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  • IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn’t bode well for humanity

    IQ is “fake news” until industry is threatened and the possibility of those fat government checks going away dawns on the primitive, hand-to-mouth minds of the voters. Across the developed world, IQs are dropping even within families, showing that some environmental influence is dumbing us down. Perhaps like the Soviets, we have become dependent on centralized authority — government, mass culture, media/entertainment, socializing — to tell us what to do, and our brains atrophy when they are on hold. Evan Horowitz does a great job researching and sourcing this article, and also addresses concerns that average IQs are pulled down by importing third world people (who have even lower average IQ, sometimes in the 70-90 range which is effectively retard-level in Western Europe) and reckless breeding by underclasses. The bigger problem here is despair and tedium, in my view, which are causing people to check out and lose the ability to think. Society always does this, which is how you get those racially-mixed low-IQ third world wastelands. Slowly it is dawning on people that organic concerns — heritage, customs, and identity — are more important than “the System” and its demands.

  • Controversy as Trade Me sells ‘It’s ok to be white’ T-shirts

    “Material of this nature is not likely to meet the high threshold set out in section 61 and section 131 of the Human Rights Act.

    However, this phrase is known to be associated with white supremacist groups around the world. Despite what the advertisements say, it seems likely that the stickers and t-shirts are intended to convey a message of intolerance, racism and division. There is no place for that in New Zealand.”

    Translation: for diversity to succeed, which it will not, white people must be replaced, and so “It’s OK to be white” is a message of resistance to the system and cannot be tolerated.

  • Why China produced more steel in two years than the UK did in 150

    The Chinese method: flood markets with cheap products, drive out competitors, then take over and use those as a base to take over even more markets. It is like Amazon or Google, but played out across the globe.

  • Report: Migrants’ Remittances Drain $150 Billion a Year from Economy

    Immigration has two components: people who come here to make money and then go back home, and people who come here to stay. Neither are particularly deliberate, in that they are sort of doing what seems to work at the time for however long it continues to work, which tells us that if things suddenly get even 5% harder for them here, they are going to start bailing out and others will follow. The first group, people who come here to make money, are taking advantage of the currency market; whatever they make here is worth ten or twenty times that back home, so they live ten to a room, use free social services exclusively, spend their money on nothing but Taco Bell and Modelo Especial, and enviar that dinero back to Mexico where their moms and brothers and cousins hoard it and then (in theory) deliver it to them upon their return. If you can send $50,000 to rural Mexico, that is enough to buy a house and mostly retire on, which is why they are here. If Trump were to tax or block remittances, we would see a mass Mexodus very quickly.

  • As extinctions loom, biodiversity warnings fail to resonate with governments, media

    Biodiversity warnings do not make as much impact because they do not concern direct consequences for humans and they are hard to visualize. People in groups respond to simply cartoons, not thoughtful analysis, so you need to hit them with something vivid like “your house will flood and you will have to eat worms.” They can respond to that. In the meantime, it is clear that “climate change” is simply a proxy for ecocide, which has always been the problem and overpopulation (causing us to use too much of Earth’s land, air, and sea) has been the cause; we are killing off natural biodiversity much as we are killing off human biodiversity, by standardizing humanity everywhere and expanding in quantity not quality. In the meantime, it seems that the government is too broke to fix the problem since governments spend money on fat salaries for fat bureaucrats, and entitlements to keep the groundlings busy, but never on things like infrastructure and long-term plans because democracy is too neurotic for those.

  • Eastern China pinpointed as source of rogue ozone-depleting emissions

    As usual, we find out too late that the pollution for which we beat ourselves up in the West is actually coming from the third world. Asia, where people are the most individualistic and therefore as a group the least concerned except about their personal comfort, convenience, and wealth in this very moment, leads the pack with dumping plastic and airborne pollution.

  • Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says

    If you need to make something popular, dumb it down. Then more people will participate, in theory, but in reality they participate less because they can get that simplistic stuff anywhere. Education needs to face the grim reality that not everyone is educable to the same degree, and 90% of the students need a fifth-grade education and some workplace skills and nothing else. Only the top ten percent, those over 120 IQ points, need to worry about the latter half of the educational process.

  • Upstart nationalist Baudet vies to become largest Dutch party in Europe

    He summarizes his party as “Dutch first” and opposes immigration and the EU. He also seems to know a great deal about populism and the rise of Western nationalism.

  • Harriet Tubman $20 bill no longer coming in 2020: Mnuchin says redesign postponed

    It seems the relentless political correctness is facing adversity on all fronts under the Trump administration. In the meantime, fewer blacks died of crime, violence, drugs, disease, and poverty under slavery than they do under “freedom.” We should oppose slavery, of course, because it is a form of diversity, but we are fools if we think that it was worse than the fate that these people suffered in Africa before being sold or how many of them live now.

  • Study: 75 American Colleges Offer Black-Only Graduation Ceremonies

    Boomer conservatives oppose identity politics. Next-generation dissident Right types embrace it. Why should people give up their culture for participation the great grey cultureless mass entertainment shopping mall that liberal democracy provides? However, we see how the arc of diversity ends: once we experience diversity, we all want to find a way to escape it, because the ultimate goal of diversity is destruction. It wants to destroy your heritage, customs, way of life, and identity so that we can all be equal citizens united by political culture — this always replaces organic culture — and manipulated en masse by politicians, corporations, media outlets, and foreign powers.

  • Dutch asylum minister poised to resign over ‘hidden’ crime figures

    Dutch minister points out what everyone knew was the truth, which is that European nations are concealing their high rates of immigrant crime in order to claim that their diversity policy is working when in fact it is not. This problem is not limited to The Netherlands, but is widespread and involves a complicit media which sweeps diversity crime into the memory hole so that we can go back to sleepwalking through life whilst assuming that diversity is in any way functional.

  • Last American slave ship is discovered in Alabama

    Perfect timing. Let us restore it and start shipping people back, starting with the Irish.

  • Northern Ireland has gone without a government for more than 850 days — how is it surviving?

    Amazingly, people can live without government to instruct them in how to behave. It is as if nature equipped us through evolution, or something, and government by centralizing authority over every aspect of our lives in order to “socially engineer” us toward equality somehow makes us dependent, neurotic, weak, indecisive, confused, and dumber.

  • Nevada passes National Popular Vote bill in bid to upend Electoral College

    Oh, good. In Civil War II, the Left has chosen to take the role of the States, which means that they are fighting against unity, which means that business and popular opinion will swing against them.

  • ‘We’ll be the resistance’: Unions defend their campaign, vow to take on Morrison

    Union leader calls for ‘tougher rules on social media to prevent “subterranean” political campaigns from influencing voters with false claims and scare campaigns’ which means that they are acknowledging what people have always said: populism represents a way to win that is outside of the official systems, which are calcified and subverted to the point that only one side wins.

  • China’s communists fund Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party: What the United States Congress was told

    We are going to find that this is true about all of the Left-wing parties. The Left are egalitarians, which means that they deconstruct social order so that the individual is most important, which weakens the nation and makes it impossible for it to have standards, customs, values, beliefs, behaviors, and direction in common. If you want to make your enemy weak, support his Leftist parties.

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