afraid to confront this backdoor in the human psyche, this in-built defect of the human machine. Recognizing it would mean that we could solve it, and therefore, that we should either solve it or admit that we are dysfunctional and self-destruct.

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