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  • Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies

    Trump understands what most people do not, which is taking a systemic approach. This is why he transformed our economy in a way that makes it self-sufficient, and through that, hostile to Leftism. He has avoided war by simply gutting the economies of those who would destroy us. He has tackled the problem of Leftist judges while keeping the media distracted with woo and false scandal. And now, we see his plan on those who belong in jail but have skated owing to their Leftist allies in the deep state. He will investigate the intel agencies, and he will find Obama; he will investigate Obama, and he will find the Clintons; he will investigate the Clintons, and he will find China. Then the war begins.

  • DHS Releases 7.9K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 8 Days; 185K Released in 5 Months

    Conservatives face a paradox. If we fix what Leftists break, then the system continues, and Leftists get away with it and can push for more Leftism. The Trump doctrine says that instead we push things to a point of crisis so that the actual results of Leftism can be revealed, and in such a way that the only answer is more populism (nationalism, tradition, Austrian economics, futurism). This means that if Trump wants his wall, he will not get it by saying, “See, there’s a crisis already.” He has to make the crisis manifest for ordinary people by shipping illegal aliens to wealthy Leftist cities and ruining those, at which point more people will get it. People think they are clever for endorsing our adversarial system, but this is the cost of an adversarial system: you have to destroy the village to save it.

  • Record Store Bans Morrissey Albums Citing His Far-Right Support

    Rightists can handle a difference of opinion because to us, the other side is simply delusional. To the Left, a difference of opinion means enmity because for them, the Left is a religion which provides the one true moral answer to everything, namely equality. Morrissey could probably care less since record stores are a tiny portion of music sales at this point and he will see even more residuals coming in from his past work as the controversy spreads. However, the Left has refined the mob attack, and so they are now removing Morrissey posters in response to his support for British nationalism. They are pissed because they cannot touch him, and they know that every day of witnessing more of clown world — diversity failing, the entitlements state making people weak, propaganda education, idiocratic overlords — more people are agreeing with him.

  • Sperm counts are on the decline – could plastics be to blame?

    As usual, the press gloms on to part of the truth. In reality, our modern society as a whole is wrecking us. Air pollution, toxins in our food, radiation, sedentary lifestyles, futile and tedious jobs, broken families, casual sex, and probably constant PornHub attention have reduced our sperm counts. What is the solution? It begins with escaping the toxic modern stew of democracy, equality, diversity, and pluralism.

  • South Africa horror as white farmer activist beaten to death with hammer

    Very few people know Annette Kennealy’s name right now, but this is changing. We are seeing how the old patterns attributed to “white racism” persist with any group in charge in a diverse society. The only logical conclusion is that diversity — no matter which groups are involved — is a delusional and destructive way to organize society, and that it must end. We do not need to kill people, only relocate them, as that is the most realistic and lowest impact solution.

  • Rare earth elements aren’t the secret weapon China thinks they are

    It turns out that these elements can be sourced other places than China and Africa, meaning that the rest of us can become self-sufficient and leave China to face its own doom as a disorganized third world empire anchored in its own weird form of National Socialism. If Trump gets his way, America will become self-sufficient before the next global economic meltdown, which means that America will emerge from it much stronger than before. For America to be self-sufficient, however, requires that it stop immigration, regulations, and lawsuits from tying one arm of the economy behind its back.

  • Mental Health Issues Increased Significantly in Young Adults Over Last Decade

    We call it Clown World for a reason. Young adults growing up in a paradoxical, confused, and chaotic time find themselves having more mental health issues.

  • French mayor hands out free Viagra to encourage procreation among villagers

    He has a good point: the people in their 30s and 40s who can still have children could create a mini baby boom of original stock French, if given a little nudge. Although Viagra is sort of creepy, maybe this will work.

  • Netherlands poll surprise: Anti-EU parties fall short

    Voters are like droids. You program them with assumptions, and off they go, repeating what they have been told and feeling intelligent for doing so. They then vote for what seems “safe,” or that the majority will like, or what they think the majority will like, and then put it out of their minds and go home to congratulate themselves on “doing the right thing” which is a substitute for “doing things that ensure good results.” It is the political equivalent of saying, It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, which is exclusively said by those who have lost and those who are trying to comfort them. In the soft fields of The Netherlands, life is still good enough in a relative sense that people have not yet seen the disaster unfolding around them, even as it destroys them with a “death of a thousand cuts” created by a lifestyle that is increasingly stressful, neurotic, and tedious.

  • UN poverty expert hits back over UK ministers’ ‘denial of facts’

    One of the big stories of the twenty-first century will be that the entitlements states are all broke. They committed themselves to vast expenses, and people came to depend on the free benefits, so soon the percentage of takers versus makers shot upward. Now we have a few productive people being dragged down by the vast weight of the many more who have simply stopped caring, engaging, producing, or really doing much of anything. People have given up, just as they did at the end of the Soviet Union. The same thing is happening in California which has created an apocalypse of dependents, most of whom move there for the free stuff and tolerance just like migrants move to the EU:

    Many homeless people in California live without any kind of shelter — nearly half of the nation’s unsheltered homeless people are here — a brutal testament to years of failed housing policy and a lack of political will at nearly every level of government.

    Preliminary numbers released late last week from San Francisco and Alameda County, which includes Oakland and Berkeley, show significant increases in the homeless populations during the past two years. Berkeley’s rise was 43 percent.

    A deep analysis of the issue, published last month by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, estimated that the cost of permanently housing the region’s homeless at more than $12 billion.

  • When you hand out free stuff, you tax people more. This makes them resent the people around them and stop caring about doing any kind of good job. You also bring in more people for the free stuff. At the same time, the high taxes make salaries go up and so housing prices go up, which makes it even harder to house people, and soon you have a few percentage points of billionaires living in gated communities around which a vast shantytown spreads, sort of like in the third world. Our attempts to solve this problem defeat us and make it worse.

  • Claims Viking Symbols and Runes May Be Banned by the Swedish Government

    Anyone ever stop and notice that the news is dominant by banning stuff? Facebook banning hate speech, Reddit censoring un-PC groups, Twitter silencing conservatives, the Brenton Tarrant manifesto being banned, “It’s OK to be white” signs causing panic, people burning Nazi flags and tearing out Trump yard signs. It seems like the idea of a “free society” is unstable, or at least becomes unstable once you have policies widely failing.

  • Salisbury Mayor proposes meeting with Daughters of the Confederacy, NAACP on future of Fame

    Confederate statue gets vandalized twice in a year and town freaks out because the local NAACP is complaining. Most likely the NAACP vandalized it, knowing that bourgeois democracy zombies fear controversy. I suggest that each time a Confederate statue is vandalized, an MLK statue is vandalized or MLK street signs are taken down.

  • Crossfit Deletes Facebook and Instagram After User Group Is Deplatformed

    Corporate America will pay for control over its advertising. With Facebook, it has little control over where its ads are shown, or over its content getting deleted, so corporate America is bailing out of Facebook and heading to warmer waters. In the end, this is good, since social media started as a way to connect everyone and ended in massive censorship and repression.

  • Women are more likely to die if they have a cardiac arrest in public ‘because people fear performing CPR on them could be seen as sexual assault’

    Equality creates risk. If you are from a group that is above the equality line, like men, you are a target for anyone who can portray themselves as a victim of your behavior. This means that you do not want to be in a room alone with a woman, be seen touching her, or ever do something like get her a drink. It turns out that chivalry protected women better than equality.

  • Redditor allowed to stay anonymous, court rules

    Guy who posted Jehovah’s Witnesses information can remain anonymous in lawsuit, according to one court. This could work in favor of Right-wingers who are getting doxxed via lawsuit like the guy who had his life destroyed for sending a flashing GIF (Leftists dogwhistling their demands for doxxing on a regular basis). No word on whether they extend this to our right to be anonymous on all social media services by filling in false information, or whether the free speech protections to commenters on Trump’s Twitter feed extend to those of us that Twitter bans, shadowbans, blacklists, censors, or blocks on a regular basis.

  • Jussie Smollett update: Judge rules to unseal records in ‘Empire’ actor’s case

    The first rule of Leftist Club is that you always protect other Leftists, but expose anyone else to the point of destroying their lives. Fake hate crimes, like false rape accusations, are dangerous when they are believed without trial. The Left knows this, and uses them as a weapon against individuals or, in this case, a whole race, by accusing white people generally of a hate crime that no one committed.

  • Poor Sleep Makes People Feel Lonely, Anti-Social — And The Effect Is ‘Contagious’

    No one gets enough sleep. Eight hours of work, two more spent commuting, for five days a week leaves little time, and we end up unsatisfied so stay up late drinking, watching television, or otherwise being naughty. Over time we get more and more tired, become dependent on coffee,

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