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For those of you who have never heard the term “philo-Semitism,” it refers to those who are apparently enamored of Jews or Jewishness, and it used by internet anti-Semites to criticize those that they feel are not harsh enough on Der Ewige Jude.

Before we get into that, let us first talk about how to make yourself dumb:

  • Time. Limit yourself to the present tense, or at most the next two weeks.
  • Dichotomy. Everything must be a binary decision, yes/no, which means that it is approval or disapproval of a proposition, not a broad range of choices as is found in nature.
  • Category. Be sure to assume that if something is a member of a category, which means that it has whatever trait defines that category, the category defines its behavior, especially if it has other traits as well (just ignore those!).
  • Structure. Make sure you consider how something appears in the moment to you as its essence, instead of looking inward to see what it is made of and how it interacts with its ecosystem.
  • Laboratory. Always specify that any scenario you describe must be considered in isolation as if it occurred in a laboratory, with no surrounding environment, context, or history.
  • Universal. Consider any case as happening in one mind (that suspiciously resembles yours!) and in one place (that suspiciously resembles where you are). Ignore variety in people, locations, and time.

If you do the above, you will find yourself thinking like someone straight out of Idiocracy or Brave New World: a domesticated, infantilized, rebellious, fractious, selfish, and neurotic brat. In fact, most human problems now arise from this brattiness in normal people.

Back to the topic at hand, we have to be insane to think that the world breaks down into two groups, pro-Jew and anti-Jew, because this entirely denies context (see “Universal” above). Someone may be anti-Jew in Germany and pro-Jew in Israel, or even demonstrating the benefit of life experience and recognizing both that Jews vary as individuals, and there are many good ones, and also that diversity does not work, so no Other groups can coexist within a nation.

That might summarize my position well. I am the most radical nationalist writer found anywhere in that I recognize that diversity, even small doses and with nice/smart groups, does not work. I grew up in the South with friends of all races and wide experience with diversity, have lived in several minority-majority cities, and know good peoples from every race, religion, and ethnic group that you can think of. I have no interest in hating anyone. However, I know a bad policy when I see one, and diversity is a bad policy on par with emptying the prisons and handing out free machetes.

Societies need unity. Humans find this in having the same direction, which ironically includes the same inner characteristics that are common to a tribe like aesthetics, customs, preferences, tastes, and morals. These are hard-wired into genetics; you can try to fake these with ideology, political culture, or even lots of government pamphlets about quitting smoking and safe sex, but nothing compares to organic culture because it comes from within. A society with organic culture is a place where you always know what will be rewarded, can always intuit the right way to behave, and can guess what others will desire when given a choice. You know how things should look, where furniture should be, how to make a happy home, and millions or billions or even trillions of other details of life that you do not have to think about; you just do them. Organic culture is like a warm bath surrounding you that supports you, keeps you from getting cold, and relaxes you.

Diversity possesses no unity. The idea of diversity parallels that of pluralism, or “agreeing to disagree,” meaning that there is not one right answer but many preferences, and we all agree to tolerate those who adopt preferences different than our own. In reality, that means that all sides retreat and fall to scheming about how to make their viewpoint conquer the rest, and makes a malicious society where people try to destroy each other in order to advance their own viewpoints, religions, tribes, and behaviors. In diversity, everyone belongs to a special interest group that advocates for their tribe, with “tribe” being defined as mostly ethnicity and religion. Samuel Huntington writes convincingly that after the fall of liberal democracy, humanity will separate back into its tribes because organic identity is inalienable from the individual, where ideology constantly changes.

Now, what do I think about Jews?

I have known quite a few good ones and am still friendly with them. However, I recognize that they have a different culture and their values and behaviors are different from my own, sometimes appallingly so. Their mixed origins — mostly Caucasian, a fair amount of Asian, and some North African — cause a certain amount of confusion, and this leads to a culture which values biting humor and often what to Western Europeans appears as cruelty. They highly value education and business, and deprecate everything else, as one might expect from a trading population with a history of religious scholarship. Their society seems matriarchal to me, in that the Jewish women decide the big issues before their husbands talk them out in public, and they have a great deal of “self-hatred” which merges with self-deprecation. In my view, if you gave your average Jew a chance to chuck it all and be reincarnated as a German or Englishman, he would do it, but Jews also have a great deal of pride in their past and contributions. Their cruelty is beneficial in that it leads them to value intelligence and drive out idiots, leading to a gradual increase in intelligence. On the flip side, it also creates great guilt, which leads them straight into Leftism, as does their diaspora status when they are among foreign populations; in a diverse society, all minorities work against the majority because minorities fear majority rule. Once the majority is deposed, minority groups fall to fighting against each other, which is why the darkest ghettos of America are rocked by Hispanic versus African violence.

I find anti-Semitism as pants-on-head retarded as hating Negroes. This is not to say that one should fail to notice differences in behavior and abilities, only that these are not the cause of our conflict; diversity is. It is also not to say that we should keep these groups near us, since that guarantees conflict and hatred. I am pro-slavery because in every population, 90% of people are a hazard to civilization and those around them, but I favor the gentler form known as manorial feudalism instead of the grim, financial world of chattel slavery (chattel = legal property, like a chair or house). I also oppose African slavery because it is a form of diversity. It makes no sense to me that Jews rule the world, although I recognize that they have disproportionate influence and make up an alarming percentage of Leftist groups worldwide. In my view, the West decided on insanity after seeing how the Asiatics did things, and experienced class revolt as a result, starting with the peasant revolts and accelerating with The Enlightenment™ in which it was decided that humans all possessed “reason,” an implication of equality in cognitive process, even though reality is far different. We made stupid decisions and have reaped horrible results, and if the Jews have a role in this, it is as shopkeepers selling ideological products to clueless Western proles, not The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion type secret societies. Jews are under attack by the same Leftism to which they are drawn, which if it succeeds will abolish the Jewish religion and race and mix them into the much-desire equal grey race.

I find the Holocaust narrative comical, but believe the Holocaust happened: as Albert Speer details, it was a labor program that failed, at which point Nazi high command decided to work the Jews to death and let disease do the rest. The gas chambers are a fiction, just as the lampshades and soap were, and the six million figure is high by a factor of our or more. No one can deny the barn-burnings or open pit executions, but it makes sense to mention that the greatest number of these were carried out in Eastern Europe, France, and the Baltics by partisans who may have bee more anti-Jew than they were pro-Nazi. Jews, who see themselves as a persecuted minority, justify extreme nepotism and taking from the population around them, therefore were disproportionately successful especially after crises like the world wars, recessions, and famines. Even more, they have a high natural IQ and acumen for business, which meant that they as foreigners often owned the wealth of any land they lived in. As a critic of diversity, I would have pointed out to them that when one is a guest, it makes sense to behave very carefully, and the best among them did this, giving back as much as they took. This was not enough to save them from European pogroms, of which the Holocaust was just the last and most successful.

If you want to demonize Jews, you must overlook the many inventions they have given, especially in mathematics, medicine, philosophy, and finance. I find their contributions to law dubious, but not as bad as those of the Irish, who effectively wrecked American law; their symphonies are terrible and their novels neurotic. However, we cannot forget how much they have championed culture. Yes, we all know that the credits of any movie resemble a Jerusalem phone book, but so do the list of contributors at hospitals, symphonies, ballets, and operas. Walter Kaufmann translated Nietzsche and did not alter Nietzsche’s biting critique of the Jews (which is paired with adamant praise). Similarly, Gustav Mahler supported the early works of my favorite composer, Anton Bruckner, when his work was widely rejected. Baruch Spinoza remains one of my most dear influences, alongside Arthur Schopenhauer and Immanuel Kant, much as Stephen Pinker and Paul Gottfried are influences today. Binyamin Netanyahu and Benjamin Disraeli strike me as some of the greatest political leaders of our time, and Jewish inventions are many and make life better for all of us on a regular basis. There are too many contributors in mathematics and medicine to list.

That being said, as an Old Right and crunchy conservative, I am about half-hippie, a quarter Republican, and a quarter skinhead. I am boots ‘n braces on a few issues, one of which is that any amount of diversity — more than one ethnic group in the same nation — destroys all groups involved. Diversity is simply a stupid idea that flatters the pretense of individuals who want to appear “deep,” and anyone who endorses it is either an idiot or lying to themselves. This means that all Jews belong in Israel, their ancestral homeland; the Palestinians are a forgery, basically the slave people of the Romans who have now been assimilated by migrants from Jordan, Egypt, and other Muslim nations. Palestinians are the Mexicans of the middle east, doomed to do low-IQ work for their higher-IQ Jewish masters, and it would benefit both groups to relocate these. Jews could mow their own lawns (or rake sand, whatever they do in that region) and Arabs could go home and fix their own countries. As a Perennialist, or one who thinks that all of the great religions describe the same basic truth (which is different than endorsing all, or wanting to combine them into one), I see many great contributions in the Jewish religion, but think that we need a religion of our own in the West, which means that it cannot have a foreign origin. We can, however, send our people out to study these other religions, take back their learning, and incorporate it using our own concepts, and there are many great things to learn from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

To my mind, the Holocaust was a great historical stupidity, and the British and Nazis should have come to an agreement regarding repatriation of the Jews. However, the impediment there was the Jewish terrorism of the past half-century in England in the name of liberating Palestine to be Israel, following the ideals of Theodor Herzl, who made one of the first critiques of diversity itself instead of attacking its constituent groups, which reflects the defensive paranoia and pre-emptive violence of the diaspora Jewish political arm. I see no reason to spend my time fixated on Jews now when all of our problems in the West have a Western origin — after all, class warfare destroys all great societies — and we need to accept that before we can realize that the solution involves changing our own behavior (eject equality, replace with realism and transcendence, resulting in social hierarchy). The cruelty of internet HitLARPers not only drives away the Western European middle class audience that we on the Right need, but also appalls me on a personal level; cruelty for its own sake is as much a gushing emotional reaction as the ostentatious artificial altruism of the Western liberal.

I realize that most of this falls on deaf ears, but it is worth laying out as food for thought. I hope it can be a guide to many struggling with a foothold on the important issues of diversity, race, tribe, and restoring Western Civilization.

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