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At any exciting historical moment, and we are at one now, we have to ask the vital question of which previous time in history most approximates where we are now. For example, is this the run-up to WW1, or WW2? Another Korean War? Perhaps we are repeating the Punic Wars, or we always have been doing so.

In any case, the battle lines have been drawn. The West wants to consciously decouple from China because of its consistent bad handling and bad faith dealing over the coronavirus debacle. Whether we wear masks or not, we have reached the point where getting back to work is essential if we want to survive.

Speaking of work, many people are noticing what is missing, rather than what is there. That is, they are finding out that many of the things that they thought were important turn out to be less important. Quarantine means that you make do with a few basics and find other ways to enjoy life.

The Left wanted to use this crisis to crash the world economy and transition us to a socialist-style economy, forgetting that we already have market socialism in most first-world nations, and that market socialism — high taxes for entitlements, debt spending — has made us weak.

Even more, we are starting to look at why all of the jobs went overseas. Few will utter the answer: unions. The unions won in the 1980s through a series of court cases and strikes, and so the companies realized that strikes and lawsuits could put them out of business, and went overseas.

Was it a coincidence that the 1990s were the decade of outsourcing? Of course not. If you cannot rely on your workforce, your business will go away, so companies locked arms with the Clinton administration and sent everything to China. Thirty years later, we see that this was a terrible mistake.

As usual, democracy blunders along, trying “new” things which are known failures in both recent and ancient history, simply because people in groups make bad decisions. They opt for a compromise instead of a clear direction.

In fact, if anything marks the West during its era of decline, it would be the total lack of direction, since we have become led by our tools (economies, gadgets, democracy, ideology) instead of having the role of master to those tools. Everything is backward because we start from broken assumptions.

Those assumptions reflect human projection, or the idea by the individual that the world is a facet of themselves, instead of the other way around (we are facets of the world). This means that we have to argue from intent instead of known results, which causes us to become ideological.

Ideology in turn requires equality, since if we are setting up a symbolic reality and demanding it be enforced, that requires everyone to do the same thing, and no one to escape. Not surprisingly, this system is cratering in debt, racial violence, censorship, and soft totalitarian repression.

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