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  • Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in suit against gunmaker Remington

    The Left was thwarted on gun control by District of Columbia v. Heller, so now they have a dual-pronged assault: first, red flag laws will seize guns from anyone who is not a good conformist and eventually, a Democrat; second, lawsuits against gun manufacturers will bankrupt them in the same way that suits against Big Tobacco did, forcing them to “voluntarily” adopt bullet-coding and biometric trigger activation. As usual, they want to ensure that you have no way of defending yourself against government and its mixed-race/mixed-ethnic allies. This is part of the playbook of tyranny that Plato described.

  • Netherlands to slash speed limit to drastically reduce air pollutants: Report

    This seems like a sane approach, but like most human attempts, it avoids the big problem in favor of what can easily be done. The real problem is not that people drive too fast, but that they drive too much. Why are they driving too much? Mostly to avoid ghettos in the city, which is why they live in the suburbs. They might commute in via train, but diversity has blighted that, too. So they hang out far from everything, drive fifty miles a day, and consider themselves fortunate and intelligent to have avoided “the problem” that no one will discuss. We need livable cities: smaller versions of suburban houses, in neighborhoods with organized shopping districts, near mass transit, and without diversity and egalitarian protections for the poor and homeless. Focus on the productive people, not the failing.

  • Branson apologises for South Africa launch tweet

    The entrepreneur tweeted a photo which was criticised for failing to reflect the diversity of South Africa.

    One of the critics is South African fashion designer Thula Sindi, who says: “Where did you find so many white people in South Africa?”

    Sir Richard tweeted an apology, saying it “clearly lacked diversity”.

    Replace “diversity” with “Marxism-Leninism” and you have exactly where we are today in the Napoleonic Arc.

  • Columbia Popeyes restaurant closed following video of brutal assault in parking lot

    Staggs suffered broken ribs, a broken arm and broken knee. The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, which is representing Staggs, says she has gone through multiple surgeries and is still recovering.

    As far as what led up to the attack, it all depends on who you ask. Employees claim Staggs made racist comments.

    Staggs claims she was treated rudely and called names when she went inside to resolve a double charge from the restaurant that appeared on her bank statement.

    Minority privilege: if you accidentally commit a felony, just claim that the victim was “racist.” Nobody wants another Ferguson, so you can mau-mau the cucks and win bigly.

  • Provocative Atlantic asks how civil war can be avoided

    You have two people in a house. One wants to move to Smalltown and the other wants to move to Bigcity. They will have to move by the end of the year.

    Smalltown is a small rural ethnically-homogeneous community where people do not lock their doors, go to church, engaged in cultural activities, and work hard but spend more time on family. This has a high cost: they exclude all of the various broken, defective, insane, useless, incompetent, neurotic, and criminal humans; also, since it has a strong culture, that culture requires participation, meaning showing up to church, the spring and fall festivals, and regular events like barn-raisings and christenings.

    Bigcity is a vast cosmopolitan center where people live in apartments sealed off from the rest, commute to work, have no culture in common, make their money by influencing others, spend lots of time at the office, and have a high degree of power in both their anonymity and their ability to use legal, financial, and political means to solve problems. The low cost to them is that they do not need to participate in anything except working and paying taxes, and whatever they want to do with their time is unobserved and not judged, so they are ultimately “free” not just from rules but the consequences of their own actions.

    In January, everyone gets along; they have a shared interest in maintaining the house until it is time to leave. By September, the two are divided, since the decision has to be made soon, and one party will lose everything while the other party wins it all.

  • Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans

    After the dot-com crash, and probably around 2006 or so, Big Tech realized that it needed a new business model, especially as its formerly lean companies bloated out of control. It went from selling ads to selling consumer data, and decided to cultivate a Leftist audience because advertising to niches (ethnic, religious, cultural, regional) was too expensive. Its companies, unstable, decided that they wanted more control since they could not simply earn money by offering a viable service. We will now see the vast extent of the abuses they have embarked upon, and how they hired tens of thousands of useless nerds to give them plausible deniability and hide behind layers of nonsense.

  • Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products

    Civil Rights gives government ultimate control. It demands that you do what it wants, or it finds someone who is not thriving under your system, claims that their civil rights have been violated, and uses that as an excuse to overthrow you. Israel is attempting to remove diversity; the EU would prefer that Israel simply become another vassal state of the EU.

  • YouTube can now delete accounts that aren’t “commercially viable”

    The point of this is that Big Tech is tired of being accused of censorship. Instead, it can simply claim that you either do not make enough money, or cost them money, with the controversy associated with what you say. It is passing the buck and blaming the consumer instead of the company doing the censoring. In the meantime, everyone with any brains has moved on to BitChute, DuckDuckGo, Mastodon, Tor, and ProtonMail instead of using the “mainstream internet.”

  • ‘I don’t regret a thing.’ Don Cherry not backing down after being fired by Sportsnet

    He said, in what could now be known as his “you people” rant, that he was seeing fewer people wearing poppies to honour fallen Canadian soldiers, singling out those he believes are immigrants in Toronto and Mississauga.

    He wanted to go out as a hero and not a zero. He has forced the Establishment to reveal its hand, and in doing so, has become a spokesperson for common sense and decency against the insane ideological hive-mind that government, media, and academia have become.

  • Saudi promo video labels feminism, atheism, homosexuality as extremist ideas

    They are not wrong. Let us try new definitions: anything which is a historically-proven adaptation to our environment is moderate, and anything else is extremist. Egalitarians want us to see the opposite view, which is that anything egalitarian is “normal” and any deviation from that — including the practices that have enabled humans to survive since the dawn of time like sex roles, religion, and focus on the chaste nuclear heterosexual family — as “extremist.” The war of our time is shaping up to be biology/realism versus ideology/individualism.

  • Hikvision Markets Uyghur Ethnicity Analytics, Now Covers Up

    Our mainstream media continues to insist that race is not genetic and that there are no differences between races and ethnic groups. In reality, differences exist, and people who want stability prefer mono-ethnic (not just mono-racial) societies. I hope they develop a camera that spots Irish heritage at a hundred yards so we can accelerate the deportations.

  • Illegal Pot Operations In Public Forests Are Poisoning Wildlife And Water

    Americans need to face the fact that our illegal drug habits are destructive. We buy the drugs that enable the cartels in Mexico to perforate Mormons and kill 250,000 Mexicans over the last twenty years; without us, none of that would be happening. Our drug purchases create a market that will be filled by whatever people want easier money than working, and since jobs are jails, they have a legitimate reason to do so. I suggest that we decriminalize personal production and consumption of drugs, but keep transportation and transfer of those drugs illegal. Grow your own weed or poppies in your home, and make your own medicine, but do not involve the rest of us in your issue. If you are too lazy and mentally disorganized to grow a plant, you should not be taking drugs anyway.

  • Chemical attack at kindergarten in China injures 51 children

    Good thing we banned guns and bombs so that now the acid attack can be the hallmark of our social unrest. China, as an even more homogeneous society than ours, will be seeing more of this as disorder increases worldwide.

  • Dollar, stocks slip amid trade deal uncertainty

    Certainty makes healthy markets. Uncertainty makes chaotic ones. A few savvy people are making billions from this while everyone else suffers because business cannot plan for an uncertain future. Almost all of this uncertainty involves rising nationalism clashing with globalism: trade deals with China, Chinese intervention in Hong Kong, Brexit, and of course worldwide “yellow vests” style protests.

  • Community Leaders: Group Of Boys Threw Eggs At Jews In Borough Park, Brooklyn

    Diversity means “every ethnic group for itself,” and that translates into constant low-grade warfare, specializing in provocation because if you can get the other side to kill off some of your miscreants, you can claim discrimination which justifies retaliation. It’s all monkeys flinging poo, all the way down.

  • NY Times: ‘Tidal Wave’ of Mass Immigration Hands Virginia to Democrats

    First they vote for Leftists, then they vote only for their own. Diversity is the hill that America has chosen to die upon, first with the ethnic diversity that created our Civil War, and next with the Civil Rights struggle that will finally consume us. Somehow the voters slept through all of this, owing to two factors: (1) the majority of people are disordered mentally and will always pick the easy option and (2) the committee mentality means that even intelligent people in groups opt for what they think is easiest for the group to adopt, instead of what fixes the problem. Right on historical schedule, democracy implodes, using methods noted by Plato and Aristotle over two thousand years ago.

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