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  • 3D-Printed Guns Are Back, and This Time They Are Unstoppable

    Government existed in the brief technological pocket between the time when it became possible to control people with economic systems, and the time when technology meant that we could separate ourselves from needing a centralized consumer society. Guns are the first step; people will soon be making their own food, tools, and homes as well. In the twentieth century, security came from a good job with a short commute; in the twenty-first, it comes from a homestead that can produce most of what you need to eat, something you make or can do that you can trade, and a zero dollar tax bill because you have gone off-grid and away from parasitic government. No doubt you will also have the next step after 3D-printed guns, which is a home machine shop where you can crank out AK-47s to use to resist the global egalitarian empire and its xenophile occupation government.

  • Blacklists Blogs Critical of Islam

    WordPress has joined the censorship crusade just months after automatically adding “noreferrer” tags to all outgoing links in its software. This reeks of Google, which likes to have people use its search engine instead of referrer links and RSS, and wants to remove all controversy so that the internet is basically a portal to shopping and media (which is selling a product as well). The loss of Chateau Heartiste and an estimated 500 draft posts he had is also telling; these companies have no problem destroying your labor in order to maintain the pretense of the internet as Disneyland.

  • Racist podcaster still sending hateful robocalls, this time in Georgia

    This guy seems pretty extreme, but since the media will not link it, here is Scott Rhodes’ podcast channel “The Road to Power”.

  • Has the Day of the Nationalists Come?

    We are in the midst of a vast historical shift. The toxic stew of equality, universalism, and pluralism that marked the last century has failed, and its nu-elites have become nervous as they notice this, which is why they resort to over censorship and repression. People are realizing that the quest to make us all equal is destroying everything, and that in this it resembles the disasters of the Soviet Union and French Revolution, and they want out. The answer is to focus on ourselves as nations comprised of one ethnic group alone, to become self-sufficient, and to hold off the vast hordes of humanity with high-tech methods. Despite setbacks in Austria, nationalism is advancing worldwide, and nationalists are realizing that helping nationalists of other tribes ensures nationalism for all. It’s like the old joke: “Anarchists unite — separately!”

  • Skint care worker inherits £50,000,000 estate after DNA test proved he was son and heir

    Aristocrats do not thrive in a world that rewards flattering others, and so our best people are always downtrodden in the quest for a normal life. The kind of person to look at a problem, try it in their head doggedly until they understand it, and then pick the best option for the next ten thousand years does not do well at “careers” and “socializing.” They do well at abstraction paired to reality, and fewer than a percent of a percent of our population does this well. If we had any brains, we would put these people in charge, but by definition, we cannot appreciate what they do because we cannot understand it, so we get criminal politicians instead.

  • Rewild a quarter of UK to fight climate crisis, campaigners urge

    We have an environmental crisis only because we have too many people and we are using too much land to support them. Every person requires farms, schools, factories, hospitals, bureaucracies, parking lots, roads, shops, at least one good pub, restaurants, gyms, and discotheques. Even if we all live in tiny apartments, the stuff that we do not see takes up most of the land. To avoid an environmental crisis, we can leave half of the land untouched in its natural state. That preserves natural species and absorbs our pollution. In a desire to be powerful, the UK is importing more people and, not surprisingly, now is using more land and having an environmental crisis. Send everyone who is not an ethnic Briton back home and this problem will go away overnight.

  • Hundreds of migrants occupy France’s Charles de Gaulle airport

    In the footage, one demonstrator can be heard saying into a megaphone: ‘France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!’

    Fear the herd. It is human inertia, no matter how much it disguises itself. It consists of each person wanting to force everyone else to stop judging them, whether for legitimately bad acts or trivial reasons. The problem with this is that unless some are able to break away and have higher standards, humanity tends toward the lowest common denominator, which gets lower each year because its lower limit drops as people see the center as the new normal and slack off correspondingly.

  • Millennials and Gen Z Are Increasingly Pessimistic About Their Lives, Survey Finds

    The more we keep applying Leftism, the worse everything gets, but it does it through the details and not the main show. In the spotlight, humanity seems to be succeeding because all of us simply conform to whatever is going on, which makes it popular, and in turn makes it successful. But at the edges wherever it is applied, we see how it is imprecise and too standardized to work, and so it has bad consequences. People notice this conspiracy of details and become despairing, but have no tangible object to grasp and blame, so the debate dissipates in confusion. Younger people, having had no experience except Leftism, assume that the answer is to apply more Leftism, and thus the cycle begins again.

  • Four in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism

    People cannot learn from history unless they understand history, and fewer than one percent of the population can even begin that task. In the meantime, people choose what makes sense in a social context, meaning that when they say it to members of their peer group at the pub, more seem in favor than against. Socialism is simply short-term thinking; if we measure up until the next pay period, giving people free stuff solves all of our problems. If we look at beyond fourteen days, it breaks down, but that is beyond the attention span of most people. Luckily, this widespread embrace of socialism will make us look more critically at democracy, universal suffrage, and equality. Obviously, most of our people make choices that are insane… so how can we rely on democracy?

  • The Indian Dalit man killed for eating in front of upper-caste men

    Caste exists for a reason. Traits are heritable, but they are subtle, meaning that groups of genes are responsible for certain abilities and inclinations. This means that we cannot fake those results with “education” or even gene editing, but have to rely on those who have these abilities reproducing with those like them. Humanity separates into roughly three castes — leaders, realizers, and labor — and the distinctions between them are preserved for a reason. Perhaps killing is not necessary, but the distinctions of caste are.

  • Chinese television suddenly switches scheduling to anti-American films amid US-China trade war

    Gosh, it is like the Cold War never went away, just took a break for awhile. We have fought two wars against China — Vietnam and Korea — not to mention our fight with the Asian race in the Mongol conflicts. They are unstable, and see conquering us as a solution to their internal instability, even though it is not. Warfare is inevitable.

  • Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord — and violence — in the U.S.

    No kidding; the Soviets did the same. Diversity is our weakness, and not surprisingly, foreign people who want to conquer us use it — and our denial of it being a weakness — as a weapon against us. If we want to survive this coming war, we will have to end diversity by relocating everyone but the founding group of ethnic Western Europeans.

  • Locals Concerned After Migrants Arrive At Murrieta Border Control Facility

    Somehow, being a sanctuary city/state is less appealing when the immigrants start showing up in masses. People respond to visuals; they cannot visualize the numbers behind immigration, but when they see the stream of people on television, they realize that they are getting replaced.

  • Oxford University agrees to let in disadvantaged students with lower grades

    Just like the “adversity score” on the new SAT, mechanisms to admit the less-successful over the more-successful exist everywhere. This is the core of Leftism; each individual wants no barriers to his own accumulation of wealth, power, and social status, so in groups individuals seek to abolish standards. They fear hierarchy. They fear being tested by reality. In order to pander to this fear, we abolish accomplishment, and then are shocked and amazed when everyone in power is suddenly incompetent.

  • Religious Men Can Be Devoted Dads, Too

    [I]t turns out that the happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives, followed by their religious progressive counterparts. Fully 73 percent of wives who hold conservative gender values and attend religious services regularly with their husbands have high-quality marriages.

    The big factor here is chastity. People who have one sexual partner tend to have enduring marriages, with everyone else having lesser degrees of success proximate to how many partners they have had. Tradition exists for a reason, and marriage requires chastity.

  • College students support the First Amendment, but some favor diversity and inclusion over protecting the extremes of free speech

    You can have either equality or independence. If you choose equality, you must force people to like each other and to promote the incompetent over the competent so that all can be equal. The choice opens before us, but most find it appalling, not realizing that they are seeing what was there all along.

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