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Periscope (November 19, 2018)

  • Russian interior ministry veteran is named as likely candidate to become Interpol head sparking fears Moscow will use agency to target political foes

    Tee hee, aren’t we precious, us humans? We made the world safe by uniting everyone with rules and organizations. Too bad they all have separate interests and so we cannot trust each other, but at least we created the illusion of trust and cooperation.

  • ‘It’s a Crisis of Civilization in Mexico.’ 250,000 Dead. 37,400 Missing.

    Culture shock for coddled Western bourgeois intellectuals: most of humanity exists at the subsistence level in societies that are so highly individualistic that strongmen are required to rule them through a combination of terror and gift-giving. Your standard third world society has an official government which provides bad quality services in exchange for absurd taxes on the few productive people while giving out lots of free money to the poorest, yet is simultaneously ruled by mafias, warlords, and other local authorities who work around the dysfunction of government. Since no significant culture exists, the society is stitched together with an ideology or something like it, including religion, that mainly serves to punish non-conformity. As a result, the carnage is constant, but if it were not, the remaining social order would quickly collapse. As Spengler observed, every civilization gets the government that it deserves, and individualists produce chaos which then requires oppression. If you want to avoid this state, you must have strong leaders who crush all competition and thus force accountability through the singular source of power. Mexico will not do this, and so it will continue as a kleptocracy ruled by cartels who are revered for being effective where government is not.

  • ‘Sad surprise’: Amazon fish contaminated by plastic particles

    Democracy resembles what happens when the teacher leaves the room and everyone misbehaves as much as possible, knowing that at some point they will all have to face the consequences so they might as well go crazy for as long as they can. When we abolished the idea of an order larger than ourselves, meaning a shared behavioral code like that of culture, and replaced it with the idea of civilization as a holding tank for individuals who would then act out their self-expression, desires, and material self-interest, we created a growth engine that was bound to produce endless humans and then collapse. Centuries later, we are seeing this collapse: all governments are bankrupt, all societies are existentially miserable, the air is all polluted, every building is ugly, every agency is corrupt and incompetent, our food is toxic, our jobs are jails, and we have covered the world in enough garbage that nothing is safe from contamination. Even if we are able to avoid health consequences, what does it say about us that we took a beautiful planet and turned it into a dystopian garbage dump?

  • US Army unfurls miles of fencing along border with Mexico

    Trump stops the invasion, mostly by sending a clear signal to Central America that further immigration is not wanted. He also defeats the Left this way, since they have made it clear that they will oppose any legislative action, by working around them by using the military. While many want more drastic action, for now this seems to be a moderate step, which means that the Leftist tantrum of backlash will work against them where it would work for them had Trump taken more extreme measures.

  • ‘Unsustainable’ villages risk being frozen in time, say landowners

    People like their traditional English villages and want nothing to do with the new Leftist paradigm of ugly architecture, government programs, and diversity resettlement, so the citizens of these villages are freezing them to new development rather than admit the “well intentioned” Left.

  • Holocaust researcher files libel lawsuit against Polish group that accused him of falsifying history of Poland

    Europe is slowly coming to grips with the fact that the Holocaust did not involve six million victims but far fewer, that the ones in Germany were worked to death and died of starvation and disease for the most part, and that most of the killings were not done by Germans but by ordinary citizens in Eastern Europe who associated Jewish people with the Communist party, whether fairly or not. Future historians will see the Holocaust, like the Armenian genocide and the war against Amerinds in the USA, as “diversity conflicts” brought on entirely by the presence of other groups among national populations, and will see diversity itself as an attempt to genocide national populations in order to force diversity to work, when throughout history we have zero examples of it ever working or indeed doing anything but shattering and ruining once-prosperous societies much like socialism and other egalitarian utopian dreams.

  • Migrant caravan: Mexican border city Tijuana protests

    As it turns out, Mexicans do not want the Central American migrant caravan either. Perhaps it has dawned on Mexico that the “escape valve” of immigration has made their economy dependent on the US, and has discouraged people from fixing the immense social problems in Mexico, instead focusing on emigration.

  • Golden Horse Awards: Controversy over Taiwan blows up after speech at ‘Chinese Oscars’

    Nationalist Chinese in Taiwan want nothing to do with the Great People’s Unity Experiment going on in mainland China, realizing that their best bet is to ride out the disaster and then to rebuild after the People’s Republic collapses, as all Leftist societies seem to, in a fug of corruption, bankruptcy, misery, and ineptitude.

  • Florida official Brenda Snipes: racism ‘probably’ a factor in attacks against me

    Any time a minority person gets caught doing something wrong, “racism” is to blame. Keep burning out that word. Now that it has become the new version of “filthy capitalist enemy of the People,” the term has lost meaning as more people realize that everyone is “racist,” and only the honest admit it. We all (1) want to live with people like us and (2) recognize genetic differences between groups and within those groups, such as class, which is the fundamental target that the Left wants to abolish and make its noticing illegal.

  • Tech Rout Puts Silicon Valley on Edge

    Silicon Valley never found a profit model. We will sell advertisements, they thought, and then failed to deliver any kind of value through that method. Then they hoped to track people and deliver targeted advertisements. In the end, the internet is television where you can skip the ads, and so a thoughtless herd participates but does not produce the type of value that the Silicon Valley firms claimed would be abundant and available. As a result, this market bubble — like the dot-com bubble before it — is about to burst, vaporizing trillions of dollars in false wealth.

  • Pope decries that ‘wealthy few’ feast on what belongs to all

    Christianity preaches a complex message which can only be understood through tracking several complicated concepts through the Bible. It suggests, in total, that the competent have a duty to rise, but that charity is also worthwhile to the degree that it supports those who can in turn then support themselves and be rewarded according to their abilities. However, among human groups, class warfare remains a perpetually popular topic because most humans refuse to adapt to their environment enough to thrive, and since this makes them feel bad about themselves, they want to pull everyone else down to their level. This inherent pathology to humanity afflicts most of the species, with the few who rise above it contributing a far disproportionate share of wealth which has then caused the afflicted to grow in number to the point where we are facing a de facto global Communist revolution which we will either defeat, or it will end us as a species.

  • No more Khmer Rouge prosecutions, says Cambodia

    Leftists want to limit exposure for Communist genocide. Western Leftists cheer this because it enables us to continue demonizing every belief system other than Leftist ones, while ignoring the repeated tendency of Leftist systems to fail amid a heap of bodies.

  • EU Set to Tighten Rules on Foreign Investment to Fend Off China

    The EU has also slowly stumbled to the realization that a slow “silk glove” invasion by China has been underway for decades, and so at a vermicular pace they act as if in a dream, trying to slam that barn door now that the horse is truly well and good gone over the horizon and far away.

  • Scattered tax protests persist in France; injuries up to 409

    All of these governments which adopted socialist-style welfare/benefits/entitlements programs are now bankrupt, and so they are seeking spare money anywhere they can find it. When bringing in immigrants to tax failed, they have started raising taxes on daily staples in order to dump more cash into the limitless need created by entitlements programs and the massive bureaucratic state that they support.

  • Delhi’s rickshaw pullers: Toxic air is killing us but we can’t quit

    All of the issues that Leftist governments warned you about are lies; these lies were designed to disguise actual issues such as the problems of reckless growth, which is needed to support governments that use tax-and-spend policies since demand increases linearly with time, requiring constant additions to the economy to keep tax revenues high. Pollution, overpopulation, habitat loss, and overbuilding will be the issues of the twenty-first century, with Leftist governments having spotted and counteracted exactly zero of them.

  • China ‘has taken the gloves off’ in its thefts of U.S. technology secrets

    Despite seeming to be strong, the Chinese economy exists thanks to the bubble created by cheap manufacturing, but now that the costs of maintaining a modern state have caught up with China, the bubble is ending and China finds itself looking toward an endgame where it can dominate its competition so that it does not collapse inward. Look for further desperate acts by this dying regime that hopes to supplant the West as a superpower and, like the Mongols before it, conquer the West in order to appropriate its wealth, even though doing so would “kill the goose that laid golden eggs” and simply create another mixed-race third world wasteland.

  • El Chapo’s drug cartel paid $6 million in bribes to current Mexico president Peña Nieto, defense lawyers claim

    In the third world, corruption is a way of life. El Chapo warned everyone that if he was brought to trial, he would reveal where the bodies were buried. The real other shoe dropping will be the extent of bribes paid to American officials. In the meantime, life in the first world is still pointless and existentially miserable, so people are gobbling up drugs to fill the hole in their souls that culture, aristocracy, faith, and purpose once filled.

  • Theatergoer who shouted at ‘Fiddler’ says he was drunk, hates Trump

    Random diverse Leftist shows up at famed Jewish musical and screams out obscenities, pro-Nazi comments, and anti-Trump invective. The Left just wants more Robert Bowers type people to keep driving moderates toward the Left, and if they cannot get them from, they will create them.

  • How the Catholic ‘alt-right’ aims to purge LGBTQ members from the church

    Many of us warned the LGBT movement that allying with the Left was stupid, and that life would be best for them with “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies that did not extend to making them a politically protected minority. Eyes wide with the possibility of power at being a coddled minority group like ethnic and religious minorities, the LGBT establishment plowed ahead, and now are meeeting resistance from those who recognize that healthy families do not include lots of propaganda for being homosexual and transgender. The Leftist ideal of equality demands that every group and every personal decision be made equal, which clashes with the human wisdom that some actions turn out better than others; if these Catholics have any brains, they will be accepting of the existence of LGBT types who do so quietly and out of the way. Since no one else in this article has any brains, we must assume that they will not do this and choose dramatic, symbolic overreaction instead.

  • Huge swing in favour of citizenship for all born in Ireland

    Drugged on Leftism because they identify with underdog victims and hate those who have succeeded where they fail, a large number of people in Ireland endorse birthright citizenship, apparently oblivious to the fact that this will obliterate their culture and eventually their genetic profile. We can only hope that this diversity adventure is as instructive as the last one, and that the Irish will shortly reverse their course, at least for whoever survives.

  • New election map: Ohio, Colorado no longer swing states

    Diversity keeps remaking the election map. Drugged on subsidies from big agriculture and construction, “conservatives” soothe themselves to sleep at night with mantras about minorities being natural conservatives despite all evidence suggesting that in the bigger picture, minorities vote for Leftists. In turn, Leftists flinch at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because they secretly suspect that minorities will only vote for other minorities, making white Leftists obsolete and ensuring that the Leftist push for diversity will join other grand Leftist policies in colossal failure.

  • A Glimpse Into the Ideological Monoculture of Literary New York

    The theory of Crowdism holds that human groups enforce anti-reality on one another so that individuals can feel stable because they no longer need to adapt to reality in order to succeed. In this view, it is not Christianity or Leftism that causes our decline, but those are symptoms and tools of the Crowd as it attempts to take over. We see this in the wild through the crushing ideological uniformity of our elites who, living in a utilitarian system, realize that whatever is popular with the herd will win. Again, herd behavior defeats humanity, no matter whether it is state-sponsored or simply mob rule, even if informal mob rule that enforces itself through culture and socializing instead of political action.

  • Cops are hunting for ‘racist who put up SWASTIKA stickers in a New York City subway train’ after appalled fellow passengers snap photo of the suspect

    Random Hispanic dude places two swastika stickers on a train and as if trying to prove him right, police department mobilizes a task force to deal with this opinion crime.

  • Australians want a ‘sober conversation’ about immigration

    Populism spreads to Australia as voters slowly awaken to the realization that the past few decades of rubber-stamping anything with “diversty is ur strength” written on it has manifested a situation in which the founding group finds itself a political minority which will eventually be eliminated. As usual, humans follow the herd, then blame someone else when it all ends badly, which is why democracy is on its way out: it has proven over the last century to be even more unstable than dictatorship, even if its instability happens on a slower and more destructive curve.

  • France’s Macron: Europe must unite to prevent ‘global chaos’

    He clarifies his meaning: a new Leftist regime must arise in Europe which will counter populism worldwide. In other words, let’s reinvent the USSR but this time, make sure that it has a fat tax base to delay its collapse for more than the seventy years that the USSR reigned. Time and again, humans pursue the same Utopian dreams, and when those fail, look for someone to blame. Is this species delusional or what?

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