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  • Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College Admissions Scandal

    Affirmative action means that employers and schools are willing to forgive low performance if the person in question is a member of an ethnic, sexual, religious, or racial minority. This “meritocratic relativism” creates a huge opportunity for abuse, especially from white kids who suddenly discovered, Elizabeth Warren style, hidden Cherokee ancestors (who might have simply had dark hair or smoked a pipe). Not surprisingly, this was exploited by wealthy kids who — hey, like Elizabeth Warren again — used their new minority status to springboard admissions.

  • UN tells Italy proposed decree violates migrants’ rights

    If you want to find the root of the multinational order, the United Nations would be a tempting target. It wants to commit white genocide so that it can rule over a third-world Earth where no one will ever question the parasitism again. The UN is what happens when you let dependents of the system — “intellectuals,” bureaucrats, academics, lawyers, and liquor store owners, apparently — write the rules.

  • Homeland Security flying migrants out of Texas to locations throughout U.S.

    If you claim to be a sanctuary city, you cannot exactly complain when someone dumps a few hundred thousand illegal immigrants on while we wait for their court cases to be heard.

  • Austrian government collapses as far right leader caught in video sting

    The Right seems to have too many people in its ranks who have no idea what they are dealing with in politics or the opposition. It is nice not to be one of the professionals who are currently wrecking our world, but one must also emphasize competence.

    This is just shambles of incompetence:

    At this point, it is unknown who is behind the affair or who set the trap for Strache and documented it. The documentation was given to Der Spiegel, and the German newspaper said that they did not pay for the materials nor do they know who is behind it, but they have verified the authenticity of the video.

    We need to make ourselves better. We are going to get nowhere with this kind of clown behavior.

  • Tens of thousands rally against nationalism before EU votes

    The Left knows how to mobilize two things: ego and fear. It makes people feel precious, iconoclastic, “different,” unique, brave, compassionate, altruistic, empathic, arty, edgy, hip, and cool for bleating out the same stuff; it addresses their fear that they will be found to have fallen below the minimum social standard. The panicked herd, driven by this fear, takes to the streets to show off, stunt, and preen for popularity points, just like on social media. We should take a list of names and deport them all to Venezuela or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, whichever is easier.

  • Democrats shift to seize on Supreme Court as 2020 campaign issue

    Democrats reshaped America through civil rights legislation. After the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964, all you had to do to take over something was to prove that some member of some protected group (religious, sexual, racial, cultural) had experienced unequal success in that institution. This meant that whoever was in charge got thrown out, affirmative action and disparate impact style programs went in, and lots of Leftists got hired to neurotically and fanatically further tear down social standards by expanding the quest for total equality. Trump has turned this progression around by doing what Reagan did, which is to get conservatives into the courts. The Left has noticed, and now they are in full damage control mode. 2020 will be crucial for the Right, in that it will either (a) re-construct American government so that it can shift more to the Right or (b) never win another election again.

  • White FDNY lieutenant sues department, Vulcan Society claiming racial discrimination in color guard

    Ceremonies for a black organization should have black color guards; this makes perfect sense. However, you cannot do the same for white people, so white man sues for being excluded from this color guard, which also makes perfect sense. You know what is becoming clear makes zero sense? Diversity: someone will always be excluded, and there can never be justice for anyone.

  • Chinese state media says shock federal election victory will impact China-Australia relations

    Somehow, China only gets along with Leftists. Somehow, China always seems to be responsible for funding Leftist parties in the West. Did they conquer us without firing a shot?

  • Trump wants border wall black, pointed: report

    Maybe the Alt-Right memed him into the White House, or maybe not, but Donald Trump is a master troll. He knows that leaks get out, so he tells people ludicrous things in order to make them flame out because as long as the Left is reacting to him, he has the lead. In reality, the point of the border wall is symbolic: to make a clear, strong, and unequivocal statement that the Gold Rush of coming to America to enviar dinero a Mexico while enjoying free health care, welfare, benefits, and affirmative action is over. The secondary effect is to raise the cost of coming over by raising the risk. If you only have a fifty percent chance of making it over, you think twice as hard about the fee you pay to your coyote to smuggle you across the Rio Grande.

  • London Mayor Calls For Preferential Norms For Indian Businesses, Students

    Minorities have choices. They can either admit that their homelands are not doing so hot, and that is why they emigrated to the West, or they can concoct an elaborate fallacy about how they bring us tolerance and wisdom, and then preach to us. They can act in favor of the majority because its leadership made these nations better than their homelands, or they can band together to take over by importing more of themselves and crowding out the natives until the foreigners can achieve domination with the vote. Diversity never works, and now it has become clear that diversity is simply genocide in a softer package.

  • Britain’s opioid crisis takes on US dimension

    No one seems to have discussed the impact of “free” healthcare on the opioid crisis. If your healthcare is free, it will be under high demand, which means that doctors will do whatever is necessary to keep patients from coming back. It may not solve their underlying problems, but if you can crack ’em out on opioids, they stop complaining about the pain.

  • Germany labels Israel boycott movement BDS anti-Semitic

    The BDS movement believes that Israel is racist for wanting to be a nationalist state for the Jewish people, and on the basis of this racism, justifies being racist against Jews. It only makes sense if you believe the idea that “racism” requires power, and since Jews in Israel have power, only they can be racist, and therefore any group trying to destroy them is not racist. Leftist thinking resembles a series of broken mirrors through which a blind man sends semaphore code in Pig Latin.

  • Ads promote Canada’s benefits to would-be birth tourists: ‘Go to Canada to vacation and give birth to a child’

    Ads tell women that going to Canada for automatic citizenship is a “gift” for their babies since their children will be able to get free education, cheap university tuition and student loans, according to translations provided by Liberal MLA Jas Johal and verified by Postmedia.

    Now it is no longer a mystery why they come here, one supposes.

  • Compassionate conservation is ‘seriously flawed’

    Compassionate conservation refuses to cull (kill off) invasive species. However, allowing the invasive species to survive means that the native species will be killed off by the invaders, who are not specialized to environmental niches and therefore breed quickly, dominate, and then die off because they consume all available food sources. Invasive species are genocide; we should apply the same thinking to immigration.

  • Mississippi jury awards $3 million to black strippers in discrimination case

    Civil Rights law is a shakedown. Different neighborhoods have different standards, and if you do not dig into your pockets to make them “equal,” then people sue you and take away your business. No sane society makes laws like these.

  • ‘We are surely coming for what is ours’ – Magashule

    Equality goes through stages. At first, it is equality before the law; next, it is equality in power; finally, it is economic equality. Each of these requires taking from the naturally competent and giving to those who could not do what the naturally competent did. The result is incompetence. In South Africa, black people have noticed that they have less than whites or Indians, and they are demanding that wealth be redistributed in order to address this. This should work about as well as it did in Cuba and Venezuela.

  • China’s offensive on Canada, in plain sight

    The West has suddenly noticed that instead of being in a Cold War, we are in a Soft War. That is, nations that seek to replace us as top dog — China, Russia, and Iran first among them — have used their economic, cultural, political, media, lobbyist, and social influences to attempt to subvert us, steal our technology, sabotage our economies, turn our people against each other, and generally push us down. This tells us right away that these new contenders are not good guys, because good guys rise by being good, but bad guys who think that if they tear down everyone else, their level of mediocrity will become the new top of the scale. In the short term, like Genghis Khan, they are correct; in the long term, they merely make themselves into savage incompetents whose grand fanciful visions deconstruct when the pressure of time applies itself.

  • The Astronomical Rise of Exam Cheats

    No one wants to admit it, but by importing third world DNA, we have imported third world ways, because third world DNA consists of those who survived in societies where third world ways determined who lived. It is survivorship bias: we notice that they do things a certain way because those are the people who were not eliminated. That means that they are wired to do things their way, and no matter how much of our propaganda we bleat at them, they will continue to do so. Now that diversity is here, so is exam cheating. Will anyone be brave enough to make the connection in public? (Spoiler: no.)

  • Republicans in tough races embrace LGBT issues despite backlash risk

    The call of the cuck rings out everywhere. When a business decides to start emulating its competitors even though they do something different, you know that its leaders have no clue and are simply afraid of missing out. Conservatives often fall into this trap, which we might call shopkeeper thinking, that competition is more important than leadership. They emulate the Left because Leftist ideas are popular, and then seem shocked that more people do not flock to them. The same can be said for churches that liberalize which are now seeing empty pews everywhere. The answer is that if you are preaching Leftist dogma, people have no reason to choose you, since they could simply choose the Leftist sources. On the other hand, conservatives seem to be unable to take a sensible middle position and so take symbolic extremes like telling homosexuals that they will burn in Hell. A sensible conservative refuses to pander to special interest groups, and points out that everyone benefits from a more functional society, plus they will get more cash-in-hand if we can cut out all the crazy Leftist programs.

  • Merkel calls for Europe to stand up against far-right parties

    The EU admits that it might, after all, sorta be the second coming of the Soviet Union, but we have free markets to power all that socialism, so now we have finally made the Great Human Utopian Dream (GHUD) a reality. Unfortunately for them, they are all going bankrupt because that socialism they imported has weakened their economies and drained their coffers.

  • Expert: Wage Hikes for Working Class Won’t Continue if Immigration Increased

    The economics behind immigration follow the law of supply and demand. If you increase supply of labor, demand goes down and so compensation goes down. It does not matter that you are increasing supply at the lower end because you are displacing people out of those jobs into other jobs, and that in turn displaces the people who were there. If you want to raise wages overnight, send the women home and repatriate all of those who are not ethnically Western European. Supply will be constricted and demand will rise, but then, so will demand for quality. Everything would be better that way, but it is not very politically correct to point this out in public.

  • Female lawmakers speak about rapes as abortion bills advance

    In an egalitarian time, only those who are owed something by society win, and you are only owed something by society if you are a victim. This is why people love to invent tales of being dirt poor when they were not, of Cherokee ancestry that does not exist, and finally, of “rapes” that were mostly mistaken consent in a haze of alcohol at a college party thirty years ago. This type of behavior makes many of us think that we should keep women out of politics as well as the workplace. Being a moderate, I am OK with them driving cars.

  • Black woman, 21, who called police to help her get into her locked car ends up dropping her baby during struggle as cop tries to arrest her

    She walked away when told she had outstanding warrants. If a white guy did this, he would be tased and wrestled to the ground and then have the book thrown at him in court. Non-white privilege means that you can act like an idiot, cultivate media outrage when police respond predictably, and then get a light court sentence because you are a victim from a victim group who was victimized by a victimizer who is from the non-victim majority group.

  • Ford Australia finds buyer for its local manufacturing plants

    They do not tell you this in the headline, but here we see another union success story. Unions negotiated higher wages despite the industry being under pressure:

    Three years ago, the Australian car industry was caught in a vice between high wages, a strong dollar that precluded profitable exports, a competitive local market, and geography.

    If you look at a map, Australia is right next to Asia, land of low-cost automobile manufacturing. Instead of acknowledging this and finding ways to make Australian labor competitive, unions raised cost and now the car companies are bailing out. This is what unions always do: they get you really good wages until one day, mysteriously, the plant moves away and then no one has a job, but the union reps end up leaving for Switzerland with suitcases of cash. Workers must be utter morons to fall for this one time and again.

  • Angela Merkel Identifies U.S. as Global Rival That, Along With China and Russia, Europe Must Unite Against

    Deranged serial killer Angela Merkel reveals that her endgame consists of making the EU into a superpower so that it can dominate the world. Despite a sketchy history of neither unity nor world domination working out so well for Europe, they want to roll those dice again, because when they are on top, no one can tell them that their hybrid of capitalism and socialism is anything but the absolute best thing ever. European voters seems to all have traumatic brain injuries because they are terrified of giving up any of their cradle-to-grave benefits despite it being obvious that these are the cause of their decline.

  • Grievance Proxies

    Since affirmative action is failing at colleges as the quality of their degrees plummets because of how they have had to dumb down the curriculum to support all affirmative action candidates, the College Board created a backdoor for affirmative action by grading the SAT on the basis of how much “adversity” the student faced. Naturally, the usual affirmative action suspects — religion, ethnicity, sexuality, culture, and race — feature prominently in this calculus. In an egalitarian system, everything is a subsidy which takes from the strong to give to the weak, and then one day the people wake up and realize that everyone in power is incompetent. Funny thing that, but the voters fall for it every time.

  • #MeToo backlash? More male managers avoid mentoring women or meeting alone with them, survey says.

    We gave women the nuclear option with #MeToo: complaints were believed without proof or even much consideration. This meant that, for men, an accusation was a conviction. This caused men to ensure that they were never alone with women, and now women are complaining about this, instead of doing what they need to do, which is create female-only businesses. There can be zero heterosexual harassment when everyone is the same sex.

  • Gun-loving Swiss asked to toughen laws or risk EU tension

    Is Leftism the same everywhere, you ask? Look at what they do: grab guns, import foreigners, bankrupt the middle class through tax-and-spend, raise prices with a huge expensive government bureaucracy, and tear down all traditions and customs. Leftism in the EU is the same as Leftism in America, just slightly more advanced because they have more experience with its more extreme forms.

  • Gap between number of boys and girls who kill themselves narrows significantly in US, study says

    We have one area where equality is working! Oh. As it turns out, living in an egalitarian society makes people so miserable that all the smart ones kill themselves, leaving behind an increasingly despairing group of people caught in a torrent of mediocre and idiotic humans.

  • Ultra-processed foods ‘make you eat more’

    Processing food makes it easier to consume but less nutritive, and so people eat more of it to recapture the missing nutrition. To me, it has always resembled baby food because we always blend it to paste, cook it into goo, then add sugar, salt, and fat to make it seem flavorful. No one will go wrong eating what their ancestors ate because anyone sickened by that diet died before breeding long ago and so those genes for susceptibility are no longer present.

  • Buttigieg backs far-left idea of erasing Thomas Jefferson’s name: ‘It’s the right thing to do’

    When the Confederate statues started coming down, the Left claimed it was removing racism while the Right claimed that this process was erasing history. As it turns out, the Right was correct, because the goal is not to erase bad actors from history but to remove all mentions of the Western European history of America so that we can claim that we were always diverse, that diversity is working, and that any other viewpoint is racism that wants to kill six million multiracial transgender orphan midgets.

  • The choice to have a dog is influenced by our genes

    In the nature-versus-nurture debate, nature keeps winning as we find that more of our behaviors correlate to genetics than we would like to admit. We should not panic, because no matter how many tendencies we have, we still have the ability to make choices. However, our ability to make choices, and the types of choices that we can understand and thus make, is — you guessed it — also influenced by our genes.

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