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Periscope (November 13, 2018)

  • Baraboo Schools Investigating Purported Nazi Salute Prom Photo; Photographer Says It’s Innocent

    Since the Left took over, all previous forms of rebellion have become impotent. How do you shock your parents with sexuality, drug use, criminality, and communism when these are all values of the new regime? You go the other direction and do what offends the egalitarian pretense of your parents. These kids are probably not serious, but the fact of far-Rightism being the only remaining form of rebellion is.

  • EU flag burned as tens of thousands join Warsaw nationalist demo

    The EU stands for ideology ruling every aspect of our life, where independence for historical nations means a chance to be in a group of people like you who understand you. People now realize that modern society is a trap; by demanding that “the people” rule, you get the lowest common denominator applied by a centralized authority, instead of leaders who try to understand who you are. We do better with intelligent leaders than averages, compromises, and popularity contests, in other words. The EU is just a big popularity contest, and that means that the dumbest impulses of humanity win out over our higher instincts. As people see this, they turn to local rule, eventually a level more specific than that of the nation-state, so that people will want to be part of Silesia instead of Poland, for example.

  • Jeb Bush calls for removal of Broward County elections supervisor he appointed

    The Left aims to turn America blue by 2020 through immigration, radicalizing its base of single cat-owning women and soyboys, and cheating at the vote. They have learned from the Clintons, however: never do anything illegal without also setting into motion the plans to cover it up. No evidence, no crime; the insistence of conservatives on procedure, optics, and civility essentially neuters them, mainly because conservatives always attempt to conserve intangibles (ethics, continuity, values, comportment) and so lose out to the more immediate practicality of the Leftist parasite, which does not care how it wins so long as it wins, and is willing to discard the question of why it does with it does for the simple expedient of making people temporarily feel existentially better. No one knows, then, if there is election fraud going on, but we all find the notion that suddenly votes were discovered while other votes may have gone missing and that it all somehow benefits the Left to the tune of ninety percent, all in all and taken as a whole, highly suspicious.

  • Latinos Could Turn Texas Blue If Enthusiasm Holds, Experts Say

    Your average conservative shows signs of long-term depression. He knows that without a strong force to oppose it, the collective weight of the wishful thinking of the herd leads it not to error but to outright delusion, and that this destroys it as surely as the French Revolution and Soviet Union ended the hopes of their host homelands. As a result, he exists in a perpetual fug of dread, knowing that all is lost but hoping to somehow find life to be good anyway. This drives conservatives to be religious fanatics or work fanatics, with the latter making up the biggest group. They curse at the television, scream insults at their leaders, and then go back to work so that they can buy their way out of the disaster. This puts them to sleep for decades at a time, and after a few years of screaming at screens, they stop believing that they can actually cure the disaster. As a result, they tell themselves little lies: Hispanics are “natural conservatives,” minorities will someday vote Republican, or best of all, that somehow our Constitution and laws will protect white people who just want to have normal lives. In reality, all groups come to conquer if you are dumb enough to let them, and the fascination of our proles for equality has removed our defenses and laid us bare for conquest. Hierarchy is not just functional, but the only form of human function; you either have your best at the top holding back the herd, or the mob stampedes and destroys everything. The minority vote is just one of its methods.

  • Police should stop and search suspects irrespective of race, says Sajid Javid

    In our politically-correct time, driven by the need to protect minorities from people realizing that diversity fails, in turn driven by the need of the Left to make civil rights into the weapon that gives government power over everything, only minority people can tell difficult truths about minorities and diversity. Much as “stop and frisk” cut crime in impoverished diverse areas of New York City, a race-blind stop and search would help everyone in the UK, but the usual suspects on the Left wanted to ban it because it revealed that diversity is not working there just like it is not working in NYC.

  • Honda to shift production of SUV to China from US amid trade war

    Trump has endorsed an America-first policy. He calls it “nationalism,” although it is more accurately described as formal recognition of self-interest, which clashes with the Leftist ideal of worldwide egalitarianism, since the latter requires that we abolish borders along with castes, cultures, heritage, religion, and even the family. His policy will make America more self-sufficient because, instead of allowing Chinese asymmetric warfare through their blocking of our exports with tariffs while we let their goods in cheaply in order to keep our bogus consumer economy afloat, he has adjusted for cost differences between the nations. The only remaining question is whether his restoration of our economy will kick in before the FANG stocks collapse.

  • Auschwitz survivor’s hidden letter details horror of Holocaust

    The Left has this nasty habit of suddenly “discovering” things like ballots and historical documents that fill in gaps in the story. Personally, although I believe the Holocaust did occur, I find the official narrative suspect, mainly because both the Soviets and Americans agreed on it, and I trust our local used car lot more than either of those entities. Albert Speer wrote the full story, which was that Germany set up a slave labor program for Jews and then, especially in Eastern Europe, open pit executions and barn burnings occurred with the endorsement and participation of local people. This does not make me any fonder of the National Socialists, but it is important to note that the Holocaust discussion is kicking into high gear because with the advent of obvious “soft genocide” against whites, no one cares about the Jewish genocide from two generations ago anymore. This document conveniently explains how the Germans did the impossible, namely gassing people with sawdust-based Zyklon-B and then burning their bodies in ovens that normally take three hours a body. As with all Communist propaganda, this one takes a grain of truth and bakes into a loaf of lies, but that does not mean that we should not learn from the Holocaust that scapegoating makes us weak and mass murder makes us hate ourselves.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty’s highest honour over ‘shameful betrayal’

    Myanmar provides a perfect example of how diversity does not work and over time goes from social alienation to outright warfare and genocide. When you have competing groups, one is on top and the others fight it, which means that whoever gets on top is going to eliminate the competition. It’s ugly, but the solution is to end diversity, not punish groups for defending themselves. We also see how Leftists make “heroes” out of people whose actions at the moment are convenient talking points to justify more Leftism, and then discard these same heroes as soon as the narrative becomes inconvenient.

  • Animal species becoming extinct in Haiti as deforestation nearly complete

    Plants and animals form ecosystems, or self-maintaining environments, that are more complex than the average human mind can begin to understand. When we leave natural land in its natural form, these are maintained; when we interfere, even if in “small” ways, we interrupt these, and then the plant and animal species start to die out. We can extend this metaphor to ourselves: with our organic culture, we thrive; with bureaucracy, we die. This is a wake-up call for us to limit our populations, end immigration, stop relying on external government like Leftism, and start looking to nature for metaphors that describe our existence more accurately than our humanist theories. Since we cannot face the need for us to fundamentally change how we view the world,

  • A moreish proposal: Japan’s plan to control invasive species by turning them into food

    Invasive species always win because their method of survival is less specific than that of natives. The native species have found a niche in an ecosystem and specialized for that; the invaders are generalists, and so they are simpler and require fewer conditions to be present. Whether this applies to foreign flora and fauna or immigrants, the principle is the same, as is the solution: remove invasive species and strengthen the native ones.

  • Missing Piece of Antikythera Mechanism Found on Aegean Seabed

    The ancients knew more, and had better technology, that we commonly think that they did. This tells us that our own technology does not make us immune to collapse, since it would be another two millennia before Greece had any technology like this again. When the original population fades away, so does the technology, learning, knowledge, and power.

  • Russia and China’s ‘attack on Google’: Virtual wargame ‘experiment’ hits search giant with ‘worst ever’ internet hijack that intercepted search, cloud and business services

    Somehow our technological geniuses failed to notice this one in progress. Did we hand power and wealth to the wrong people? In other news, the Asiatics have noticed that the West has paralyzed itself with Leftism, and they are gathering to take over as the dying empire falls. We can either choose to fall, or choose to rise, but first we must identify the problem.

  • Brazilian court takes issue with Bolsonaro’s campaign accounts

    The Left invented new strategies: “discover” votes, and drag down Rightists by creating the implication of scandal through “official” investigations, knowing that they can energize their base with self-righteous rage by doing so. The Americans are doing the same thing, convicting in the court of public opinion by implication, and they do this merely as a strategy for gaining power instead of from a view toward what is correct or accurate.

  • Police sound warning on ‘growing’ threat of far-right terrorism

    As Western Leftists push for white genocide, expect resistance. To stop that resistance, stop marginalizing founding groups in their nations. The Left will never admit the failure of their ideas, so they will continue the marginalization, which will cause more ineffective far-Right activity. There is only one effective activity: seize power, disenfranchise the Left, and then begin their physical removal. Then rebuild your civilization along the traditional model. Until we do that, the Left will continue categorizing far-Right activity as terrorism, and then will expand the definition of what is “far-Right” until it includes centrists. At that point, the Left gets its victory: anyone who is not Leftist enough will be purged, so everyone will busily act Leftist and it will appear as if Leftism is working. Shortly after that, civilization collapses. We can see this strategy at work in China, where your public reputation depends in part on how loyal you are to the Party.

  • The new aristocrats: The Camerons and Clintons of this world think they have a right to rule.

    Only our brick-ignorant intellectuals could confuse an oligarchy with an aristocracy. The Clintons know just how stupid the voters are in a group, and they take advantage of it, giving them a right to rule by being cannier than the herd. All Leftists are this way; they more than anyone else realize how dumb the masses are, and they feel themselves superior for being able to manipulate those masses.

  • Don’t mention the jihad?

    The ideology of jihad is incompatible with Western society, itself a mishmash of classical liberalism and socialism. The two blend because they share an egalitarian root, having rejected the hierarchy of the kings and the caste system known as manorialism. What no one is saying now is that diversity itself is incompatible with the survival of our civilization; the jihadis are the most organized in terms of ideological violence, and maybe the Africans have the most violent crime, but every other group brings subtler versions of the same and a bigger threat: when there is no one single group, there cannot be one single standard of values, beliefs, customs, and ideals, which causes society to lose unity and fall apart. We are in that falling apart. We cannot blame the other groups, but we must blame the egalitarians who brought them here in order to rule us with their vote. Be like Breivik: go after the libs.

  • German states want social media law tightened: media

    Dying empires, instead of doing the hard work of fixing themselves, scapegoat those who notice that the emperor has no clothes.

  • Pseudonyms to protect authors of controversial articles

    Leftist censorship has gotten so insane that academics want to publish anonymously — this means the publication will not aid their careers in a field where publication is the only way to advance said careers — so that they do not have their lives destroyed for mentioning obvious facts.

  • A New Face and a New Mission For Republicans

    Republicans need to stop playing the white suburban cuck role and begin fighting back hard against the Left, which requires first admitting what the Left actually are: crazed individualist proles grabbing power through egalitarianism and then running us into collapse for their Utopian schemes. Physical removal will be required.

  • The False Promise of Medicare For All

    The real problem with socialist-inspired programs is not that we cannot afford them, although it is clear that we cannot. They also destroy the quality of what we receive while jacking up those costs, which is a path not only to bankruptcy but to total loss of faith in the regime. Possibly we should adopt them and then stop paying taxes, since within a decade there will be no government to enforce tax compliance upon us.

  • Hannah Cornelius: Gang rapists give thumbs up after being found guilty of murder

    Most white men would kill to have a girl like Hannah Cornelius as a wife. Instead, she was violated and murdered by third world people. Instead of getting mad at the black faces, get mad at diversity. It always goes this way, no matter who the Other groups are: the founding group gets destroyed, the Other groups get destroyed, and in their place we get a new grey soulless race that never does anything great again. Most of the world consists of the mixed-race remnants of once-great empires.

  • EU Populists In France, Hungary And Italy Continue To Surge In Polls; Le Pen Overtakes Macron

    The Left has nothing left to offer. No one believes that we can afford the free stuff, the immigration programs have brought chaos, and the “plans” that Leftists unveil to deal with these situations represent simply a doubling-down of the same. The message of the populism wave is simple: we want an escape from Leftism, which is an external ideology we impose through force, and a return to organic systems of order where we choose our best as leaders and work with who we are instead of trying to “socially engineer” everyone into equal beings with the “correct” ideology. Leftism does not work. It destroys civilizations. As the voters slowly stumble to this realization, we will not see a swing of the pendulum, but an abandonment of the idea of any legitimacy to Leftism at all.

  • Wages show fastest rise in almost a decade

    Wages have gone up but so has unemployment; the UK is following the pattern we saw under Obama. More immigration means that native people get driven out of the lower-paid jobs, and their salaries collapse, except for those in whatever industry seems to be “the new big thing” at the moment. Jobs go away as many are replaced by lower-cost substitutes. This allows the politicians to claim success, when really what they have done is deferred problems that will blow up ten years later in a much more virulent form.

  • Hillary Clinton Would Now Beat Donald Trump by a Landslide, Poll Says

    The Left has energized their base with outrage and demographic displacement is working. These stolen elections are the last American elections, by the look of things. Luckily, this means that the Right can stop playing nice and start seizing power by any means necessary. Ideally, we would see white people simply stop paying taxes altogether, bringing government crashing down since we pay most of the taxes anyway.

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