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  • Shock: Over 1% of Guatemala, Honduras entered US since September

    95% of the world lives in poverty, disorder, corruption, and violence. They do this because they refuse to suppress basic human tendencies like individualism, and so they have societies with no unity, and consequently these are ruled by the lowest common denominator of human behavior. Instead of fixing their societies, they all want to come here, and if we do anything but put up a hand and say NO in a polite but firm tone, they will come pouring across our borders. Since they are mental incompetents, as is evidenced by the condition of their existing societies, it will not occur to them that in doing so, they will have wiped out the last of the prosperous societies and made all of humanity equally poor. This is the nature of the crowd: comprised of individuals, it wants most of all that no one has what its members do not, and it would rather destroy everything than have someone escape the common level of mediocrity.

  • Italy’s Populists Want to Close Stores on Sundays

    They came up with some practical reasoning — to give workers time to spend with their kids and go to church — but really what this means is that culture comes before government, taxes, commerce, and what other people think. There are higher needs than what humans desire, such as having a world where people slow down the constant consumption and neurosis and instead enjoy life, which will make them into nicer people than they would be otherwise. People who see life as a pleasure first, and only after that as a duty, tend to relax and get to know themselves. This takes more time off than people think, probably at least three-quarters of a day.

  • Georgia mayor under fire for allegedly saying city isn’t ready for black leader

    Mayor says the obvious: 80% white town does not want a black leader. Local Leftist says: “I am appalled that in 2019 an applicant would not be hired based solely on the color of their skin.” To this we reply: we are appalled that you would consider hiring them solely based on their race, but this is what you want us to do at no risk to yourself. Parasites are everywhere and this is just another shakedown.

  • Self-Deportations Are Rising Dramatically Under Trump Administration

    When you send a strong signal about what is wanted, people tend to take it seriously. The Democrats like to subvert any strong signal sent by the Right, simply because they want to destroy existing society and replace it with a Leftist Utopia. This is how parasites work.

  • Study Finds Both Men and Women Take a Negative View of Women Who Drink

    Women who get obliterated seem sexually available, since they are out of control of themselves, and this makes people perfectly willing to use them but secretly distrust them because these women are signaling an inability to make sane decisions. We all know in our inner selves that chastity, honor, decency, wisdom, bravery, and pride in your origins are traits of winners; we also know that, conversely, promiscuity and self-hatred are life loser traits. Not surprisingly, we try to stay away from the losers.

  • Let people smoke, drink and eat red meat – Norwegian health minister

    Bureaucracies try to treat people equally in order to make them all do what the bureaucracy needs. That requires limiting their behaviors, socially engineering them into conformists, and forcing them through punishment/reward pairs into all doing the same thing. Bureaucracy is entropy, in other words, because by inducing repetition, it eliminates change, growth, variation, and evolution. Some are rebelling against the Nanny State idea by suggesting that we accept that people are not equal, and that they have different needs, and that for many, things like drinking, smoking, and eating red meat are within the range of acceptable behavior. This of course upsets the pearl-clutching mind controllers in government agencies, but delights citizens who are tired of this moralizing, controlling, and manipulative government creeping into every part of our everyday lives.

  • Flint, Michigan Administrators Mismanaged Clean Water Funds, Hired Firm With No Experience Replacing Pipes

    Find a minority-majority city and you will find people chosen for their race over their competence, and therefore, an onslaught of ineptitude, corruption, stupidity, and obliviousness blights the place. The Flint, MI water crisis could be described as a shakedown: the city blows its water budget, then counts on public shaming to make the surrounding communities cough up more money, except that this time, they refuse. While the resulting media circus has been ugly, people will quickly tire of these as more and more minority-majority areas show up with their hands out, wanting the rest of us to subsidize them after they blew all their money on crony deals and nepotism. For the twenty-first century, the new rule is that if your leaders blow all the money, take it out of them, not the rest of us.

  • Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis?

    At some point, we are going to have to face the fact that modernity behaves like a cult. It gets you tired and hungry, makes you repeat the same meaningless propaganda phrases in a call-and-response way (think of “diversity is our strength” and “we are all one” or even “love and light”), forces you to engage in time-sapping demonstrations of loyalty, rewards unison conformity, and militarizes you toward a perpetual objective so that you are always controlled. Noise pollution provides part of this: no one can sleep with all of these stupid proles racing by in their cars and motorcycles, blasting loud music, and roaring around in trucks. We have treated noise pollution as harmless, but in reality, it harms the most intelligent first; as Schopenhauer said, ability to tolerate noise is inversely proportionate to intelligence. Now, like all the other twentieth century behaviors that we are realizing were toxic and horrible, noise pollution is on the menu, and we are going to have to face the fact that we must limit the “freedom” and “equality” of citizens in order to sleep through the night.

  • Danny Baker apologises for ‘racist’ royal baby tweet as he swiftly deletes monkey picture

    It is natural to become enraged when seeing a member of another race occupy the throne in your country. It says that you are conquered, and your leaders see no value in what you are. It is like what divorce says to kids: mom and dad coming together was a mistake, so you, the product of that union, are also a mistake. Somehow, tone-deaf Harry did not notice how hated and scorned his mixed-race offspring is; Meghan, on the other hand, is delighting in the thrill of conquest, and will only later find out as Diana did that royalty is a life sentence, not a vacation.

  • Trump’s immigration crackdown will make America’s population slowdown much worse

    This guy has it backwards. Reducing population means that jobs will be less abusive, people will have more time, and we will become more efficient. Many things which do not need doing in the first place will go away. Downsizing America will reduce our environmental impact and give us more space to expand internally, making life less claustrophobic. However, those who benefit from the current order because they make their living doing unnecessary things will try to convince us that not having a constant flow of cheap labor means that we will all be impoverished.

  • Montenegro opposition leaders jailed for pro-Russian coup plot

    Russia keeps trying to recapture the territories of the former Soviet Union. They and China want to be superpowers, replacing the USA, and so they do their best to weaken us with one hand while expanding with the other. In the end, they are simply from different races than ours; Eurasian Russia and Asiatic China are each working for their group, not ours. “White nationalism” is a dead letter.

  • White House revokes press passes for dozens of journalists

    The courts recently ruled that Trump could not exclude a journalist since that journalist had a civil right to be present at White House briefings. Fine, said Trump: we will make new requirements for everyone, and anyone who falls short will not attend. As it turns out, he is cutting out the enemy propaganda rags that do nothing but write negative things about him, and supporting the more balanced sources. In the end, this means that the important news will come from centrist sources, and the Leftist propaganda rags will be forced to the periphery, so this is a win not just for Trump, but for journalism itself as its quality improves, and by extension, for the American people and news readers worldwide.

  • Oregon teachers walk out in red to press for school funding

    Another shakedown. America spends plenty of money on education; the problem is, thanks to Leftist courts and the teachers’ unions, “education” has been redefined to mean total care for students. In a sane country, we would not have public education at all, but if we must have it, it should be limited to teaching basic topics and kicking out kids who have problems, whether that is crime, retardation, speech impediments, autism, insanity, or anything else that means that they cannot learn like normal students.

  • As Latin America Gets Poorer, Democracy Itself Is Now Questioned

    People across the world are noticing that their political systems are not working. It turns out that, over time, democracy changes into its mature form which consists of parasitic leaders and citizens cowed and bribed into submission who cannot act without instructions from government. This is hitting Latin America hardest because they are the closest to collapse anyway, and lacking room to make mistakes, they are questioning the wisdom of pursuing this expensive, unreliable, and auto-genocidal system of government.

  • ICE detains convicted dog rapist for deportation hearing

    Local authorities across America are playing cute — pretending to “speak truth to power” because this makes Leftists feel self-important — by not noticing immigration authorities when they are releasing illegal alien criminals from jail. As a result, murders and other horrible crimes are occurring, but that does not bother the local authorities, who are thinking only of how the luvvies will re-elect them for doing the symbolically correct thing while bravely, bravely ignoring reality, common sense, and consequences.

  • New Converse ad campaign features an 11 year old “drag kid”

    When the 1960s generation hit their fifties in the 1990s, they became the new group to whom industry pandered, and since then, it has been pandering to Millennials who grew up with Leftist 1960s propaganda in schools and were too ethnically-mixed, television-addicted, and addled from broken families to see it as anything other than gospel truth (Generation X, in the middle, are simply too cynical to market to except for nostalgia, which they buy like mice stealing cheese from mousetraps). For these groups, it is not enough to earn money; you have to be socially popular by telling people things that cause warm social feelings in them. That in turn comes from the hive mind nature of the herd, and how once you abolish unity and hierarchy, you have to bring the crowd together on a lowest common denominator, namely feelings, greed, fear, and anger. Combine all of these and you have modern Leftism: an omnivorous parasite that rewards those who wield it by making them popular and thus rich. As a result, the “woke” big corporate suits have decided to be cute and endorse transgenderism, miscegenation, drug use, feminism, and other many faces of social decay.

  • San Francisco Democrat under fire for repeated use of N-word during committee meeting

    We have become such a weak society afraid of offending the new god of the herd that we cannot accept certain symbols because they make us feel as if there is not unity, and as if we are not all in this together, at which point we see each other as competing tribes — cultural, economic, racial, political, religious, ethnic — and realize that doom is upon us. The resulting superstitious fear, and preening moral righteousness posturing by some moron Republican, shows us just how far fallen we are.

  • Rotherham abuse scandal: 40 arrests made in last two months

    You are not supposed to notice this, but the grooming scandals in Rotherham continue, with the mostly-ethnic perpetrators and the mostly-British victims being a source of fear for those who are trying to enforce the law. We are so afraid of appearing “racist” that we allow people to get away with almost anything if they are from minority groups, up to a point at least. As of this writing, that point seems to be 1500 victims. Anything less than that, you can probably get away with.

  • White Virginia cop backs out of a scheduled public apology to a student assembly

    White police officer compassionately tells kids: the type of behaviors that you indulge in as teenagers are not tolerated in the real world, and we will arrest you. This shocks the diversity crowd, who want another shakedown, so they demand an apology because then they can imply wrongdoing and then they can stick their hands out for money from the police department. Perhaps people are learning to never apologize, stick to your guns, and point out that grifters are grifters, no matter what their ethnic background.

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