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  • Steve Hilton: China Is ‘Funding Biden Family Businesses’ with ‘Billions of Dollars’

    China learned after dealing with Richard Nixon that American conservatives are stronger leaders, and it preferred the weaker leaders on the Left. Not surprisingly, most of the world prefers weaker American leaders, mainly because this allows the rest of the world to get away with more, as it did under Clinton and Obama. We will likely find out in the future that China has been funding and directing the American Left since the 1970s and that candidates Clinton, Obama, and Biden have experienced career boosts through Chinese interests in business, real estate, law, and media. We are being occupied by a foreign power and half our our citizens are such vidiots or entitlements parasites that they do not care at all.

  • Listen to Joe diGenova

    The FISA Court abuse is the center of this entire abuse of governmental power. The Chief Judge of that court [Rosemary M. Collyer] has already ruled that the FBI broke the law and that the people at the head of the [Obama] Justice Department — [former Deputy Attorney General] Sally Yates, John Carlin, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, all knew about it and lied to the court, the FISA Court, about it.

    Obama spied on Americans, the media covered it up, and then they used that spying as the basis for going after Trump. The Left cries out as it strikes you, like all passive-aggressive people; what they accuse Trump of — working with foreign powers — is in fact what they are doing. The accusations of corruption they make against him are to deflect from their own corruption. They even turned the investigation into crooked Hillary Clinton’s abuse of an email server into an anti-Trump canard. They only get away with it because the “useful vidiots” believe whatever Rachel Maddow and her ilk pump over the airwaves as late-night “comedy.” In the same way, they blame capitalism for the failings of socialist style entitlements programs, blame white people for the failure of diversity, blame Jews for Palestinian terrorism, and blame employers for the flakiness of employees.

  • Christchurch trial: New Zealand media agree to curb white supremacy coverage

    State of the free and open society: so fragile that media must be forced to censor any statements against the narrative. This is more out of Huxley than Orwell. People need to hear constant bourgeois propaganda that everything is great, and all we need to do is keep going to our jobs and contributing by paying taxes and shopping, so that they do not panic and initiate a stampede (sometimes called a “revolution”). We are all held hostage by the herd, and the only people who manage this herd are controlling liars.

  • Even George Washington May Be Erased From Our Past

    Amazingly most people do not understand diversity. If you analyze it, diversity means that your culture goes away and is replaced by a new culture, an “anti-culture” perhaps, formed of whatever standards, values, and behaviors are wide enough to accommodate many different and conflicting foreign cultures. Since these are mostly third world, it will tend toward the permissive, and since you — the former majority — are the hosts of this little party, you will be expected to give up ground everywhere in order to make diversity “work.” Of course George Washington is going, as well as everything else traditionally American. That is what diversity means and has always meant, but the people pushing diversity did not explain that and the voters, clueless to the last breath, never asked.

  • Houston City Council approves plan to lay off 220 firefighters

    Black mayor wants more money to hire other black people; firefighters want their first raise in ten years, and go to the voters for approval. Mayor promptly fires 220 firefighters in order to save money for his projects, which are in a budget so secretive that it will require a $2.8m financial audit to find it. This is your future in a minority-majority America.

  • Camille Paglia Can’t Say That

    In the 1990s, students defended Paglia because that was the radical thing to do, standing up for free speech at all costs. Now that the Left is in power and has become the Establishment, it wants to eliminate all non-conforming opinions, and so the only way to be a good Leftist is to end all dissident voices. Events like these help show people that there is no going back, and that we in the West who want Western Civilization will need to break from Leftists in order to get anywhere. Perhaps we will even adopt their own tactics, and send them to Venezuela so they can email us their diatribes from a safe distance.

  • Caster Semenya loses Cas appeal over new IAAF testosterone rules

    Transgenderism should rank near dead last on our list of issues to tackle since it affects a tiny portion of the population and they suffered from no real discrimination, but the Left used it as the new exception. The Left loves exceptions, and uses them to argue that existing policies are bad and therefore they must be replaced by egalitarian ones, because only equality addresses every person instead of setting up functioning institutions, procedures, mores, and customs. Leftists used the civil rights battering ram to utilize women, blacks, Jews, gays, and other minorities as a wedge in the courts to force open acceptance of all sorts of dysfunctional behavior, which delights Leftists because they are essentially self-destructive. The “useful vidiots” heard the call, and lots of them mutilated themselves, some simply because a mediocre man competing as a woman is going to win everything. The pushback has begun:

    Semenya, 28, had said the regulations were “unfair” and that she wanted to “run naturally, the way I was born”.

    Now she – and other athletes with differences of sexual development (DSD) – must either take medication in order to compete in events from 400m to the mile, or change events.

    Cas found that the rules for athletes with DSD were discriminatory – but that the discrimination was “necessary, reasonable and proportionate” to protect “the integrity of female athletics”.

    The important language here comes from the words “necessary” + “discrimination.” In other words, equality does not extend to where it conflicts with physical reality. This is a brave stance, but it reflects the commonsense reality that people born as men are larger, stronger, and sturdier than women:

    Davies has previously spoken out against transgender competition claiming on Twitter: “Any records set by trans woman ( those born males with male biology & advantages) should be removed when all of this confusion & unfairness is sorted out.”

    This time she claimed it was an “unfair playing field”.

    “This is a trans woman a male body with male physiology setting a world record & winning a woman’s event in America in powerlifting. A woman with female biology cannot compete.. it’s a pointless unfair playing field,” she wrote.

    Women have their own strengths, including a pain tolerance that exceeds that of most men, the ability to bear children and care for the little beasts, and the inherent empathy that allows them to find good in just about anything. These are good and important traits.

    However, men do better with the physical contests in just about everything. I see this going two ways, both of which are good: either women playing men’s sports goes away, or transgender “equality” goes away, and both of those set precedents for the future.

  • Antisemitism ‘calling into question future of Jewish life in Europe’

    People on the Right take exception to my defense of Jews. I grew up in a highly diverse environment and knew people from just about every background, and learned a lot about Jews. They are very different from us in how they view the world, but they can be highly competent and often boundlessly kind. I find the Holocaust appalling, but also see it as inevitable. No one can be as brilliantly dumb as a smart person, and the pundits back in the day argued that Jews would only be safe if strong national cultures were abolished by diversity, so all the Jews trucked on over to the Left to fight for civil rights and oppose Hitlers past and future. Moronic Buckleyite conservatives, who forced themselves to accept civil rights, fought back against the Jews instead of fighting back against diversity. That failed, and now so too has the Jewish support of diversity, mainly because the pro-diversity Left has dropped Jews from its list of pity pets because it has new groups like the whole third world and transgenders. Jews are figuring out that diversity means to end them, and may be about to figure out that the diaspora itself was the cause of the pogroms and Holocausts. The solution is to end diversity, especially as the Left turns on Jews for being insufficiently diverse in Israel, where Palestinians daily launch high explosives at Jewish grandmothers and throw rocks at tanks. There will be no sanity until diversity is ended, which means all Jews go to Israel, all Palestinians go to other Arab states, and we stop trying to find one big sloppy loose fat rule to fit all people, because you are more likely to find a transgender unicorn than a universal human truth except death.

  • Attendance drops for 12 MLB teams, as loss of gate takes on more permanent look

    Media overlords thought that they could do what the Left was doing. They would import lots of foreign people and indoctrinate them into “the Murrican way of life” and then sell them more products. It turns out that cultures are specific, and that culture is tied to genetics, so this one is not working out so well. Even more, white people are staying home rather than go out into the diversity, which is both a political minefield since saying the wrong thing can cost you your job and lifestyle, and a crime-ridden, violent, filthy, and chaotic social experience. With any luck, white men are turning to new hobbies instead of wasting time watching little brown figures play sportsball on the television.

  • Billionaire Eric Schmidt steps down from Google parent company Alphabet

    No one knows why he stepped down. The sexual harassment lawsuits plus Schmidt’s reputed womanizing may have something to do with it. In any case, these are the new elites that have been shaping our world? No wonder it is such a clownish cartoon of an idiocratic wasteland.

  • Republican lawmaker and ally urged crowd to prepare for civil unrest

    We know that Right and Left cannot coexist because we want different civilizations; the Right wants a social order that rewards goodness, and the Left wants a social order where every individual can do whatever it wants and society picks up the tab. We know that different religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural groups cannot coexist; we are starting to see that special interest groups (lobbyists, sexual minorities, pet issue people) cannot coexist. If the USA breaks up, the world loses its only stable superpower and hands rule over to China and Russia, who are simply larcenous subversives. For humanity to have a future, the Right needs to conquer America and depose — not just counterbalance — the Left, and then relocate our diversity to its respective homelands.

  • “Massive retaliation”: the only answer

    The Right is starting to realize how individualism has corrupted us. When the Left does something outrageous, every Rightist has to show us his or her “different” opinion and make it vivid enough to woo an audience. In reality, we need to drop our minor differences and hit back together. The goal is to defeat the Left. The Right has enough ideological diversity that we do not need them, although if we are sane we will remove those who support egalitarianism (equality, civil rights, diversity, socialism) and send them to Venezuela too. Imagine an America without traffic or urban blight, where your job gets done in three hours and you go home to a nice cheap suburban home to enjoy time with non-dysfunctional neighbors who look, think, act, and feel similarly to you. That is the future we can have, but it will require boats to Venezuela for Leftists, Buckleyites, Never Trumpers, Libertarians, etc.

  • Cocaine, ketamine and banned pesticides found in UK river wildlife, study reveals

    The big stories of the twenty-first century are just appearing, and first among them will be the tale of how our neat industrial gadgets and lifestyles are toxic not just to us but to the world around us. We will feel horrible and never forgive ourselves if we commit ecocide, but a planet of ever-expanding humanity will guarantee it, as will sloppy and thoughtless modern lifestyles based on disposable products and temporary pleasures. Look forward to a future where agriculture produces less, transportation is reduced, and products are more expensive, but if we play our cards right, your home is less expensive and ordinary goods and services are reasonably priced. It is a trade-off, but one that in the long term will make humanity stronger and less vapid.

  • US police officer guilty of Justine Damond Ruszczyk murder

    It is time for affirmative action to die. Once a well-intentioned program to “raise up” the African-Americans who were lagging behind in the workplace, it has become an employment program for incompetents. Any diversity candidate who is turned down can sue, and after the $250k minimum cost to begin defending against one of those, companies started paying out… by simply hiring them. Our police department has many officers who could not run a quarter mile, and they spend their days directing traffic badly, because they are diversity hires. A diversity hire in Leftist hugbox bubbleville Minneapolis totted up his first kill when he randomly shot a woman during a traffic stop; evidence suggests that he was an affirmative action hire, much touted by white Leftists but incompetent for his role. Now we have proof of that incompetence, and it is time to look at the many more Mohamed Noors floating around in our government, businesses, academia, and media. Minorities cannot live off whitey forever, especially as minorities cheer the disappearance of whitey. There is no way out of this but ending the free ride for minorities through affirmative action and civil rights; that will avoid or at least postpone the shooting war.

  • This is the resistance to China’s influence in Canada, and this is their moment

    Chinese influence has expanded across the West, and many are buying into it with the Belt and Road initiative. The money is there, after all, and with acceptance of Chinese policy also come Chinese investors, who may be tied to government but no one really knows. The West bankrupted itself with entitlements; the Chinese realize how cheaply we can be bought. This is our dumb mistake and we should expect, per a policy of benevolent xenophobia, that all other groups are trying to conquer us, starting with “soft” methods like bribes and investing enough in certain areas to have majority voting rights.

  • Training parents to be stricter cuts child obesity, Oxford University study finds

    As part of the twenty-first century pushback against the twentieth century quest for universal individualism, words like “stricter” are coming back with a positive connotation. This shows how the egalitarian regimes are falling not by direct attack, but by the simultaneous failure of all of their policies across the board, spurring people to get their heads out of the “we are all one” cloud and start focusing on standards, order, and unity.

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