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Periscope (November 18, 2018)

  • Man who raped, murdered high school student gets ‘slap on the wrist’

    Diversity on drugs kills other diversity on drugs, legal system throws up fat fetus hands and wails about how it cannot do anything, and no one remembers to notice that our society is falling apart and that diversity is one of the causes of our doom.

  • Bill to loot pensions for pols revived in Illinois legislature

    Democracy is inherently corrupt. Our endless pensions, unions, and politicians playing a game of hide-the-ball while stealing all that they can show us exactly why all democracies are going bankrupt and collapsing in a fog of corruption. Our latest national elections just underscore how we have destroyed our honesty, integrity, and sense of common sense reality through democracy.

  • Australians split on Muslim migration ahead of new population policy

    People are self-brainwashing because they do not want to go against the consensus-compromise that the herd will likely cook up, so they adjust their opinions to be what other people like, because that way when the crowd goes in that direction, individuals can claim to themselves that they got what they wanted. In reality, no one who is questioned under the conditions one would use in a police interview or job interview will claim to like diversity; we all want it gone, but no one believes it can happen, so we keep cucking and sucking it up and pretending that we can apply enough band-aids to make “internalized warfare” (effectively what diversity is) work. We cannot. We either commit suicide or end diversity. There is zero middle ground.

  • Making black youths the face of knife crime is institutional racism

    Noticing that the UK’s rise in knife crime is almost exclusively a product of diversity is “racist,” says coddled parasite who lives off entertainment dollars and welfare funds. In reality, racism would be blaming the groups in question; fairness is noticing that diversity does not work and is not working for any group. If the knife crime is mostly black/brown, so are the victims; why is this poncy nitwit denying the negative effects of his ego-stroking policies on minorities?

  • Alcohol Is Killing More People Per Year Than The Opioid Crisis, And Most Deaths Are Young Women

    We look at the effect, but never the cause. We know that people are drinking and drugging themselves to death, but what caused them to do this? In other words, why are they doing it? The answer is the same as to the question of why people are not breeding at replacement rates or are committing suicide at record rates: modern society makes people miserable. Diversity is a huge part of this because it destroys culture and replaces it with television, jobs, shopping, and ideology. No one is happy under this, and the smartest die first. We are also finding out that social isolation kills people are starting to ask why we are socially isolated; the answer, simply, is that we exist without context, which is a consequence of The Enlightenment™ focus on the individual and the systematic removal of social order by Leftism — class warfare, anti-culture, anti-family, diversity, feminism, socialism, equality, pluralism — which has left us with nothing except apartment cubicles, job cubicles, and paid public activities. People are miserable. Our democracy will not address this, so it must be overthrown and its policies like diversity removed “by any means necessary.”

  • 86 Organizations Demand Zuckerberg To Improve Takedown Appeals

    People are tired of social media gaining the benefits of being a public space without having to uphold sensible community standards like (relative) free speech. In particular, it seems that the Left can say anything but the Right gets censored, which means that Facebook is more like a publisher than a host, and that in turn means it should fall under the regulations that apply to political action groups and NGOs. Facebook fears this because once it has to formalize its speech policy, two things will happen: (1) it will be forced to accept Right-wing speech and (2) its business model will fall apart as the Left flees in panic because it no longer has a safe space.

  • ‘Racist’ Christmas character Black Pete sparks clashes in Netherlands

    Everywhere, we must use Civil Rights as a weapon to force Leftism on everyone, because then human intentions will have triumphed over nature and we will finally be “safe.”

  • Facebook Fallout Ruptures Democrats’ Longtime Alliance With Silicon Valley

    Democrats sense that Silicon Valley is dying and want to separate themselves from it, so they are finally criticizing things that they have ignored for many years. Their hope is to force it to be regulated so that they can install “accountability” that defines anything Right-wing as “problematic” and therefore, induce Facebook et al. to censor it for fear of being “offensive.”

    Here’s how one of those rules works: the government gives Facebook 24 hours to remove “vile” content, which of course will be expensive for Facebook, so it will — of its own accord — remove anything which might be vile well in advance. This means that anything controversial goes. Government gets to claim that it is not censoring, and Facebook gets to claim that its censorship is merely for legal compliance and avoiding high costs plus legal risk, and the end result is that Left-wing incitement is 100% accepted and Right-wing content except for neoconservative milquetoast blather gets removed.

    I have a better solution: ban Leftists.

  • U.S. Adopts New Battle Plan to Fight China’s Theft of Trade Secrets

    While the rest of the nation slept through thirty years of intense Chinese penetration of our industry, and the Democrats at least appear to have been directly bought by the Chinese, the Right is finally awakening to this issue and counter-acting it. An even better idea would be to simply deport Chinese individuals here, since they have too high of a risk of working for the enemy.

  • Marine Le Pen buoyed by ‘growing discontent’ in France ahead of European parliamentary election

    Leftist policies are not working so well. However, Leftism is not based in reality, but in promoting the ideology of equality, so even when it fails, as long as it is gaining power, its adherents think it is winning. Consequently, they do not care what is destroyed or who suffers. As a result, people are turning to the Right, who are not ideological so much as realists who want the best possible outcome. Populists are rising across Europe as Leftism implodes because, since it is reality-denying, it cannot see that by winning it has failed.

  • Sweden may become latest country to annul child marriages

    Treating cultural differences as a law enforcement problem is bound to fail. Swedes have confused their Leftist ideology with Swedish culture; as a result, they think it is universal, and they can apply it to anyone from anywhere and make them into Swedes, when really they are just making them into more Leftist bots.

  • Google parent Alphabet’s stock becomes 2nd FANG to produce ‘death cross’ and Netflix is next

    And just like that, the “service economy” died and the West realized that it had to actually produce tangible value again. This is wonderful news: the death of illusion always is.

  • Air pollution levels ‘forcing families to move out of cities’

    Remember how eggs caused cancer? What about how sugar was good for you but fat was bad? As it turns out, getting rid of our hierarchy allowed proles to dominate our media, and they promptly lied vociferously for money, which means that they told us that diesel exhaust and car pollution were not real problems, but that smoking and climate change were. As climate change spirals down into oblivion in a cloud of fake data, we are seeing that air pollution has always been the issue but that recognizing it meant that we had to check our growth, limit our cities, and stop immigration. Now people are waking up to the fact that unlimited human expansion has resulted in ecocide-in-progress, causing mass ecosystem collapse through habitat loss, and are fleeing the cities for the countryside so they can get the last of the clean air. How’s that anti-hierarchical prole-rule working out for you, humanity?

  • Human rights groups call on Canada to end coerced sterilization of indigenous women

    Groups that contribute nothing want attention. In reality, they offer nothing other than more parasitism, so as people realize that we have plenty of people and our problem is that we are subsidizing too many, they tend to cut these people out. Society is better off without them. Is that “racist”? We would have no problem applying the same rule to a white group like Appalachian poor who are third generation welfare recipients.

  • ‘This would be a very good time to do a shutdown,’ Trump says

    Trump intuits correctly that the Left is thwarting him, but that since most of their strength depends on government, he can counter-thwart by shutting down government and starving the deep state. Even more, every day that government stays shut down and things are better, the more people turn on the idea of government as the solution to what are ultimately cultural problems.

  • Mother in migrant caravan makes appeal to Trump: “Open the doors for us, I beg you”

    Everywhere in the world, people are starving and suffering and dying. As others have noted, the default human behavior is to be mediocre and individualistic, and not surprisingly, that leads to societies without any infrastructure or unity, leading to war, genocide, poverty, and suffering. There are infinite people with their hands out but none of them will change their behavior, which shows us that this is a Darwinian event: future humanity does not need these stupid, inflexible, disorganized people; it needs those who can adapt. We have seven billion people and maybe a half-billion who are realistic enough to change their behavior in order to live better than at a subsistence level, ruled by strongmen in theocracies, riddled with corruption, and saddled with a wholly individualistic culture. The human norm is bad; those who rise above the norm should be rewarded, and everyone else is useless, so of course they have their hands out. If we let them, they will drain us dry like vampires, and then in our place erect yet another failed human civilization that will be exactly like the one they left.

  • ‘Tell Everyone We Scalped You!’ How Caste Still Rules in India

    We are so Left-brainwashed that few know what caste is: bands of qualitative differences between human beings by intelligence and moral character, which correlate to a degree in that smarter people tend to be more alert thus are generally more moral, although sociopaths can occur among them. 90% of your population are proles, and if you give them any power they will use it to destroy anything good and replace it with the mediocre; 9% are your middle class, who can be delegated tasks but if left to their own devices will create bourgeois nonsense like shopping malls, democracy, and churches with missionary activities; 1% are actual leaders, and these have to be set aside from the economic reality of life and made to focus on history, philosophy, and other compilations of intense knowledge so that they can make the best decisions for civilization on the 30,000-year view instead of reacting to the day-to-day like proles and bourgeois. Caste is inbuilt into humanity, and it exists in every group; the Left sponsors diversity in part to confuse caste origins so that they — proles to a man — can take over.

  • Farage plots British politics return to stop ‘half-baked’ Brexit plan

    He knew that professional politicians would sabotage Brexit in order to give them an excuse to give up and go home, which is exactly what Theresa May, a careerist, has done. You either act decisively or you “work the system,” which is what careerists do, and this is why populists are replacing careerists: democracy creates a bumper crop of liars and experts who are anti-realistic.

  • Kim Kardashian’s Private Firefighters Expose America’s Fault Lines

    It is not that “rich people get their own firefighters” but like in any third world nation, public services are so incompetent that you cannot rely on them. The Kardashians are merely protecting their investment, knowing that America’s firefighters are either too overtaxed or too addled by affirmative action to actually save their property. In the future, if you want decent police, fire, medical, etc. you will have to buy it, in addition to paying taxes for the mediocre public services that everyone else relies on. This is how it is across the third world and, now that we have chosen to go third world, here in America.

  • Orangutans Are Better Than Children at Making Tools, Study Finds

    Biologists hate the term devolve because they point out that every change is evolution, even if it leads to suicide; human language sees devolution as what happens when a species adapts to an illusion instead of reality. In that context, humanity is devolving, and soon we will be little more than talking orangutans with car keys.

  • Astroturfing Trump Hate

    Leftists are employing fake Jews to whip up anti-Trump hate. As usual, organized Leftism is as criminal as it is vapid.

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