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  • China to impose 80 per cent tariff on Australian barely

    Typically, at least half of Australia’s barley exports would be bound for China, trade that was estimated to be worth $1.5 billion in 2018 but due to drought fell to $600 million in 2019.

    Beijing’s decision comes amid diplomatic tension between the countries and follows the Morrison Government leading the global push for a COVID-19 investigation.

    What did we learn today, class?

    • You cannot trust China to make your safety gear (or even refrigerators).
    • If China does make the gear, you cannot trust them to sell it to you.
    • Even if they do sell it to you, it may be counterfeit or defective.
    • If they have a viral pandemic, they might not announce it.
    • When they announce a viral pandemic, the virus is already inside your country.
    • If they announce the pandemic, they will lie about specifics and confuse the issue.
    • If you demand an investigation, they will try to wreck your economy.

    Globalism is so dead.

  • Has covid-19 killed globalisation?

    Mainstream media catches up, but for the wrong reasons. COVID-19 killed globalization not because of the social distancing and quarantine requirements, but because it showed that the whole system was feeble. When you do not make your own supplies, you will not have them when you need them. When your economy depends on another nation, they will manipulate you. Even more, the entire “deep state” has been making money hand over fist on globalism, but seems to be unable to distinguish between a terrifying pandemic and an aggressive variety of SARS. When the dust settles in a year or so, Sweden will not have had any substantially greater casualties than lockdown countries did, since lockdown countries will get a stronger second and third wave than Sweden. This means that our response was out of control in part because China bungled it, and in part because the career bureaucrats running the West have no capacity for independent analysis, only a skillful and clever following the script. They are not leaders; they are workers whose job involves projecting an image and maintaining the steady flow of tax money into the bureaucracy. They love globalism because it enables them to work around the failure of labor, thanks to unions and high taxes, in the West, and to shuffle everyone into make-work jobs to keep the proles busy. They are out of their depth; so is China. No one trusts these governments anymore, and we want our stuff made in our homelands by our people, and if that means we have to cut off all the people supported by government benefits, so be it. We would rather deal with a civil war or race war than this instability, which our leaders will obviously never fix or even address.

  • Can India replace China as world’s factory?

    India is also readying a pool of land twice the size of Luxembourg to offer companies that want to move manufacturing out of China, and has reached out to 1,000 American multinationals, Bloomberg reported.

    “This outreach has been an ongoing process,” Deepak Bagla, chief executive of Invest India, the government’s national investment promotion agency told the BBC. “Covid will only accelerate the process of de-risking from China for many of these companies.”

    Everyone likes India, and no one likes China. This still does not address the crisis of globalism: it shows us dodging our problems instead of fixing them, and it means that the things we need will still be overseas. The UK had trouble getting the paracetamol it needed from India during the crisis; if it was made in the UK, no such problem would exist. Western workers are going to have to accept less money, which means that we have to reduce costs in order to allow them to have decent normal lives. That in turn requires ditching high taxes, entitlements, diversity, affirmative action, big government, and the regulatory deep state.

  • Why American life went on as normal during the killer pandemic of 1969

    But schools were not shut down nationwide, other than a few dozen because of too many sick teachers. Face masks weren’t required or even common. Though Woodstock was not held during the peak months of the H3N2 pandemic (the first wave ended by early March 1969, and it didn’t flare up again until November of that year), the festival went ahead when the virus was still active and had no known cure.

    While it’s way too soon to compare the numbers, H3N2 has so far proved deadlier than COVID-19. Between 1968 and 1970, the Hong Kong flu killed between an estimated 1 and 4 million, according to the CDC and Encyclopaedia Britannica, with US deaths exceeding 100,000. As of this writing, COVID-19 has killed more than 295,000 globally and around 83,000 in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.

    Less timorous times.

  • Global health leaders are set to call for a review into the international response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Summary: if China had given the world adequate warning, borders had been closed, and people had started wearing masks and goggles early on, none of this would have been a huge crisis. If we did not have foreigners working in our elder care homes, far fewer casualties would have been recorded. If we made our own stuff, we could have slammed the doors, gone the Sweden route, and still had functional economies.

  • YouTube automatically deletes Chinese epithet ‘communist bandit’

    Who owns Silicon Valley? If Chinese seed capital got these giants rolling, they have a secret they will do anything to protect. Certainly the Chinese stepped up investment during the Obama administration but fled like (well-cooked) dogs when Trump came around.

  • Jewish Extremist Convicted in Arson That Killed Arab Toddler

    The only solution is to separate these populations.

  • ‘GOD TV’ spat exposes tensions between Israel, evangelicals

    Christians need to stay out of Israel just like Muslims. It is a Jewish state, for the Jewish people. We need our own ethno-states for our own people, like in America where the WASPs should stay and everyone else needs to get on a boat.

  • Iraqi leaders condemn western diplomats for hoisting LGBTQ+ pride flags

    Globohomo is the new Leftist shibboleth. Do you accept gay rights? Then surely you support democracy, civil rights, affirmative action, market socialism, big government, and the other toxic brew of neurotic bureaucracy that the dying West spreads everywhere. WW2 was a war for democracy, just like WW1; we fought these in order to avoid having to admit that our system is failing and we have no other ideas. Our peasants are too dedicated to class warfare to go back to the kings. This means that we can only swim Leftward, heading to that eventual Communist future and third-world doom.

  • ‘Significant’ milestone: NZ’s population hits 5 million

    About half that million came from natural increase (births minus deaths) with the other half coming from net migration.

    Old New Zealand: British people
    New New Zealand: racially-mixed South American/Semitic looking people


  • Democrats feel tide turning their way in battle to flip US Senate

    With Biden the presumptive nominee and Donald Trump facing widespread criticism for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, election experts say the upper chamber is up for grabs.

    This is why these mentally ill people constantly engineer panic.

  • Prepare for corruption spike over coronavirus aid: OSCE

    The Leftist constituency raids the trough. Voters sleep on.

  • Resolution by 60 countries wants WHO to investigate origin of Wuhan coronavirus

    If you sloppily store five hundred variants of SARS in a lab, the most infectious one will escape on one of your staff. Since they may not experience symptoms, you will probably not be aware of it until you backtrack later.

  • Mock tombstone placed at Merkel’s electoral office

    Red roses and candles were placed around the mock tombstone, which bore the inscription: “Freedom of the press, freedom of opinion, movement and assemblies – Democracy 1990-2020”, police said in a statement.

    If only! We need to escape democracy, or the idea that all people have equal minimum rationality and therefore, herds of people make good decisions. In reality, herds of people compromise on whatever is convenient for their members, which means that any objective is forgotten. This means that unrealistic decisions become precedent, and further decisions are made deductively based on that precedent, which means that with each generation the democratic society moves farther from reality.

  • Puerto Rico approves new civil code, sparking fears over LGBT+ rights

    Among the contradictions in the code, critics say, is language about the ability of trans people to change their gender on birth certificates, legal in Puerto Rico since 2018.

    The updated code states that nothing “undermines the process currently established” for legally changing a person’s gender, but amendments to a person’s birth sex on original birth certificates “cannot be authorized”.

    All of democracy is signaling. They are not signaling virtue, they are signaling status. To do Leftist things places you in the Leftist gang, and now you have people to defend you and sympathize with you when life (as often happens with Leftists) goes wrong. Normal people have to live under these crazy laws.

  • Keep pet cats indoors, say researchers who found they kill 230m native Australian animals each year

    More sloppy, lazy human abuse of nature. Keeping your cat indoors means you have to spend time interacting with it. People want to own cats for photo opportunities, not live with a family member who happens to be four-footed and furry.

  • Superior Gentlemen’s Clubs Reopen

    Our economy, based on masturbation.

  • Rwanda genocide suspect Kabuga arrested in France after decades on the run

    Diversity creates genocide. Reminder: Leftists think that minor rollback of diversity is the path to genocide. They are 180° away from the actuality as usual.

  • Coronavirus update: PM says China must respect Australian values

    This is why globalism fails. We all have conflicting values, cultures, and genetics. There is no way to fix it, so just drop everything and walk away quickly and quietly.

  • WH trade adviser pressed to defend China accusations

    “I did not say they deliberately did it, but their China virus — let’s go over the facts here, correct me if I’m wrong — the virus was spawned in Wuhan Province, patient zero was in November. The Chinese, behind the shield of the World Health Organization for two months, hid the virus from the world, and then sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese on aircraft to Milan, New York and around the world to seed that,” Navarro claimed.

    I hear the warming scream of eight Pratt & Whitney TF33 engines.



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