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“Science” has failed us. Democracy has failed us (our leaders are literal peasants). Law and constitutions have failed us. The media has, as we have known for some time, become a cheerleader for the dying regime, as has “science” and academia. We cannot trust anything public.

This follows what any teenage metalhead could tell you, which is “Trust no one, Jim. Especially not in the mainstream.” We are starting to see how groups of humans always settle on compromise based on who is present instead of thinking toward the future and the eternal; crowds destroy goals and settle instead on pleasing everyone who is already assembled, a mentality which leads to sacrificing tomorrow to pay for today. Humans make this same stupid mistake every time because they want to eliminate threats to their mental comfort, which they hope to achieve by re-arranging the world, instead of setting up their minds to be disciplined to the world, and then acting on it in a way actually compatible with realism.

Western Civilization, nu-version, has failed. We faced a relatively simple crisis and have destroyed our economies and normal social life. This provides benefits, in that people are realizing how much of “the new normal” is simply unnecessary or destructive; it also causes us to see how weak our system is when we cannot trust media, academia, science, or government to tell us what is necessary. It makes us realize how our system of “globalism,” which depends on international trade, is not just fragile but works against us. That in turn makes us wonder why the jobs ever left our shores, and realize that our toxic brew of unions, lawsuits, taxes, regulations, and diversity has ruined the American workplace, destroyed the value of American labor, and made it inhospital for companies to do basic manufacturing and services jobs here. As nurses demand more money and Amazon workers want to go on strike, we are seeing that the “worker’s society” we have created is in fact a giant extortion mechanism, and that all of us pay — in the end, with our time — for this giant system designed to keep useless people employed, quiet, and distracted.

So clever we are. Every problem that came our way we batted down, but we never thought of the whole, that is, what choices make for a system that is compatible with itself and the mathematical patterns of nature that pervade all life. We considered each problem as it arose, and saw it as a problem in itself, not a part of an unstable system. We bashed each problem down with the same solutions, and the problems came back again, and again. We have entered a terminal phase, spinning on our axis, unable to address any of the issues that confront us except by repeating the same actions which have brought us to this place to begin with. For each problem, we argued from a morality that every human life was sacred and every person had a need to be equal, which put us forever into a loop of different rights clashing, with no way to resolve them because our society had no goal. We have no direction, no purpose, and no ideal toward which we strive. Instead, we are here eating up the wealth and power of the past, forever pumping it back in the system to make everyone equal, just so that the average person can feel important despite having an inconsequential life. Social mobility, civil rights, and entitlements — considered “good” by the majority of our people — have turned out to be traps, like most things that are too good to be true. Coronavirus was not a huge event, but the failure of our system has been. The prolefest is over, and it will be replaced by hierarchy and the need for a purpose so that we can measure our “rights” against that goal, and figure out what we must do, instead of forever trying to please everyone in order to keep civilization together.

This presents us with a difficult path, since it consists of two branches that must arrive in the same place. The first branch is hard realism, or paying attention to the results of our actions rather than our feelings about them, how the committee approves of them, what a clever compromise they are, or how they invoke our abstract symbols — freedom, love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, equality, brotherhood — so handily that they make us feel intelligent. The second branch is a transcendent goal, or something to which we can always aspire, but which we can never fully achieve, so that we always have purpose. Our civilization does not begin to heal until we decide that we want to be good again, in the sense of doing what is just and orderly according to the patterns of nature. We cannot be “good” in human terms, which our monkey brains always intend to mean making good and evil equal so that no one must face consequences for being bad, since this leads to bad places and is a substitute for having direction, which is a fatal condition in itself.

With this we enter a radical age. Illusions are falling. We see now that democracy empowers those with money to buy votes, legally or illegally; we see that every different group in society forms a special interest, trying to tear society apart, which means that each society needs one group ruling it and one caste from that group making all the decisions. We visualize how globalism and diversity are one and the same, each creating the other, and how benevolent xenophobia makes happy isolated nations which can pursue their own interests without dependency on others. On what was illusion, let death feast: we see now that illusion leads us into circular thinking and decline. For our substitutes for a goal, such as humanism and individualism, we can have nothing but scorn now, since they have proven to be deceptive and destructive. We must leave behind the old ways that have failed us, and embrace the ways that work in every age, known as tradition. This means getting rid of many things, and sending many people away, since those are fatal to our future and our happiness as individuals.

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