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Periscope (November 1, 2018)

  • Canada rushes to deport asylum seekers who walked from U.S.

    View your society through the law of supply and demand: anything you do well will rise above the human norm, which is mediocre. That means that everyone else will want (have demand for) whatever you have. That demand is nearly infinite, since they outnumber you twenty to one and breed more rapidly than you do. Humanity has an average IQ in the 80s and most people live in near-subsistence conditions because they cannot do anything else. This means that if you set up any kind of nice lifestyle for yourself, most of the rest of the human species will want to come there, but they will not have changed their basic abilities because they cannot. That means that the good thing will get swamped by the bad thing, and collapse, just as every human society has to date. Life is a zero-sum game based on quality: things of quality are rare, and if they do not defend themselves, they get destroyed. This applies to neighborhoods, community groups, friend clusters, your favorite pub, rock bands, ideas, religions, nations, even empires. Canada is just the latest to awaken to this reality, even if only partially.

  • Tanzania launches an anti-gay squad to track down and arrest gay people.

    No one wants to follow the West into degeneracy. Their winning strategy is to encourage us to destroy ourselves while protecting themselves from the spreading hive mentality emanating from the rich, bloated, and spoiled West, where most people with functional brains killed themselves or stopped breeding two generations ago.

  • Mother disputes early police finding that son’s hanging from tree was suicide

    Possible lynching, but before all the dumb fat voters rush out and scREEEEam “white sumpREEEmacy,” we should consider that there are other reasons someone might get beaten and hung. Most murders happen close to home, and most lynchings do not occur in the victim’s backyard. If anything, this could be gang- or crime-related, but the media will do its best to spin it as a white hate crime if it is found that he died by homicide and not suicide.

  • Five countries hold 70% of world’s last wildernesses, map reveals

    In our zeal for equality, we allowed humanity to bloat up to the point where it now numbers nearly eight billion people, most of whom cannot do anything more advanced than assemble basic products or grow food in subsistence farms. Before equality, we had hierarchy and a drive for excellence, and this discouraged the production of bulk humanity. Now that we have quantity over quality, we are eating up everything in sight, especially land, which then deprives natural species of their habitats and kills them off.

  • Mortgage rates slide as echoes of 2006 haunt the housing market

    Everyone loves idiots. Sellers love to sell to them. Banks love to loan to them. They’ll win two ways: first, when the idiots pay money for the service, and second when they pay even more money because they screw it up. Idiots rule in democracy because numbers rule and since most people are idiots, the only winning plurality involves idiots. Since politicians know this, they did their best to ensure that idiots, morons, imbeciles, and nitwits all had their own houses. That worked great under a demand-based economic policy, but fails under the tighter standards of supply-based economics. Now the housing market is going to buckle because the idiot horde is not there to buy anymore, and many of the idiots are bailing out. We could always just stop leading our political and economic system with idiots.

  • Bundy son suing US officials for Nevada standoff prosecution

    Shades of Ruby Ridge. Under democracy, government becomes powerful because it must herd sheep. This means that it also becomes abusive. This is not a question of “freedom,” but of sanity. Government enforces rules, not good outcomes. This is why it must be overthrown, and democracy overthrown, and replaced with a system with real accountability like aristocracy.

  • Al Roker defends dressing as white character for Halloween

    Diversity eliminates reasonable thinking. This is not about being fair; it’s about representing the needs of our tribe. If we cannot dress as you, you cannot dress as us, and you need to lose your job just as we lose ours for dressing up as another tribe. Only when we make the true cost of diversity revealed will people understand how it must go away.

  • Poland should quit U.N. migration pact, minister says

    The migration pact is non-binding but sets a precedent in law where the nation has agreed on some goals, and these goals are then used to interpret law. If you admit this pact, you will end up with an open door for the third world, who outnumber you twenty to one. They all want to come to the West because that is much easier than fixing their own countries, which were miserable before white men arrived and slightly less miserable but still miserable afterward. They are miserable because third world people have lower average IQs and therefore cannot defer gratification long enough to choose a long-term good outcome over a short-term mediocre one.

  • Trump has disarmed the Left of its politically correct weapons

    They used to be able to manipulate us by calling us “racist” or “sexist.” Now, Trump has shown that this is merely a control technique, and Leftists have revealed that they are merely manipulative. The next step is relocating them all to Venezuela.

  • Trump, Democrats kick off final midterm campaign blitz

    Trump is leading the Republicans from within, encouraging them not to act like nitwit stooges like Paul Ryan and instead to think clearly: with Republican majorities, we can put enough pressure on that group to make the cucks stand out and feel pressure, and then can pass actual legislation to undo decades of Leftist meddling. Once the removal of those laws make life better without the world ending, people will feel more confident about going even further Rightward.

  • CNN’s Lemon doubles down: ‘Evidence is overwhelming’ that white men are ‘biggest terror threat’

    Why is some gay black guy telling us what we should be doing? He needs to make suggestions to his own people. White people need to go their own way, in their own groups, since “white” is about as descriptive as “Asian” or “from North America.” We do not need people of other races or ethnic groups telling us what to do.

  • World’s last wilderness may vanish

    77% of the land and 87% of the oceans have been modified by human activities. We are an overgrown, low-quality species that is taking nature down with it, unless we reverse course and remove equality from our thinking.

  • Tech stocks plunged in October, suffering their worst month since the 2008 recession

    Big Tech was overvalued, but idiots bought it anyway. Now we all pay the price for what idiots did.

  • Father of Web says tech giants may have to be split up

    Of course they do. Not because they are too big, but because they are too stupid. Since 2007, these Big Tech guys have not produced any new products, only fought over dominance using old ideas. Thanks to most of America buying cell phones and spending all day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit at their do-nothing jobs, these companies got huge. It turns out that this value was overstated, and so now the markets take their revenge.

  • New migrant caravan departs El Salvador for U.S.

    Until we show them that we are in control of ourselves and that there is zero chance that they will get in, the entire third world will come here and drown us out. Your grandchildren will not look like you or have your abilities, all the things you enjoy will be gone, the Constitution and our laws will be reinterpreted, and our society will be another third world ruin. If you have a soul, you dislike that outcome, but most people do not have souls after two centuries of democracy inducing the best to suicide and not breed.

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