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  • Police, FBI thwart Army veteran’s plan to bomb Nazi rally

    This one just did not get much press:

    Mark Domingo, an infantryman who served a combat stint in Afghanistan, was arrested Friday after visiting a park in Long Beach where authorities said he planned to plant home-made explosive devices made with nail-filled pressure cookers in advance of a Nazi rally scheduled Sunday.

    Oh, that’s why. On the pity scale, he ranks highly: minority + poor + Leftist.

  • Female gun ownership and the rise of fashionable “carrywear”

    Your society is disintegrating. What do you do? If you are human, turn survival into a fashion. It is good to see people getting ready for the collapse of order however. We are all just waiting for the signal to begin our own personal FPS, erasing Leftists from the Earth like Anders Breivik and Tim McVeigh (no homo).

  • Many college grads feel their grip on middle class loosening

    College degrees mean nothing now because everyone has one, affirmative action induced grade inflation, and college students are so spaced out with political propaganda that it takes years before they are ready to be functional. In addition, high taxes mean that you have to earn a lot more money to have a middle class lifestyle. Our future is as a giant mass of people in service industries selling the same garbage to each other and living in tiny apartments while using phone apps to pay for more services. It is basically an economic circle, with government taking taxes off the top and declaring how great things are doing on that basis, then borrowing a few more trillion to keep paying the underclasses not to revolt. Late stage democracy as usual.

  • Kim Foxx fighting push to appoint special prosecutor to her handling of Smollett case

    This never would have happened during the Obama/Holder regime. However, now money talks more, and people are tired of those with wealth getting away with breaking laws at the expense of the rest of us. Someone paid for all those hours of police overtime, and the normal everyday taxpayer wants it to be the person who caused the unnecessary drama. In addition, the question of Leftists cooking up these “hate crime” events rears its ugly head, with all of us knowing the truth of secretive, informal Leftist collusion as the norm. Just think how much money we could save by relocating foreign ethnic groups to their homelands and sending all the Amerileftists to Venezuela. We would be back to the boom years of the late 1980s, or even healthier.

  • China to take over Kenya’s main port over unpaid huge Chinese Loan

    While the West dithers and bickers about how to distribute the entitlements that it cannot afford, China is taking over the world. The only thing standing in their way is the rise of populism, which emphasizes self-sufficiency. If we went away as a market, China would be in trouble. However, we are neutralized because of all the Leftist laws, unions, lawsuits, regulations, and policies like affirmative action. If those went away, America could resume being a happy place, but it is going to require ending both diversity and Leftism.

  • ‘Sister, where did you go?’: the Native American women disappearing from US cities

    According to FBI figures, Native Americans disappear at twice the per capita rate of white Americans, despite comprising a far smaller population. Research funded by the Department of Justice in 2008 found Native women living on tribal lands are murdered at an alarming rate – more than 10 times the national average in some places.

    This probably correlates to alcoholism and risky behaviors, but who really knows. Diversity works for no one. Amerinds (“Native Americans”) would be happiest back home in Mongolia with their Asiatic co-ethnics.

  • ‘No sex without fighting’ – tackling toxic masculinity in DR Congo

    Western Leftists are attempting to take over Africa and make it just as neurotic as the rest of the world. Cultures differ; the Left is trying to use its political culture to take the place of national cultures, so that we can be one perfect Utopia of equal people worldwide. Most likely the flu virus feels the same way about what it does.

  • The Lo-Fi Voices That Speak for America

    AM radio seems like a dead technology. However, it is inexpensive to produce and reaches long distances. This makes it perfect for conservative operators, since we can use it to reach a great number of people without others knowing that they are tuning in, unlike on the internet.

  • Constable squeezed cash from Easter reveler at county park

    Hispanic cop enacts Mexican-style shakedown on co-ethnic. This is what diversity means.

  • Local student’s promposal sign deemed racist by school officials

    Student creates humorous sign — “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking you for prom” — and everyone loses their minds, as usual. In the meantime, this student ascends to legend status among everyone who is not cucked in his local area.

  • Teenager with allergy dies after classmate threw cheese at him

    Modern breeding seems to produce many frail people who rely on medicine to keep them alive. In no $year_number or situation is this a good thing; we are becoming unable to survive without the intense apparatus of modernity, which it itself frail and likely to croak if someone pitches cheese at it.

  • PLA’s furtive underwater nukes test the Pentagon

    The Chinese have developed and deployed a submarine fleet equipped with nuclear missiles. Your choice is to have the West as the superpower, or rely on crazy China — complete with repressive government, herdlike masses, and ancient superstitions — to rule humanity. Sensible minds see that a human species under the power of China, Russia, and Iran will be in its endgame.

  • Several states consider banning a widely used pesticide linked to lower IQs, ADHD in children

    Expect a lot of these. The “miracle solutions” from the Age of Individualism will turn out to be toxic because ultimately you cannot cheat the balance of nature, and we will realize that instead of making ourselves in command of nature, we made ourselves weaker and enslaved ourselves to a system that wants us dead. Many things we considered normal twenty years ago will be seen as highly toxic and destructive as more results come out. Maybe we will even recognize the same about democracy, diversity, and equality.

  • Some British streets are split purely along racial lines with ‘no assimilation’, claims Nigel Farage in speech at US university

    We see the same thing everywhere diversity goes. “Assimilation” is a fantasy designed to keep you asleep until it is too late to do anything. No one wants to be a generic cultureless person.

  • ‘Political Islam’ seeks secession from France: Macron

    “Political Islam wants to secede from our republic,” he said, asking the government to be “intractable” against it.

    “We are talking about people who, in the name of a religion, pursue a political project,” he said.

    “I want (tax) cuts for people who work by significantly reducing income taxes,” said Macron.

    Globalism blinks. “Political Islam” is a nice way of saying that Muslims are more honest about their intention to take over, when in fact all groups under diversity are striving for that.

  • 20 years after Columbine, school safety still eludes us

    School safety was always an illusion; you either have a mostly-safe society or not, and that depends on how you structure that civilization. When you destabilize it with entitlements, diversity, high taxes, democracy, and other things that fracture unity, you have to expect that it will fall apart in a war of special interests. Caught in the middle of that, youth see themselves growing up into a world that is more hellish than pleasant, and so many of them decide to check out but not without taking others with them. Since most of their peers will reflect the stress of their parents, who have been forced to accept insane ideas (democracy et al.) as normal, and thus pass the tension on to their kids and tell them to shut up when they ask inconvenient questions, these students will hate most of their peers and enjoy totting up a few dozen kills to make their elaborate suicides worthwhile. The only solution to teen drug abuse, suicide, school shootings, and dropoutism is to make society more sane; to do that, we must remove the Big Lie of equality and all of the programs based upon it. It will take some work, but we can live in a nice place again, instead of a wealthy place which is perverse, horrible, twisted, ugly, cruel, manipulative, deceptive, and seductive under the surface.

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