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  • The New Secession

    People want to live among others like them. They also do not want to be responsible for funding others who are not doing as well. In their view, those others need to figure out a method of behavior that allows them to succeed, and chucking money after the problem will just perpetuate it. The white part of Baton Rouge wants to cut itself free from the black part, and this offends egalitarians, but makes perfect sense if the two want to continue to exist in harmony.

  • John Cleese accuses London of not being ‘an English city any more’

    He understands the value of being English and the futility of trying to be everything to everyone. When you are English, you have a unique brand; when you give that away, you no longer have a living culture, and become instead an “English-flavored” version of the same stuff that is found everywhere else. Then you have nothing, and you owe everything to international forces beyond your control.

  • Association between Early Life Exposure to Air Pollution and Working Memory and Attention

    It turns out that exposure to air pollution makes babies dumber, which means that it damages the potential they otherwise have encoded in their genes. Taking people who are natively dumb out of the air pollution will not make them intelligent, only slightly less dumb; the bigger problem is that our intelligent people are becoming less intelligent because of all the air pollution around them, since it is inescapable at this point. Modern society is killing us but we refuse to let go of it because “muh freedom” to live a selfish life might be in doubt at that point. If asked, your average person would prefer his dingy city apartment in a swell of noise, air, and light pollution to having to be accountable for his actions in a town or village. Cities are an expression of human fear and neurosis, but we are finding that, as in Moby-Dick, our pursuit of power without correspondence to the order of nature and reality leads to self-destruction. Then again, since it attacks our brains, soon we will be too blissfully stupid to notice. Hurr? Durr.

  • High school yearbooks recalled over Confederate flag photo

    School yearbook cover accidentally included photo of school yearbook cover from the past which had a Confederate flag, and so the panic of the herd spreads and they recall all the yearbooks to avoid the risk that someone might be offended. This backfires and they end up in the news anyway, so double down on virtue signaling. This is an MBA-style decision: avoid controversy because it represents business risk. At this point, we should ask ourselves why we bother with public schooling at all, because different groups need different schools. Upper middle class white kids can handle more truth than any other group, apparently, and every other group could live in its own bubble-reality without having to deal with troublesome Western Europeans. In reality, in a time of identity politics, the Confederate flag is rising as a symbol of Western Europeans because every other group gets their symbols, and we need one for us. The fact that it offends others merely gives us more power; their offense styles them as victims and places us in a leadership role, even if they do not yet see it that way.

  • Wikipedia accuses The North Face’s of ‘defacing public property’ with photo swaps

    People have not yet realized that Wikipedia is Big Tech, too. Sure, it hides behind being a non-profit, but pays out huge salaries to a good many people. It also advances a Leftist agenda by choosing a small cluster of editors to relentlessly exclude information that can be used as factual support for conservative ideas, while encouraging vandalism of Right-wing figures. Even more, as the North Face campaign shows us, it is easily manipulated by ShareBlue employees, government workers, SEO consultants/spammers, religious cults like Scientology or Unitarianism, suburban brats chasing trends like Pastafarianism and Andrew Yang, foreign agents, and of course its own staff who maintain “alt” accounts in order to mediate content. In short, Wikipedia is not a reliable source, but propaganda.

  • Newark Ticketing Drivers Who Give Money To Panhandlers

    Utter sanity. If our goal is to take care of the homeless, we need to do it through charity. Government programs fail; giving winos money to buy more MD 20/20 does not provide a solution either. A sane society would move the homeless to the middle of nowhere and set up a charity soup kitchen, then let them either dry out from the drugs/drink or get repatriated to some other country stupid enough to make that behavior legal. What you subsidize, you get more of. If you want lots of homeless in your neighborhood, be sure to give them money or government support. If you want none, end all support and arrest people for vagrancy and drop them over the county line.

  • Mom furious after teacher writes ‘WTF is this?’ on son’s homework

    Snowflake and Mom need to grow up. The best teachers are uncompromising in their demand for quality. Although education in America is nonsense because it is daycare for a group whose IQs range from 70-125, and therefore meets the needs of no one, forcing teachers to be less rigorous simply panders to the weak students at the expense of the strong. The point of society is to offer people a chance to rise, not to make everyone rise simply because they are human. We all benefit when the good are in positions of power; we all suffer when the bad are in positions of power. If the teacher is not insane, this student submitted WTF work and deserves to be given a chance to see how out of line he was and correct the behavior. If he does not, as Judge Smails famously said about the Irish, “the world needs ditch-diggers too!”

  • Children whitening skin to avoid racial hate crime, NSPCC finds

    For how long will we allow ourselves to be hijacked by life failures who want to tell us what to do, like journalists and bureaucrats? In this case, they found a few children who had been told — correctly — that England is for the ethnically English, and used that to drum up this nonsense story about how children (which implies children generally, not a few) are lightening their skin because of how horrible and racist England is. All accusations of “racism” exist merely to deflect from how badly diversity is failing everywhere it has been tried, no matter what groups are involved. If you sent white English kids to these third world countries, they would be rubbing mud on themselves to fit in, too. Diversity just sucks.

  • Shoplifting and other petty-crime cases are being dropped by courts

    Diversity is working so well in Canada that now they have plenty of American-style crime to focus on and are ignoring little crimes. The end result will be increased lawlessness, since there are now effectively no penalties for petty crime. The voters will, in the midst of mouth breathing and drooling, pause for a moment and wonder why this is the case, then run in a panic to the polls to vote for more money to the justice system, shortly before being shocked that other programs run out of money and their taxes just have to be raised again.

  • NASA asteroid SHOCK: An asteroid just shot past Earth closer than the Moon at 26,000MPH

    We are living on borrowed time, fighting over how to distribute wealth instead of looking toward the future, like a group of bickering monkeys who deserve extinction. This is the high cost of letting Leftists and other neurotics live among us: our eventual destruction. Do you want to live, or die? Someone else will have to die for you to live, most likely. That means you want to make sure that you live for something big and valuable, not just going to a job, buying stuff, hanging out with your friends at the bar, and spitting out ungrateful and resentful children to warehouse in government daycare while you browse Amazon and Facebook at your do-nothing job.

  • Government spends almost £100m on Brexit consultants

    We will find, eventually, that bureaucrats are simply partially complete human beings who became a parasitic organism which lives off the rest of us. They cannot be whole, but they are obedient and rule-based, so they go through education and get those certifications and then become powerful in The System, even though in nature they would not survive a night. Somehow, aristocracy avoided this parasitism. Note: most of these consultants, bureaucrats, lawyers, NGOs, journalists, and academics are not Jewish. Food for thought, perhaps.

  • Florida Launches Investigation Into Group Trying To Privately Build Border Wall

    The Left has fired up its usual multi-pronged assault on this group which is building a portion of the border wall on private land. They are going to do what they always do, which is try to raise enough stink that the bourgeois voters run the other way. The correct response is most likely to countersue and win for once.

  • New York man facing illegal weapons charge after killing 2 burglars in his home says gun was father’s

    Government went after a fellow who shot two career criminals in his home. The message is clear: government can be the only one in control. No wonder they want “gun control” (really: end to private gun ownership) so badly.

  • France’s MeToo creator on trial for defaming man she accused

    We set up our justice systems the way we did for a reason. They gave you a good chance of having a reasonable decision made about your guilt or innocence. Clever Leftists worked around that and made accusations into convictions, but this now backfires on them when people use the legal system to point out that this actually ruins careers. With luck, this will force the sexual assault accusations back into the legal system.

  • Arrest of two journalists over ‘stolen’ document has ‘grave implications for press freedom’, court told

    The UK has the right attitude on this one. It is not free speech to republish things that you have stolen. It is free speech to be able to comment about them. Theft is never good, whether of information or physical objects. Leftists want to associate free speech with theft of information so that eventually, free speech gets limited and banned.

  • Pesticides explained: the toxic chemicals in up to 70% of produce

    Dumbass American-style conservatives have designed themselves as a reaction to what the Left champions. This makes them weak because they end up defending actual bad things along with good things that the Left hates. In the interest of furthering the egalitarian revolution, Leftists have done their best to make food cheap, and capitalists have gone along to make the most efficient food production system ever devised. It sacrificed quality for quantity, as is always the case, and now we are seeing that the lowered quality also involves real threats to our well-being. We have to decide whether we want more people, or a higher standard of living.

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