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  • Anger of yellow vests still grips France a year on

    We are in a paradox loop in the West, which means that our assumptions are wrong but we cannot seem to connect the dots and fix them. More government means higher prices and lower wages; the entitlements programs that benefit the poor, ensure retirement, make education free, provide healthcare, and “take care” of citizens are in fact funded by taking money out of the economy, which means less is available to move within those economies, paralyzing them. A sane society designs its economy as an engine for its culture and has leadership to protect that culture, but a bureaucracy aims instead to focus on individuals, penalizing society and the economy in order to protect those individuals. Like most human idealized notions, this theory when applied at first benefits individuals but then deeply harms them and the civilization around them. The liberal democracy model has died, and the “yellow vests” are the brightest sign of its failure.

  • Conservatives seek to stifle new ‘alt-right’ movement steeped in anti-Semitism

    The fatal flaw of conservatism is that it seeks to conserve, which includes protecting what we already have, which causes conservatives to defend fatal Leftist programs along with the rest of the good in our society. Only radical conservatives make any sense; the others are just bean-counters, System men, conformists, careerists, me-firsters, and other people who do not have the future of the nation in their sights. Consequently, movement conservatives will always be at war with the radicals, because radicals represent what conservatism would be if it were true to its own beliefs. The real tantrum here is that the Alt-Right — red pill, HBD, hierarchy, culture, heritage — is becoming mainstreamed as more people deny its extremes but accept its basic premises. As far as anti-Semitism goes, while it is stupid to scapegoat other groups for our own problems and diversity is obviously a fatal problem no matter which groups are involved, an unbiased observer might look at history and see that wherever Jews or other foreign groups are introduced, instability results, so you simply need to avoid having them in any nations but their own.

  • U of Toronto Graduate Student Union opposes campus kosher food as ‘pro-Israel’

    Herein we see the problem with democracy, diversity, and other adversarial systems. We assume that having lots of competing special interests means that no one gets what they want, but the System is stable overall; in reality, the special interests fight until the society is exhausted and then destroy it. You need a society which can select for those who are of one mind on the basics. When you introduce diversity, every group starts out being excited to be in a nicer place, but over time, they agitate for what is of benefit to their group alone. This means that you now have many competing groups! When in starts out in black-and-white, with a majority versus one minority group, this seems simple… punish the majority for its “racism.” Once you get a whole bunch of groups, things get more complicated, because they not only want to conquer the majority, rape its women, take its stuff, and replace it, but they also want to do the same to every other group. In a diverse society, as a result, there can be no social standards, and there will be constant conflict between these groups. Adversarial systems might work for short-term events, like court cases or single elections, but when applied over time, they simply result in grinding perpetual conflict that depletes society and induces its suicide through hopelessness. Ironically, these students are protesting Israel for attempting to save itself from diversity by exiling Palestinians. Send ’em back to Mexico!

  • China is building up its ‘shadow reserves’ to counter its reliance on the US dollar

    Media experts, pundits, and commentators — distinguished by having college degrees and zero practical experience in the real world — want you to panic because China is dropping the US dollar. The flip side of this is that now China has less influence over the dollar and thus, American business and American policy. This is, like many things, a short-term loss and a long-term win.

    In the meantime, Chinese growth is dropping beyond the point where their government can fake the statistics, which shows that the Trump trade war has been won — notice the market rebound — and that the “decoupling” of China and the US will force each economy to be self-sufficient for the most part. This will show us the Communist system failing yet again, ending in warfare of course, and that the Western countries who have the fewest Communist-style redistribution programs doing best. Take note, Europe. You are choosing your fate now.

  • Britain says it is seriously concerned by violence at Hong Kong universities

    Britain gave away Hong Kong to China in the belief that this was fair and honest. In reality, China remains China, and so China is doing exactly what one might expect it would do, which is re-absorbing Hong Kong. A formerly prosperous place gets cannibalized to sustain the masses of people in China without particular use. The world looks on, dumb and useless, as yet another thing gets wrecked by the human herd. A realist might point out that this is the way of nature because it encourages groups like Hong Kong to go their own way, much as Taiwan/Formosa did, by getting away from the “we know better” people who preach what allows them to express their emotions and social feelings but contradicts reality. Communism is just a big pile of good social intentions made into policy, when in fact policy needs to follow the Buddhist ideal of non-attachment or the nihilist ideal of personalityless realism.

  • Fiscal stimulus needed to revive India’s stuttering economy: analysts

    Hit by weak consumer demand, India struggles. The grim fact is that outsourcing died in the early 2000s because results were so bad; outsourcing was driven by the high costs imposed on American labor by unions, regulations, immigration, and taxes. It turns out that going elsewhere, whether immigration or globalism, for our labor does not solve our problem. Our only solution lies in getting rid of parasitic unions. In the meantime, the third world boom from the 1990s through 2010s has ended and now these countries face the difficult task of becoming self-sufficient, which is going to force them to start limiting population.

  • UK Conservatives: No more preferential treatment for EU migrants after Brexit

    In the history books, Brexit may be seen as one of the first actions taken by a population in order to prevent itself from being erased. Without Brexit, people from the poorer EU countries will flood into Britain, and soon Britain will not be British… it will be a generic type of person of vague European origin, later to become a generic person of mixed-racial origin. The media missed the notion that the whole point was to preserve Britain and to allow it to go its own way, instead of getting dragged down into the morass of “what everyone else is doing.”

  • ‘We’ll see who’s laughing’: Wexit movement applies for federal party status

    Another twenty-first century theme emerges: everywhere we look, the makers are trying to get away from the takers. Most of humanity are low-performance people who will take but not contribute anything more than what they are forced to contribute. You either use these people as labor and disregard their opinions, or they consume your society like locusts. When your nation includes too many of them, the rural areas want to break away so that they are not required to subsidize such people. After all, they can make a good life for themselves; why should they avoid that? The locusts will either figure it our perish, and either outcome is a win for humanity. Brexit is prosperous Britain trying to get away from the dying EU; the American Civil War was triggered by the prosperous South attempting to transition its exports to Europe instead of the rapacious American North; Hong Kong wants to escape the Chinese morass. We are going to see more breakaway movements in the future.

  • District 211 grants transgender students unrestricted locker-room access

    The Left loves transgenderism because it is a civil rights excuse to turn all gendered spaces coed. This fulfills their ultimate goal of erasing all differences between individuals so that everyone feels important without having to do something of importance. In other words, takers become equal to makers. Leftism is like all of the doubt, weakness, and fear in our minds consolidate into policy.

  • Muslims detained in China camps for thinking ‘unhealthy thoughts’, leaked documents reveal

    China takes the right path on this one. Diversity destroys nations, so do not allow it in yours. The most interesting part of this is the description of diversity as a “virus” which causes corruption of the population, paralleling Putnam’s research that shows that diversity causes distrust among members of the same race and results in people “hunkering down” or withdrawing from society. If the West is concerned about the Uighurs, it can sponsor relocating them into the middle east.

  • Maryland teacher charged with assault after classroom fight with student

    In our diverse schools, there seems to be a lot of this going around lately.

  • Chick-fil-A no longer donates to controversial Christian charities after LGBTQ protests

    Looks like the bullies won this one. Instead of the idea of freedom, tolerance, and diversity where we all have our own opinions, your opinions must conform to the angry smaller group that demands that it be recognized despite having no relevance to anyone but itself.

  • French bridge collapse kills 15-year-old girl

    Collapsing infrastructure across the world shows that we spent all of our money on entitlements and diversity instead of using it to renew our bridges and cities, and then invest in the future. We are backward-looking, consumed by guilt and regret, confused and unable to make decisions.

  • Far-right Sweden Democrats top opinion poll in historic shift

    Since The Enlightenment,™ the idea of individualism has won every election. The right thing to do was to make sure that every individual felt included, supported, and able to self-express. As it turns out, this kind of social order rapidly implodes, and then in come the realists, to whom people finally turn after all of their Utopian ideals perish in the fire of being tested against our world.

  • UK PM Johnson’s Conservatives have highest support since 2017: polls

    Conservative voters reward active, aggressive candidates who are willing to upset some people in order to get the right thing done, namely because in our experience in life, human entropy tries to hold back most good and realistic ideas because someone might get hurt feelings. We are tired of the nonsense. In the meantime, the Left finds itself in a quandary because it won so much that it has nowhere else to go but Full Socialism, and even the stupefied voters find it difficult to want to adopt a system that fails everywhere it is implemented. This is why diversity was introduced: to bring in voters without the concerns or awareness that might keep them from approving the ongoing roll toward total Leftism.

  • Far right’s poor leadership saved Australia from outbreak of populism, nationhood inquiry told

    As the Right rises, its real problem consists of finding quality leaders, since it is divided between the System careerists (cuckservatives, RINOs) and the alienated extremists (neo-Nazis). We need people who are both realists and aggressive, meaning that they will do only things that benefit the nation, but will also recognize that all Leftism is blight and categorically remove it and its adherents without mercy.

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