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  • Tennessee church gunman hoped to kill 10 white congregants to avenge Charleston massacre

    “Dylann Roof is less than nothing,” the note read, Hunter said. “The blood that 10 of your kind will shed is that of the color upon the RBG [Pan-African] flag in terms of vengeance.” The note included an expletive and ended with a smiley face, Hunter said.

    Open race war in America. I was never a fan of Dylann Roof’s choice of victims, since they seemed to be nine relatively decent people who prayed with him, recognizing his troubled soul. If he had shot nine black criminals or politicians, he would have been widely praised. This retribution however recognizes that not only whites see this as a race war; the next level recognition is that diversity created this nightmare, and that we can end it by ending diversity instead of shooting each other in churches.

  • Australia’s conservative coalition secures parliamentary majority

    Apparently, Australians have “had enough of politics” which seems to mean that they are tired of ideological politics and are interested in practical leadership even if it is not very politically correct. The markets, which tend to approve of strong, clear, and consistent leadership, reacted ecstastically. Apparently climate change and refugees are no longer compelling issues as Australia tries to recapture its future from a runaway ideological obsession.

  • Trump is accelerating Europe’s political and economic reset

    Germany wants to continue imposing high tariffs on American exports, paying little for its defense, and spending the excess money derived from those corner-cutting expeditions by funding its generous social entitlements state. As Trump tightens up the free money bandwagon, German government will face some hard choices, as will its voters. Merkel, every bit the neoconservative, wants to continue the tax-and-spend agenda until Europe sinks into oblivion. Reformists want to change to a more libertarian platform, but this by its very nature changes the direction of Europe from more equality to more realism, which seems to be the essence of the populist revolt.

  • German ‘Shariah Police’ retrial starts in Wuppertal

    Immigrants have a choice: admit that they are fleeing failed countries and that the methods used there are worse than those in their new countries, or believe themselves superior and use that as a justification for conquering the new nation. Ironically, the healthier ones will try for conquest instead of placing themselves in a position where they must hate their origins. Germany sees now the high price of immigration, which is admitting groups who are going to want to take control. Muslims have their own special brand of this, as Jews did, but it is not limited to those groups. Chinese or any other group would do the same thing, only in whatever way fits their specific cultural and aesthetic inclinations instead of the highly visible Muslim methods.

  • Racism rising since Brexit vote, nationwide study reveals

    Brexit forced upon the UK the question of its future. Did it want to be a unique ethnic group and culture, or just another nice subdivision in the global city of mixed-racial/mixed-ethnic cultureless grey equals? They can see how the newly imported equals are not working out so well, but more importantly, that their own culture is being erased. When you cannot count on everyone on the street sharing roughly the same values, any action you take can possibly offend someone and land you in hot water, so you stay home and watch television, order products from Amazon and Uber Eats, and your social and cultural life contracts accordingly. Diversity has ensured that life in the UK is no longer good, at least outside of the paycheck.

  • Protestors ‘pelted with eggs’ as they put up ‘love is the answer’ signs at Anderton Park Primary School

    The West has been beating the tin drum of LGBT+ equality recently in order to force Muslims to “integrate,” or adopt our ideological values and conditioned behaviors. Apparently this is not going so well, in part because not only Muslims feel this way, but white Britons will get into trouble for saying that out loud or typing it into a Facebook post.

  • Germany spends record 23 bln euros on refugees: document

    Like most of Europe, Germany is freaked out by its declining population, which is caused by the misery spread by modernity including pointless jobs, high taxes, high costs, low social trust caused by diversity, unsafe streets, and increasingly selfish people. Instead of realizing that Leftism has caused our problems and the solution is to remove Leftism, governments choose to import new workers so they can tax them in order to pay for the benefits for the generations currently dying out. However, this plan is not working so well because when you attract people with free stuff, you get the ones who are not dedicated to anything but themselves.

  • Non-citizens commit 42% of federal crimes, despite being 7% of population

    As it turns out, immigration is not working so well in America either, where “7-42” has become the new observation that rejects both political correctness and the policy of diversity that necessitates it. We are not equal, and diversity does not work, and government/media has banned us from saying this because it rips the cover off how our system is failing and forces us to acknowledge the need for a different path.

  • Police investigating after North Bay teen makes ‘hate-based’ videos

    Before diversity, we did not have much censorship in this country, but after diversity, some political taboos have become so strong that we are using the media to peer into, pry apart, and destroy the lives of fourteen-year-old girls who have the temerity to point out that our diversity and political correctness are not our strength, but our future epitaph.

  • Mum charged for warning neighbours about paedophile who moved to her street

    Equality means that the life of a parasitic repeat offender criminal is equal to that of a normal citizen, so in our robotic deductions, anyone who objects to the presence of that criminal must be subject to prosecution. At some point, humanity will have to admit that the lives of contributors are proportionately more valuable than non-contributors, and much more valuable than those of people with chronic and intractable problems like being pedophiles.

  • Doctor who asked Muslim mum to remove niqab says he will quit over racism claim

    Doctor asks Muslim woman to remove headcovering so that he can hear what she is saying and is promptly accused of racism. After the usual diversity commission announces its intention to tear his life apart, he goes public and plans to quit medicine in spectacular style at a time when the UK is suffering from a damaging shortage of doctors. Diversity destroys trust first, and then, it goes after good people so that everyone can feel happy, safe, and “equal.”

  • College board president behind SAT ‘adversity score’ was also the mastermind of the controversial K-12 ‘Common Core’

    The “adversity score” is a way of working around the failure of affirmative action, which is going to be torn down by the Asian-American lobby which realizes that it penalizes Asians the most (although whites are close behind). If we left college admissions up to scores alone, our schools would be almost exclusively Asian, and would lose the characteristics that made them excellent in the first place and Asian universities less influential.

  • Florida advocates praise ‘historic’ Equality Act vote in Congress

    Every special interest group wants the majority to subsidize it. That is what extending the Civil Rights Act to “equal access to housing, employment, education, federal programs, jury service, public accommodations and credit and lending regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity” means: you will be forced to hire, sell to, rent to, interact with, and allow into your organization people of the LGBT+ variety or you will be sued and everything you own taken. This will merely intensify the culture war, and make LGBT+ hated because they will be seen as collaborators with the regime. It will also raise costs because every business will hire random LGBT+ people so that it cannot be successfully sued.

  • Native Born Americans Lag Behind Foreigners in U.S. Workforce Growth

    When you make business succeed again, it resumes hiring, but in order to compete, it hires the cheapest possible workers. This benefits the immigrant over the native-born, who is aware of more expenses and can rely less on government. Somehow, the Leftists who were crying about how Wal-mart gauges its wages by how much its workers need after government benefits are absent during this debacle.

  • U.S. school fails Christian student for refusing Islamic prayer

    They call it education, but really it is indoctrination. The point is not to make your kids Muslim, but to make them reject the idea of there being any culture but international multiculture.

  • Journos from Prominent News Publications Found to Have Working Relationships With Antifa

    Leftists work together because they have the same goal of worldwide equality. It does not matter to them that some Leftists are more extreme than others; they are only concerned with their ideological goal which they see as the only moral good possible. Consequently, it is not surprising to find “moderate” Leftist journalists in bed with Antifa and Communists.

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