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  • McCarthy claims Democrat told him, ‘This is not the party I know’

    White people are clever morons who take things at face value. The Democrats say that they believe in improving the lives of the poor, and so people believe them. This is hysterical! No one in their right mind would accept the words of a salesman or actor at face value, but once you introduce democracy, the good obedient sophomoric Dunning-Kruger white people just assume that everything is as it presents itself, because that is how you would interpret it in a social situation. The egalitarians always had one goal with “equality”: overthrow the naturally talented, competent, moral, aggressive, and wise and replace them with people who could be swayed by the whims of the group. When you put together a huge group of wannabe-kings, you get individualism multiplied by the number of the group and purpose divided by the same number, which ends up being a rabid focus on the lowest common denominator: they want to tear down everything good, and replace it with what they can control.

  • AP-NORC/USA Facts poll: Americans struggle to ID true facts

    Democracy and the Enlightenment™ (PBUH) are going to die together, it seems. The idea that people are equal because they all have “reason” has clearly gasped, flailed, and flung itself into a shallow grave. People cannot think critically for the most part because there are biological requirements, both intelligence and personality, for that ability. It is limited to a small subset of the population. We either give power to that group (aristocracy) or we hope the masses figure out something other than an ever-descending lowest common denominator, and the latter has just failed.

  • Data shows upswing in child exploitation cases

    The problem with sex is like the problem with drugs. As soon as you get to one high, you want another. This means that sexual liberation has an arc from casual sex to fetish sex to bisexuality to transgenderism to pedophilia to God-help-us-I-have-no-idea-but-probably-goats. The more you stimulate the body, the more stimulation it wants, where if you stimulate the soul — say, through a loving marriage! — that grows instead and becomes more powerful. As sexual liberation has eaten away at the West, we are at the point where you can purchase sex, even exclusive sex as a sugar daddy, go to group sex parties, get whipped or peed on or whatever counts as “edgy” these days, and no one is going to blink an eye. If you get caught, so what? Your marriage ends, a few friends sneak away, but generally, your life goes on. You do not lose your career. You keep your socioeconomic status. The only remaining “highs” are the forbidden ones. This explains why pedophilia is exploding in the West. If you want that tingle from doing what you know is really naughty, you are going to have to go full snuff or full pedo. In response to this, more people are heading straight into chaste traditional roles because we want to feed the mind/soul and not the body/ego.

  • I wish I’d never been born: the rise of the anti-natalists

    Modern life is miserable, without purpose, and lacking any kind of narrative that explains life itself as good. Instead we have a contra-life narrative that holds that only equality is good, and only by advancing equality do we become good. While we are embracing death, we get to work like slaves on pointless garbage in order to avoid getting swallowed up by the ghetto, while our government wastes our money and time with red tape and bureaucracy. We are killing ourselves; the anti-natalists are just honest about it.

  • PayPal Stops Supporting Pornhub

    Deplatforming reaches its peak from someone who never read the saga of VHS versus Betamax. Basically, VHS was cheaper and so because a favorite of the porn stores, and soon everyone had VHS “for the good value.” People are going to look at naked people and fantasize. The past handled this with pictures of naked ladies swimming and playing badminton. In our prole-run regime, we favor the crassest solution, so you get Piper Perry on a couch surrounded by large Black fellows, or abused children found on PornHub. Porn is gross, but the deplatforming of porn sites will only create shadowy alternatives to Paypal. Look for a boost in any stable cryptocurrencies. Also, look for deplatforming to get less favorable in the eyes of many. In the meantime, the bigger story may be that porn destroys the ability to have normal relationships. Just wait until we discover the same about casual sex.

  • Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

    The Left has banged out this riff for a long time. People in cities are cosmopolitan, which means they support the civil rights struggle, so they are good, while people in the country are inbred, mean, stupid, ignorant, racist, and hateful. This enables the cities to feel good about themselves despite having replaced culture and everything else organic and good about life with the Crowd and its relentless tendency toward lowest common denominator everything.

  • A New Study Reveals Queens Were MUCH More Warlike Than Kings

    Women understand external power better than men. A man wants a homestead, so he clears out threats to his nation and then considers the deal done until a threat manifests itself. Women realize that international politics is like a PTA group, complete with cliques, and until you beat down the cliques and drive out the horrible people, you will have no peace.

  • FBI’s ‘lone wolf’ report says domestic terrorists are rarely isolated

    The law wants not just red flag laws for guns, but for people:

    Most offenders had “family, peers, or online contacts who were in a position to notice troubling behavior,” the report said. “More than half of those who observed concerning behaviors made some effort to intervene or voice their concerns.”

    In other words, if you see something, say something, and then we will arrest the dissident.

    They like to, as the Soviets did, conflate mental health and political viewpoint:

    The majority of them “appeared to experience mental health stressors,” though most were never diagnosed with any psychiatric disorder. Of the 13 who were, mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder were the most common diagnosis. And more than half of the offenders “demonstrated a pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others or a belief that others were plotting to harm them.”

    FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress earlier this month that “a huge chunk” of the FBI’s current domestic terrorism investigations involve “racially-motivated, violent, extremist-motivated terrorist attacks.” Of those, Wray said, the majority “are fueled by some kind of white supremacy.”

    This is a good time to get off mainstream social media. If you go on there, just say “there are things that we cannot discuss at this time” whenever someone brings up a Leftist talking point. They will ask what, and you can post the latest link to someone getting deplatformed, beaten, or arrested and hauled off to a mental asylum for posting 13-52 and Groyper memes. This shuts down the Leftist.

  • ‘Prozac pollution’ making fish less aggressive, says study

    No wonder they wanted us all on antidepressants back in the 1980s. Someone who feels nothing will not care about the world beyond himself, sort of like a heroin addict or alcoholic, and a population of these will not only be easy to control, but will steer itself toward ignoring real problems in order to focus on what it can have, right now, to fill the void.

  • Neo-Nazi ‘Atomwaffen Division’ Spreads Fear in Germany

    Our society spent seventy-five years demonizing National Socialism, only for us to see that the National Socialists were right about ending diversity, even if we find their methods unsound. Now the backlash picks up steam as people realize that our society is doomed, and so if we have anything more to offer than attending a job and retreating to the suburbs, we are doomed; our dreams are doomed. People who feel doomed are going to become so committed to destroying the enemy that they do not care what they must burn, who they must kill, or what institutions get wrecked. Democracy, Leftism, equality, and diversity have failed, and those who cling to that old Regime are going to find themselves facing increasingly furious and violent opposition.

  • Donald Trump raises stink, claiming garbage from India reaches Los Angeles

    It sounds harsh, but the point he is making deserves attention. On a planet where we share the same oceans and air, there is no such thing as localized pollution. It goes where the winds and waters go. Our current political system offers no way to handle this. Colonialism did. That rankles, but perhaps we can find a hybrid, based not in liberal democracy and globalism, but in worldwide shared interest in clean air, water, and a environment, not even for our own sake but for the transcendental ideal that we should preserve things of beauty.

  • 10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble

    No one wants to accept the passage of time. However, once we do, we can see that all things run an arc. They start out with an easy task, replacing whatever came before, and over time, their disadvantages and structural problems become clear. The successful societies tend to, unlike the trend, revise their systems to be complete, or have every part serving a function, instead of letting them bloat and expand. Socialized medicine however by nature bloats and expands because it offers unlimited supply to a population that then no longer has to take responsibility for its own health. Despite the Left claiming that these systems work better, all we have to do is wait to see them fail. They are new, after all, having only come into existence in the 1960s. In the future, we will see that they provide inferior care at higher cost and will bankrupt our democracies.

  • Number of people punished for crimes hits new record low as England and Wales offences rise

    As crime rises, arrests and convictions fall. Where have we seen this before? By Jove, it’s the Ferguson Effect! In diverse societies, “underprivileged” groups will riot when one of their members get busted, and the goodthinkers will then take revenge on the police. In response, the police simply stop arrested the diversity. That allows crime to skyrocket and society absorbs the cost through insurance and higher prices, much like they are doing in California since it has effectively legalized shoplifting of items under $1k. People like this at first, because it means that their neighborhoods are not in the headlines as possible racist wastelands, but then they discover that they cannot make rent or buy quality food. “Yellow vests” style protests result, but the actual cause of all of this is diversity.

  • Life expectancy in UK falls amid rise in avoidable deaths in disadvantaged communities, report shows

    Avoidable deaths — alcoholism/drugs, accidental poisoning, and suicide — are rising despite all of the government money thrown at the problem. Maybe it is miserable enough to have a job, but doubly miserable when you have to do so in a failing society. The wealthier have their own version of this, which is that instead of having five children they have two, and one of them fails through neurosis, addiction, homosexuality, or anger to have children. This is what a death spiral looks like.

  • As the industry enters a direct-to-consumer era, the dearth of data beyond “self-serving marketing” metrics will play a large role in the 2020 union talks.

    Any time wealth appears, the unions rise up to steal as much as possible. In this case, they face a suicide march, since there are now lots of people outside Hollywood writing and making movies. If Hollywood goes on strike, they will simply be replaced by YouTubers, Canadians, and the rising third world media. That will in turn lessen the influence of American diversity worldwide. Accelerationism applies here; I am tempted to send this union a check with “STRIKE!!!1!” written in the memo field.

  • Prague university closes Chinese Centre after staff failed to disclose payments from Chinese embassy

    With China, we see a worldwide pattern of interference. Anywhere they go, they spend money on causes which will wreck those societies so that China becomes stronger. This shows us the Asiatic model of control versus the Western model of excellence: to rise, we made our societies and ourselves better. The Asiatics instead viewed humanity as a lost cause, and opted for mass mobilization. Their model will succeed in the short term and then self-destruct, sort of like most Asian empires throughout human history.

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