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  • More than half of Swedish women aged between 16 and 29 have been subjected to sexual assaults or harassment

    Diversity makes enemies out of ethnic groups. When they come to a new nation, they have to either reject their past or embrace it and then see the need to conquer this new group so that their group is not a conquered group. Rape, crime, vandalism, welfare cheating, and constant cries of “racism” are weapons in this war. We must end diversity of all kinds: ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural.

  • Danes make welfare a hot election issue as cracks show in Nordic model

    No one can afford the entitlements state. It insulates people from their decisions, so they have fewer children, and then those children cannot be taxed enough — at some point, probably anything over half, people simply give up — to provide benefits to the old. Europe is slowly realizing that its 1830s vintage entitlements state has bankrupted it, and that it could not afford it in the first place, since it had to cut other necessary expenditures in order to pay for it. Perhaps Europe gave up its colonies and overseas ambitions for this reason. We might also see the rejection of Nordic social systems as a market correction; you can afford all that government gives for a lot less than 36% of your income every month.

  • Germany new, old shame

    Awkwardly for Merkel, the source of the rise in attacks on Jews looks to be the huge wave of Muslim migrants that she allowed in starting in 2015, who carried hate with them from their homelands.

    Diversity does not work. When Jews get thrown out of 109 nations, and these same nations have struggled with Roma/Gypsies, it means that diversity is not working. Different groups are different; they are not equal. No one is equal.

  • Dow drops more than 150 points as bond yields sink further on concern about the economy

    Ever notice that we are ruled by fears? People fear that US-China trade tensions might cause problems, so they panic as a herd and withdraw their money, causing their fears to come true. In the same way, people feared that having kings would lead to tyranny, so they ran in a panicked mob to democracy, which has made that tyranny become real. We need to stand up to our fear and take a stand for what we know works, which is producing what we need and letting the rest of the world do the same.

  • Facebook Is Already Working Towards Germany’s End-to-End Encryption Backdoor Vision

    As it turns out, social media proves only too willing to give information about users to government while crushing free speech through censorship, making these social media monopolies the perfect implements of mass control. They are better than the old system where you only had three channels on your television because they censor content before you can find it, so people can publish it all they want, but will be limited to a tiny fraction of the population. In the meantime, their devices are spying on you and will relay that same location, activity, even heartbeat information to their corporate masters and through them to government. This is happening while Big Tech solidifies its monopolies, meaning that soon government will have indirect but total control of business, media, and its citizens. Imagine if the world described in 1984 came about through the methods described in Brave New World.

  • The Troubled History of Psychiatry

    We now have over a century of psychiatrists and psychologists treating people, and the result is a population that is more neurotic than ever before. At what point do we admit that these people are not helping us, but merely projecting their theories onto us? That makes them, too, simply parasites.

  • Chinese tourism to U.S. drops for 1st time in 15 years amid trade war

    Tourism drops because we have abandoned the “China first” agenda and replaced it with self-interest. This means that they were coming here not to see the sights, but to have anchor babies, get into universities, and buy up properties. As the fastest-reproduction high-IQ immigrant group, the Orientals are the ones most likely to replace us, and as history shows, they have tried it before and feel threatened by our success, so they will try it again. They are trying now and were succeeding until Trump came along.

  • Trump said ‘the Jews always flip’ after Cohen agreed to cooperate with Mueller, book claims

    Trump is looking more like a Nixon, JFK, and Reagan hybrid these days. He recognizes that special interest groups act in their own interests. This separates him by a wide ideological gulf from the Obama-era notion that everyone was acting for the best of the nation because it offered them diversity and equality. Nope, instead it seems that diversity and equality are just cover stories for foreigners taking over and every special interest group raiding whatever it wanted at the expense of the majority who are dumbed-down by democracy and equality.

  • Shortages plague Cuba as U.S. sanctions sharpen economic woes

    If your economy collapses when one trading partner imposes sanctions, it was weak and ready to fail anyway. Obama extended American subsidies to Cuba. Now that sanity has returned, we are recognizing that this Communist nation just off our shores is a threat which has partnered with competing groups who want to replace us, like Russia and China. Letting them starve to a natural death is the kindest option.

  • Lawsuit Seeks Answers on Five Men Arrested on 9/11

    The men were held for 71 days, according to ABC News, before they were deported to their home country of Israel without being charged. Much of the findings of the FBI’s investigation were redacted and have yet to be released to the public.

    I am skeptical of 9/11 “truthing,” but foreign powers might well have known of it and wanted to encourage our entry into the war to subdue certain Muslim middle eastern powers. Then again, those powers were lobbing Scuds at them, possibly with chemical tips, so one can understand how tempting this must have been.

  • New Zealand schools hit by ‘mega-strike’ as 50,000 teachers walk out

    Looks like too much money was spent on bureaucrats and administrators in order to educate the new third world immigrants instead of directing it toward teachers. Keep supporting those unions and this will always be the case, because the instant you get your raises, you will find other areas have been cut. There is simply not enough money to pay for diversity and entitlements, including free public daycare/”education.”

  • Lebanon blocks Grindr in latest attack on LGBT+ community

    It is not an attack on LGBT+ to block a hookup app. Nothing is stopping them from using mailing lists, blogs, and chat applications like really demonized groups — Right-wingers, faithful Christians, and traditionalists — must use.

  • Seattle brewery cancels release of Crips- and Bloods-themed beers after outcry

    Humor has died because we now have many groups vying for power, and each one realizes that — in an egalitarian society where only victims are owed power — it benefits them to be outraged by anything that another group does. Too bad, because “Mirage was planning to release a pair of Crips and Bloods beers, complete with rival bandana designs.” This sounds hilarious. Now, they are going to donate all the profits to the SPLC after renaming the beers. Another successful shakedown!

  • New study finds ‘strikingly high’ rates of cancer in some Ontario industrial cities

    Now that the demand that we praise modern society in everything and ignore all of its problems has fallen thanks to the rise of populism, more information is leaking out about how all of the everyday conveniences of modernity that we rely upon are killing us, mutating us, lowering our sperm counts, reducing our IQs, or otherwise making us weak. For those of us who pointed out that demanding “equality” reverses natural selection, this points to a general pathology in our society against natural selection, which explains why we seem to embrace anything so long as it is unhealthy, subversive, or miserable.

  • Supreme Court avoids abortion question, upholds fetal burial measure

    Every time conservatives get power, they go right for abortion so that they can get those Evangelical/Fundamentalist votes. The Left quietly trades these tiny but symbolic steps for actual victories. Then conservatives find themselves with less power, all of the pro-life “gains” are reversed, and the Left is even more powerful. If conservatives had any brains — doubtful; remember, we have the stupid party and the evil party — they would focus on freedom of association, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. We want to break away from the other and force it to stand on its own, at which point it will self-destruct.

  • China signals won’t follow Taiwan in allowing same-sex marriage

    Anything that we endorse but China avoids is ultimately harmful to us, and China is most likely funding the people who suggest that we adopt it. Always make your enemy weak. Same sex marriage is a symbolic victory for equality, so is widely beloved by the neurotics who are victims of the mental virus of schizoid Leftism, but it does nothing but further fragment society and confuse people as to what good behavior is.

  • ‘Shocking’ defacements of outdoor Holocaust art: Austrian president

    People are tired of guilt. There were no good guys in the last war; the Germans were correct in their opposition to diversity and Communism, but off the rails in their methods, while the rest of the West allied with Communism and diversity and now has self-destructed.

  • The grandmother effect suggests that proximity is a factor in family size

    Having extended families in the same local area leads to greater reproduction rates. No wonder modern society opposes this and ships people off to whatever far-flung jobs it can muster for them. It hates community along with anything else that is not Leftism.

  • World Health Organisation’s recognition of traditional Chinese medicine ‘could push species into extinction’

    If you allow them, the Chinese will make “medicine” out of every rare species on Earth and drive them all into extinction. In fairness, the sane practitioners do not do this; it is only those who pander to the crowd and its desire for magical solutions that engage in this ecocidal behavior.

  • P&G’s Gillette ad features transgender man’s first shave

    In a time of decay, people embrace decay. Advertisers and corporations then do the same. No one asks whether this is sane, only whether it is popular enough to sell stuff, because everyone wants to sell out and get out. Let society rot; we hate it anyway.

  • Biohacker under investigation for “unlicensed practice of medicine”

    Insane Leftist state goes after man for experimenting on his own body with gene editing. They fear that people will find solutions to health problems outside of government control, and so they are asserting a greater degree of control.

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