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  • In pictures: May Day celebrated around the world

    People frequently talk about how Christians appropriated pagan holidays, but what about how union leaders and Communists have taken over a traditional pagan fertility celebration and turned it into a day for “the workers” — who are not competent to run a business — to demand more money from those who run the businesses and do what workers cannot? Enjoy your Communist holiday!

    May Day, the political observance, goes back to the 1886 Chicago Haymarket riots.

    A five-day general strike, beginning May 1, climaxed three days later with the deaths of eight policemen and an unknown number of workers. In 1891, May Day was designated an international workers’ day.

    Workers were supposed to “demonstrate energetically on May 1 for the legal establishment of the 8-hour workday, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace.” So said the Sixth Conference of the Second International, in 1904.

    Does anyone work an eight-hour day anymore? Nope, we’re busy grinding away to pay those taxes for the entitlements to “the workers.”

  • Video of white high school students in blackface spark walkouts near Chicago

    Any excuse for a riot. Was anyone harmed by the blackface? Does anyone think that, with open hostility by minorities toward whites being commonplace, white students do not have racial resentment? For a brief moment, the real issues slip into the public eye, but are quickly shushed away so that business (and taxes, to pay for those minorities) can happen as usual.

  • Another migrant caravan makes its way to border

    Hamstrung by Democrats and business-as-usual-please Republicans, Trump has few options, but has induced the Pentagon to send 320 more personnel to the border to deal with the influx of parasitic brats. If war breaks out, the Left has no one but themselves to blame, but the 93% of the media who are Leftist will spin it the other way and the “useful vidiots” will gulp it down. Consequently, Trump has to move very cautiously since he is under constant attack. Some on the Alt-Right have embraced the foolish opinion that Trump is not doing enough, but they seem to have no idea how American government (barely) works. All those checks and balances are in operation, and the Right handed the Left a big victory in the 2018 midterms. As always, the worst enemy of the voters is the voters themselves.

  • The losing economics of recycling: Canada’s green industry is deep in the red

    Recycling has always been a dubious prospect because it is labor and energy intensive. Without China to take up our waste and recycle it, we are seeing the true cost of gadgets and packaging. One option would be to replace our taxes on these items with a green fee, which would reduce costs — increasing quality of life — and allow us to take care of the growing environmental crisis. The Left will oppose this because without those taxes, who would pay for the poor and their army of $250k/year bureaucrats to file paperwork that in theory helps them?

  • Mississippi state flag ordered out of New Jersey park overlooking Statue of Liberty

    Repeat this one until it sinks in: they want to erase your history. Leftists use the clever stratagem of declaring that non-Leftist ideas are offensive, evil, racist, vile, bad, etc., and that leaves you with only Leftist terms to use, so soon you are supporting Leftism simply by trying to give someone directions to the bathroom. They are doing the same to history. They will remove all mention of anything but Leftists and then teach that we were always diverse, equal, socialist, and ruled by big government, so that future generations will be even more thoroughly brainwashed. The Leftist ideal is “we had to destroy the village to save it” and they have enacted this preemptive scorched earth policy in the West.

  • Chase Bank deletes ‘Monday Motivation’ tweet after drawing social media outrage

    The since-deleted tweet offered a hypothetical conversation between a bank customer and the bank. The customer asks, “Why is my balance so low?” and the bank account replies: “Make coffee at home … eat the food that’s already in the fridge … you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.”


    …did anyone point out that all three of these things — make your own coffee, avoiding the plastic cup, walk three blocks, and eat leftovers — are things we need to do in order to avoid “climate change” anyway?

  • U.S. intelligence says Huawei funded by Chinese state security: report

    We think of China as Communist, but really China is an ingenious hybrid of capitalism and socialism that has more in common with fascism or National Socialism than conventional Communism. The Borg learns, you see… their companies, like Krupps and Porsche years before, are integrated into the state. Their personnel are state operatives and their equipment is designed to spy on us. We make very little of our stuff because Leftist policies raised our costs of labor to the point where it is inefficient to make anything here; automation could be a game-changer, and allow us to be self-sufficient. Think how much healthier the climate will be without those CO2-belching transport ships trucking back and forth from China.

  • Thousands of lions are being bred in brutal ‘farms’ to be shot by hunters are slaughtered for Chinese medicine

    Speaking of China…

  • After reporting noose at auto plant, woman says company won’t let her return to work

    Anatomy of a shakedown: tie noose at work, take pictures, complain loudly, and when you get fired for being both useless and a troublemaker, sue and complain loudly about how poor you are.

  • Son, It Was Obama We Journalists Had to Fear

    Despite the Left bloviating on about how Donald Trump may be destroying journalists by calling them “fake news” on Twitter, the real intervention came about during the Obama years, the Department of Justice (DOJ) was actively involved in press suppression and revealing the identities of anonymous sources, or at least those that the press did not wholesale make up New York Times-style.

  • Burned-out millennials are quitting lucrative jobs

    One reason for our high unemployment despite a booming economy is that jobs are jails. Riddled with regulations, saddled with affirmative action, made twitchily fearful by lawsuits, and shot through with middle managers promoted for credentials instead of competence, the American workplace is a nightmare, especially at the higher end. We cram all of these people into giant offices for the convenience of government and business bureaucracies, then make them indulge in make-work activities and endless procedure, and soon everyone is miserable. At least if you have a good job, you can enjoy your twenty hours of free time a week in a comfortable house while paying those high property taxes to fund entitlements benefits to keep the underclass in line.

  • Global military spending at new post-Cold War high, fuelled by U.S., China – think-tank

    We have a new cold war. Like the last one, it consists of Asiatic Communists attempting to take over the world. In fact, since Leftism came on the scene, all of history has consisted of various degrees of Leftism fighting for dominance. Luckily, this will drive the West to the Right, although the bourgeois voters are kicking and screaming and digging in their heels at the thought of “muh entitlements” and “muh anarchy with grocery stores” going away.

  • Global economy is close to stalling as trade falls

    Good. We want the global economy to kiss pavement so that national economies can thrive. Mostly this means that the third world is going to find its easy meal ticket as Western labor going away, and we will stop burning so much fuel importing stuff and return to making it ourselves. We will need to get rid of unions, many regulations, affirmative action, and frivolous lawsuits first. How much are we killing ourselves with regulations, you might ask? Luckily there is research on the cost of regulations, but do not read this while eating:

    Crews’ analysis found that in 2010 the federal government spent around $55.4 billion dollars funding federal agencies, and enforcing existing regulation. But these costs barely compare to the compliance costs that regulation imposes on the economy. Crews’ report cites the work of economists Nicole V. Crain and W. Mark Crain, whose study of the net cost of regulations determined that in 2009 federal regulation cost businesses and consumers $1.75 trillion, or nearly 12% of America’s 2009 GDP. As a comparison, in the same year, corporate pre-tax profits for all businesses totaled about $ 1.46 trillion.

    Next time you buy a $100 gadget, think on this: $12 goes to regulations alone. How much to the fake workman’s comp filings, fake noose spottings, slip-and-fall injuries, and other lawsuits? And how much for affirmative action, which hires useless employees so that the business does not get sued for evil racism that wants to kill six gorillion non-whites? A conservative estimate is that a quarter to a third of the price you pay is the fault of government, and that is before you dish out all those exciting taxes.

  • The Far Right Doesn’t Want to Beat the Left; It Wants to Exterminate It

    Well, duh. They want to exterminate us. We were content to co-exist, but then they forced diversity, high taxes, and endless wars for democracy on us. Leftists want a different civilization than we do. We know that their civilization will fail, but they do not care, because they are self-destructive. They want to destroy that village in order to save it, with “save” meaning symbolic victory — we did the right thing — instead of having a functional village. A chorus of Cambodian skeletons can sing the chorus to that one.

  • Trees must be planted across area half the size of London every year to offset climate damage of farming

    Who could oppose this? It will be opposed, however, because people need new housing for all those immigrants and then for the nice middle class people who are fleeing them. A better solution would be to end immigration, send everyone who is not British home, and to plant the trees anyway.

  • No significant link between ethnicity and knife crime

    Their statistical trick here is measuring people caught with knives instead of people caught committing crimes with those knives. If you are going to stop and search someone, make it the white guy who is carrying a knife for self-defense, and you can get those statistics up to obscure the actual truth. There is no liar as profound as someone who fears for his job in a Leftist regime.

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